Viva La Raza! Lucha Weekly
March 10, 2012
By: Josh Boutwell of


Demus 3:16’s Brother CMLL Hopefull

An interview with Mexican website KaiserSports this week revealed that CMLL mini Demus 3:16’s brother has been training since he was 7 years old and now at 17 is hoping to get into CMLL. He plans on going by the name of Akuma 3:16 and is much bigger than his older brother.

La Sombra Returning to Japan
It was announced this week that CMLL’s La Sombra will be making his return to Japan in April for the New Japan Cup. Sombra is the only Mexican in the tournament and he will face CMLL’s YOSHI-HASHI in the 1st Round on April 1st.

CMLL 03/02 “Dos Leyendas ’12: Mexico City” Arena Mexico Results
1) Misterioso II, Namajague, & Rey Escorpion def. Fuego, Titan, & Triton
2) Averno, Mr. Aguila, & Olimpico def. Angel de Oro, Brazo de Plata, & Valiente
3) Lightning Match: Marcela def. Ayumi
4) La Mascara, Marco Corleone, & Diamante Azul def. Ultimo Guerrero, Volador Jr., & Rey Bucanero via DQ
5) National Parejas Increibles Tournament Finals: Atlantis & Mr. Niebla def. Rush & El Terrible
6) Hair vs. Hair Match: Negro Casas fought Blue Panther to a DRAW
– Salvador Lutteroth (founder of CMLL/EMLL) and Bobby Bonales (legendary luchador from the 50’s and the father of the only Mexican Olympic medalist in wrestling Daniel Bonales) were honored.
– Those that complain about older wrestlers like Casas & Panther being in the Main Event will not be happy to know that attendance for this show was 11,000 so until the younger guys can start drawing those types of numbers you really can’t complain. Putting guys like Casas & Panther in legit feuds with guys like Sombra, Volador, Dorada, etc. might be the answer but will CMLL ever go that way?
– Panther won the first fall in the Main Event with a Fujiwara Armbar and then Negro responded in the 2nd call with a casita. Both were fairly short fall. The final fall was very long and they kept it mostly on the mat for the majority of the match. After several nearfalls both men pinned each other in the midst of a Small Package resulting in a draw. The fans chanted for a 4th fall but instead both men were shaved. Negro attacked Panther after the match to continue the feud.
– Pics of the Main Event courtesy of
– Panther takes the first fall:

– Casas came back in the 2nd:

– After an epic final fall it resulted in controversy:

– Both men get their heads shaved:

CMLL 03/04 Arena Coliseo Results
1) Bobby Zavala & Zayco def. Camaleon & Freesbe
2) Aereo, Electrico, & Ultimo Dragoncito def. Mercurio, Nino de Acero, & Pequeno Olimpico
3) Euforia, Namajague, & Shigeo Okumura def. Diamante, Dragon Lee, & Rey Cometa
4) Hooligan, Polvora, & Skandalo def. Fuego, Stuka Jr., & Valiente
5) La Sombra, Shocker, & Brazo de Plata def. Psicosis II, Kraneo, & Morphosis

CMLL 03/04 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Rebelion def. Relampago Azul
2) Acertijo & Sadico def. Brillante & El Divino
3) Halcon de Plata & Smaker def. Evola & Magnum
4) Arkangel de la Muerte, El Barbaro, & Ephesto def. Gallo, Titan, & Triton
5) CMLL Light Heavyweight Title: Rush (c) def. El Terrible to retain the title!

