WWE Superstars
March 1, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars recap. If you all are ready, then since Adelitas Way is playing the intro, let’s get on with the show!

We start things off with the RAW portion of the show with announcers Josh Mathews & Scott Stanford.

Santino Marella vs. Curt Hawkins w/Tyler Reks

Santino shows the cobra and Hawkins goes to the outside. Santino then throws the puppet and shirt into the crowd. Back in the ring, Santino does a somersault and then kicks air while Hawkins backs away into the ropes. Santino then with a back heel sweep that does nothing. Santino hears the crowd demand the cobra so he obliges, but Hawkins gets to the ropes. Santino with a single leg takedown and then does the helicopter on Hawkins’ back. Santino then with an armdrag into an armbar. Santino turns it into a wais lock and gets a nearfall with a rollup into a bridge. Hawkins comes back and nails Santino with a series of right hands and kicks in the corner. Hawkins with an Irish whip, but Santino with a floatover and a series of armdrags to Hawkins back into the armbar. Hawkins fights out with a knee and then sends Santino into the turnbuckles. Santino comes back with an Irish whip, followed by a monkey flip. Santino tries for a second Irish whip, but Hawkins counters and sends Santino to the outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Santino and Hawkins exchange right hands, but Hawkins gets the advantage and gains a nearfall. Hawkins locks in a reverse chinlock, but Santino gets back to his feet and takes Hawkins down with a hiptoss. Hawkins then trips Santino when he slides to the outside and then mocks the trombone. Hawkins with a kick to Santino, followed by a suplex for a nearfall. Hawkins with a knee to the back and goes back to the reverse chin lock. Santino comes back with an armdrag, but Hawkins with an vicious scoop slam for another nearfall. Hawkins then goes right back to the reverse chinlock. Hawkins then with a forearm and a Irish whip, but misses a running forearm into the corner.

Santino blocks a right hand from Hawkins and hits one of his own. Santino with the split and then hits the hiptoss, but Reks distracts Santino and Hawkins with a clothesline for another nearfall.

However, Santino comes back and rolls up Hawkins with a Jackknife pin for the victory.

Winner: Santino Marella by pinfall (Jackknife Pin)


Back from commercial, we see a video package highlighting the Undertaker/Triple H match at Wrestlemania before our next match.

WWE Divas Champion “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox

Lock-up and Beth backs Alicia into the ropes. Beth then with a series of kicks, followed by a slam. Beth sets up for the Glam Slam, but Alicia fights out with elbows. Beth then drills Alicia with a clothesline, followed by a series of right hands for a nearfall. Beth picks Alicia up by the hair and drives her back down to the mat. Beth then does it again for another nearfall. Beth then locks in a rear chinlock. Beth with a knee and a Irish whip, but Alicia avoids Beth and tries for a sunset flip out of the corner, but Beth blocks it.

Alicia with a forearm and then avoids Beth with a matrix style move, followed by a dropkick. Alicia with another kick but Beth Irish whips her. Alicia comes back and springs off the middle ropes, hitting a back elbow.

Alicia then goes for the scissors kick, but misses and Beth is able to hit the Glam Slam for the victory.

Winner: “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix by pinfall (Glam Slam)


We are back with the Smackdown portion of the show with announcers Josh Mathews & Matt Striker.

The Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal with a kick and a series of right hands to start things off, but Khali pushes Mahal away and then hits Mahal with a chop. Khali sends Mahal into the turnbuckles, followed by another chop. Khali sends Mahal into the turnbuckles again and Khali with another chop. Mahal comes back with a headbutt, but Khali blocks a kick from him. Khali then with a clothesline that sends Mahal over the top rope to the outside. Mahal then comes back and hotshots Khali across the top rope, followed by a DDT back in the ring for a nearfall.

Mahal kicks Khali and connects with a knee to the chest for another nearfall. Mahal kicks Khali in the corner and then chokes him. Khali comes back with an elbow, followed by a clothesline.

Khali signals for the Brain Chop and connects with it on Mahal for the victory.

Winner: The Great Khali by pinfall (Brain Chop)


Back from commercial, we see a video highlighting what took place on RAW between John Cena & The Rock before heading off to credits.

My Thoughts

Going to keep this short but sweet. I thought this week’s episode of Superstars was not good at all. It pretty much was a throwaway show and all 3 matches had no merit to them whatsoever and to be honest, were just filler to show the video packages hyping up Cena-Rock & Taker-Triple H for Wrestlemania. That is all I can pretty much say. Definite skippable show this week with nothing you need to show out of your way to see.

My Grade: D

Well, that will do it for me this week, I want to thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoy your weekend. But remember….

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