WWE NXT on WWE.com
February 8, 2012
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild and Young”
Josh welcomes us to the show, and tells us Striker is in the ring. Striker talks about annoyance in the locker room and how NXT is run. This means five big matches. The main event is Usos vs. Hawkins and Reks. And with that, he gets the first match going.

Derrick Bateman vs. Heath Slater

Derrick Bateman is out first. Josh bring us the issue with Kaityln and Maxine. Heath Slater is out next. Regal says Slater has a lot to lose tonight as he’s a pro. But maybe he need the “slap in the mouth” to wake him up. They lock up and Slater starts with strikes. He poses and bounce off the ropes for Bateman to turn it around on him. It ends when Bateman comes up empty on a rush to squish Slater on the ring post. Slater takes over and mugs for the crowd between getting offensive moves in. He slows down and tells Bateman to shut up as he puts on a headlock. The fight to their feet and Bateman throws Slater. He gets up and takes control of the match. He hits a neck breaker, but Slater kicks out. Bateman gets the crowd going with claps. He shortly loses control of the match and Slater hit his finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Heath Slater

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Percy Watson vs. Darren Young

When we get back, Titus has joined commentary. Percy is out first. Titus corrects Josh that he’s “Big Titus” now. Josh asks about who turned on who between Titus and Percy. As Darren comes out, Josh ask about his turn about Darren. Titus moves the topic to he’s celebrating Black History Month. The two lock up and Percy gets the advantage and goes on offense. Titus says he’s the star of the show so he has a vested interested in himself. Percy rolls Darren out of the ring. Darren pulls the ring apron When Percy goes for a slide and he gets caught under it. Darren uses the opportunity to beat on Percy and then walk around the ring mugging to the crowd. He gets back in the ring and then lines up to take control once Percy gets himself free. On commentary, Titus is talking about himself and that he has twins to provide for. Darren currently has a body lock on Percy. Titus says he’s trying to get to Raw or SmackDown. Darren young gets caught as Percy ducks to the side. He recovers and takes over on the match. Titus says that people aren’t making petitions for him to get to Raw or SmackDown. So he’s going to take control of his destiny. Regal likes this change in attitude. Percy has been getting big move getting damage on Darren. He hits the Heisman and then a slam on Darren. It sets up the pin for the win.

Winner: Percy Watson

After the match Percy and Titus stair each other down. Titus then takes a mic and rushes the ring apron. He stops and tells him he was joshing with him about attacking. When he’ll do it, he’ll do it when he doesn’t see it.

Kaitlyn is stretching as Curtis walks up to her and says if she’s ready for her match. Curtis has no shirt on and Kaitlyn points that out. She asks why he’s here. He’s no longer on the show. Curtis says “he knows a secret that no one else knows that’s why it’s a secret.” He sings it for the annoying factor. Kaitlyn ask if she hears it if Curtis will go back to his can and put his shirt on. Curtis gets creepy about Bateman and Kaitlyn. Curtis walks off and she goes “NAAAAAAAAAAW!” But the camera stays on Kaityln and she has other thoughts.

Josh puts over the main event. Regal then puts over the next match. Trent vs Kidd.

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When we get back Josh talks about the fact Laurinaitis was retained as the Raw GM. The story was on WWE.com

Trent Barreta vs. Tyson Kidd

Trent is out first. Tyson is out second. They go back and forth with flippy flippy before Tyson licks up Trent. Trent gets kicked, but manages to pinch Tyson of of the ring. Trent rolls out of the ring and the two smosh on the outside. Trent then goes to the barricade and does a backflip off it. Tyson doesn’t cover him well and Trent hit his head on the floor. Regal says he heard it. The ref is checking both of them as he continues to count. We get two replays of the backflip. Kidd manages to roll Trent into the ring. He goes to the top rope, but Trent counters with a kick in midair. Trent starts to go on offense, but Kidd Turns the table. IT’s the same for Kidd. Then Kidd catches Trent and tries for a sharpshooter. IT doesn’t happen and Kidd goes for a pin, but Trent kicks out. Kidd gets another big move in and then goes for pin attempt. Regal is putting over the effort by the two in the ring. Tyson gets Trent on the top ropes and then tries to slam him from there. Trent pulls the rolling motion for a pin attempt. Trent manages to drop Kidd and goes to the top rope. He hit a drop kick, but cannot get the pinfall on Kidd. Kid tries to roll a pin, but Trent rolls it for one. Kidd then rolls it pack for a Pinfall and the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

After the match the Kidd and Trent shake hands. We then get a third replay of Trent smashing his head on the outside. Both look hurt and exhausted after the match.

Kaityln meets up with Bateman. He’s down since he lost to Slater. Kaityln says he’s always a winner and starts gushing on him. Bateman is all cool with it and asks for a consensual high-five. He asks for some gum and Kaitlyn say she has some. Maxine walks up and buts Kaityln out of the shot. Maxine asks “what was that?” Batman says talking to Kaityln. She clarifies. She’s talking about the match. Bateman is honest. He lost. Maxine digs in. Kaitlyn then tells Maxine she’s being “very” supportive. Maxine says she can leave. And then Maxine says stay from Bateman. Maxine and Kaitlyn throw barbs at each other. Bateman seperates the two. In the background, Curtis peeks out from the corner. Shirtless still. When everyone else has left, he says “It’s getting weird.” The two girls are up next on NXT.

