Viva La Raza! Lucha Weekly
April 14, 2012
By: Josh Boutwell of


Yujiro Returning to CMLL

New Japan announced this week that former No Limit member Yujiro will be making his return to CMLL on 05/09, but didn’t say how long he would be staying (probably for a couple of weeks). After Yujiro’s former partner Naito (who toured with Yujiro for several months in Mexico a couple of years ago) returned to Mexico last year he was greeted with a big push upon returning to Japan after that.

La Sombra in Japan
CMLL’s La Sombra finished off his most recent tour of Japan for New Japan this past weekend.
– New Japan Cup 1st Round: La Sombra def. YOSHI-HASHI (04/01)
– La Sombra, Hiroshi Tanahashi, & Kazuchika Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura, & YOSHI-HASHI (04/04)
– New Japan Cup Quarterfinals: Hirooki Goto def. La Sombra
– La Sombra, MVP, Tetsuya Naito, & Taguchi def. Shinsuke Nakamura, Masato Tanaka, Yujiro, & YOSHI-HASHI (04/08)

CMLL 03/29 Arena Aficion Results
3) Mexican National Trios Titles: Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. (c) def. Rey Bucanero, Rey Escorpion, & Mephisto
4) Trofeo Pachuca Semifinals: Rush & El Terrible def. Averno & La Mascara
5) Trofeo Pachuca Semifinals: Blue Panther & Negro Casas def. Ultimo Guerrero & Mr. Niebla
6) Trofeo Pachuca Finals: Rush & El Terrible def. Blue Panther & Negro Casas

CMLL 04/06 Arena Mexico Results
1) Metalico & Super Halcon Jr. def. Artillero & Cholo
2) Lightning Match: Super Comando def. Angel Azteca Jr.
3) Gran Alternativa 1st Round: Cancerbero & Mephisto def. Diamante & Valiente
4) Gran Alternativa 1st Round: Volador Jr. & Raziel def. Felino & Hijo del Signo
5) Gran Alternativa 1st Round: Mr. Niebla & Bronco def. Brazo de Plata & Fuego
6) Gran Alternativa 1st Round: Atlantis & Triton def. Marco Corleone & Hombre Bala Jr.
7) Gran Alternativa Quarterfinals: Volador Jr. & Raziel def. Mephisto & Cancerbero
8) Gran Alternativa Quarterfinals: Atlantis & Triton def. Bronco & Mr. Niebla
9) Psicosis II, Mr. Aguila, & Olimpico def. Blue Panther, Black Warrior, & Hijo del Fantasma
10) Gran Alternativa Semifinals: Atlantis & Triton def. Volador Jr. & Raziel
11) Ultimo Guerrero, Negro Casas, & El Terrible def. Mascara Dorada, La Mascara, & Diamante Azul

CMLL 04/08 Arena Coliseo Results
1) Apocalipsis & Ramstein def. Freesbe & Robin
2) Leono, Sensei, & Starman def. Bobby Zavala, Disturbio, & Inquisidor
3) Hooligan, Loco Max, & Nitro def. Hombre Bala Jr., Molotov, & Pegasso
4) Black Warrior, Delta, & Stuka Jr. def. Euforia, Polvora, & Vangelis
5) Marco Corleone, Mascara Dorada, & Diamante Azul def. Rey Bucanero, El Terrible, & Tiger Kid

CMLL 04/09 Arena Puebla Results
1) King Jaguar & Siki Osama def. Milenium & Tigre Rojo Jr.
2) Metalico, Sensei, & Stigma def. Artillero, Bobby Zavala, & Super Comando
3) Princesa Sujei, Princesa Blanca, & La Comandante def. Estrellita, Lady Apache, & Marcela
4) Kraneo, Morphosis, & Olimpico def. Hijo del Fantasma, Brazo de Plata, & Delta
5) Ultimo Guerrero, Volador Jr., & Mr. Niebla def. Atlantis, Shocker, & La Mascara

CMLL 04/10 Arena Mexico Results
1) Camorra & Inquisidor def. Bengala & Soberano Jr.
2) Dark Angel, Marcela, & Silueta def. La Amapola, Princesa Blanca, & Princesa Sujei
3) Mexican National Lightweight Title: Pierrothito (c) def. Electrico to retain the title!
4) Black Warrior, Fuego, & Titan def. Cancerbero, Virus, & Niebla Roja via DQ
5) Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla, & Rey Escorpion def. Marco Corleone, Shocker, & Angel de Oro
6) CMLL Light Heavyweight Title: Rey Bucanero (c) def. Maximo to retain the title!

