The Grade Book #3
March 13, 2012
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo and Jason Namako of


Welcome to “The Grade Book”, a new weekly look into the matches (and some segments) in professional wrestling. I am “Mr. V” Anthony J. Valvo and I will be alongside WWE Superstars/ROH on Sinclair/FCW Recapper and Co-Host of “The Wrestleview Independent Roundtable” Jason Namako to provide our “grades” for each match that was aired on television for the past week. World Wrestling Entertainment, TNA Impact Wrestling, and Ring of Honor will be highlighted weekly in this feature. We may also include matches from Florida Championship Wrestling, TNA Xplosion, and the ever-popular Ring Ka King in India.

Jason and I watched every match from the WWE, TNA, and ROH from March 3 – March 9, 2012. We will provide a couple of sentences as thoughts and give the readers a Grade Point Average or GPA. If you are not familiar with a GPA, it is based on a point system from 0.0 to 4.0. We then will give it a letter grade based on the quality of the match.

The contents are as follows:

Mr. V and Jason Namako provided a grade for ROH on Sinclair, WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE NXT, WWE Superstars TNA Impact Wrestling, and WWE Friday Night Smackdown. Those shows are part of the weekly rankings.

Jason Namako provided a grade for Florida Championship Wrestling, TNA Xplosion, and Ring Ka King.

Mr. V and Mr. Namako’s GPA Scale

4.0 – 3.6 – A
3.5 – 2.6 – B
2.5 – 1.6 – C
1.5 – 0.7 – D
0.6 – 0.0 – F or INC

After our Grade Book is opened, we will then offer what we thought was the Show of the Week. We will award two points for the show of the week and one point to the runner-up, similar to what the “Mr. V” columns were in months past.

Now remember readers, this is completely subjective. There is a difference between the words “objective” and “subjective”. If you don’t know what that means, look it up on

So, let’s begin.

Ring of Honor on Sinclair (aired March 3rd)

Best Segment: The Segment of ROH went to the “Inside Ring of Honor” clip where the company hyped up the “Young Wolves Rising” iPPV for March 4th. The segment had clips from The Briscoes, The Young Bucks, and the All Night Express. Also on this segment that announced that Mike Bennett will face Former ECW wrestler Lance Storm at Fort Lauderdale.

Match #1: “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/Brutal Bob & Maria defeated “Technical Lightning” TJ Perkins by pinfall with a TKO.

Mr. V – I gave Perkins high marks for his quickness and fluency. He really can beat opponents with his speed, but just not in this match. With the addition to Maria, Bennett is stronger than he ever was. Perkins had the better show, but ROH booked well and gave Bennett another win in hopes of a potential TV Title for “The Prodigy”. Grade: 2.3

Jason N. – Bennett & Perkins had a solid opening match. Perkins’ speed is a sight to behold, but Bennett also did a good job at getting heat, which has become the norm for him. Really liked the Maria involvement in the finish as she is very underrated in her role as a heel. Grade: 2.0

Overall Grade: 2.15

Match #2: “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy Ltd. defeated Guy Alexander via ref stoppage after 7 running knees in the corner.

Mr. V – This was a Ciampa squash from start to finish. Ciampa destroyed Alexander’s back and the finish was just brutal. Ciampa’s job was to look strong, and he that mission was accomplished. Grade 0.9

Jason N. – Squash match that was another great way to get Ciampa over as this ruthless killing machine. The spot of knee after knee was done beautifully, and it got him over as a threat to Lethal’s TV title for the match they had this past Sunday. Grade: 1.6

Overall Grade: 1.25

Match #3: #1 Contenders Match for the Ring of Honor World Title: Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini defeated “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards with a Sick Kick using a weapon on his boot. *

*- It was announced later that Cornette awarded the victory to both Strong and Edwards.

