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March 14, 2012
Columbus, Ohio
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We are Wild and Young”

The Usos vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

Josh welcomes us to the show and tosses it to Striker and Regal in the ring. Regal explains tonight’s show has a theme on Tag Teams. He calls it a “Lost Art”. He brings out the Usos, the most dynamic tag team in years. They do their war dance topped with US-SO chant primer. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young are out next. They come out and mock Uso’s War dance. The best part is Titus and Darren asking “Are you Hungry” and “What you want to eat?”. Titus starts the match and the Uso go on a quick beatdown on him. Titus powers out to go on offense. Jimmy no sells, Titus’s power moves and then tags in Jay for more offense on Titus. Titus manages to tag in Darren, but Jay continues the offensive. Jay is using the crowd well in an Us-So Chant while Darren gets tossed out of the ring. Jay tags Jimmy after taking out Titus. Jimmy goes after Darren. Jay goes back for more on Titus. The Uso’s get another chant of their name as we go to ads.


Jimmy is in control as we come back, but Darren turns the tables and pulls him to the heel corner. Titus gets tagged, but quickly loses control of the match. The Usos tag in and out on Titus as they go to work till Titus pushes one of the Usos to the heel corner. Darren gets tagged in, but goes back and forth with Jay. Darren and Titus team up on him on the outside before Jay gets tossed in. Titus tags in and goes to work. After a bit, Darren is tagged in and continues the offense. The crowd is getting antsy for the Usos. Jimmy is working the crowd. Titus and Darren tag in and out after a hope spot. Jay goes to the ropes and it results with both of them falling ot the matt. A double tag happens and Jay Uso comes in hot on Titus. He hit the stink face, but the pin attempt is stopped by Darren young. He gets tossed out By Jay. Jay gets tossed by Titus. Jimmy takes control of the match and sets up a Superfly Slam by Jay for the pinfall.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, Josh asks what Regal has planned tonight. He’s coy once again, but says he’s got video from earlier in the day. In the video, A-Ry with a basketball meets up with Percy Watson. They crack a an ivory\eboney joke about basketball and tennis. A-Ri tells Percy he needs to cut out the fancy stuff. Flat out says Percy would rather look good losing, than win and look bad at it. They meet up with Reks and Hawkins. They smoz for a few seconds before Regal appears. He mentions last week’s janitorial duties before making a match between the two groups. Before Regal walks off he tells Reks and Hawkins, if they lose they’ll be doing his laundry.


Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins vs. Alex Riley and Percy Watson

Reks and Hawkins are out first. Josh ask if Regal if he’s abusing his power. Regal says, if you deal with the devil, the devil always wins. A-Ri and Percy are out next. Percy and Hawkins start the match. Regal makes a horrible joke about laundry. Hawkins use the rope to save himself from Percy. After the ref break, he goes an runs to tag Reks in. Percy locks up with Reks and goes on the offensive. Reks overpowers Percy into the heel corner. This allows the heels to get shenanigans in. Josh points out that A-Ri was doing more harm than good with the Ref occupied with him. The heels tag in and out as they continue the offense. Reks gets Percy in the middle of the ring as the chant start chanting for the faces. The heel pull Percy to the heel corner as again A-Ri gets the ref’s attention. This sets up Hawkins in the middle of the ring with Percy. This gets the crowd going, but Percy is brought back to the heel corner once more. Regal talks about how the crowd want Percy to make the tag to A-Ri. Percy gets a turn and it sets up the tag. A-Ri comes in hot with the crowd behind them. He goes through Reks and Hawkins. Reks has to come into save Hawkins. Percy comes in to clean out Reks. A-Ri goes to the top rope, but Hawkins pulls him off it and he climb up and quickly hits an arm drop for the pin and the win.

