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March 7, 2012
Uncasville, Connecticut
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild and Young”

Maxine vs. Tamina

Striker welcomes us to NXT. Striker reminds us that all the matches will be of Regal’s doing. Rrgal gets in the ring and say he’s going to make the best show as possible. Tonight’s Main event is Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil. Before he can talk about other matches, Maxine’s music hits and she enter the arena. She walks up to him and is looking forward to working “underneath” you. Regal tells he’s looking forward to seeing her in action against Tamina. (Tamina is out with Snuka last name in her card). She gets in the ring, and the bell rings. Tamina overpowers Maxine and pushed her down. Maxine is using her speed and wiliness to her advantage. They are fighting back and forth with an advantage to Maxine though. After a long explanation of Regal’s perspective on his role on NXT, Maxine falls flat and Tamina takes advantage of it and gets a Superfly splash for the win.

Winner: Tamina


Regal is dismayed to see Reks and Hawkins. Josh says he’s turned his opinion them. The mid-card mafia takes the mic and complains about Regal being in charge. Reks calls Regal a “Has-Been”. Regal takes of his headset and picks up a mic. He chooses to ignore the speech for the moment. If they want to get back in the ring next week, He’s got a job for them. Regal pulls out janitorial equipment and tells them he’ll make them do anything he wants. He then tells them the only thing they go doing is being the Toilet Cleaner at the Mohegan Suns. If they don’t do it, he doesn’t have to book them ever again on NXT. The choice is theirs. The Crowd chants “Do the Job”. They take the Mops and leave. Regal address the crowd and tells them that they will see some real action now. As Yoshi and Curtis enter the Arena, Regal says he want to see what they are made up. Will they do whatever it takes to be a superstar. And he intends to make them work their way from the bottom.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Curtis

The bell rings and Curtis takes the early advantage. Josh talks about Curtis on Commentary last week and being creepy. Yoshi quickly turns the table on him. It leads to him being sent out of the ring and a drop over the ropes onto him.


Back to the action, Yoshi is in control as Regal says he likes seeing Yoshi Tatsu. Curtis manages to take control and goes into a lock on the matt with Yoshi. The crowd begins to chant for Yoshi. Regal likes Yoshi’s Fighting Spirit. Josh mentions that Curtis has slowed the pace of the match as he continues to control the offense in the match. Josh and regal talk about Maxine. Josh says she like power. Regal has nothing so say, a he’s abused his power in the past. He then makes a bad joke about being tense. Regal then talks about making lovely homemade jam. Yoshi takes control of the match and the crowd in it. Josh compares Regal to JR and his BBQ sauce. Yoshi gets a pin attempt. Regal mentions that the creepiness is gone when he gets in the ring. This where Curtis turns the situation and goes on offense. He props Yoshi on the ropes and he goes up with him. Yoshi pushes him off. Yoshi goes for a rolling kick from the top ropes but misses horribly. Regal says that he is watching, commenting, and evaluating everyone on NXT. Their performances tonight will dictate how they will be used on NXT. In the meanwhile, Curtis takes over and slams Yoshi for the win.

Winner: Johnny Curtis

Josh asks about Regal’s evaluation on a match with McGillicutty and Tyson kid. We get a video of the match and the McGillicutty win. Backstage, McGillicutty is watching the video with Striker. Tyson walks up as he’s called a loser. Striker takes off. Tyson said he’s tweeted McGillicutty all week wanting a rematch. Mike says he’s not getting one. He’s all smiles at the situation. Tyson then tells Mike that he made a mistake. He left him standing. He can now man-up. He slaps Mike’s side and he flinches. Tyson turns it with a knee. Smiling back he tells him to tell him when he wants the rematch.