Mr. V – The ending to the match was crazy, in a confusing way. I credit Edwards for his surprising power and his quickness. I also thought Strong was great at working Edwards’ back. Strong also demonstrated some great quickness. However, there was no selling in the 2nd half of the match and these types of matches do frustrate me in a way. It was a very athletic match, but the booking was lazy. Grade: 2.5

Jason N. – The main event was very well done, and it was a nice little way to book the triple threat main event for the 1st IPPV during Mania weekend. Edwards & Strong have had eh to pretty good matches over the last year, and this would be on the latter end of their matches. Vicious strikes, both sold pretty well for each other, and you got the feeling that both wanted to win to get the title shot, which makes the title more important in the process. Grade: 2.3

Overall Grade: 2.4

Ring Ka King (aired March 3rd)

Note: Mr. V was not able to watch Ring Ka King for March 3, 2012.

Segment of the Night: The best segment is the contract signing between Jeff Jarrett and Ring Ka King Commissioner Jazzy.

Match #1: Pagal Parinda defeated Zema Ion by pinfall with a top rope moonsault.

Jason N. – OK opening match. Ion looked pretty good here with heeling up the India crowd who were behind Parinda. Parinda, however, did not look good here at all. He worked in slow motion and some things were definitely botched. Obviously he is green, but not a good effort to kick off the show. Grade: 1.5

Match #2: Mickie James w/The Bollywood Boys defeated Raisha w/The Sheiks by pinfall with the Mickie DDT.

Jason N. – Very good match from these two. These two obviously have good chemistry with one another and Raisha, Alissa, Melissa, whatever you want to call her, would be a very nice pickup for the Knockouts division going forward. Mickie’s work in India is definitely a lot better, especially when all her matches have been against Raisha. But overall, hats off to both girls for a very good match. Grade: 2.3

Match #3: “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner & Monster Abyss defeated Barrod & Romeo Rapata by pinfall when Abyss pinned Rapata with the Blackhole Slam.

Jason N. – Complete and utter squash match, but it gets bumped up a couple notches just for the post-match stuff with Steiner & Abyss going into the crowd and then attacking the referee. It was so damn entertaining that I had to move the overall grade up a bit. Grade: 1.6

Ring Ka King (aired March 4th)

Segment of the Night: The hotel room attack by Raisha on Mickie James.

Match #1: The Bollywood Boys defeated Broadway(Nunzio) & Hollywood(Joey Ryan) by pinfall when they pinned Broadway with the double superkick.

Note: Mr. V was not able to watch Ring Ka King for March 4, 2012.

Jason N. – Another good match from these 2 teams. Hollywood & Nunzio have always been good workers and they are doing a good job at getting this team over. Of all the India talent on the show, this team is by far the most polished. I can easily see a future for this team in the TNA Tag division. Very nice opener. Grade: 2.0

Match #2. Roscoe Jackson(Trevor Murdoch) defeated Romeo Rapata by pinfall with a top rope crossbody.

Completely underwhelming. Jackson looked fine, but Rapata, like a lot of the India talent, is green and needs to be carried. However, Murdoch was underwhelming in doing that so hence the lowered grade. Grade: 1.6

Match #3: Ring Ka King Title: Sir Brutus Magnus defeated “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan(c) by pinfall to win the title after interference by Deadly Danda led to the Magnus Driver.
Good main event, albeit a little too short. Magnus was very good on his control section and Morgan was shockingly good on the FIP work. Nice little swerve with Danda turning to lead to the finish and the whole TNA vs. India storyline is progressing very nicely. Grade: 2.2

Florida Championship Wrestling (aired March 5th)

Note: Mr. V was not able to watch Florida Championship Wrestling for March 5, 2012.

Segment of the Night: The Dean Ambrose promo hyping up a potential re-match with William Regal.

Match #1: Florida Tag Team Titles: Bo Rotundo & Husky Harris(c) defeated Mr. Antonio Cesaro & Alexander Rusev by pinfall to retain the titles when Harris pinned Rusev after a Rotundo spear.

Jason N. – The opening tag match was solid, but Rusev did not do anything for me and came across like a big lug. Everyone else put on a good effort but him, and it kind of hindered the match to me. Grade: 1.7

Match #2: Seth Rollins defeated Brad Maddox w/Summer Rae by pinfall with a running curb stomp.

Jason N. – Rollins & Maddox was the best match on the show. Liked the involvement of Summer Rae and also Paige towards the end. Rae is already pretty comfortable in her role as a heel manager, and Naylor is pretty funny as her pipsqueak lackey. Maddox & Rollins worked well together, and put on a very nice effort. Grade: 2.1

Match #3: Kenneth Cameron defeated Jiro by pinfall with a fisherman’s buster.

