WWE NXT on WWE.com
February 15, 2012
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild and Young”

Josh welcomes us to NXT and reminds us that Elimination Chamber is this weekend. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Rex come out to arena, and we are shown the end of last week. This includes a cheating win and then taking out Matt Striker. The crowd boos the two. Reks says that was supposed to be their moment and Striker ruined it. They say they should be on the main roster, but instead begging for matches on NXT. Reks says Striker will lie to them, and then list off everything they done. Reks and Hawkins refer to themselves as politicians without suits. Hawkins moves on to make fun of Striker’s career. Then Hawkins undoes his jacket and reveals a Obama-Style Change T-shirt featuring his face. The Crowd is not pleased at this.

Striker arrives and calls the promo cut so far by Hawkins and Reks ridiculous. Striker calls them phonies and he’s done everything to make them shine. Reks asks him get in the ring. Striker he’s not stupid. Striker tells that if that’s the best Hawkins has, he’s got problems as it was weak. Striker then admits he needs help so he’s called in a “substitute.” Reks and Hawkins make fun of this. Striker walks off,

Regal gets up and says he’s in control of NXT this week. Hawkins will compete first. Reks is banned form ring side. Regal says for him to take a bath. Regal puts Hawkins up against Tyson Kid.

Curt Hawkins vs. Tyson Kidd

Regal regrets getting power as it gets him locked up or institutionalized. Hawkins has his change shirt on as the match begins. Hawkins starts the match on offense. He goes for a slide, but goes out the ring. Tyson gets on the offensive and gets the jump on Hawkins. Hawkins takes advantage of Tyson on the apron before going to an ad.


Back to the show, they’re in the ring and Hawkins is in control. Josh puts over that Regal is in charge of NXT this week. The crowd is chanting “Let’s go Tyson” and are into the match. Josh likes that Reks is banned form ringside. Regal goes on to call him “dirty”. Hawkins finally takes off his shirt as he goes for a lock on Tyson. Tyson gets to his feet and manages to get a break from Hawkins. When they lock up again, Tyson builds momentum on offense. Hawkins ends on the outside of the ring again, and this time Tyson hits with a kick to the jaw. He rolls him in to the ring, but can’t get the pinfall. Regal puts over Hawkins’ ability. Tyson goes for a sharpshooter, but gets tossed off it leads to some offense for Hawkins for a pin attempt. Tyson gets on to the ropes and does a Star-man looking kick with the ropes. This leads to a pin attempt on from him. Hawkins manages to turn the tables, and crawls on to Tyson. Tyson gets a foot on the ropes. Hawkins sets up Tyson on the top ropes and he goes up for a move. Tyson pushes him off and sets him up with a roll from his shoulders. IT sets up a sharpshooter for the tap out.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

After the match, Josh says Titus will be in action. He asks Regal who it will be against, but Regal says no.


Titus O’Neil vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Titus is already in the ring. He is told by Regal he’s had a mean streak, but he’ll need it against his next opponent. IT’s Yoshi Tatsu. He comes out and the match starts. Yoshi starts with a speed advantage till Titus gets a scoop slam on Yoshi. This is where he takes over on offense. Titus manages to stand over Yoshi in a lock and asks the ref to ask him to quit. They fight to their feet and Titus slams Yoshi to the matt. He gets Yoshi in a head lock and starts yelling to the crowd. Regal likes the fact the crowd doesn’t like Titus. Titus gets caught with Yoshi’s quickness. It opens up offense and a crowd pop for Yoshi. After a running knee, Yoshi goes for a pin attempt. This time Yoshi charges the post and Titus side steps him. It rolls into the offensive that leads to Titus getting the pin and the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

After the match, Titus takes the mic. He tells the crowd to shut up. He then asks Regal for Alex Riley. Titus calls A-Ri the crowd’s hero. And that’s when A-Ri’s music hit and he enters. A-Ri says he can hear Titus. He’s all about “Don’t talk about it, Show it.” He says if Titus wants to fight, drop the mic and gets it on! Titus ditches the ring and says to hold on… He stalls and the crowd isn’t happy about it. He complains that he just competed, So he can face him next week. Plus he’s got a Valentine’s Date. Titus walks to the back yelling to the crowd “Happy Valentine’s Day”. A-Ri looks on with a silly face.

Alicia Fox is with Kaitlyn. Kaityln is bemoaning about Bateman. Alicia asks if there’s a Kaitman… And Kaityln responds no, we’re just friends. From behind them is Johnny Curtis. He’s proposing they see his disco ball in his van. The two girls say No thanks. A guy With Flowers and Candy comes up looking for Bateman. Curtis says that’s him and signs for it. Curtis says it’s like stealing candy from a Bateman.

