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March 21, 2012
Newark, New Jersey
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

NXT News
Earlier in the week Michael McGillicutty posted a video regarding his match with Tyson Kidd this week. It’s a bit off the beaten path, so it gets a repost in this week’s Recap.

“We Are Wild and Young”

Josh welcomes us to NXT and Throws the show to Striker already in the Ring. Striker is in a suit this week and announces there are four matches including Tyson vs. Mike McGillicutty. Striker kicks off the first match.

Curt Hawkins vs. Justin Gabriel

Curt Hawkins is out first. Josh talks about how Hawkins has been a thorn in Regal’s Side. Gabriel’s music hits and he enters second. They lock up and Gabriel goes on the early offense. Gabriel takes a risk and Hawkins takes control of the match. It leads to a head lock and they fight to their feet. Hawkins knocks down Gabriel and rolls out of the ring to tell Regal that he runs the show. He rolls back in and continues to go to work on Gabriel. Josh mentions that Hawkins’s idea is like the inmates running the Asylum. Regal says that this isn’t WCW. Gabriel gets some separation and goes on the offensive. He get to the top rope and hit a 450 splash. He gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

After the match, Regal gloats at the condition Hawkins is in. Hawkins stairs him down as limps away. Backstage Bateman and Kaityln meet up with Tamina who talks about termites. Kaitman walks off and Titus and Darren enter the scene. Titus is dressed like the gold course and Darren is ready for the ring. Titus is talking in jive and Tamina is repulsed by it. Titus then tries to hook up Tamina with Darren. The Uso approach and they’re not going to deal with those fools after they mock their war dance. They’re going to take care of them in the ring.

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Darren Young vs. Jimmy Uso

Darren is out first. Titus is not with him. Josh asks what is in the water in on NXT. Love is in the air… for good and bad. The Uso are out next and they do their war dance. Jimmy locks up with Darren. Jay joins commentary. Darren has to roll out of the ring to save himself. Jimmy goes after him and tosses him back in. He goes back on offense but loses control. As we cut to commercials, Darren young goes on offense.

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Back to the Action, Darren Young is on control. Regal says that the crowd was chanting “No one knows you” to Darren Young. Regal says the chant from the crowd will eat away at him because Darren has doesn’t everything he can do get notice on NXT. We then get a Let’s go Uso chant. Darren loses control on the corner. The two are on the matt as Jay gets up form commentary to get the crowd going for Jimmy. Regal notices. Jimmy gets on offense with the Rally from Jay. Darren Josh is putting over that Jay got a rally going for Jimmy. The fight on the top rope. Jimmy pushes Darren off, but then misses a high risk move. Darren throws Jimmy into the post and then pulls him for to hit his Heatwave finisher. It’s what sets up the pin for the win.

Winner: Darren Young

As the match ends, Jay runs into the ring to check his brother. We then cut to back stage where Titus meets up with Tamina and puts over Darren to her. When we get back to commentary, Josh has to leave. His car is being towed.

“Why Wouldn’t I have Cloriform”

The show then cuts to Maxine and Curtis. They’ve hatched the plan to get Josh away form Commentary so Maxine can get next to Regal so she can get off NXT. Curtis then grab Striker as he walks by and cloriforms him. curtis says your welcome. Maxine is livid as she says she didn’t ask him to do this and not part of the plan. Maxine ask why he has cloriform. Curtis says, why doesn’t he have it. MAxine says to get rid of Striker. They dump him in a stage crate. Maxine tells Curtis not to leave Striker. Maxine walks off. Curtis see Alecia Fox walk by and he greets her. She’s repulsed and walks away quicly. Then Curtis walks off screen.

Percy Watson vs.Tyler Reks
… Or How Mr. Regal got a Massage

We cut back to commentary and Regal explains he’s lost Josh, but we still have him. Maxine’s Music hits and she enters the arena with a package. Regal remarks that nothing is ever boring as and wonders what Maxine wants as she arrives at the commentary table. The package is a love next with a Vanilla Whip Cream body cream. Maxine gets a luscious voice as she tells him she appreciates him as her new boss.

Percy is out first. Tyler is second out. Maxine is playing with Regal as he complains about how Reks called him an old man last week. Maxine plays with Regal. He responds how he wouldn’t impress her. As the two lock up, Maxine suggest giving Regal a Massage. He hesitates, and Maxine takes off his shoe and begins a massage. Reks rolls out of the ring and yells at Regal. Percy Jumps over the top rope and takes out Reks. Regal says we need more of Percy Watson as he enjoys the foot massage from Maxine.