CMLL 03/05 Arena Puebla Results
1) Arissma, Espiritu Maligno, & Policeman def. Asturiano, Blue Center, & Stigma
2) Centella de Oro & Loco Max def. Raziel & Virus
3) Blue Panther, La Mascara, & Maximo def. Psicosis II, Kraneo, & Morphosis
4) Mascara Dorada, Atlantis, & Stuka Jr. def. Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Escorpion, & Polvora
5) Rush def. El Terrible via DQ

CMLL 03/06 “Dos Leyendas ’12: Guadalajara” Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Virgo def. Rey Trueno
2) Black Metal def. Exterminador via DQ
3) Euforia, Raziel, & Virus def. Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr., & Triton
4) Mexican National Womens Title: Princesa Blanca (c) def. Lady Apache to retain the title!
5) Cibernetico: Volador Jr. def. La Sombra, Rush, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Hijo del Fantasma, Valiente, Felino, Olimpico, & Angel de Oro

CMLL 03/06 Arena Mexico Results
1) Apocalipsis & Ramstein def. Freesbe & Robin
2) Shigeo Okumura & Namajague def. Metalico & Starman
3) Sangre Nueva Semifinals Torneo Cibernetico: Dragon Lee def. Cancerbero, Titan, Stigma, Camaleon, Soberano Jr., Bobby Zavala, & Cholo
4) Psicosis II, Kraneo, & Morphosis def. La Mascara, Diamante Azul, & Sagrado
5) Mexican National Trios Titles: Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. def. Rey Bucanero, El Terrible, & Tiger Kid

CMLL 03/09 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Angel Azteca Jr. & Hombre Bala Jr. vs. Arkangel de la Muerte & Nitro
2) Fuego, Pegasso, & Sangre Azteca vs. Hijo del Signo, Namajague, & Shigeo Okumura
3) CMLL Womens Title: Ayumi (c) vs. Marcela
4) Mascara Dorada, Shocker, & Angel de Oro vs. Averno, Volador Jr., & Mephisto
5) Rush vs. El Terrible
6) La Sombra, Atlantis, & Diamante vs. Negro Casas, Felino, & Mr. Niebla

CMLL 03/11 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Javier Cruz Jr. vs. In Memoriam
2) Halcon de Plata & Virgo vs. Demonio Maya & Metalik
3) Black Metal, Metatron, & Sky Kid vs. Evola, Mr. Trueno, & Rey Trueno
4) La Mascara & Maximo vs. Averno & Mr. Aguila
5) Mask vs. Mask Match: Gallo vs. El Barbaro

CMLL 03/11 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Bengala, Horuz, & Metatron vs. Artillero, Super Comando, & Zayco
2) Aereo, Mini Fantasy, & Pequeno Halcon vs. Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Olimpico, & Pequeno Warrior
3) Ayumi, Dalis la Caribena, & Goya Kong vs. La Amapola, La Comandante, & Tiffany
4) CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles: Fuego & Stuka Jr. (c) vs. Hooligan & Skandalo
5) La Sombra, Brazo de Plata, & Valiente vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Escorpion, & Polvora

CMLL 03/12 “Dos Leyendas ’12: Puebla” Arena Puebla Lineup
1) Black Tiger & Blue Center vs. Fuerza Chicana & Siki Ozama Jr.
2) Bam Bam & Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Pequeno Olimpico & Pierrothito
3) Stuka Jr., Titan, & Triton vs. Euforia, Polvora, & Raziel
4) Hair vs. Hair Match: Loco Max vs. Virus
5) Cibernetico: Marco Corleone vs. Blue Panther vs. Maximo vs. Atlantis vs. Mascara Dorada vs. Mr. Aguila vs. El Terrible vs. Mephisto vs. Ultimo Guerreo vs. Rey Bucanero

CMLL 03/13 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) El Divino vs. Infierno
2) Esfinge & Leo vs. Bobby Zavala & Cholo
3) Smaker & Titan vs. Cancerbero & Rafaga
4) Diamante Azul, Mascara Dorada, & Sagrado vs. Mephisto, Ephesto, & Kraneo
5) Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Rey Bucanero, El Terrible, & Tiger Kid

CMLL 03/13 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Camaleon & Freesbe vs. Ramstein & Zayco
2) Metatron & Tigre Blanco vs. Artillero & Super Comando
3) Sangre Nuevo Semifinals Torneo Cibernetico: Triton vs. Raziel vs. Disturbio vs. Robin vs. Bronco vs. Hombre Bala Jr. vs. Hijo del Signo vs. Super Halcon Jr.
4) Fuego, Sangre Azteca, & Brazo de Plata vs. Misterioso II, Shigeo Okumura, Namajague
5) Marco Corleone, La Mascara, & Angel de Oro vs. Volador Jr., Psicosis II, & Olimpico