After the backstage segment, Josh says Percy Watson will be in action next.


Percy Watson vs. Michael McGillicutty

Watson is already in the ring when we get back. Regal says he have high hopes. So he wasn’t to see what he’ll be like against a true WWE super star. Michael McGillicutty is his opponent. Regal say he doesn’t know know how good Gilly is. They lock up and Percy shocks Gilly by going head to head with him. Percy has a speed advantage and Gilly has a strength advantage. After the two are highlighted, Gilly goes on the offensive. Gilly is yelling to the crowd as he pounds on Percy. The crowd is silent with few cheers. Percy finally gets a few claps as he fights to his feel. He finally gets a leg drop and Percy gets a few cheers. The get to their feet and Percy gets in the offensive. It leads to hitting the Heisman, but Gilly gets his feet up. Gilly quickly makes a mistake and hits the ring post when Percy moves out of the way. Percy rolls this with a slam, a pin, and a win.

Winner: Percy Watson

Maxine is getting ready. She finds the Candy on Kaitlyn’s stuff. She reads the card. It says “Sorry about Maxine, Bateman”

Josh is Derrick Bateman is up next.


*Raw Rebound*

Derrick Bateman & Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater & Johnny Curtis with Kaityln on Commentary

After musing about Kane and Cena, Regal reveals that Kaitlyn has joined commentary. Bateman is out first and head to the ring. Josh asks who Bateman is going to compete against, Hold his finger up to hold off Josh. He then address Bateman and reveals he will face TWO opponents. They are Curtis and Slater. Kaitlyn points out Curtis’s gear says “Let’s get Weird”. Regal then introduces Justin Gabriel as his tag team partner. There is a pop for Gabriel. Josh ask Kaitlyn what is situation with Bateman. She says they’re friends. Gabriel and Curtis start the match. Gabriel gets Curtis out of the ring and then Bateman take out Curtis. Then Gabriel gets Slater. we head to ads.


We get back and Curtis drops Gabriel on his nuts. he pulls him to the corner and tags in Slater who continues the offense. On commentary, Kaitlyn says Maxine deserves someone who is more compatible with her. Someone who hates everything and eat exotic foods like baby souls. Someone like Curtis or Satan. goes back and forth with Regal, and it’s hilarious. Regal is creepy old man hitting on Kaityln, and Kaitlyn is playing along with it. Gabriel is getting beaten on when Kaitlyn drops that she sleeps in a full size bed with Bateman Head to Toe. Regal laughs at that and doesn’t go any farther with it. Kaitlyn is making the case that She would be a better girlfriend than Maxine. Bateman gets a hot tag and goes on a tear. Bateman hits the “Sleepy Sizzer” as Maxine calls it and gets the win for the pin.

Winner: Derrick Bateman & Justin Gabriel

After the match, Maxine is out next. She comes to commentary and beats Kaityln with the chocolate. Bateman has to pull her off Kaitlyn, asking what she’s doing. Maxine pushes Bateman out of the way. So Bateman has to pick up Maxine over the shoulder caveman style as he pulls her ways. On the other ring steps, We see Creep Curtis smiling at it all.

Grash Says…

If you wanted to introduce NXT to someone, this would be the episode to show them now. It went over the major storylines and players each with their own matches.

Striker leaving NXT in Regal’s hands this week was a good idea. It shook up the show just enough to feel fresh and new. One new wrinkle into the mix was that Regal was all night playing the role of the reformed supervillian who now depowered, now has gotten a taste of them again. The best real world analogy is seeing someone who was once an alcoholic and is dry in a setting were drinking is not only taking place, but encouraged. It’s a struggle of temptation versus personal willpower. Now, Regal was playing this tongue in cheek all night long, and towed that line perfectly.

Percy, Gilly, Titus, and Yoshi all had above average of what we normally see on NXT this week. All of them good match up of styles, and good stories going in and out of each match.

Tyson vs. Hawkins was a great match up. Each wrestler’s style played to the strength of each other. MOTY Nomination Worthy. Breaking Reks from Hawkins this week, showed that the two aren’t there yet alone and both NEED to cheat to win right now. This flies in everything that the two said before Regal took over tonight.

Hawkins’ Change T-shirt. I want. Why doesn’t Shop.com have it?!?

Derrick Bateman & Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater & Johnny Curtis with Kaityln on Commentary is a hilarious match because of Kaityln on commentary. It’s MOTY worthy for that reason alone. What makes this match simply brilliant is that commentary is no where near the match till the end where Regal points out there is a great match going on just in time for us to pay attention to the in-ring action for the end of the match.