WWE NXT on WWE.com
March 28, 2012
Atlanta, Georgia
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

Hunico vs. Derrick Bateman

Hunico makes an appearance this week. He comes out speaking Spanish as he gets ridden down to the ring by Camacho. He says that NXT is his show… In English. I feel like I’m recapping Ring Ka King. Josh asks Regal about bringing Hunico over. Regal says he wants the best. Bateman is out next. He has Kaityln with him. The bell rings and they lockup. Hunico takes the first offensive. Bateman turns the tables, but loses the match after Hunico moves out of the way and tosses Bateman upside down into the ring post. He goes on the offensive and gets a good lateral press on Bateman. Regal talks about the aggressive nature of Hunico. He puts over his lucha background and then tells a story how he was attacked. Regal then tells us Hunico in turn bit an eye out of one the attackers. Josh tries to talk about Maxine on commentary last week, but in the ring Bateman and Hunico collide in the middle of the ring. From here we head to commercials.


Back from ads, Hunico is in control of the match. We get a replay of the collision before commercials. Hunico goes to the second rope, but hotdogs and Bateman catches him to retake control of the match. As Hunico gets a transition, Josh brings up Maxine from last week. Batman manages to bounce Hunico over the ropes. The fight there before he pulls Hunico over the ropes for a pin attempt. Bateman gets up right away and does a dive to Camacho. Hunico takes advantage of Bateman getting back in the ring to get the pin for the win.

Winner: Hunico

Hunico and Camacho gloat in the middle of the ring after the match. The main event will be Titus vs. Jay Uso.


Coming back from Ads we get Rock\Cena Package for WrestleMania. After this package, Josh and Regal discuss about Taker and HHH before heading into a package for their Hell in a Cell End of an Era Match.


Back from ads, Josh sets up a package for the WWE Championship Match between CM Punk and Jericho. The package includes video from CM’s Punk first Promo from ECW (on then SciFi, now SyFy). It also includes the end of the world vignettes. And of course, Jerico’s “truth” about CM Punk’s family. PIPEBOMB!

And Then Things Get Weird Backstage
We cut to Maxine back stage. Curtis walks up and meets her. Curtis says they’re a rumor that the company is trying to keep Striker’s location on the download and even hired a body double to announce superstars. Maxine is bullshit at Curtis and accuses him of not helping the situation. The two encounter Percy Watson and Alex Riley. Percy tells Maxine he had a great match with Reks. No one cared because she was giving Regal a foot massage. Maxine has a troll face and tells no one cared about his match. She asks how unhappy Percy is with her. A-Ri tells Maxine he’s not making out with her and then asks Curtis why he never has a shirt. Good Question!

Curtis and Maxine move on and meet up with Nati and Tyson Kidd. Nati says something about someone who is nice. Maxine asks who they’re talking about. Nati responds with “The Economy and your ugly hair color.” Nati and Tyson leave. Curtis reassures that Maxine’s hair color is beautiful. Maxine says she doesn’t have time for that. The encounter Justin Gabriel. He calls them weirdoes. Curtis says “Not him, Way too soft.” And the weirdoes move on.

Maxine and Curtis duck behind a stage crate before reaching Titus. Titus is playing with his phone and singing. Darren Young approaches with a pot that he says is for Tamina. Titus says you have to wine and dine her. He suggests McDonalds. Titus takes the pot and puts it down. Darren says he’s all about lying, cheating, stealing in the ring. He can’t do that to Tamina. Titus points out who has a woman. Maxine and Curtis make noise and stumble out from behind the stage crates. Maxine walks up to Titus and accuses Titus of “doing this” and never liking her. Titus responds with he never had a problem with her. He always wanted to sop her up like a biscuit. He then plants a kiss on her head. Maxine is enraged and Curtis has to pull her back. Titus makes fun of Maxine, saying if she was a real woman she’d like it. Titus and Darren walk off laughing.

Maxine pulls out her phone and says it’s for her. It’s from who has Striker. The message reads they’re one step ahead of her. After WrestleMania, she will give them what they want and they will give Striker back. Curtis says he’s done getting weird. The two then walks off. Josh puts over the main event again as we head to ads. Darren Young and Jimmy Uso will be on Commentary for the match.


Titus O’Neil vs. Jey Uso

When we come back, we get a package for the Diva’s tag match. After the package, Titus is out first to the arena with Darren Young. Josh puts over the moment when Titus put Titus first. Regal says that the only way you get ahead some time. The Uso appear on stage and do their war dance. Jey gets in the ring as Jimmy heads to commentary. Darren is already on commentary as the bell rings. Regal puts over that he’s in charge of the show. Explains that he told Hawkins and Reks not to bother to come to work this week. Long and Ace don’t want them, and they’re at his mercy. Since he’s taken abuse on twitter all week long, they don’t need to get paid. In the ring, Jey is getting the first early offensive going. Jimmy has got his headset on now. Josh asks about when they tag they win, but in singles they struggle. Darren Young says he doesn’t want to hear about the Uso. Jimmy says he needs to chill out. Regal says the wheels are spinning already for next week. Jay goes to the top ropes, but Titus rolls way out of the ring to commentary. We cut to commercials.


Back to the action, Titus is in control of the match. Josh brings up struggling in singles and with Titus and Darren. Jey bounce around and goes on an offensive. It ends with Titus getting a headlock on Jey. Regal asks about the “Nobody Knows you chant” from the previous week in his hometown. Darren puts it off as the people from his hometown aren’t the brightest people. Regal though this would spark a fire under him. Darren says he is mad about it. Darren takes credit for getting Titus to turn heel. Titus gets a Polish Hammer on Jey and take control of the match. After a pin attempt, Titus gets on top of Jey for some hammer fists to his head. They lock up and fight to their feet. The crowd starts chanting for Jay just before he backdrops Titus. Jay goes on the offensive and gets the crowd to chant for him. Jay gets a Samoan Backdrop and then goes to the top ropes. Titus gets his feet up as Jey comes down. Titus turns this into a slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

After the win, Darren joins Titus in the ring. Tamina comes out and checks out Uso. There’s an awkward stair between Tamina and Darren as the show ends.

Grash Says…

Happy WrestleMania Weekend! We got more from NXT this week than I expected. Both matches were solid, and a great story piece with Maxine backstage.

Hunico appeared not with a SmackDown title card, but an NXT one. So it appears he’s going to be here for a while. If this is the move I think is happening, then it’s the first of several moves that will take place that will facilitate NXT talent to move to SmackDown or Raw. While I’ll regret them going, that’s ultimately the goal of NXT to do.

It was confirmed that after last week, Maxine is someone’s pawn. And this Puppet Master is several steps ahead of her. The first likely guess is that it’s Regal whom is the puppet master. He’s been built to be so. But that’s an early guess. We’ll find out more as the weeks move on.

The Usos are weaker in singles as they are as a unit. It makes for an interesting dynamic in the feud with Titus and Darren Young. A second twist to the feud that got established is that Tamina and Darren are a thing. We’re heading down a Romeo and Juliet storyline here. We’re just starting, but I’m interested where this leads.

Before NXT, we got a second video from McGillicutty. While both did not appear this week, their feud is still moving forward through these video that are being produced.