CMLL 04/22 Gimnasio Nuevo Leon Lineup
1) Babe Fox & Pedro Navajas vs. Principe Guerrero I & Principe Guerrero II
2) Gitano & Sky vs. Bengali & Difunto I
3) Golden Boy, Mascara Purpura, & Tigre Universiatrio vs. Loco Max, Monje Negro Jr., & Potro Jr.
4) Maximo & Rush vs. Felino & Mr. Niebla
5) Azteca Title Triple Threat: Volador Jr. (c) vs. Mascara Dorada vs. Ultimo Guerrero


AAA 03/02 TV Taping Results
1) Atomic Boy & Sugi San def. Gran Apache & Tito Santana II
2) Argos & Semental def. Billy el Malo & Escoria
3) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Drago def. Halloween & Octagon via DQ
4) Rey de Reyes Semifinals Fatal 4-Way: Jack Evans def. Chessman, Texano Jr., & Nicho el Millionario
5) Rey de Reyes Semifinals Fatal 4-Way: L.A. Park def. La Parka Jr., Electroshock, & Silver Kain
– After Octagon got his team DQ’d in the 3rd match El Consejo ran out to attack the AAA guys but Joaquin Roldan ran out with AAA guys to stop it. They made a match where Wagner, Electroshock, & Heavy Metal will face 3 El Consejo members chosen by Texano Jr. for Rey de Reyes.
– In the first Rey de Reyes Match it came down to Jack & Texano as the final two but Wagner came out and distracted Texano to allow Jack to get the win and likely set up Texano as being a member of that team at Rey de Reyes.
– In the Main Event it came down to Park and Parka Jr. and they beat the ever loving hell out of each other with Park eventually Powerbombing Parka on a COOLER (yes you heard that right) for the win. After the match Konnan and La Sociedad congratulated Park on the win but said that as repayment for all of the fines Konnan faced because of Park he would have to kiss Karen Jarrett’s feet at Rey de Reyes. Park said he bows to no one and kiss no one’s feet which resulted in Dorian Roldan shouting at Park. Park grabbed Dorian and threatened to hit him so La Sociedad held him back before anything could happen. Still teasing the breakup here.

AAA vs. LyC 03/04 Arena Coliseo Monterrey Results
1) Chamaco Gurrola & Drako def. Rey Gladiador & Xtreme Boy
2) Gemelo Muerte I & Gemelo Muerte II def. Principe Guerrero I & Principe Guerrero II
3) Angel Dorado Jr., Dralion, & Gato Fantasma def. Principe Guerrero II, Vasco Jr., & Veneno Extremo
4) Laredo Kid, Hombre sin Miedo, & Mascara Jr. def. Mascara Purpura, Big Neurosis, & Semental via DQ
5) Cuervo, Espiritu, & Ozz def. El Zorro, Rico Rodriguez, & Simbolo

AAA 03/11 TV Taping Lineup
1) Dinastia & Octagoncito II vs. Mini Histeria & Mini Psicosis
2) Aerostar, Argenis, & Super Fly vs. Angel Mortal, Gallego, & Gran Apache
3) Daga, Drago, & Fenix vs. Argos, Mortiz, & Semental
4) AAA Trios Titles: Damian 666, Halloween, & X-Fly (c) vs. Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown
5) El Mesias, Jack Evans, & El Zorro vs. Perro Aguayo Jr., Hector Garza, & Nicho el Millionario
– Looks like a really solid card, especially the first 3 matches.

