WWE NXT on WWE.com
May 2, 2012
Toledo, Ohio
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“We are Wild and Young”

Matt Striker starts the show with William Regal. Regal says there will be new talent over the next few weeks. Curtis enters with Maxine. Handcuffed. He complains about Maxine. Maxine complains about Curtis and still on NXT. They enter the ring. And they are hilarious doing so. Regal enjoys watching it and remind them they lost last week. JTG comes out next and “Aks” why Regal is hating JTG. He gets a pop. Regal is happy to see the three as they were the thorn in the side of Hornswoggle last week. Regal puts Curtis and JTG together as a team. Regal asks for anyone from the back to take on “these two clowns”. Tyson Kidd comes out and gets a pop. He introduces A-Ry as his tag partner. A-Ry gets the biggest pop of all of the talent. Striker makes it official as Maxine goes to commentary.

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Tyson Kidd & A-Ry vs. JTG & Creepy Curtie

Tyson and Curtis start the match. Regal digs at Maxine about not taking her new duties as Curtis’s Manager. Maxine is quiet, and has to be prodded to get information from her. Tyson gets a good body scissors for a pop from the crowd. A-Ry gets a tag and goes to work on Curtis. Curtis quickly tags in JTG and A-Ry goes to work on him. Josh says Regal may have broken down Maxine. A-Ry gets a slam on JTG before Curtis out on the outside. A-Ry gets a kick on JTG before going to the top ropes. Curtis knocks A-Ry off the top ropes and JTG gets a slam on him to take over the match.

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Back to the action JTG is in control of A-Ry. Maxine say she will try to change her ways and work better with others. She will be a better Maxine. Curtis gets tagged in and prevents A-Ry from tagging Kidd. Regal puts over Curtis’ talent. A-Ry gets a hope spot going but is cut down by Curtis. JTG gets tagged in and continues the offense on A-Ry. Regal reminds everyone that he’s a super villain. Curtis goes for a pin attempt, but it is broken up by Tyson. Tyson is working the crowd after getting put back to the face corner. A-Ry is still taking a beating from Curtis and JTG. A-Ry gets put set on the top ropes. He manages to knock off Curtis and set up for a jump. They collide and it turns into a double tag. Kidd comes in hot. Tyson catches JTG on the ropes. Curtis makes a save. A-Ry comes in and washes out Curtis. It leads to a dive over the ropes by Kidd. Kidd gets back in the ring and he gets the dungeon lock on JTG. JTG taps.

Winner: A-Ry and Tyson Kidd

After the match, Maxine is handcuffed to Curtis again. We then cut to the back where McGillicutty makes fun of a pair the tassels on Watson’s boots. McGillicutty makes fun of the “attack”. Watson fingers Mike as the attacker. He’ll get payback in a match later tonight. Mike laughs it off, says he’d finish the job and not run off.

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Raw Rebound
Bork Laser beats up Old Gamey Guy.

After the Raw Rebound, Tyler Rex and Curt Hawkins are found in the crowd. Regal calls for security and they are taken out of the Arena. Josh says we’ll move on and puts over the main event.

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We come back to commentary. Regal puts over his decision. Josh then throws to the back JTG. He’s pissed. He meets up with Alicia Fox who says he stuck in Brooklyn in 1998. She offers him to give him a new Doo. He accepts. Alicia Fox is giddy for it.

We then meet up with Bateman and Kaityln. Bateman is looking forward to his match on SmackDown. For reals. They hear a thud and they run and find A-Ry on the floor grasping his knee. The two pick him up and take him to a doctor. Back to the arena Josh says Regal needs someone backstage to care of the backstage area.

Percy Watson vs. Michael McGillicutty

Regal puts over both wrestlers. Regal asks if it’s smart to have your knee banded as much as Percy does. He then points out it’s a target for someone like himself … or Mike. It’s not a factor early in the match as Percy starts the offensive. Regal says this match will provide great experience for Percy. As Regal puts over McGillicutty as he takes control of the match. Mike then starts going for the knee. Percy manages to turn the table. Mike kicks Percy off and gets a more damage on his Knee with a Dragon Screw to the knee. Ref has to check Percy as we go to ads.

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Over the Limit: Green Man vs. Skateboard Dude

We come back and Percy is still in pain from his knee. Mike is going to work on it. Josh ask if Percy should be in action with a bum knee. Regal wanted to test him. Regal complains about WWE talent who whine and text but don’t improve on their skills. Percy is still taking a beating a lone man yells out “I believe in you Percy”. McGillicutty puts a figure for on Percy, but not on his bum knee. Mike then starts throwing punches at the bum knee and taunts Percy. Percy breaks out with some strikers. It starts the run to show signs of life, but is cut short. Mike goes back to beating on Percy. It’s a low assault and the crowd is getting ancy. Mike gets thrown out of the ring, but there’s no pop from the crowd. Mike gets back in, but Percy goes on the offensive. Watson gets a combo, but can’t get a pin fall. Percy tries to lift Mike. Mike in turn rolls off his shoulders and gets the knee on Percy. That leads to the pinfall and the win by McGillicutty.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty

After the Match, Striker appears and heads to Regal. He hands him a tassel like the one on Percy’s boots. Regal takes a mike and stands up. Regal says the tassel was found by A-Ry and Security wants to talk to him now. Mike mocks Percy as he limps back with Striker.

Grash Says…

I normally go in deep discussion about what’s going on NXT. Structurally, NXT has now shed its skin completely of the reality show premise. With the reality show gone, the “New Talent Imitative” that started on ECW (on SyFy) returns to its role on NXT. However, too much is in play and moving to pin down where NXT is going storyline wise. So with new structure in place and so much in flux else where I am focusing on what happened this week.

1) Maxine and Curtis are simply hilarious. Maxine saying she’ll consider changing is intriguing. I say so cause this comes after Regal put over Curtis’ talent. Hence, Regal illuminated to Maxine what is available to her as a piece to her own plans.

2) JTG is getting a repackage. Given that Alicia Fox is going to do this, this could turn out to a something awesome or at worse a Dave Stephens Special. This is one of those times I’ve got to just sit and wait for it to happen.

3) A-Ry gets his knee taken out like Percy the week before. Percy’s tassels are found next to him. McGillicutty is laughing it to the bank. Again, more questions than answers.

4) Reks and Hawkins show up in the stands with Regal Suck Signs. The get tossed. Another piece in the NXT puzzle to be explained.

5) Bateman finally gets his match on SmackDown. And it does happen! Good luck to him!

6) We got two good long matches this week. If definitely slowed the pace of the show down and gave it depth that it didn’t have before. Simply put the two matches focused on the core of the show right now. the main event was a show case of Percy. While losing, he’s looking better each time in the ring.

7) The nearly everyone in the opening tag match got some sort of pop or heat from the crowd. That’s a good sign for the NXT talent and let’s hope this keeps up going forward. Of everyone, A-Ry still has the Miz rub on him and still getting a good pop from the crowd.