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April 4, 2012
Atlanta, Georgia
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“We are Wild and Young”

Percy Watson vs. Tyler Reks

Watson is out to the ring first. Josh and Regal put him over at a step or two away from being the next breakout star from NXT. Tyler Reks has Curt Hawkins when he enters the area. Regal talks about a twitter war he had with Reks… and how he whipped him. Josh says that Reks blames Maxine and Regal for him losing. (This is the foot massage match). The Crowd chants. Watson gets a move in and then they circle around. The lock up and Reks goes on offense. Hawkins is playing corner man. Regal says that Reks and Hawkins are stuck on NXT. Ace doesn’t want them on his shows. Watson rolls Reks out, and Reks takes a few moments to regroup. He gets back in the ring and Reks takes control. Hawkins is playing to the crowd. The Cheeto Munchers cheer. Reks gets a lock on Percy. Regal says Reks started the same night on ECW as Shaemus. Shaemus is not a 3-time champion, and Reks is stuck here on NXT. Josh brings up the romance on NXT. Regal says he’s the only one not getting anything. Hawking jaw jacks Regal. Reks is slapping Percy. Regal asks if that he’s concerned with that. Regal then goes on to say that no one can out play him. Percy turns the table on the match and takes control of it. The crowd is into his moves. This leads into the Heisman. Percy doesn’t go for the cover, but hit the ring post. Reks tries to capitalize, but Watson rolls up Reks for the win.

Winner: Percy Watson

After the Match, Watson is cornered by Hawkins and Reks. Before anything can happen Regal steps in. He threatens to suspend Reks and Hawkins for six weeks if they touch Percy. They follow Regal’s direction. Percy is again announced as the winner.

Natie is talking with staff about laundry. McGillicutty walks up to her and tries to make a case that Tyson isn’t a Hart. Natie has none of it and tells him never to bring her family up again.


Natie vs. Kaityln

Josh puts over the Johnny Ace Era before get to the ring. Tyson has joined commentary. Natie is in the ring. No Introduction. Kaityln is out next. Josh puts over the Girl next store. Both Regal and Tyson say they want to live next to her. Regal talks about girls and Tyson says he has a great British accent. He brings up Natie, which Tyson sidesteps. Kaityln and Natie are doing matt work. The crowd isn’t into the match. Tyson says, while he isn’t a Hart, he’s been close to the family all his life (which is true). Josh is he’s trying to leech on the Hart name. Tyson says he is not. Regal makes a bad joke as Kaityln goes for a pin. Tyson puts over the match as competitive. Natie slaps on a Sharpshooter and Kaitlyn taps out.

Winner: Natie

After the match, Tyson enters the ring and gives Natie a hug before he raises her hands. We then cut backstage where Darren is talking to Titus. Darren bought Tamina a Coconut tree. Titus is dismayed at this in his frat hoodie. Tamina and Fox walk by, so Titus pushes Darren right to them. He says hello to them. Tamina says how she’s been busy. Darren tells her how she’s been running through his mind all day. Tamina is embarrassed and laughs with Fox as the walk off. With Darren striking out, Titus comes out and mocks Darren for his cheesiness. Darren tells Titus as he walks off that he’s supposed to be his boy. (aka have his back for non-jive speakers). We cut to a card and Josh puts over The Usos vs Titus and Darren Young being next.


Titus O’Neil & Darren Young vs. The Usos

Titus and Darren are out first. Josh reminds us that Darren has a crush on Tamina Uso. The Usos are out next in their new neon green gear. Josh asks Regal if Tamina has become a distraction for Regal. Regal isn’t prepared to answer. Josh makes the case they have. The Usos take control of the match early on till. The Uso get a chant going for them before Titus comes in. He takes over control of the match. The heels tag in and out to keep the offense. Regal says that Darren’s Love for Tamina may be taken as a sign of weakness. Regal puts over Darren and Titus as working as a tag team like a “well oiled machine”. Darren gets a lock that gets them fighting to their feet. It leads to a mid-ring collision. the double tag happens and the Usos take control. An Uso Chant before dragging Titus to the center of the ring. The match breaks down with anyone in going in the ring, it results with Titus taking control. But he takes his eyes off the legal man, and it turns around on him. The other Uso keeps Darren at bay so as Titus takes a splash for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Usos

After the match Titus yells at Darren for paying attention to Tamina. He leaves him in the ring telling him he doesn’t need him, the crowd, or anyone. As he walks to the back, he yells a fan to tell your mother to shut up.