Jason N. – Cameron & Jiro was just a showcase for Cameron, as well as start up the new angle with Saxton, which was very odd. Cameron looked good in his performance, but this Saxton thing is kind of baffling to me. Grade: 1.4

Match #4: FCW Divas Title: Raquel Diaz(c) defeated Sofia Cortez & Audrey Marie by pinfall to retain the title by pinning Cortez after kicking out of a Marie rollup.

Jason N. – The Divas match was the reason why they haven’t had a match on TV the last couple of weeks. It was just not good. All 3 are very green, and should not be wrestling on TV until they become at least mildly competent in the ring. Just not a good match. Grade: 0.8

Match #5: Florida Heavyweight Title: Mike Dalton defeated Leo Kruger(c) by pinfall with a rollup to win the title after interference by the Road Dogg.

Jason N. – The main event was a good way to give Kruger an out for losing the title because of the Road Dogg’s involvement. Dalton is starting to get over as an underdog, and the match was solid. Not a big fan of the title change, but the story they tried to get over was effective though.Grade: 1.9

WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow (aired March 5th)

Best Segment: The segment of Monday Night Raw that night was the end of the show. John Cena explains why The Rock hates him and how he shook The Rock up the previous week. It ended with some added support for Cena in this Wrestlemania feud.

Match #1: Santino Marella def. Jack Swagger with a Roll up to win the WWE United States Championship

Mr. V – There was not much wrestling, however it was a good and chaotic story. Creative did not give anything to Swagger as the U.S. Champion, so in a booking sense it was smart to give Marella a title. Like it or not, he is over with the crowd. Grade: 1.2

Jason N. – OK match, but a great finish brings up this match’s overall grade a lot. Santino, after the last month, deserves the title IMO as Swagger was just treading water with it. The Long/Ace stuff continues to be very entertaining and the title change was done in a very nice way. Grade: 1.6

Overall Grade: 1.4

Match #2: Eve Torres def. Alicia Fox with a leg sweep and a pin.

Mr. V – For the small bit that Fox was in this match, she was dreadful. However, Eve winning is a good move. This helps her character. Grade: 0.2

Jason N. – Complete waste of a match. Grade: INC

Overall Grade: 0.1

Match #3: Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho def. CM Punk and Sheamus when Jericho rolled up Punk.

Mr. V – This match had great booking and some good brawling by Sheamus. Jericho was very good at working the back of Punk and Punk was great at selling the injury he suffered from the previous week. This is the story of Jericho and Punk, and with Punk really at an advantage they needed the fans to believe Jericho was a threat. Grade: 2.7

Jason N. – Good match, however from a booking standpoint it greatly hindered these 2 title matches for WrestleMania because pretty much we see these 2 matches, albeit in a tag match, 3 weeks before the ACTUAL matches. The work in the match was solid from all parties, but the grade is hampered due to the illogical booking of this match to begin with. Grade: 2.0

Overall Grade: 2.35

Match #4: The Big Show def. The Miz with the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Mr. V – The story here was not Show vs. Miz, but Show vs. Cody Rhodes when Rhodes keeps teasing the dangerous lion. Nothing much in wrestling, but this keeps the Show character focused at Mania. Grade: 1.0

Jason N. – Well, the Miz burial continues. Liked the Rhodes stuff in between this match and I did like Show’s anger afterwards, leading to the quick ending. However, Miz was main eventing WrestleMania last year, and now he loses in a minute? Gee, wonder why? PORQUOI? Grade: 1.2

Overall Grade: 1.1

Match #5: Kane def. R-Truth with a Choke Slam

Mr. V – This was a nice, quick match to keep the Kane character strong to his possible match with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania. They did this without burying Truth, as he got a few punches in before his defeat. Grade: 1.1

Jason N. – At least with this match, Truth got some offense in. At least I will say, Kane did need some sort of win and if WWE doesn’t wanna use ACTUAL jobbers and instead use mid-card acts, then I can see why this was done. But again, another squash match here. Grade: 1.4

Overall Grade: 1.25

TNA Xplosion (aired March 7th)

Note: Mr. V was not able to watch TNA Xplosion for March 7, 2012.