CMLL 04/10 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Espectrum def. Black Metal
2) Robin & Sky Angel def. Demonio Maya & Disturbio
3) Astral, Bam Bam, & Ultimo Dragoncito def. Demus 3:16, Mercurio, & Pequeno Violencia
4) Euforia def. Guerrero Maya Jr.
5) La Sombra, Mascara Dorada, & Atlantis def. Mr. Aguila, El Terrible, & Tiger Kid

CMLL 04/13 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Horuz & Leono vs. Apocalipsis & Bronco
2) Bam Bam, Electrico, & Mini Fantasy vs. Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Olimpico, & Pequeno Warrior
3) Lightning Match: Diamante vs. Polvora
4) Hijo del Fantasma, Stuka Jr., & Valiente vs. Misterioso II, Namajague, & Shigeo Okumura
5) La Sombra, Rush, & Diamante Azul vs. Averno, Mephisto, & Ephesto
6) 2012 Gran Alternativa Finals: El Terrible & Euforia vs. Atlantis & Triton

CMLL 04/15 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Camaleon & Molotov vs. Ramstein & Zayco
2) Angel Azteca Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., & Super Halcon Jr. vs. Artillero, Cholo, & Super Comando
3) Diamante, Fuego, & Sangre Azteca vs. Loco Max, Misterioso II, & Skandalo
4) Maximo, Rey Cometa, & Valiente vs. Euforia, Raziel, & Virus
5) Blue Panther, Angel de Oro, & Diamante Azul vs. Negro Casas, Felino, & Mr. Niebla

CMLL 04/15 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Meteoro vs. Spark
2) Brillante & Virgo vs. Relampago & Thunder Boy
3) El Divino & Sky Kid vs. Demonio Maya & Exterminador
4) Gallo, Halcon de Plata, & Leon Blanco s. Barbaro Cavernario, Especimen, & Evola
5) Shocker & Brazo de Plata vs. Rey Bucanero & El Terrible

CMLL 04/16 Arena Puebla Lineup
1) Black Tiger, Dinamico, & Tigre Rojo vs. Akron, Ares, & Arissma
2) Dragon Lee, Pegasso, & Stigma vs. Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, & Skandalo
3) CMLL Womens Title: Marcela (c) vs. Princesa Sujei
4) Black Warrior, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Ephesto, Misterioso II, & Vangelis
5) La Sombra, La Mascara, & Diamante Azul vs. Volador Jr., Rey Bucanero, & El Terrible

CMLL 04/17 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Freesbe & Horuz vs. Ramstein & Zayco
2) Astral, Bam Bam, & Pequeno Halcon vs. Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Olimpico, & Pierrothito
3) Dragon Lee, Rey Cometa, & Sangre Azteca vs. Cancerbero, Namajague, & Raziel
4) Lightning Match: Titan vs. Virus
5) Hijo del Fantasma, Angel de Oro, & Diamante vs. Psicosis II, Mr. Aguila, & Olimpico
6) Mascara Dorada, Blue Panther, & Diamante Azul vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Volador Jr., & Dragon Rojo Jr.