AAA 03/18 “Rey de Reyes ’12” PPV Lineup
1) Hair vs. Mask Steel Cage Match: El Elegido vs. Alan Stone vs. Aerostar vs. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Pasion Kristal vs. Yuriko vs. Mascarita Dorada vs. Octagoncito II vs. Mini Histeria vs. Sexy Star vs. Fabi Apache vs. La Hechicera
2) Lumberjack Match: Billy el Malo, Cibernetico, & Escoria vs. La Parka Jr., Dark Dragon, & Tito Santana II
3) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown vs. Octagon, Silver Kain, & Ultimo Gladiador
4) Fatal 4-Way: Chessman & TBA vs. Juventud Guerrera & Joe Lider vs. Nicho el Millonario & Halloween vs. Extreme Tiger & Daga
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, & Heavy Metal vs. Texano Jr., Toscano, & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.
6) Rey de Reyes Tournament Finals: Perro Aguayo Jr. vs. Hector Garza vs. Jack Evans vs. L.A. Park
7) AAA World Heavyweight Title: Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. El Mesias
– Say what you will about AAA but unlike CMLL they try to make their big shows FEEL like a big show which is something CMLL fails to do at times.
– In my dreams the 4th match would just simply be a WRESTLING match with some great high flyers (Juvi, Nicho, Tiger, Daga) in there with a few brawlers, but Abyss will likely be Chessman’s partner and this will be made a Tag Title Match with a ton of hardcore crap.


Los Traumas Headed to America

This week INDY Lucha favorites Los Traumas (Trauma I & Trauma II) announced that they are heading to the United States to wrestle for CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) soon (no date was announced). I believe this will be their debuts in America and with the hardcore style they’ve used at times they should be able to fit right in.

Lucha Libre USA Returning to TV (kind of)
This week Lucha Libre USA announced that they would be returning to TV immediately, but via syndication this time. “Masked Warriors” will be shown in San Jose, CA on Thursdays & Friday’s at 12:30 AM (pacific time) on Estrella TV (KTNC 42); in Reno, Nevada Fridays at 2 AM, Saturdays at 7 AM on Univision (KREN) and Saturdays from 7-10 AM on Telfutura (KNVV); Stockton, CA on Saturday’s at 9 AM on KSTV Azteca 32 and Comcast 26; and Fresno, CA on Wednesdays at 2 AM on Univision 21 (KFTV). Those of us NOT in California are pretty much just out of luck. LL-USA also announced that they would be running a slew of shows in April and May in California, Texas, & Arizona. The full schedule for those two months is below:
– April 13th: Long Beach, CA (Walter Pyramid Arena)
– April 14th: Fresno, CA (Selland Arena)
– April 20th: Houston, TX (Verizon Wireless Theater)
– April 22nd: Mesquite, TX (Resistol Arena)
– April 29th: Phoenix, AZ (Celebrity Theater)
– May 11th: San Antonio, TX (Alamo Dome)
– Round Rock, TX (Dell Diamond)

Super Crazy In Japan
This week Super Crazy continued his tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH in the Orient as he picked up wins over Lance Bravado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, & Kataro Suzuki.
– XNL Title: Super Crazy (c) def. Ricky Marvin to retain the title! (02/25)
– Super Crazy def. Atsushi Aoki (02/26)
– Super Crazy def. Lance Bravado (02/28)
– Takeshi Morishima def. Super Crazy (03/02)
– Super Crazy def. Lance Bravado
– Super Crazy def. Yoshinobu Kanemaru (03/04)
– Super Crazy def. Kataro Suzuki (03/07)
– GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles: Kataro Suzuki & Atsushi Aoki (c) vs. Super Crazy & Ricky Marvin (03/18)

CHIKARA-ROH Continue Feud
After the angle CHIKARA and Ring of Honor did at a ROH event earlier this year they continued the angle at ROH’s 10th Anniversary this past weekend. Grand Champion Eddie Kingston did an in-ring interview with ROH’s Kevin Kelly where they were promoting the special CHIKARA-ROH double header that the two companies are doing in April, but Kevin Steen interrupted it. Steen asked Kingston when he became a “b*tch” and then said that he knows that Kingston actually hates CHIKARA and hates that ROH got rid of him so he asks him to join Steen to destroy both CHIKARA and ROH. Kingston says he doesn’t want to destroy ROH and he loves CHIKARA. Steen responded by calling CHIKARA a “Mickie Mouse promotion” which caused Kingston to threaten to “slap his f*cking mouth off his f*cking face” followed by a brawl between the two. CHIKARA’s The Colony then ran out and jumped Steen as well! Security pulled Steen out of the ring but Fire Ant dove over the top onto Steen and the brawl continued into the back! The ROH-CHIKARA shows should be interesting.

