Adrian Telas sent this report in:

Whats going on guys, just got back from a GREAT sell out show in El Paso, Texas. Here are the results:

1st Match:
Show kicked off with Kofi Kingston coming to the ring saying this was going to be a tag match with Evan Bourne against Legacy. However Kofi said that Bourne was attacked backstage so match was made between DiBiase and Kofi. Cody interfered and out came the HOMETOWN Boy Chavo, to a huge reaction from the crowd. Match was made a tag match with Chavo getting the pin over Cody Rhodes via Frog Splash
NOTE: after the match Chavo thanked the fans for coming out and an EDDIE chant started.

2nd Match:
Carlito defeated Primo Colon, decent match

Prior to the third match, a Masterlock Challenge was issued and out comes Chris Masters to a good reaction from the crowd (mostly women). Masters challenges anyone from back stage and out comes William Regal. Regal really gets a lot of hit from the crowd as he gets on the mic. This leads to a match:

3rd Match:
Chris Masters defeats William Regal in a squash match

Intermission: Out comes the Bella Twins to throw shirts into the crowd.

4th Match:
Diva six tag match with Two Special Guess Referee’s Santino Marella and Vickie Guerrero: Prior to this match all divas came out to no music as the speakers went out.
Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Eve defeat Marsye, Jillian, and Alicia Fox

5th Match:
Fatal Four Way for the United States Title: The Miz defeated MVP (great crowd reaction), Evan Bourne and Christian
Match of the night between these four superstars, alot of back and forth action. Prior to this, The Miz did great mic work drawing alot of HEAT from the crowd.

6th Match:
Main Event: John Cena (Biggest Pop of the Night) and Mark Henry defeat the Big Show (nice pop) and Sheamus with the help of Hornswoggle as he gave the Big Show the Sweet Shin Music

Biggest Pop:
1.) John Cena
2.) Chavo Guerrero
3.) MVP
4.) The Big Show

Most Heat:
1.) The Miz
2.) William Regal
3.) Sheamus

NOTES: Overall this was an Awesome show with a GREAT Atmosphere as the EL Paso County Coliseum was sold out. This show sold out in less than a week. My girlfriend and I were seating in the 3rd row and the fans were on there feet and yelling the whole night. A Scary moment happend when Cena threw his shirt into the crowd right in front of us, a mop of people went after his shirt and a poor kid was getting squashed. Luckly he was ok.

After the match Cena celebrated with fans around the ring and I was able to get him to sign my WWE Spinner Belt. Awesome show, I just want to throw this out there and I think the fans of El Paso will agree with me, why can’t we host Summerslam at the Sun Bowl. The Sun Bowl can seat up to 52,000 fans and thats without seats on the field, plus during the month of August El Paso has great weather, I know we will draw alot of fans not just from near by states but also from Mexico. Come on WWE, we proved to you that we can sell out a house show, how bout a PPV. Anyhow, overall it was a great show and the crowd was really into it.

Thanks Wrestleview for all you do!