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April 11, 2012
Hampton, Virginia
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

Percy Watson vs. Johnny Curtis

Showtime is out first. Regal likes Percy, so he’s giving him the best so he can get the experience he needs. Curtis is out with Maxine. Percy cuts his music and asks what Maxine’s is doing here. Regal has to separate the verbal brawl between Curtis and Percy. He tells Maxine to stay away from ring side. The match starts as Maxine goes to Commentary. The match goes back and forth as commentary fail to reach anywhere about the relationship between Maxine and Curtis. Regal asks what Maxine is here for. She puts her arm around his shoulder and talks to him. We don’t hear what she says. Regal then takes off his headset and stands up to talk to Maxine. Curtis takes over the match as the match goes to commercials.

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Curtis is in control of the match still, and Regal is still talking to Maxine. Regal then returns to commentary. Regal says something has been brought to his attention as he hints about where Striker is. Josh is trying to get info out of Regal with no success. Regal is aghast at the info Maxine gave her. Commentary finally gets back to the match. Regal puts over Curtis’ skills and how dangerous his “weird” streak is. Regal then puts confidence in Percy’s Skills. Percy manages to take control of the match. Regal says he sees less wasted motion from Percy. Then Regal gets up and leaves commentary with Maxine. This distracts Percy and Curtis rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Johnny Curtis

Maxine walks up to Reks and Hawkins. She says she did the thing they asked him. They argue about giving back Striker. They make fun of Maxine regarding where they’ve stashed Striker. And then walk off. Maxine loses it and starts to cry. Bateman and Kaitlyn walk onto the scene. Maxine walks up to Bateman and cries on her shoulder. She needs his help. She says that Hawkins and Reks might be doing something to him. Bateman and Kaityln then walks off. We cut to video with Josh then pust over the Raw Brawl between Cena and Brock.

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Still backstage, Titus encounters Tamina. She chews him out for what he did last week to Darren in their match. He says she’s right and offers a peace offering. The tree Darren was going to give her last week. She likes and he gives her a kiss. Tamina walks off with the pot and encounters Darren. Darren asks where she got it. Tamina says Titus gave it to her. She can’t wait to plant it. She walks off and Titus comes in hopping on one leg. Darren says What’s his problem. Titus doesn’t really like her, but he’s just better than him. He’s a player from the Himalayas. He hops off singing something silly.

We then cut to Kaitlyn and Bateman. Kaitlyn asks Bateman is he longs for the simpler days of NXT when there were talk the talk challenges and capture the flag. Bateman doesn’t. He’s supposed to meet Hawkins and Reks where they are. And then they are next to a door with a screaming man. Bateman opens up to find Striker. Striker is falling over. Striker says let him handle this and he stumbles off with Hawkins’ Cane. We cut to a graphic for Kidd\McGillicutty. Josh puts over our main event.


Raw Rebound
Brock brings legitimacy to the WWE. Cena comes out and thanks Brock for last week. And then he takes it in the mouth. And he loves it. And then he takes it again in his baby maker. It’s a match between the two at Extreme Rules.

More backstage segments. Regal walks up to Hawkins and Reks. Hawkins has lost his cane. Regal says he underestimated those two. He asks where Matt Striker is. He letting them knows that if anything happens to him, there will be serious consequences. Reks is going nuts, Hawkins calms him down and tells him they’re going back to Plan A. Look like heroes, and frame Maxine and Curtis. The two walk where they have Striker and realize he’s now gone. Maxine and Curtis appear. They mock Reks and Hawkins for losing striker. Maxine says isn’t Ironic. Curtis starts singing the song of the same name as he walks off. They ask if they don’t have him, who does?


Michael McGillicutty vs. Tyson Kidd

Mike is out first. Josh calls this one of the most bizarre episodes of NXT. Regal is quiet. Josh puts over the feud between Tyson and Mike. It leads into a package between the two leading to this match. This feud started between who’s better and evolved into the fact that Tyson Kidd family doesn’t come the business. Tyson is out next. Regal says these two may have found happiness in that they have found their perfect foes. The match starts establishing Mike’s strength vs. Tyson’s Speed. Regal says these two will be fighting each other for years to come. Tyson knocks out Mike out of the ring and then uses the ropes to get a drop kick before Mike pulls the ring apron skirt to catch Tyson. Tyson is tossed over the commentary table as we head to ads.


Back to the action, Mike has a lock on Tyson and is in control of the match. Regal calls what is going here as a game of wits between these two. Mike takes control of the early match. Regal takes his time to put over Mike saying that he’s stalking his prey. The two collide in the middle of the ring. It resets the match and Tyson goes on offense fast and hot. Tyson gets pushed to the ropes, when Mike comes to slide into him. Tyson pulls the apron turning the tables on him. Tyson goes for a cross body, but Mike counters it. Mike goes for a pin, but Tyson kicks out. The crowd is huge into the match now. Mike is in control with a throw. Instead of going for a cover, Mike puts Tyson in a sharpshooter. He manages to get a rope break. Mike grabs Tyson and tries to lock him up. Tyson uses the time Mike takes to turn the tables. It looks like he’s going to go for the sharpshooter, but instead gets his legs around Mike’s head. It’s all over as Mike has to tap out.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

After the match, Regal says he wants to see more these two. He promises that this won’t be the last time these two meet each other. And that’s something we can all be thankful for!

Grash Says…

The storyline involving Striker has taken a huge step forward. Maxine turned on Reks and Hawkins and set them up for a fall in Regal’s eyes. Striker is free, and has gone rouge. Bateman and Kaitlyn are heroes.

Percy now has a legit claim against Maxine being a distraction at ring side. Though the first time, the foot job, he managed to win out his match. This week with Maxine getting Regal to leave ring side, it provided the distraction for Curtis to win. So this is one interaction to see how it progresses.

Finally, Tyson Kidd and Michael McGillicutty wrestled one of the best NXT Matches ever. It’s easily in the discussion with Jericho vs. Bryan from Season 1, and Yoshi Tatsu\Tyson Kidd Necklace on a pole match from last year. Jersey Viper and Mr. V have already said this was the match of the week. You can see it show up in the MOTY Project as well.

Oh yea, we got more Brock beating on Cena from Monday Night Raw. Since it got shown on NXT, I get to comment on it. My only comment this week is Cena doing only slight better than Herring. Don’t know who he is? Watch the Gif below to find out!