El Hijo del Medico Asesino Starts in WWE
A new masked wrestler called Benicio Salazar showed up in WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling this week and that person is none other than longtime INDY luchador El Hijo del Medico Asesino. Medico signed his contract back last year (click here) but is just now starting. He’s still wearing his same Hijo del Medico Asesino mask and even has a doctors stethoscope but he’s going under the Benicio Salazar name. The 6’3″ 225 lb. luchador is alot bigger than most in lucha libre (much like Alberto del Rio/Dos Caras Jr. was) and though his name is El Hijo del Medico Asesino it’s still unclear whether he is truly the son of the original Medico Asesino or not.

PdM 03/04 Auditorio Miguel Barragan Results
1) Destello, Maligno, & Mini Maniaco def. Aeroboy, Bogar Jr., & Oro Azul
2) Rayo de Plata III, Rayo de Plata IV, & Rayo de Plata V fought Crazy Star, Mensajero, & Tigre de Ring to a DRAW
3) Black Terry, Negro Navarro, & Platino def. Solar I, Hijo del Solar, & Super Astro
4) PdM Extremo Title: X-Fly (c) def. Joe Lider, Bestia 666, & Zumbi to retain the title!
5) Perro Aguayo Jr., Hector Garza, & Damian 666 def. Dr. Wagner Jr., Texano Jr., & Tarzan Boy

IWRG 03/04 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Astro de Plata, Astro Rey Jr., Charly Madrid, Imposible, Matrix Jr., Pacto Negro, Saruman, & Triton def. Aldi Boy, Arkano, Black Center, Chakalo, Guerrero Mixteco, Lucian, & Star Boy
2) Angelico, Dinamic Black, & Tony Rivera def. Alan Extreme, Bombero Infernal, & Oficial AK47
3) Hardcore Match: Dr. Cerebro, Freyser, & Suicida def. Aeroboy, Hormiga, & Violento Jack via DQ
4) IWRG IC Tag Team Titles: Pirata Morgan & Hijo de Pirata Morgan (c) def. Trauma I & Trauma II
5) Cien Caras Jr. & Eterno def. Drago & El Mesias
– Apparently IWRG is a little confused at what a Hardcore Match is with that DQ in one.

IWRG 03/08 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Matrix Jr. & Sky Angel def. Arkanos & Guerrero Mixteco
2) Relevos Increibles: Alan Extreme & Sexy Lady def. Golden Magic & Ludark Shaitan
3) Oficial Factor, Oficial Rayan, & Oficial Spartan def. Aleman, Carta Brava Jr., & Imposible
4) El Hijo del Diablo, Eterno, & Scorpio Jr. def. Angelico, Dinamic Black, & Freyser
5) Negro Navarro, Trauma I, & Trauma II def. Texano Jr., Toscano, & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. via DQ

IWRG 03/11 Arena Naucalpan Lineup
1) Astro de Plata & Astro Rey Jr. vs. Matrix Jr. & Pacto Negro
2) Charly Madrid, Chicano, & Golden Magic vs. Gemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II, & The Mummy
3) Oficial Factor, Oficial Rayan, & Oficial Spartan vs. Apolo Estrada Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, & Mil Amores
4) Angelico, Suicida, & Ultraman Jr. vs. Eterno, Oficial 911, & Oficial AK47
5) Negro Navarro, Trauma I, & Trauma II vs. Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr., & Hijo de Pirata Morgan