CMLL 04/17 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Esfinge vs. Infierno
2) Hombre Bala Jr. & Leo vs. Hijo del Signo & Magnum
3) Marcela & Silueta vs. La Amapola & Tiffany
4) Sagrado & Valiente vs. Misterioso II & Shigeo Okumura
5) La Sombra, La Mascara, & Maximo vs. Averno, Mephisto, & Ephesto

CMLL 04/17 Arena Queretaro Lineup
1) Rostro Maligno & Zarpa de Tigre Jr. vs. Electroboy & Super Gallo
2) Maligno I & Maligno II vs. Fire Fighter & Sangre de Dragon
3) Chica Ye-Ye & Dragon de Oriente II vs. Dance Boy & Soldado Diabolico
4) Rey Bucanero & El Terrible vs. Rush & Ursus
5) Mexican National Trios Titles: Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. (c) vs. Drabek I, Drabek II, & Perro del Ring


AAA/Masked Republic Correction

Originally when the AAA and Masked Republic story broke I went with what Masked Republic officially said which is that they would be the international distributor of AAA’s TV show with no mention of the U.S., but last week Wrestling Observer claimed that they had confirmed Masked Republic would be distributed a TV show for AAA in America as well. Now, this week the Observer has corrected itself and says there is NO deal between Masked Republic and AAA for them to distribute a TV show in America.

AAA 04/06 TV Taping Results
1) Comando Negro & Dr. Cerebro def. Guerrero Mixteco & Rey Neza
2) Fabi Apache, Lolita, & Mascarita Dorada def. Mari Apache, Sexy Star, & Mini Psicosis
3) Super Fly, Atomic Boy, & Relampago def. Angel Mortal, Gallego, & Tito Santana II
4) Cuervo, Joe Lider, & Ozz def. Octagon, Dark Dragon, & Ultimo Gladiador
5) Texano Jr., Toscano, & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. def. Fenix, Drago, & Heavy Metal
6) Perro Aguayo Jr., Nicho el Millonario, & Chessman def. Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, & Jack Evans
– Mari Apache went ruda for some odd reason and is back to feuding with Fabi. She later claimed that she and her sister have been losing a lot lately because Fabi isn’t taking Lucha seriously enough so she joined the rudas to teach her a lesson. Dorada got the pin on Mini Psicosis in the match and challenged him to put up the Minis Title.
– During the 4th match Nicho ran out and stapled a Perros del Mal shirt to Lider’s forehead (pics courtesy of AAA):

– Daga still out with injury so Fenix replaced him in the Semi-Main.
– Main Event saw Teddy Hart, Mascara Ano, & Lider all get involved. Perro ended up pinning Wagner for the win.
– AAA isn’t scheduled for another TV Taping until 04/30.

AAA 04/09 Nuevo Laredo Lineup
1) Norte Middleweight Title: Sobredosis (c) vs. Perseus
2) Extreme Match: Cerebro Negro & Suicida vs. Halloween & Tito Santana II vs. Rio Bravo & Sangre Chicana Jr. vs. Aeroboy & Fenix vs. Dark Dragon & Ultimo Gladiador vs. Joe Lider & Violento Jack

AAA 04/16 Queretaro Lineup
1) Dinastia, La Parkita, & TBA vs. Mini Monster Clown, Mini Muder Clown, & Mini Psycho Clown
2) Drago & Fenix vs. Tigre Cota & Yuriko
3) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Jack Evans vs. Halloween & X-Fly

AAA 04/19 Toluca Lineup
1) Mascarita Sagrada & La Parkita vs. Mini Monster Clown & Mini Psycho Clown
2) Fabi Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Sexy Star & Pasion Kristal
3) Extreme Tiger, Aerostar, & Fenix vs. Cuervo, Espiritu, & Ozz
4) Electroshock, Jack Evans, & Drago vs. Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown
5) Cibernetico & El Mesias vs. Chessman & La Parka Jr.


MEXPW Changes Name

This week MEXPW, the co-promotion between America’s XPW and Mexico’s Perros del Mal, announced that they have officially changed their names to MEXPRO effective immediately. Apparently the men who own the rights to the former XPW now were not happy about the former XPW members using it’s likeness so they threatened a lawsuit forcing this name change. MEXPRO’s next event is this weekend on 04/14 with “Cease & Resist” in L.A. where Joey Kaos faces Bestia 666 and The Messiah in a Ladder Match and Supreme defends the King of the Death Match Title against Damian 666 in a Fans Bring the Weapons Tijuana Death Match. The Almighty Sheik, Carnage, Vertigo, CJ Kurz, Famous B, Los Luchas, Vinnie Massaro, Vintage Dragon, The Born Stars, and more will also be competing at the event.