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Maxine vs. Kaitlyn

Maxine is out first and she’s in her one piece with stripper stockings. Regal asks what is up with Curtis. Josh says he’s creepy. Kaitlyn is out next. Kaitlyn gets a pop from a crowd. Josh tries to recounts the “love rectangle”… They to lock up and Maxine starts the match on offense. In the meantime, Regal goes nuts on with a story. Maxine is on top of Kaitlyn, but she is able to break free. The crowd is into Kaitlyn’s offense. The two are BRAWLING! Not just any brawling, a hot and sexy luscious brawling. It’s back and forth, with Maxine getting an advantage. Josh asks if it’s okay for Kaitlyn to be Bateman’s friend. Regal says absolutely not. “Nothing good comes from it”. Kaitlyn gets across body that turns into a pin attempt. When they get to their feet Maxine slaps Kaitlyn and then jumps on her back. She wraps her up for a submission. Unable to get the submission, Maxine uses her weight to drop Kaityln backwards with enough roll for a pinfall.

Winner: Maxine

Maxine is quite satisfied with her win over Kaitlyn. Maxine wipes her mouth as she walks to the back

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Josh and Regal are “excited” for the next PPV.

Kidd comes to Trent. He pushes him to his limits and respects him. Kidd thinks the two of them would be a good tag team.

The Usos vs. Hawkins and Reks

The Usos are out first and do their war dance. Tobasco’s favorite part is not edited out. Josh puts over “Outside the Ring”, the Uso’s new YouTube show. Tyler Reks and Kurt Hawkins come out next. Josh puts over the two heels demanded this rematch. Hawkins starts the match. He goes back with one of the Uso’s before the Usos start tagging in. Hawkins manages to tag in Reks while the Uso try to get a Uso Chant going. Back to the action, the Usos start double teaming Reks till he’s able to tag in Hawkins. Hawkins gets set out fo the ring. IT sets up a spring board where one Uso uses the other to get height. Hawkins gets rolled in the ring and then rolls out. The Uso there gets booted by Reks as he takes over on offense.


Josh explains the misdirection used by Reks and Hawkins to take control of the match. The other Uso works the crowd for a Uso Chant. Hawkins mugs to the crowd mocking the Uso chant. They start tagging in and out to their advantage. Jay Uso manages to get an elbow up but Hawkins takes advantage to pull Jay over to tag Reks in. Reks gets a lock on and the two fight to their feet. Reks then slams Jay on the matt. Jimmy gets a Uso Chant going in the crowd. Jay manages to knocks over Hawkins and it sets up a double tag. Jimmy comes in hot. He takes out Hawkins and Reks, he mugs for the crowd and stink faces Reks. Hawkins breaks up the pin. The Usos slap Hawkins onto Reks. Jay jumps onto Hawkins who’s now rolled out of the ring. Jimmy goes to the top rope but misses Reks. Twice. Reks picks up Jimmy, but he manages to break free. He pushes him to the ropes and bounces off it for a roll up. Jimmy kicks out and bounces to the ropes. And that’s where Hawkins hits him with his cane and Reks gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Hawkins and Reks

As soon as the match ends, Striker is in the ring disputing the result with the ref. Hawkins stops that with a quick strike that knocks him down. Hawkins and Reks leave the ring victorious and the Usos come to Striker’s aid. Regal says that Hawkins and Reks aren’t doing themselves any favors by hitting a WWE official. Regal clarifies Striker is one in his capacity as the Host of NXT.

Grash Says…

This week’s show is a mixed bag. Some good. Some bad. It all depends on your viewpoint.

Wrestling-wise, Bateman and Slater were the match of the night. And infact, worth of a WV MOTY Project Nod. (See the WV Forums for more info on the WV MOTY Project) And with them going first, everything paled in comparison throughout the night. Percy and Darren was a good match, just not as good as Bateman\Slater. Kidd\Trent put on a “little critters” X-Division-Cruiserweight-inspired flippy flippy that made no sense or reason. By the Little Critters sucking, it in turned make the girls look a lot better. Uso vs Hawkins and Reks was an average almost paint by numbers tag match. Nothing wrong with it, except they’ve wrestled this at least twice before on the show.

Story-wise we also had a mix bag. First the good.

The love rectangle… Curtis, Maxine, Bateman, Kaitlyn… progresses further to night. We confirmed Kaitlyn has a crush on Bateman, who is completely clueless about it. Bateman’s friend zoning her is a point of aggravation for Maxine who see Kaitlyn’s crush for what it is. And Curtis was a creepy shirtless predator all night long.

The Bro vs. Bro angle… Darren, Titus, Percy, A-Ri… was in force minus A-Ri tonight. After getting beat dirty the past few weeks, Percy picks up a clean win tonight for the good guys. This shows that they are capable of winning when the heels don’t outright cheat. It also sets up a pecking order where Percy now stands over Darren… putting him closer to confronting Darth Titus.

Reks and Hawkins bump back form a lost last week to the Usos to a Win this week over them. Striker, whom has problems with the two heels, tries to overturn the match. He gets a strike to his chest and knockdown for his efforts. This will definitely get a response next week from Striker. Since he’s sucking air at the end of the show, we’ll have to wait till next week to find out what this will be.

Finally. The Bad. Not only did I hated Trent and Kidd. After the match, Kidd comes to Trent to tell him that he respects him and they should tag was laughable. They might make a good tag team. But this is not a great start for them promo-wise.

I want to point out that tonight we had a promo for both WrestleMania and the Elimination chamber. We will have one more NXT before the Elimination Chamber. So we can expect what we saw tonight next week in terms of packages. It is after the PPV, that the WrestleMania hype will be in full force. And if last year was any indication, well see more of NXT taken up to promote the show as we get closer to April 1st. So Tonight is a send off till we return to this format after ‘Mania.

My one year mark of recapping NXT for Wrestleview is officially this week. I want to thank all of you who watch NXT and or read my recap. The discussions I have with you are awesome. But finally I thank the NXT haters. I could make a whole single serving blog about the sh*t NXT haters say. Yes, you’re that stupidly hilarious.