CHIKARA 03/24 “Green Ice” Vaughan, Ontario, Canada Lineup
1) Sara del Rey vs. Kobald
2) Dasher Hatfield vs. Archibald Peck
3) El Generico vs. Tim Donst
4) Fire Ant vs. Brodie Lee
5) Eddie Kingston vs. Ophidian
6) CHIKARA Tag Team Titles 2/3 Falls Match: Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor (c) vs. Shane Mathews & Scott Parker

CHIKARA 03/25 “Its How You Play The Game” Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Lineup
1) Sara del Rey vs. Leah Von Dutch
2) Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Mr. Touchdown & Dasher Hatfield
3) El Generico, Scott Parker, & Shane Mathews vs. Kobald, Obariyon, & Kodama
4) Archibald Peck vs. Chuck Taylor
5) Gran Akuma vs. Gregory Iron
6) CHIKARA Grand Champion: Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Brodie Lee

DG-USA/CZW 03/29 Hollywood, FL Lineup
1) PAC vs. AR Fox
2) 3-Way Elimination Trios Match: Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, & Rich Swann vs. Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk, & Uhaa Nation vs. Sami Callihan, Arik Cannon, & Pinkie Sanchez
3) Death Match: DJ Hyde vs. Drake Younger
4) Death Match: Danny Havoc vs. Lucky

DG-USA 03/30 “Open The Ultimate Gate ’12” iPPV Miami, FL Lineup
1) Stable Shootout Match #1: AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation
2) Stable Shootout Match #2: Sami Callihan vs. BxB Hulk
3) Stable Shootout Match #3 Street Fight: Sabu & Jon Davis vs. Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez
4) Open The United Gate Titles: CIMA & Ricochet (c) vs. Rich Swann & Chuck Taylor
5) Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Akira Tozawa
6) PAC vs. Low-Ki

DG-USA 03/31 “Mercury Rising ’12” Miami, FL Lineup
1) No Rules: Sabu vs. Sami Callihan
2) Open The Freedom Gate Title: Johnny Gargano (c) vs. Masato Yoshino
3) CIMA, Ricochet, & Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Low-Ki, Akira Tozawa, & BxB Hulk


– World Heavyweight Champion: El Terrible (since January 01, 2012)
– World Light Heavyweight Champion: Rush (since February 22, 2011)
– World Middleweight Champion: Dragon Rojo Jr. (since November 18, 2011)
– World Mini-Estrella Champion: Pequeno Olimpico (since February 13, 2011)
– World Super Lightweight Champion: Virus (since June 07, 2011)
– World Tag Team Champions: Ultimo Guerrero & Dragon Rojo Jr. (since November 02, 2010)
– World Trios Champions: Marco Corleone, Maximo, & Rush (since February 19, 2011)
– World Welterweight Champion: Mascara Dorada (since June 18, 2011)
– World Women’s Champion: Ayumi (since November 26, 2011)
– Arena Coliseo Tag Team Champions: Fuego & Stuka Jr. (since June 29, 2008)
– CMLL/REINA International Junior Champion: Silueta (since October 28, 2011)
– Mexican National Trios Champions: Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. (since December 16, 2011)
– Mexican National Welterweight Champion: Polvora (since July 15, 2011)
– Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion: La Mascara (since October 05, 2010)
– Mexican National Lightweight Champion: Pierrothito (since September 23, 2008)
– Mexican National Womens Champion: Princesa Blanca (since January 30, 2009)
– NWA Historic Light Heavyweight Champion: Rey Bucanero (since June 21, 2011)
– NWA Historic Middleweight Champion: Volador Jr. (since February 14, 2012)
– NWA Historic Welterweight Champion: Negro Casas (since February 13, 2012)
– Occidente Light Heavyweight Champion: Shigeo Okumura (since July 12, 2011)
– Occidente Middleweight Champion: Palacio Negro (since August 14, 2011)