Segment of the Night: The Spin Cycle.

Match #1: For the TNA Television Title: The Blueprint” Matt Morgan defeated Robbie E. w/Robbie T.(c) by disqualification when Robbie T. interfered. However, Robbie E. remains the TNA Television Champion.

OK match but nothing special. Morgan used his power at the start, which was solid. Robbie took over, which was fine. Then, we get the DQ, which is alright too. But, it felt completely throwaway to me, which is unfortunate. Grade: 1.5

WWE NXT (aired March 7th)

Best Segment: The best segment on NXT was when Johnny Curtis tried to flirt with Maxine and Bateman calls this a “re-run”. It set up a mixed tag for the next NXT in which Curtis and Maxine will battle Bateman and Kaitlyn.

Match #1: Tamina Snuka def. Maxine with The Superfly Splash

Mr. V – For the WWE Divas, this was a good match. It increased their awareness. Maxine is a great brawler and by far the best in that division. Tamina had some raw power, but will need to expand her moveset soon. Grade: 1.7

Jason N. – For as short as the match was, it was pretty solid. However, Maxine’s offense on Tamina was kind of unbelievable, given the size differential. Tamina is someone they are obviously protecting, because she does only the Samoan Drop and Superfly Splash in her matches now. Match was solid though. Grade: 1.8

Overall Grade: 1.75

Match #2: Johnny Curtis def. Yoshi Tatsu with a Sit-Out Suplex Slam

Mr. V – To me, this was a great match for Curtis and probably his best in months. Curtis worked the arm and showed a lot of power against Tatsu. Tatsu was solid in peril and was as quick as usual. Grade: 2.3

Jason N. – Another solid match. Curtis is improving week after week, both in-ring as well as from a character standpoint. His facial expressions with the whole creep character are also coming along nicely and Tatsu was good here as well, both on the sell and on the comeback. Good effort by both. Grade: 1.9

Overall Grade: 2.1

Match #3: Darren Young def. Jey Uso with a roll up.

Mr. V – I thought Young was terrific and carried the match. He is starting to become a powerhouse and it may help him branch out as a WWE Superstar. Uso had quickness, but he just looked really out of his element in his match. Grade: 1.8

Jason N. – Not a lot to say here, other than it was kinda underwhelming to me because I know these two can have a better match. Young gets a fluke win, and the Usos continue to lose. So, who really won? I don’t know either. Grade: 1.4

Overall Grade: 1.6

Match #4: Percy Watson def. Titus O’Neil with the Percicution

Mr. V – This was another match that I really enjoyed. Watson was finally booked to get a victory over his rival and he did a great job with his quickness. Watson has raw ability to be a star in my opinion. O’Neil slowed the match down well. A formula like this makes NXT a very interesting show. Grade: 2.3

Jason N. – Decent match. O’Neil still comes across as being forced in this new heel role, but Watson is very good on the FIP and on comebacks, so it helped the match to me. Interesting to see Watson get the clean win here, but from a booking standpoint, he did need to go over in this so it makes sense. Grade: 1.8

Overall Grade: 2.05

WWE Superstars (aired March 8th)

Best Segment: The Raw Rebound. It was The Rock vs. Cena in another war of words.

Match #1: Justin Gabriel def. Heath Slater with the 450 Splash

Mr. V – For an opening match to the show, it was excellent for the time allotted. Slater used power and brawling to knock down Gabriel. Gabriel used his quickness and hit his aerial spots well. The flow was excellent. Overall, it was highly enjoyable. Grade: 3.0

Jason N. – Another good match from these two. Slater is one of the best bumpers in the company with his stooginess, but has put together a nice little moveset in his control section, which I highly enjoyed. Gabriel did good on the FIP work, and was solid on the comeback. Very well done. .Grade: 2.2

Overall Grade: 2.6

Match #2: Jinder Mahal def. Ted DiBiase, Jr. with the Camel Clutch

Mr. V – This was not bad either. Mahal attacked the chest and used those muscles to win his match via submission. As for DiBiase, here is hoping for a speedy recovery. Maybe the injury came at a good time because he is really lost in the shuffle. Grade: 1.7

