NXT Results – 2/22/12

WWE NXT on WWE.com
February 22, 2012
Rockford, Illinois
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of Wrestleview.com

Yes, it is me once again. The “resident teacher” of Wrestleview is taking a small break from his lesson planning to provide some insightful information on the latest edition of WWE NXT while Mr. Gregory Walek is out for the week. Bear with me, folks. It has been a while since I did one of these recaps.

WWE Intro kicks off the show.

It was followed by the “Wild and Young” theme. Some things never change, but they should.

Matt Striker welcomes us to a new NXT. He needed to address something…but AHHHHHHHHH Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks enter. Hawkins wants to bring change and accused Striker of screwing him last week. Reks then said that Striker made a joke of his career. Reks then cut Striker off and then said that it is time that Striker is not prepared for something.

Tyson Kidd then enters the scene with a microphone. Kidd said Reks and Hawkins should apologize for wasting their time. Hawkins thought Kidd was on their side, but Kidd said the WWE Universe wants to see “high-octane offense” (Someone watched former Pitt @$$hole Todd Graham press conferences). Reks said they are next in line and they are the future of the WWE. Kidd said last week he beat Hawkins and rips on Reks’ muscles and demands a match. Striker books the match now since there is a referee.

Match #1: Tyler Reks (w/Curt Hawkins and his pimp stick) vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd begins with a waistlock and rollup for two. Kidd then has a knuclelock in, but Reks brings him down with a couple punches. Reks then stomps Kidd along the corner and yells at the ref. Kidd escapes a knee drop, but Reks works the arm on Kidd. Kidd gets back up, but Reks takes him down and connects with a leg drop to Kidd’s arm. Reks worked on the arm again, but Kidd uses the ropes to take him down. Reks and Kidd go outside the ring and Kidd realized he was between a rock and a hard place. Kidd rolls into the ring. Hawkins then becomes outraged when Hawkins gets ejected from ringside. Kidd then hits a suicide dive to take both men out.


Kidd then stomps Reks along the corner. Reks comes back by hitting Snake Eyes to a running Kidd. Reks then does a front suplex to Kidd on the ropes. Reks gets a two count, then works the arm once again. Reks walks around a bit, then hits a knee drop to Kidd’s face. Reks keeps Kidd grounded with more knee drops. Reks now works on the face and neck region, but Kidd fights back with a big kick on Reks. Kidd goes to the frame and Kidd backdrops Reks to the floor. Kidd then does a running kick right to Reks.

Kidd took a bit of time, but connected on a springboard dropkick and pins Reks for a two count. Kidd misses the mark and Reks hits a nice Front Fallaway Slam. (Off topic, I can listen to Regal commentate all week). Reks goes up top, but Kidd catches him. After a moment of brawling, Kidd kicks Reks. Reks catches Kidd and counters a Corner Tornado DDT by dropping him to the corner. Kidd rolled out of the ring and Reks had to bring him in the ring. Reks pins for two, and then grounds Kidd a bit more. However, after the third leg drop to Kidd’s abdominal region Kidd counters the attack with the Sharpshooter. Reks taps out.

Winner via Submission: Tyson Kidd (Sharpshooter)
Grade: C+ (leaned toward B-)

We see the replays of some of the best moments to this match.

Maxine and Derrick Bateman are backstage. Maxine is snapping out at Bateman and said she did not “freak out”. Bateman said Maxine needs to do breathing exercises. Maxine wants to get out of here and told Bateman to go hang out Kaitlyn. Bateman walks away and see Kaitlyn. Bateman said he is a lover and a fighter. He said “save your drama for your mama” and mentions the past (see NXT a few weeks back). Bateman and Kaitlyn talk about friendship and then high five each other. Johnny Curtis creeps along and mocks Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn gives him a low blow. It was dangerous because Curtis had a toothpick in his mouth. That, my friends, is a choking hazard.

Still to Come: Alex Riley vs. Titus O’Neil.

Metallica now has a song that is a “Wrestlemania” theme. It is “The Memory Remains”. It is a much better track than anything “Flo Rida”.

Raw Rebound Time: Pretty much if you missed Monday’s Raw, it showed Taker and HHH’s promo. After much denial, HHH makes the match official…inside Hell in a Cell.

Matt Striker starts playing a guitar and singing like a hippy (come on Matt! You are a teacher!). Kaitlyn enters and Striker is uncomfortable because a pretty girl is in his office. Kaitlyn said she does not care what anyone says, but he is going a great job. Kaitlyn wants the rematch vs. Maxine. Maxine said Kaitlyn needs to shut up and told Striker that she wants off this show because of Kaitlyn. Striker breaks up a verbal confrontation and told Maxine to show respect. Maxine said Striker is a joke and told Kaitlyn to shut her mouth. Kaitlyn said it went well and high fived Striker.

-Break- (WrestleMania Hype video)

Well, we see another Monday Night Raw clip, this time it features Eve’s heel turn. Eve said that she was using Zack Ryder and that people are talking about her. Well, her plan to use people was foiled by John Cena. Eve pleads her case, but Cena calls her a “hoe-ski”. Cena said “use The Rock” and called her a “scandalous b!tch”. Eve has a meltdown. You can see her exclusive comments on WWE.com.