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Back to the action, Reks is slamming Percy. We get a shot of Regal’s webbed toes. He apparently has webbed fingers too. Meanwhile in the ring, the match as gone back and forth. Regal calls his brother a professional donut sealer. Regal is happy that Maxine is offering him a foot massage and not from Hornswoggle. Maxine then offers a scalp massage. Reks is still beating on Percy Watson. He then turns the tables on him and takes control of the match. Maxine moves on to the scalp as Regal bemoans about ex-wives, and kids he can’t feed. Maxine says he doesn’t have to think about them and just relax. Percy hit his Heisman and it sets up a slam. Percy over rolls and Reks takes over on offense. Regal then apologizes for not giving a care about the match. Percy then turns it around on Reks and gets the pin for the win. Regal becomes sarcastic about losing sleep about Reks. Maxine offers a deep tissue massage. Regal then pulls Maxine in about what he would really like. He starts talking about his dressing room. The show cuts off for ads mid-sentence So we’re left questions with what exactly happened there.
Winner: William Regal

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Raw Rebound

Maxine walks up to Curtis. He’s back to where they’ve stuffed Striker. She tells him to get him out of here. Curtis hesitates. Maxine asks why she’s weird. Maxine implies he killed him. Curtis opens the crate and it’s empty. There’s a note in there. Maxine reads it,
“We know what you did, and We will have demands”. Bateman and Kaitlyn walk up. The give awkward hellos. Then Maxine accuses Kaityln of doing this. Kaitlyn has no clue and calls Maxine paranoid. She asks Bateman what that’s a sign of. He rightly says paranoia and they back pedal out of the scene. Maxine turns to Curtis. She’s asking what the heck happened. Curtis says he doesn’t know where he went. Maxine responds with pushing Curtis into the crate.

Michael McGillicutty vs. Tyson Kidd

McGillicutty is out first and we cut to a package that sets up the feud between the two. Josh has returned to commentary. Tyson is out next. Commentary has returned to normal. Tyson starts on offense. He rolls Mike out of the ring. As Mike is dazed, Tyson jumps from the apron and hurricranas Mike into the barricade.

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Back to the action, Mike is back in control. He loses it for a second, but is able to duck from the ring post. Tyson rolls out of the ring and Mike goes out after him. He slams him on the commentary table before rolling him into the ring. Mike goes for a pin attempt and then on the offensive. Regal puts over the talent on the show. Josh asks about Mike’s Aggressiveness and Regal likes it. Mike loses control for a second again and Tyson gets a high flying move to take down Mike. Mike powers out of it and goes on the offensive on Tyson again. Josh puts over the brushes on Tyson. Mike yells at Tyson that he’s no Hart as he applies a head lock on him. They fight to their feet as Regal says the two have staying power in the WWE. He then laughs about Maxine thinking she’ll get something over on him. Tyson turns the tables and goes on the offensive with a pin attempt. Josh calls out a good kick to the temples during the exchange. Tyson uses the ropes on Mike. He slides out but on his return to the ring he goes to the top ropes and gets caught by Mike. Mike now goes on the power offensive. The two exchange roll up pin attempts before Tyson goes for a sharp shooter. Tyson gets rolled out of the ring. Mike goes to get him from the ropes but gets head butted. He’s knocked back. It gives Tyson a change to roll up Mike for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kid

After the Match, Tyson holds up on each hand. Regal and Josh make it clear that this means they’re both 1-1 between them. Regal wasn’t to see them again and this is what he wants on NXT. Mike gets a mic and tells him it isn’t over. He’s going to hurt him where it hurts him the most. In his heart. He laughs and drops the mic.

Grash Says…

As it’s WrestleMania Week, both Raw and SmackDown are being taped on the same night. So don’t expect much from NXT or Superstars. They are likely going to air one or two matches at the most and run packages for the Mania card matches.

After weeks of playing to the fact that Curtis is Creepy. We get a huge pay off where he pulls out coliform to remove striker. Maxine is shocked at this. But Curtis’s “Why Wouldn’t I” response is priceless.

Now with Josh out of the way with car problems and Striker in a stage chest. Regal is all alone on Commentary. All part of the plan for Maxine to try and get in “good graces” with Regal. It’s a good plan, and it isn’t out of character either. Normally I defend when commentary goes off the rails for a match to put over a story line. It’s not that it wasn’t bad or poorly executed. The Massage on commentary just leaves you with an overfilled type feeling that Joey Chestnut feels after taking another national hot dog eating challenge championship.

When CM Punk said he didn’t wear pants while watching NXT when on commentary for the Divas, I felt like my hands were dirty. You know, that after going to the bathroom dirty feeling. This week however, I feel as if I’m a mud person wanta-be walking out in a fur coat and a pimp cane burning to the sounds of Kid Rock.