DG-USA Stars in CZW Tournament
A couple of Dragon Gate USA stars will take part in CZW’s “Best Of The Best XI” Tournament on iPPV on 04/14. DG-USA Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, AR Fox, Sami Callihan, and the newest DG-USA signee Mexican Luchador Samuray del Sol have all signed up for the Tournament. Also former CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Champion Lince Dorado is signed for the event. DG-USA star Uhaa Nation was also going to be in the Tournament but due to a severe injury (that will keep him out for the entire year) he will have to miss it. The lineup for the event (which will be available on iPPV through HybridEnt.TV) is below:
1) Best Of The Best Tournament: Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger vs. Trent 7 vs. MK McKinnan
2) Best Of The Best Tournament: Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Samuray del Sol
3) Best Of The Best Tournament: AR Fox vs. Lince Dorado vs. ACH
4) Best Of The Best Tournament: Alex Colon vs. Willie Mack vs. TBA (Uhaa Nation’s replacement)
5) CZW Wired TV Title: Jake Crist (c) vs. Dave Crist

ERLL 04/08 Nuevo Leon Results
1) Mr. Odio & Rufian def. Super Atomo & Virtud Azteca
2) Mask vs. Hair Match: Galeno del Mal I & Galeno del Mal II def. Copetin & Raper Boy
3) Demenzia & Misionero def. Flecha & Titanik
4) Cibernetico: Zumbido def. Karateka Jr., Mascara Purpura, Sairus, Silencio, & Sky
5) Rey Demonio Jr. def. Caifan
6) Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Match: Black Soul & Kaoma Jr. def. Aeroboy & Violento Jack, Black Spider & Pedro Navajas, and Cerebro Negro & Suicida

NWG 04/08 Arena Roberto Paz Results
1) Battle Royal: Shiryu Dragon Jr. def. Angel Eterno, Black Golden, Blue Lion, Combate, Cometa Espacial Jr., Crazy King, El Enviado, Kal-El, Last Lion, Rey Neron, & Rey Star
2) NWG Cruiserweight Title: Rey Dinamico def. Lacandon Jr. (c) to win the title!
3) Master Champion Torneo Cibernetico: Roberto Paz Jr. def. Alex Ramano, Apocalipsis, Baby Cerratos, Dreyko, Indio Cherokee, Loco Zandokan, & Principe Azteca
4) Ruleta de la Muerte Mask vs. Hair Match: Barracuda lost to Escorpion Rojo, Hispano, Histeria II, Hulk, Latin Brother, Morphosis, Principe Egipcio, Principe Escorpion, & Hades
5) DTU Extreme Title Ambulance Match: Shiryu Dragon (c) def. Joe Lider to retain the title!
6) NWG Azteca Title 3-Way Dance: Tony Rodriguez def. Saturno (c) & Makabre to win the title!
7) Mask vs. Mask 3-Way: Mercurio Jr. lost to Draego & Reggae Boy

IWRG 04/08 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Chicano & Miss Gaviota def. Charly Madrid & The Mummy
2) Lumberjack Match: La Chiva, Ludark Shaitan, & Mascarita Divina def. Mini Charly Manson, Sexy lady, & Tiger LEe
3) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, & Oficial Fierro def. Aerostar, Argenis, & Drago
4) Negro Navarro, Trauma II, & Fabi Apache def. Gran Apache, Trauma I, & Mari Apache
5) 3-Way Tag Team Steel Cage Match: Silver Kain & Silver King Jr. lost to La Parka Jr. & Taboo and Dr. Wagner Jr. & Dr. Wagner III