Jason N. – It was what you would expect from these two. so there is not much to comment on that. Didn’t see where the ankle injury to DiBiase occurred, but man he cannot catch a break. Feel really bad for the guy and hope he makes a quick, but safe recovery.Grade: 1.5

Overall Grade: 1.6

Match #3: Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler with Trouble in Paradise

Mr. V – It is amazing that a match that was PPV quality appeared on this show! Ziggler showed that he can be a technical wrestler by attacking the upper body of Kingston and Kingston was great at selling and bumping. I noticed that Kingston deflated some of the air in his moves and that is a great thing to have. Both had great chemistry from start to finish. Only bad thing was that it was on YouTube. Grade: 3.2

Jason N. – Another good match in a long line of very good matches from these two. Really love the show off stuff from Ziggler, who has really come into his own over the last year and has found himself with the great bumping, the flashy but toned down moveset, and the character work as the Show Off. Kingston’s selling was solid and his comebacks were not as bad than the norm from him. Didn’t understand Ziggler losing again, but they also need to bring up Kingston a notch with such a thin roster so it was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t booking decision. However, the match was very good and the beast thing on the show. Grade: 2.5

Overall Grade: 2.85

TNA Impact Wrestling (aired March 8th)

Best Segment: We both agreed that the best segment of the night went to Bully Ray calling out Sting for a match with Bobby Roode. The delivery by both was terrific and showed that Bully Ray is underrated on the mic. Sting’s craziness added this the entertainment on this program.

Match #1: ODB and Eric Young def. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne when Young fell on Kim due to Rayne hitting Young with the title. That win made ODB and Eric Young the NEW TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions

Mr. V – The MVP of this match was easily ODB. She is so powerful that I am puzzled why she was let go by the WWE back in the OVW developmental days. This story transitions Kim and Rayne as potential enemies in their upcoming Knockouts Title match and it the ODB/Young team may have some legs. Grade: 1.7

Jason N. – Decent little match that did a good job at progressing the storylines with Young-ODB and Kim-Rayne. The comedy was done nicely, and ODB continues to improve and show why she should still be taken seriously in the Knockouts division. Good effort by all. Grade: 1.7

Overall: 1.7

Match #2: Zema Ion def. Austin Aries via DQ for Aries’ TNA X Division Championship when Aries used Ion’s hair spray against him. Aries is STILL the X Division Champion.

Mr. V – As with every X Division match, both demonstrated some great quickness. The match told a good story as we have two arrogant wrestlers determined to be the best in their division. Though the story was good, the flow to this match was sloppy, especially near the end. Grade: 1.8

Jason N. – OK match and I did like the cheap finish as a way to continue Aries as the heel champ who will do anything to hold on to the title. However, Ion was very spotty in this match and it kind of hindered the match to me overall. Grade: 1.6
Overall Grade: 1.7

Match #3: Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode went to a No Contest when James Storm ran in and took both wrestlers out.

Mr. V – I was shocked to hear the positive reactions for Bully Ray, but it was deserved as he really controlled the match with his brawling and power. Roode’s character fit well in the match as well. The end result was perfect, as despite the outcome they are still upset with one man, and that is James Storm. Grade: 2.3

Jason N. – Good match as it showed Bully in the role of a babyface against the heel champ, however he should not be switched that way anytime soon. Understood the reasoning behind Storm coming in and leading to the no decision, but I would have liked to see Roode for once get a clean win over someone. But overall, the match was pretty good and I would like to see it again. Grade: 2.0

Overall Grade: 2.15

Match #4: Matt Morgan and Crimson def. Robbie E and Robbie T when Crimson tagged himself in to pin Robbie E.

Mr. V – I can’t believe I am going to say this, but Robbie T. had some great power and timed them perfectly in the match. Matt Morgan was great on the hot tag and showed his quickness in the match. When it comes to bumping, Robbie E was amazing. Crimson’s story is getting better each week, as he is starting an arrogant side. He showed it on this night. Grade: 1.7

Jason N. – Not much of a match, really more of an angle to continue the eventual Crimson heel turn.
Grade: 1.5

Overall Grade: 1.6

Match #5: Garret Bischoff and Jeff Hardy def. Gunner and Kurt Angle when Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb on Angle.