Raw Rebound

Josh and Regal put us back to the start of Raw on 4/2/12. It sets up a package revealing the fallout from Cena losing to the Rock. Cena wants to congratulate the Rock on his victory. Instead, he gets Brock Lesnar and eats an F5.

After the package, We have Percy Watson, Derrick Bateman, and Kaitlyn. They talk about A-Ri getting squashed by Lord Tensai (Formerly known as Giant Bernard or A-Train ). Percy and Kaitlyn losing. Bateman is trying to cheer them up as Maxine walks forward. She yells at them. Bateman asks if he can have a moment with Maxine. They leave. Batemans says she’s psycho and stress eating. Maxine denies it. Curtis shows up with a phone in hand. He pulls Maxine to the basement. Bateman says it’s getting weird. Curtis remarks that his’ line. Bateman retorts that was his fiancée. Tyson walks to Bateman and wants to talk to him about his match. Batemans asks if he wants him to lose. Tyson says he would never ask him to do that. Regardless of what happens, He wants him to tear him apart. They try a handshake but Bateman is a goof. Awkward. We cut to ads, and it’s for Edge’s new move. Now that’s awkward.


We come back to Curtis and Maxine in the boiler room. Curtis says he knows this place. He took a fan down here and thing got werid. That’s when he gets jumped by Reks. Hawkins is with him and explains to Maxine they’re the kidnappers. They’re going to make them look like the kidnappers unless they do their dirty work. They take off. Curtis says they’re not going to get out done by two homeless looking guys. Maxine says it’s going to get weird. Curtis says “Very Weird”.

Derrick Bateman vs. Michael McGillicutty

Derrick is out first to the arena. Josh calls him at the center of “weird”. Mike is out next. Regal puts over how Mike is growing and learning from things from people such as his grandfather. Regal says he’s not impressed with Bateman. He has talent, but doesn’t do the thing get better. The match starts off with a stalemate. Regal talks about his interaction with Maxine’s Mom at WrestleMania. She accuses him of an affair with Maxine. Regal thinks she’s batty and sent her off. Bateman clothes lines Gilly out of the ring and follows up with a jump from the Apron. We cut to commercial.


Derrick Bateman is in control of the match. Regal puts over that Gilly will eventually figure out and use his ring savvy. He hopes that Bateman will turn it around, but he’s proven right. Mike takes over and Regal puts over his mean streak. He gets into a head lock and Mike calls out to Tyson to see this. Regal wants to see McGillicutty to get better. Mike gets some offense in and gets another lock on Bateman. this second lock gets a hope spot going and they fight to their feet. Bateman is beaten down and thrown into the turn buckle. Mike loses control and Bateman gets separation. They use the ropes to get to their feet and Bateman takes control of the match. Josh puts over Bateman’s passion and being fired up. He’s getting a light reaction to the crowd. He tries to pin Mike, but with no success. Regal puts over Mike’s grandfather’s training that you don’t get in schools. Bateman goes for a big spot off the top ropes and blows it. Mike then tries to turn into a sharpshooter, but fails. They rolls about before McGillicutty hits a neck breaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty

After the match, Tyson Kid claps for Mike. The two stare off as next week we’ll have Tyson vs. McGillicutty.

Grash Says…

Okay, Here are the big points to be mindful of going forward.

* Usos vs. Titus & Darren, We saw nothing new which we have not seen already. Uso in a tag equals a Win if the Heels don’t cheat.

* Darren Young is distracted (and thus not cheating) because of Tamina. This is now causing a rift with Titus.

* Reks and Hawkins have Striker. This makes perfect sense they have him. Or at least imply they have him. I had suggested Regal was the puppet master last week. If he still is, then we’ve got wheels in wheels on NXT. I am doubtful this is the case, but I would be delighted to be wrong on this.

* Curtis and Maxine are now a unit against the blackmail against them. It’s heel vs. heel storyline here. And we’re all in for a WEIRD ride.

* Regal needed to build McGillicutty this week, but did so by thoroughly trashing Bateman in the process. The manner and detail in which Regal did so indicates one (or both) of two things: 1) Bateman is not as ready to move to the main as I expected. 2) Regal is playing a basis to McGillicutty due to his family. On number 2, this is validated by having Ax Henning and Mr. Perfect in your family tree.

* With McGillicutty’s win this week, we will see Tyson Kidd vs. McGillicutty next week. The build for this match is actually very good. I could hold one more week to get promo and other story segments between these two before they fight to really prime the pump for their match. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the rubber match now.

Finally, Brock is back and this guy is excited for some penis sword action.