Winners: Reks and Hawkins

After the match Reks and Hawkins get on the mic and tell Regal how he will need to find someone else to do his laundry. We then cut to a shot of a picture of Ronald Regan. As the shot pulls out, The picture is picked up my Maxine and she tosses it. She replaces it with a picture of the Queen with a letter and a bow on it. The then gets up but is slammed into by Kaityln. Maxine asks what she’s doing and Kaitlyn says “Playing Tag with Derrick”. Kaitlyn asks about who might have canceled her flight reservations. Maxine says she might know something about that. Kaityln is about ready to throw down when Bateman shows up and says to save it for the match. Curtis shows up and says they could “get into it right now” with the most creep of intentions in his voice. Both of the girls are repulsed by it… And that’s when Curtis clarifies he was talking about the match. Maxine says she’s rested and waiting for the others. She walks off. Curtis acts creepy to Kaityln till Maxine pulls him away. Bateman asks is Kaitlyn is okay. She mentions about Maxine. Bateman responds well, she’s from Michigan. This gets a laughter from the Ohio crowd. Kaityln tags Bateman and runs off. Bateman likes it. Josh takes over putting over the mixed gender main event. He calls it “KateMan vs. CuriMax”


Tyson Kidd & Michael McGillicutty In-Ring Segment

Michael McGillicutty’s music hits and he comes out to the arena in street clothes. Josh puts over a video from last week when Tyson beats up Mike back stage. After the video Mike has a mic, and talks about Tyson as a fly wanting a rematch. He goes on to call him a loser like the crowd. Mike trashes the fact Tyson hangs out with Bret Heart. He’s had them at his house his whole life. The crowd starts chanting “You Suck”. Mike cuts them off and tells them they should show him some respect. Mike re-iterates that the rematch isn’t going to happen. Tyson comes out and plays face. Tyson respects Mike and he’s got the passion his blood and heart. Mike is sick of heart this hart that. It doesn’t matter how long he’s been in the business, cause he’ll never be a hart. The crowd starts chanting “you suck” again as Tyson thinks about what to do next. Which is to hit Mike with the microphone he’s holding. They brawl out of the ring. A fan can be heard yelling “He’s more of a heart than you are perfect” Tyson takes control of the brawl and rolls Mike back and tries to pin him. Mike rolls out. Tyson yells at Mike, Mike yells back saying he’s done, he’s coming for him, and he’s got his rematch. Regal says, we better give what the people want and makes it official for next week.

* Wrestlemania is 18 Days Away *

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KateMan (Kaityln & Derrick Bateman) vs. CuriMax (Johnny Curtis & Maxine)

Derrick and Kaityln are out first. Derrick goes out to his mom at ringside Josh says the relationship is “Just friends”. CuriMax is out next. Josh asks what she thinks that Ms. Bateman is here. The girls start the match. Kaitlyn gets the jump on Maxine. Maxine loses it and the match loses order as we go to ads.


The boys are in the ring and Bateman is control till he blows a move and Curtis takes over. Kaityln is cheering for Bateman, Maxine tells her to shut up. Curtis is still beating on Bateman. He starts walking toward Curtis, but Bateman tries to roll up him up. He kicks out and they brawl till Curtis gets a lock in the middle of the ring. Bateman Lazily gets out of it. Curtis moves towards Kaitlyn and she hits him. He bounces back and Bateman hit his finisher for the pin and the win.

Winners: KateMan (Kaityln & Derrick Bateman)

After the match, Kaityln and Derrick hugs Ms. Bateman. Back in the ring, Maxine is yelling at Curtis. Bateman says, it’s official that they’re over. She’s free to so what she wants. Go to Curtis, or to Regal. So he goes to Kaityln and goes “Tag, You’re it” and then gives her a luscious kiss. Regal is jealous for the first time of Bateman.

Grash Says…

If you ever hear anyone say that the WWE doesn’t do tag teams anymore, tonight’s episode the thing you shove in the idiot’s face and tell them to weep. ‘Nuff Said.

Very little new is new to the on-going storylines. Reks and Hawkins pull out a win to keep from being on laundry duty. Their feud with Regal marches on. Mikey gets jumped by Tyson again. The two brawl to a rematch next week. Maxine is trying to get Regal’s attention with the picture of the Queen. Curtis being creepy loses him a match. The KateMan (Kaityln & Bateman relationship) starts. And yes, I will be using KateMan in my recaps going forward, with a big thanks to WWE for coming up with the name.

Our main event was a bit disjointed. It never really got going and ended quickly. Our other two matches were great and getting a WV MOTY nomination from me. While they both didn’t stray far from the formula for a tag match… both matches are executed well and are enjoyable to watch. Plus Titus and Daren mocking the Uso’s entrance is a hoot.