DTU 04/09 Puebla Results
1) 3-Way Dance: Jhonky & Slayer def. Atomik Star & Sacristan del Diablo and Pequeno Cobra & Super Extreme
2) Hormiga & Lucky Boy def. Hacker & Slayer Pack
3) Dinastia, Kaleth, & Mascrita Divina def. Lancelot, Mini Histeria, & Mini Psicosis
4) Drastik Boy, Flamita, & Principe Halcon def. Arana de Plata, Ciclope, & Pesadilla
5) Black Fire, Eterno, & Paranoiko def. Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown

IWRG 04/12 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Dragon Celestial & Galactico Infernal def. Sky Angel & Templario
2) Pacto Negro & The Mummy def. Astro de Plata & Astro Rey Jr.
3) Centvrion, Charly Madrid, & Chicano def. Comando Negro, Gemelo Fantastico I, & Gemelo Fantastico II
4) Dinamic Black, Saruman, & Ultraman Jr. def. Carta Brava Jr., Eterno, & Terrorista Negro
5) Triple Threat: Negro Navarro def. Pirata Morgan & X-Fly
6) Trios Tourney Semifinals: Halloween, X-Fly, & Zumbi def. Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr., & Hijo de Pirata Morgan
7) Trios Tourney Finals: Halloween, X-Fly, & Zumbi def. Negro Navarro, Trauma I, & Trauma II
– I have no idea what the tournament was about.

AULL 04/14 Arena Lopez Mateos Lineup
1) Konami, Rayito Mendoza, & Spider Boy vs. Lince X, Euro, & Dark Misterio
2) Coca Rosa, La Chona, & Miss Gaviota vs. Felina Metalica, Keira, & La Vaquerita
3) AULL Tag Team Titles Fatal 4-Way: Trauma I & Trauma II (c) vs. Chucho el Roto & Iron Love vs. Epitafio & Levithan vs. Cerebro Maligno & Rey Krimen
4) Daga, Flamita, Rocky Santana, & Zumbi vs. Black Terry, Eterno, Sadico, & Sepulturero Negro
5) Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera, & Super Crazy vs. Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown

CHIKARA 04/14 “I’ll Be A Mummy’s Uncle” Rahway, NJ Lineup
1) Dragonfly vs. Jakob Hemmermeier
2) Saturyne vs. Kobald
3) Fatal 4-Way: QT Marshall & Jack Bonza vs. Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor vs. Lance & Harlem Bravado vs. Joel & Wil Maximo
4) UltraMantis Black vs. Ophidian
5) Jigsaw vs. Tim Donst
6) Mr. Touchdown vs. Archibald Peck
7) Gregory Iron vs. Gran Akuma
8) Sara del Rey vs. Kodama
9) Eddie Kingston, Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, & Green Ant vs. The Shard, 17, assailANT, & combatANT

AULL 04/15 Arena Lopez Mateos Lineup
1) Oberon & Spider 3000 vs. Beda & Black Storm
2) Olimpus I, Olimpus II, & Tigre de Plata vs. Acero, Monsther, & Sangre de Lobo
3) Angel de la Noche, Robin Maravilla, Spider Boy, & Yakuza vs. Arana de Plata, Atomic Star, Caporal, & Ciclope
4) Cerebro Maligno, Judas el Traidor, & Rey Krimen vs. Coco Amarillo, Coco Azul, & Coco Rojo
5) AULL Welterweight Title: Herejia (c) vs. Eterno

IWRG 04/15 “Guerra del Golfo” Arena Naucalpan Lineup
1) Galaxy & Star Boy vs. Guerrero Mixteco & Matrix Jr.
2) Chicano & Triton vs. Pacto Negro & The Mummy
3) Negro Navarro, Oficial Rayan, & Oficial Spartan vs. Oficial 911, Oficial Fierro, & Toxico
4) Loser Advances Steel Cage Match: Oficial Factor vs. Damian 666 vs. Ludark Shaitan vs. Hijo de Pirata Morgan vs. El Hijo del Diablo vs. Angelico vs. X-Fly vs. Tony Rivera vs. Trauma I
5) Loser Advances Steel Cage Match: Oficial AK47 vs. Sexy Lady vs. Bestia 666 vs. Zumbi vs. Carta Brava Jr. vs. Halloween vs. Alan Extreme vs. Temerario Infernal vs. Trauma II
6) Mask vs. Hair Steel Cage Match: Loser of Cage Match #1 vs. Loser of Cage Match #2