Tyson Kidd is on the phone with Trent Barreta. Kidd said the tag team will wait. Michael McGillicutty enters the scene. McGillicutty is upset that he is not booked for the show after driving through a blizzard. Kidd said that McGillicutty will recover from this loss. McGillicutty ripped on Kidd’s lack of heritage. Kidd said show up next week and he will show McGillicutty first hand that the WWE is in his blood.

Next: Alex Riley vs. Titus O’Neil.

-Break- (Be A STAR advertisement. If you know Mr. V, I am completely for this and actually taught lessons on anti-bullying.)

Darren Young is joining Mathews and Regal on commentary.

Match #2: Titus O’Neil vs. Alex Riley

Side Note: Titus O’Neil’s music is probably the worst theme I have ever heard for a WWE Superstar. He needs a more manly song.

Before the match: Young hypes himself up, likes Titus’ bark, and hates Riley.

They begin with a tie-up, and O’Neil shoves Riley to a corner. Riley with a headlock, but O’Neil gets out of the hold. O’Neil then drills Riley with a shoulder tackle. Riley responds by tossing O’Neil out of the ring. Riley then gets some punches in, and then connects with a running clothesline. Momentum changes when O’Neil throws Riley out of the ring. Young “checks up” on Riley, then “Showtime” Percy Watson jogs to ringside.

O’Neil drills Riley’s head to the commentary table twice. We then go to break.

O’Neil has Riley in the ring and has a chinlock on him. Watson is now on commentary and Young is not impressed. O’Neil has Riley in the corner and hits a splash. O’Neil slows it down by using the corner. O’Neil then slams Riley and covers him for a two count. O’Neil is upset with the “slow count”, then applies a chinlock on Riley. Riley then pops back up with an STO. (Regal wants Watson to be more aggressive). Both men exchange, then Riley hits a Spinebuster. Riley covers, but only gets a two count. Riley then punches O’Neil at the corner, but O’Neil counters more punches and hits the Powerbomb. O’Neil uses the ropes for leverage and wins the match.

Winner via Pinfall: Titus O’Neil (Powerbomb w/feet on the ropes)
Grade: C-

After the match, Young and O’Neil celebrate their victory while Watson argues with the referee.

Matt Striker is on the jumbotron and has a HUGE announcement for next week’s NXT and it is not going to be a joke. All four wrestlers argue their opponents and NXT goes off the Internet air.

Quick Results
Tyson Kidd def. Tyler Reks via Submission
Titus O’Neil def. Alex Riley via Pinfall

From the Thoughts of Mr. V…

After many weeks of getting up to five matches on NXT, the program slowed it down this week booking only two matches while having a couple stories that I am still looking forward to next week.

The opening segment between Hawkins, Reks, and Striker was basically the same work over the past few weeks and it is, hate to type, getting really boring. Adding Tyson Kidd to the mix was not bad, but not nearly enough. Kidd is a great wrestler, but of course many know that the talking aspect needs improvement.

As for the Kidd/Reks match, it was pretty good and it helps Kidd improve his stock with this brand and with the loss (and Hawkins questionable ejection from the ring) will continue Reks and Hawkins frustration towards the host of NXT. Kidd was very good on using his quickness and his reversals looked good, and Reks worked the arm of Kidd well. There was a lot to like and it showed that when you have different styles it can mesh well together.

Well, it looks like BetaMax will not go to “the next level” as Maxine wants off the show. Maxine’s mic skills and in-ring ability could be what a Raw or Smackdown needs at the moment. Maxine would be great on the Smackdown brand. She has potential to be like a Vickie Guerrero as a manager, but Maxine can compete in the ring and is currently my Diva of the Year for 2012. What does this do for Bateman though? Well, now he and Kaitlyn are “flirting, yet not flirting” friends. I have a feeling the similarities will attract and Maxine ends up being kicked to the curb. As for Johnny Curtis, bravo on being the creep.

We also were entertained with two recaps of Raw. HHH vs. Taker will go one more time and Eve is now a crazy “hoe-ski”. Moving on.

I will miss the feud between Maxine and Kaitlyn when it ends. From a story standpoint, it is very good. However, we all probably should know where this is heading in the coming weeks.

The O’Neil/Riley match was not a good main event. O’Neil struggled with his coordination and timing at times and Riley needs to either slow down his work as a babyface or just go back to being a “Varsity Villian”. If neither happen, look for Alex Riley to be at an independent show near any reader of this recap. O’Neil is getting better as a heel, but still shows why he is not ready for a Smackdown or a Raw. They guy is way too green.

So, overall I did not get much out of this NXT episode. Lots of Raw buildup and the wrestling lacked storytelling. However, I think the segments make for good shows in the next 2-3 weeks.

Mr. V’s Grade for WWE NXT: C (leaned towards C-)

Thank you for reading. And thanks to Grash again for giving me an opportunity to type up something for the first time in weeks. Readers, I enjoy writing.

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