Mr. V – I am very confused that Bischoff got the hot tag. Honestly, it should have been the other way around. Despite that, Hardy was great selling everything and doing what he does best…being the babyface. Gunner and Angle did a fine job in this match brawling and working on Hardy. Outside of the sloppiness of Bischoff, I enjoyed the match. Grade: 2.2

Jason N. – Hardy pretty much saved this match from being terrible. Just a complete disgrace that Bischoff is in the main event, much less the guy who is the hot tag, which is mind-boggling. The guy is horrible in the ring, and is downright lucky that workers like Angle and Gunner can make him not suck as much. Hardy did a great job as a FIP, but the Bischoff involvement really hinders this grade for me. Grade: 1.8

Overall Grade: 2.0

WWE Friday Night Smackdown (aired March 9th)

Best Segment: Pretty much by default, we decided that Michael Cole’s “Exclusive” with Daniel Bryan, AJ, and Sheamus was the segment of the evening. Sheamus declared that Bryan’s luck will run out while Bryan kept his heel character in by telling AJ to “shut up”. Mr. V joked that Daniel Bryan’s words to AJ would have won the “Get me a Sandwich” Award.

Match #1: Santino Marella def. Jack Swagger to retain his WWWE United States Championship when Marella escaped the cage.

Mr. V – I like this match between the two so much better than the Raw match they had. Marella is a fantastic babyface and one of the WWE’s best in 2012 (no lie). Who was not laughing when Ziggler’s hands were “paralyzed” with The Cobra for a minute? This was a solid match with a good story. Grade 2.0

Jason N. – Pretty good match. Santino is doing a good job at moving towards the half-comedic, half-serious style of working and I think its coming off nicely. Swagger was solid, and Ziggler & Vickie were good with their antics on the outside. Liked the finish as a way to give Swagger an out and overall it was a well done match. Grade: 2.2

Overall Grade: 2.1

Match #2: Mark Henry vs. Ezekiel Jackson with the World’s Strongest Slam

Mr. V – This was a fun, quick power match. Any wrestling card should have a match like that. After this result, I am very worried about Jackson’s WWE run. I hear the Big E Langston watch is on… Grade: 1.0

Jason N. – As short of a match this was, I really enjoyed these two gigantic monsters just beating the tar out of one another. Unfortunately, we may be at the end of the line for Big Zeke, which is very disappointing. Henry gets a win back on his belt and it was a fun match for the small length it was. Grade: 1.8

Overall Grade: 1.4

Match #3: Teddy Long def. John Laurinitis with a roll up

Mr. V – More story than wrestling, thank goodness. Grade: INC.

Jason N. – Ace’s outfit was hysterical, liked the Kane/Orton continuation to led to the quick rollup, but the match was 4 seconds, so nothing to it at all. Grade: INC

Overall Grade: INC

Match #4: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth def. Epico and Primo in a non-title match when R-Truth hit the Little Jimmy on Primo

Mr. V – The match went everywhere and the only thing I guess I enjoyed in this match was the tag work of Epico and Primo. I just wished for this to be a bit slower because it appeared R-Truth was out of his element (and not because of his gimmick). Grade: 1.7

Jason N. – Another solid match from these two teams. Unfortunately, we may be at the end of the Epico/Primo tag title reign, which is very disappointing because these two are such a damn good tag team. Not to say Kofi & Truth aren’t, because they have garnered a good bit of chemistry since they were paired together, but I don’t think it’s smart to give them the belts this quickly. Grade: 2.1

Overall Grade: 1.9

Match #5: The Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, and The Miz when Orton hit the RKO on The Miz.

Mr. V – This was a well-scripted 6-man tag team encounter. I felt that this match helped all six wrestlers despite the finish. I think the only gripe was that Sheamus took a lot of offense, but then again I can understand that formula. Don’t worry wrestling fan, the Miz will rebound. Miz actually had a good showing in this match. I gave praises to The Big Show for his power, Sheamus for his brawling, Bryan for his technical work and the heel tag team for their quickness. Grade: 2.7

Jason N. – Very well done main event. Miz takes another loss, but is it really surprising at this point? Everyone worked well together and it did a good job of putting more sizzle on the Rhodes-Show & Bryan-Sheamus feuds. The Orton-Kane stuff afterwards was fine and overall. the match was very good to close the show. Grade: 2.4

Overall Grade: 2.55 (round to 2.6)

The Honor Roll

Distinguished Honors – Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler, WWE Superstars, March 8th.

