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In the continuing effort to publicize efforts raiding money for cancer, the UK’s CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) presents “The Perfect Takeover” to benefit Teenage Cancer Trust fundraising show on Friday May 25, 2012, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Tickets are only £5 each, and can be reserved now in the UK by ringing 07590 109866, or by inboxing Jen Churcher on Facebook. Doors open 7pm/Show starts 7.30pm.

– “The Rematch” – El Technico Supremo vs ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy
A recent PTW branded show in Luton saw El Technico Supremo and Bill Duffy have what many considered the match of the evening, in their return to the Bedfordshire wrestling scene. The CAWS staff have picked up on this, and have booked the rematch between the two for this show, and have chosen to make it the main event of their first show in Luton!

– ‘The Renegade’ Marcus Phayer vs ‘The Earl Of Excellence’ Robert Rochester Rose
Marcus Phayer is a wholesome, with morals and ethics, blue collar hardworking wrestler, loved by the fans. Robert Rochester Rose considers the fans completely beneath him and not worth his attention, only his disgust. These two wrestlers and stars of CAWS, are total polar opposites, and their different beliefs will clash at the show.

* (SINGLES MATCH) ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player’s “Perfect 5 Minute Challenge” – Luton vs Watford :
– ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player (Luton) w/’The Teenage Dream’ Drewy Staniforth and ‘The Perfect Princess’ Kherington Steele, in his corner; vs Taylor Phillips (Watford)
The most controversial man in the business. It doesn’t matter where you say his name, there’s always a reaction. ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player is an angry man, right now. After the recent mainstream media ‘Twittergate’ situation regarding ex Watford & Luton footballer, Jamie Hand, criticising Luton fans and ex players, and P.T’s public offer to him to fight him on a show being ignored (many in the know say that Jamie Hand was too scared to reply); P.T. Player scoured the roster for something. He wanted someone to make an example of. After some homework, he discovered that CAWS wrestler Taylor Phillips’s hometown is Watford. And so, with his arrogant son in his corner, and his gorgeous new valet as well; the ‘Perfect One’ has upped the stakes, cranked his ego up to ’11′, and set the challenge that no other wrestling company was brave enough to book – Luton vs Watford. He might not give a damn about the fans, but he loves his hometown football team bar none, and ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player is looking for a fight. Taylor Phillips? Not much is known right now, bar he has made a quiet statement that he is happy to defend his town’s honour; but to Player, this is extremely bitter and personal. How far will this escalate out of hand on the night???!!!

– ‘The Future’ CJ Gunner vs ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green
The local rookie sensation CJ Gunner has been slowly building up a fanbase locally in the last few months, and had his first full match recently. This match sees him take on sneaky, underhanded, and wily veteran of British wrestling, Anton Green. It’s rookie vs veteran, enthusiasm vs cunning ways. What will come out on top?

– Kidd Kosmo vs ‘Teetotal’ Thomas Stevens w/’Perfect’ P.T. Player, ‘The Teenage Dream’ Drewy Staniforth, and ‘The Perfect Princess’ Kherington Steele, in his corner.
The ultimate underdog, Kidd Kosmo, has literally stepped up to the plate to play with the big dog. Thomas Stevens, a multiple time World and Tag Team Champion, is not a man to be provoked. Ever. Especially with the company he keeps in his corner, who are always ready to interfere just for the sheer fun of it. Kidd Kosmo has been begging to prove himself against the best talent in the company, but has he taken on too much too soon here?

* A 10 Man Battle Royal *
* More stars of CAWS to be announced, and more matches to come, over the upcoming weeks, please keep checking the FB Event Wall at this link

A thought for other promotions in the UK (and these words are mine and not requested or suggested by any promoter). Much like happens the US, there seems to be one helluva lot of interpromotional grudges and wars, with tactics used ranging from tearing down of posters, calling venues and trash-talking competitors, contacing local media claiming shows are cancelled, calling local police to make false claims about a competitor, and the ever-popular scheduling a show opposite your competitor’s show. If you spent 10% of this energy promoting your OWN shows, you’d not have to worry about a competitor….or at the very least would be competitive with them.
Just a thought…

Until next time…

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