IWRG/FILL 04/17 Arena Naucaalpan Lineup
1) Black Soldier & Power Bull vs. Blue Metal & Serpiente de Oro
2) Imperio Azteca & Pikachu vs. Flama Infernal & Guerrero 2000
3) Galaxy, Templario, & Volaris vs. Galactico Infernal, Guerrero Mixteco, & Super Black
4) Crosby, Dragon Celestial, & Sky Angel vs. Pacto Negro, Tatsuya, & Violencia Jr.
5) Hair vs. Mask Steel Cage Match: Triton vs. Saruman vs. Astro de Plata vs. Chicano vs. Matrix Jr. vs. Charly Madrid vs. Astro Rey Jr. vs. Imposible vs. Andy Boy vs. Star Boy Jr. vs. Arkano vs. Guerrero Mixteco vs. Batman del Futuro vs. Cataclismo vs. Moria vs. Lucian

INDY 04/17 Arena Queretaro Lineup
1) Rostro Maligno & Zampa de Tigre Jr. vs. Electroboy & Super Gallo
2) Maligno I & Maligno II vs. Fire Fighter & Sangre de Dragon
3) Dragon de Oriente II & Chica Yeye vs. Dance Boy & Soldado Diabolico
4) Rush & Ursus vs. El Terrible & Rey Bucanero
5) Mexican National Trios Titles: Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. (c) vs. Drabek I, Drabek II, & Perro del Ring

LWE 04/20 Houston, TX Lineup
1) Battle Royal: Nemesis vs. Nate Laws vs. Enforcer vs. Eragon vs. Low Rider vs. Eddie Lee vs. John Justice vs. Hector Montoya
2) Alebrije II & Mini Oriental vs. Black Abyss & Mr. Aguilita
3) Cinthia Moreno & Rossy Moreno vs. Alissa Flash & Jessica James
4) Dr. Wagner Jr., Hernandez, & Sicodelico Jr. vs. Damian 666, Bestia 666, & X-Fly

INDY 04/21 Arena Neza Lineup
1) Super Kendo & Ultimo Ninja vs. Kaving & Magic Man
2) Argus & Templario vs. Kortiz & Maullido
3) Saruman, Super Nova, & Triton vs. Negro Casasola, Sadico, & Vampiro Metalico
4) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, & Dr. Cerebro vs. Averno, El Terrible, & Rey Bucanero
5) Atlantis, Blue Panther, & La Mascara vs. Villano III, Villano IV, & Villano V

LyC 04/29 Arena Coliseo Monterrey Lineup
1) Triple Threat: Rey Orion vs. Black Fenix vs. Obesion
2) Gemelo Muerte I & Gemelo Muerte II vs. Vasco Jr. & Veneno Extremo
3) LyC Rey del Aire Cibernetico: Angel Dorado Jr. vs. Golden Boy vs. Dralion vs. Rey Demonio Jr. vs. Silencio
4) Hombre sin Miedo, Sangre Chicana Jr., & Sobredosis vs. Hijo del Ninja, Rico Rodriguez, & Simbolo
5) Konnan Big vs. Big Neurosis

PWR 05/12 Turlock, CA Lineup
1) The Grappler III vs. El Mariachi
2) Persian Prince & Sheik Khan Abadi vs. Mondo Matt & Panda Warrior
3) PWR Jr. Heavyweight Title: El Galan vs. Bryan Cage vs. Famous B (c)
4) Cazador del Alma vs. Dr. Wagner III
5) Oliver John, Derek Sanders, & Vaquero Fantasma vs. El Poderoso, KAFU, & Blue Demon Jr.