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May 9, 2012
Roanoke, Virginia
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

NXT News

Full Sail Facebook Event Hints to NXT’s Possible Future
PWI’s website this week ran a story on a “press release” on that NXT would be moving full time to the Full Sail Arena in Florida. Other websites ran with the story indicating that NXT would become “Superstar Showdown” starting May 17th. Searching for this “press release” reveals nothing from WWE. Looking through Full Sail’s online information reveals a Facebook event for the May 17th Superstar Showdown event. In this event’s description that we find information about NXT moving to Full Sail. Given that the Facebook Event was created at around 6pm EST on Friday (May 11th) is a clear indication that the information contained in it is not from publication staff responsible for the release and dissemination of official press releases. Simply put, it’s past quitting time for them. So as it stands now, there’ll be more to this story next week.

Derrick Bateman on SmackDown
As referenced on the show this week, Derrick Bateman had his promised match on SmackDown. Derrick was to compete against the Debuting Damien Sandow. Sandow would bow out leaving Derrick to insist on facing someone else. Ryback would come out and squash Derrick. Cole would explain that Derrick Bateman was from NXT, and thus not one of the tomato cans jobbers Ryback had in previous weeks.

Maxine on Monday Night Raw
Maxine would (without Johnny Curtis) appear on Monday Night Raw in a Diva’s Tag match with Natylia, Kelly Kelly, and Layla. The match would be short and only feature action from Layla and Maxine. Maxine would take the pin fall in this match. Cole did explain to the viewers who Maxine is.

“We Are Wild And Young”

Josh welcomes us and throws it to the ring with Regal and Striker. Striker says we’ll get the tag match Hornswoggle made and then unmade two weeks ago. Striker explains why. Regal address the attacks the past two weeks. Regal believes that both Percy and McGillicutty didn’t do it. Regal hired a new security firm to take care of this. Striker says they’re here and Regal brings this out. Two men in suits come out. It’s Reks and Hawkins. The two suits say they are proud to be back on NXT. Regal calls for security. Reks and Hawkins say they are the new security. Hawkins eggs Striker. Striker pleads Regal to get rid of them. Regal says he can’t do anything till he talks to Johnny Ace. Reks says the two have a match on superstars. And if they’re good, they’ll be reinstated. Until then they’re the eyes and ears of NXT and bringing the change NXT needs. Josh puts over Maxine vs. Tamina.

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Hey Yardtards, Don’t Do This Home

Maxine vs. Tamina

Tamina is out first. This match is setup based on the outcome of the Diva’s tag match from two weeks ago. Maxine is out next and she’s got Curtis on cuffs. Maxine goes sugar pop. Maxine references she lost on Raw last night. Maxine calls Tamina “Tammy” and says she should smile more. She gets uncuffed and gets in the ring. Curtis joins commentary. Maxine is bubbly pop. Regal frustrated by the return of Hawkins and Reks and Maxine’s new sugar pop. Curtis as if they’re buying it. Maxine rolls out of the ring and uses the ropes to get control of the match. The smiling Maxine is freaking out Curtis. Maxine gets a full nelson that Regal likes. It leads to a body scissors. Tamina runs into the post to drop her. Tamina gets a flying head butt followed with slam it leads. It sets up a Superfly splash that Tamina misses. Maxine then wraps up Tamina for the submission.

Winner: Maxine

We get a replay of the end of the match. Regal says we don’t have to buy her nice out of the ring. We do have to take account for her skills. Maxine offers her hand to be cuffed voluntarily. Curtis is “Help me” as he’s dragged off by a smiling Maxine. Josh puts over Yoshi vs. the all new Foxxy JTG.

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Yoshi Tatsu vs. The All New Foxxified JTG

Yoshi is out first. Yoshi is back to Happy Yoshi. All of the Dark Yoshi has gone. Regal loves the skills of Yoshi. Alicia Fox is out next. She introduces the new JTG. He looks like Jay Lethal with Dolph Ziggler’s Vest. Regal makes a real man joke about stopped wearing the hard hat. Yoshi gets on the offensive first. Regal says he feels wanted after the rest of the main roster commenters got him a two week time share in Iraq for his birthday. JTG turns the table and gets a two pin attempts. Regal talks about how he’s not sure what’s going on with Reks and Hawkins at this moment. Yoshi gets a chant just before he takes over in the match. Josh gets a big kick on JTG and goes back to work on him. Regal talks about JTG’s demeanor has changed over the past few months and how this new look has enhanced his aggressiveness. Regal Likes it. JTG manages to duck a second kick and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: JTG

After the match Alicia Fox comes out to clap for JTG. Regal hopes this is the change he needs.

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Raw Rebound featuring Bork Laser
Two weeks ago, Bork Laser beats up Old Gamey Guy. Old Gamey Guy gets arm owie twoie. This week, Paulie Baulding says Bork Laser quity.

After the raw rebound, Curtis is pleading to Maxine to change back to her old self. They meet up with Hawkins and Reks. The suits say they should put the past behind and work together. Curtis pulls up the cuffs and highlight them as he point them out as that’s what happens when they work together. The two suits say they’re on the in with Ace and things are going to change. They need to make a decision now or they’ll get left behind. Reks drops a hint NXT might be ending. Maxine asks what he means. The suits laugh as they don’t know. They offer a present from Ace. It’s the key to the cuffs. The suits remind the cuffed couple what it means and gives it to them. Striker walks up and asks if security should be doing something else. They boogie out. Striker notices the cuff off Maxine and leaves. Curtis says he likes weird, but nice is too weird for him. He cuffs his hands together and leaves. Maxine is left in the shot smiling… but grinding her teeth. We cut to a card for the main event tag match. Josh says Regal might be losing control of things before putting over the match.