We return to Curtis applying lotion to his body. Maxine walks up to him and tells him she hates him and can’t stand him. Bateman is on the way and play along. She grabs him and bites his ear. Bateman walks up and says if he walked on to a rerun of NXT. He asks what Maxine did to Kaityln. Curtis hushes up the two and says Maxine had nothing to do with it. She hopes she comes back… next week there’s be a mixed Tag. Curtis & MAxine vs. Bateman & Kaityln. Maxine and Curtis walk off. Bateman says “I guess we’re broken up again.” Reks and Hawkins arrive on scene. They bump into Bateman and tell him to go as they’re taking out the trash. Bateman says to Reks he stinks. Bateman walks off as Reks and Hawkins complain about Regal in terms using AARP. Percy Watson in ring gear walks up and makes fun of Hawkins and Reks. He suggests they should call themselves the “House Keepers”. Reks says he’s done. Hawkins looks over at him.

*Raw Rebound* Cena schools Rock, again.

Jay Uso vs. Darren Young

The Usos come out with their war dance telling us what we can do with ourselves. Jimmy will be joining us on commentary. They ask him about the dance they do. In the ring the two lock up and Jay is taking control of the match. Regal says he would love to see The Uso’s Father to come out on NXT to do the dance with them. Young manages to turn the table on Jay. The crowd is very noticeably Japanese right now. Darren use the apron and the ropes. He postures to Jimmy. Regal asks about it, and Jimmy says he’ll get his time. Jimmy continues to talk about training with his father and Booker T. Darren is still in control of the match as Regal tries to hook up his twins with the Usos. Josh talk to Jimmy about the Uso’s YouTube show. Jay has now taken control of the offense in the match. He gets a US-SO chant, but blows the stink face when Darren ducks it. Darren then rolls up Jay for the win.

Winner: Darren Young


Main Event
Percy Watson vs. Titus O’Neil

Percy is out first to the arena. Titus is out next. Titus uses his strength, but is stymied by Percy’s speed. The match proceeds with a back and forth action. Titus does his dog call. A kid in the crowd can be heard yelling for him to shut up. Titus continues on a slow offense. Titus begins to yell out to the crowd, but gets no reaction. He continues on offense and barks with the ref that he’s knows the rules. A reaction finally takes place with a hold in the middle of the ring. Titus is dominating the match between him and Percy. Titus is asking Percy who’s the man. Titus goes with several pins, complaining that the ref can’t count. The kid again tells Titus to shut up. They go back in to a neck lock and then fight to their feet. Percy drops Titus to break the hold. Percy goes on the offensive, but gets little pop from the crowd. He hits the Heisman, but Titus kicks out. Regal talks about how Percy should be on the attack. He misses a move and then recovers. It sets up a slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Percy Watson

After the match, Reks and Hawkins hit the ring. Reks pulls Percy off the ropes and beats on him as Hawkins sweeps with a broom. They call for mics and tell him that they’ve just cleaned up the mess and that they’re just getting started. Josh says Reks and Hawkins are calling Regal out. *Ding*

Grash Says…

The crowd tonight was dead all around. The Mohegan Suns arena is not that large in comparison to other places. And they’re at a Casino. So, without the crowd in to the matches, everything felt bland tonight.

The best match was Curtis and Yoshi… but that wasn’t anything special to talk about. Jay Uso was bland in the ring, and Jimmy was clueless on commentary. Titus showed no real progression in weeks, Though Percy put on a passable performance. Maxine and Tamina, too short to really talk about.

As for our storylines…

BetaMax, how have I loved you. This week, however, it’s confirmed that Bateman and Maxine are now no more again. Bateman off to play with Kaityln now, and Maxine to pawn talents to work “under” William Regal.

Tyson and McGillicutty had a great segment which continued their feud. I’ll be looking forward to seeing them lock up again soon.

Finally, Our MVP’s tonight were Hawkins and Reks. After weeks of running their mouths, Regal has put them in their place. And for this week we got a good laugh at their expense. But as the end of the show presented, now that we’ve had our laugh… it’s now their turn to get the upper hand with Regal. One thing that I do want to mention is that Josh has turned to side somewhat with Reks and Hawkins. This will make interesting conflict on commentary between Josh and Regal.

Not a great show this week, but on the bright side at least Cole wasn’t on the show tonight.