High Honors – Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater, WWE Superstars, March 8th.

Honors – Randy Orton, The Big Show, and Sheamus vs. The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Cody Rhodes, WWE Friday Night Smackdown, March 9th.

The Grade Book

A+; A; or A-: None.

B+: None.

B: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (Superstars).

B-: Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater (Superstars); The Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton vs. The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Cody Rhodes (Smackdown).

C+: Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong (ROH); Mickie James vs. Raisha (Ring Ka King); Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk and Sheamus (RAW).

C: Mike Bennett vs. TJ Perkins (ROH); Broadway and Hollywood vs. The Bollywood Boys (Ring Ka King); Sir Brutus Magnus vs. Matt Morgan (Ring Ka King); Seth Rollins vs. Brad Maddox (FCW); Mike Dalton vs. Leo Kruger (FCW); Johnny Curtis vs. Yoshi Tatsu (NXT); Percy Watson vs. Titus O’Neil (NXT); Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode (TNA); Garret Bischoff and Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle and Gunner (TNA); Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger (Smackdown); Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. Epico and Primo (Smackdown).

C-: Scott Steiner and Abyss vs. Barrod and Romeo Rapata (Ring Ka King); Roscoe Jackson vs. Romeo Rapata (Ring Ka King);Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris vs. Anotino Cesaro and Alexander Rusev (FCW); Tamina vs. Maxine (NXT); Darren Young vs. Jey Uso (NXT); Jinder Mahal vs. Ted DiBiase, Jr. (Superstars); ODE and Eric Young vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne (TNA); Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries (TNA); Matt Morgan and Crimson vs. Robbie E and Robbie T (TNA).

D+; D; or D-: Tommasso Ciampa vs. Guy Alexander (ROH); Pagal Parinda vs. Zema Ion (Ring Ka King); Kenneth Cameron vs. Jiro (FCW); Raquel Diaz vs. Sofia Cortez vs. Audrey Marie (FCW); Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger (RAW); The Big Show vs. The Miz (RAW); Kane vs. R-Truth (RAW); Matt Morgan vs. Robbie E. (Xplosion); Mark Henry vs. Ezekiel Jackson (Smackdown).

F or INC: Eve Torres vs. Alicia Fox (RAW); Teddy Long vs. John Laurinitis (Smackdown).

Our Weekly TV Rankings (Week 3)

Before we get to our Honor Roll and Grade Book, let’s show the classroom how we have each show ranked this week.

1) WWE Superstars – Sure, there were not segments, interviews, or anything else. The one thing it excelled in this past week was wrestling. Two matches made it to our Honor Roll, a very difficult feat!

2) WWE NXT – The show was well rounded, and that is a good thing for the new authority figure William Regal. The matches were nothing awe-inspiring, but it got the job done and kept the show interesting for the hour.

3) Ring of Honor on Sinclair – This show was solid again this week, but it did not excel in the main even like expected. The Inside ROH segment hyped upcoming iPPVs very well.

4) Impact Wrestling – Bully Ray shined on the mic and in the ring, but we are not ready to see Garret Bischoff especially in the main event.

5) WWE Friday Night Smackdown – The wrestling did have moments in which the main event was one of the best of the week. However, the promos were minimum and the show just went everywhere. On the bright side, Johnny Ace did better for SD than Long did for Raw, right?

6) WWE Monday Night Raw – The Boston crowd was amped up and gave the segments a lot of life. Too bad the roster on this brand did not completely deliver in the ring and (sans John Cena) on the microphone.

Overall Rankings after Week 3

1) Impact Wrestling (4pts.)
2) WWE Superstars (2 pts.)
3) WWE NXT (2 pts)
4) ROH on Sinclair (1pt.)
5) Friday Night Smackdown (0pts.)
6) Monday Night Raw (0pts.)


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