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Over the Limit: Green Man vs. Skateboard Dude

We come back to Percy talking to Kaitlyn. He’s confused how he got involved with the attacks. “What did he do to get this?” he says to Kaitlyn. Bateman shows up in a suit and tells Percy to leave her alone. Bateman fingers Percy for the attacks because his ring stuff is left behind. She pushes back saying since Bateman lost on SmackDown he’s been a jerk. Bateman says he got embarrassed and says he’s trying to protect her. Kaityln pushes back she can protect herself. Bateman walks off frustrated, not trusting Percy. Percy walks off in the same direction. Kaitlyn muses about how things are a train wreck around her. We hear the sounds of an attack from the direction where Bateman and Percy went. Kaityln finds Bateman. He’s able to get up but limping. Bateman is sure that Percy didn’t find him. Kaityln looks to the ground and picks up a pair of red framed glasses that Percy used to wear.

Tyson Kidd & Percy Watson vs. Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis

Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis are out first. Josh ask Regal about the attack. Regal say he’s been pulling tricks. He’s also a good judge of character because he has none. Kidd gets the early offense on Curtis. Regal is frustrated as he would take care of the back if he wasn’t out on commentary. He knows McGillicutty’s story is air tight. Percy isn’t and realizes he’s starting to dance. He then muses about how he should fire Reks and Hawkins for not doing their job as security. He considers who have them the authority to unlock Maxine and Curtis. Back in the ring Percy is in control over Curtis. Regal bemoans all of the Drama he has to deal with. McGillicutty tags in. Percy tags Kidd and he does a flip over the ropes onto McGillicutty and Curtis.

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Old Gamey Guy returns to Monday Night Raw featuring Bork Laser.

When we return, Mike takes control of the match from Kidd. The ref gets distracted by Percy and gets a cheap shot on Percy. Curtis and Mike start tagging in and out on Percy. Regal sees Mike and Curtis as a potential powerful tag team. Regal begins thinking of potential opponents for the new team. Tyson manages to turn the table on the two. After a struggle Percy comes in on the hot tag. Regal is glad to see he’s full of his usual self regardless of the accusation of the ring. Curtis has to make a pin save. Tyson washed him out. McGillicutty breaks free but loses control of Watson. Watson gets a slam for the pin and the win.

Winners: Tyson Kidd and Percy Watson

Regal likes both teams and would like to bring it back to NXT. As Percy and Kidd walk to the back, Reks and Hawkins come out with his old glasses. They say they know he did it and he has to come with them. Tyson tries to stop them, but gets thrown to the side. The suits grab Percy and drag him to the back.

Grash Says…

Slightly different format for the recap this week as I had some pressing and important news which needed to be addressed up front before this week’s show.

This week’s show hints toward big changes to NXT. They first came from Hawkins and Reks. William Regal would drop a line later in the show of changes to be coming. It’s foreshadowing which is taking place for the \ next major event to take place on NXT. Having said this, what I find absurd is IWC’s ability to take an unreliable piece of information, in our case here it happens to be a Facebook Event, and raise is up as official information and come up with several spins and stories. if the IWC wishes to make stick men of stories, I have no problem bringing them back down to the toothpick they started with.

Again this week we got a recap of what happened on Raw. It’s just this week we got two major storylines pushed. Cena vs. Ace got two pieces tonight and HHH vs. Brock got the raw recap. There’s nothing wrong with this, as they’re the central point to the entire WWE right now. Don’t read into my Bork Laser-esque jokes as I hate the storyline. No, I’m enjoying the Lesnar-saga very much and I’m having my fun with it.

Reks and Hawkins returned in an official capacity to NXT as Security. Their presence on NXT is the extension of John Lauranitis’s power over the entire WWE. It shows the far reaching power he has, and the political games he’s starting to play. Will he show up on NXT at some point? If so, it will be a Vince on ECW type moment. Till then, we’ve got these two as his avatars and perfect foil to Striker and Regal right

Right now given the information we have about the Attacks, it stands that Percy is being framed for them. This week it was evident in the visual pun where the item left behind was the old frames Percy used to use from his first go at NXT. Regal’s stance on Percy eroded tonight which is an interesting development. The other clue to what is going on is that Reks and Hawkins came out to get Percy and flat out knowing, not just accusing, him of the attacks backstage.

JTG tonight revealed his new look. He’s looks like Jay Lethal stole Dolph Zigger’s Vest. It’s the first time out in this new look, and I’m not sold on it yet. These things tend to grow on me, so I’m not taking much stock at my first look thoughts. One important piece is that Regal, one of the most vocal detractors to JTG, changed his position this week. Regal is the heart of NXT at this time, so his approval of the new look and attitude is extremely important to help get this over.

Maxine also debuted the new Sugar Pop smile queen. I’m not sure how long it will last, but it’s hilariously fun to watch her annoy everyone with kindness.

Another important Regal revelation during the show is the discovery of not one, but two good tag teams in our main event. The fact that Regal likes the teams and wants to see more of it is an indication that we will. This is again another way Regal helps sets the tone of the show through teaching us the viewers what to pay attention to and what is “good”. Regal is the trusted Master whom is acting as the guide to us into the world that we are viewing. This role Regal takes on during commentary separates himself from everyone else in the industry at this time. Simply put, this is what excellent commentary looks like.

Regal in the main event made an obscure reference about taking off the hard hat. For those whom have no idea what he was talking about, the video below will explain everything.