– World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett (since June 18, 2011)
– Latin American Champion: L.A. Park (since December 16, 2011)
– World Tag Team Champion: Abyss & Chessman (since October 09, 2011)
– World Cruiserweight Champion: Jack Evans (since June 06, 2010)
– Reina de Reinas Champion: Sexy Star (since December 16, 2011)
– World Trios Champions: Damian 666, Halloween, & X-Fly (since June 18, 2011)
– World Mixed Tag Team Champions: Alan Stone & Jennifer BLake (since March 13, 2011)
– World Mini-Estrellas Champion: Mini Psicosis (since April 27, 2011)
– Northern Tag Team Champions: Tigre Cota & Tito Santana II (since March 07, 2010)

– Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion: Headhunter I (since December 25, 2011)
– Intercontinental Lightweight Champion: Carta Brava Jr. (since December 22, 2011)
– Intercontinental Tag Team Champions: Pirata Morgan & Hijo de Pirata Morgan (since November 14, 2010)
– Intercontinental Trios Champions: Cien Caras Jr., El Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000, & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. (since December 01, 2011)
– Intercontinental Welterweight Champion: Eterno (since December 22, 2011)
– Junior de Juniors Champion: Trauma I (March 27, 2011)
– Distrito Federal Trios Champions: Hijo del Diablo, Gringo Loco, & Avisman (since April 29, 2010)
– UWF United States Heavyweight Champion: Pirata Morgan (since February 20, 2011)

– Open The Freedom Gate Champion: Johnny Gargano (since November 13, 2011)
– Open The United Gate Champions: CIMA & Ricochet (since September 11, 2011)

– Grand Champion: Eddie Kingston (since November 13, 2011)
– Campeonatos de Parejas (Tag Team Champions): Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano (since September 17, 2011)
– Young Lions Cup Champion: Tadasuke (since August 27, 2011)

– AULL Heavyweight Champion:
– AULL Light Heavyweight Champion:
– AULL Lightweight Champion:
– AULL Tag Team Champion:
– AULL Trios Champions:
– AULL Welterweight Champion:
– DTU Extreme Champion: Super Mega (since December 25, 2011)
– DTU High Performance Champion: Ciclope (since December 11, 2011)
– IWL International Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Suicida (since October 22, 2011)
– IWL International Tag Team Champions: Super Crazy & Scorpio Jr. (since October 22, 2011)
– IWL Trios Champions: Angel o Demonio, Leon Rojo, & Ovett (since November 14, 2010)
– Juniors Trios Champions: Chuchillo Jr., El Hijo de Rambo, & Principe Odin Jr. (since July 23, 2011)
– LyC World Champion: El Hijo del Jinja (since September 18, 2011)
– LyC Heavyweight Champion: Genocida (since November 27, 2011)
– LyC Trios Champions: Dralion, Gato Fantasma, & Silencio (since November 27, 2011)
– LL-USA Heavyweight Champion: RJ Brewer (since June 18, 2011)
– LL-USA Tag Team Champions: Jon Rekon & Petey Williams (since June 18, 2011)
– NWA Mexico Welterweight Champion: Cassandro (since June 25, 2011)
– NWA Mexico Lightweight Champion: Turbo (since December 12, 2008)
– NWA Mexico Welterweight Champion: Skayde Sr. (since November 01, 2008)
– OLX Hardcore Extreme Champion: Angel o Demonio (since June 04, 2011)
– International Junior Heavyweight Champion: Ultimo Dragon (since July 19, 2010)
– PdM Extreme Champion: X-Fly (since December 07, 2010)
– PdM Light Heavyweight Champion: Super Nova (since November 13, 2011)
– PdM Minis Champion: Celestial (since November 13, 2011)
– LLF Junior Champion: Lady Puma (since December 02, 2011)
– LLF Juvenil Champion: Angelica (since May 23, 2008)
– Mexican National Heavyweight Champion: Hector Garza (since February 14, 2012)
– XNL International Titanes del Ring Champion: Dr. Veneno (since February 24, 2012)
– XNL National Womens Champion: Azumi (since December 18, 2011)
– XNL World Champion: Super Crazy (since December 05, 2010)