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May 16, 2012
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

Johnny Curtis vs. Percy Watson

Josh welcomes us to NXT and Curtis enters the arena, sans Maxine. Percy is out first and he goes on the offensive as Regal talks about how he’s getting better. Curtis uses the ring as a weapon and turns the tables on Percy to take control of the match. After 2 minutes the match goes back and forth. Regal says the biggest impact player on NXT has been, with hesitation, Maxine. Percy breaks out of a hold to go on offense. He takes too much time to hit the Heisman and Curtis kicks out. Curtis turns the match around and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Johnny Curtis

After the match Josh reveals that the main event is a triple threat with Tyson Kid, Derrick Bateman, and Michael McGillicutty. Regal then reveals the next match. It’s a tag match with The Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins.

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The Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Match starts with Khali beating on Curt. Zek tags in, and Curt rolls out not wanting anything to do with him. Reks gets tagged in to take the beating next. After a minute, the tables are turned and the heels start tagging in and out. Regal is putting over Reks and Hawkins as the better team. Zek would be the face in peril for several minute with several chants for him. Reks gets tossed towards Khali. He stops before Colliding with him. It sets up a toss over Zek’s back and a hot tag to Khali. Khali Smash! Khali Smash Alot!

Winner: The Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson

Over the Limit,
Kane vs. Zack Ryder on the Pre-Show

Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

Regal sees Kaitlyn as improving each week. And wanting to backpack with her. Awkward. Maxine is out next and is called devious my Regal. Regal points out that Maxine is extra tanned this week. Kaitlyn goes on the offensive first. Maxine gets body scissors, but Kaitlyn powers out of it. Kaitlyn tosses Maxine on the rope and pulls the ropes to slam her in the ring. Maxine rolls out of the ring and then uses the ropes to turn the table on Kaitlyn. Regal calls her a little nest of vipers. Regal talks about something irrelevant. Josh can’t believe what he’s just heard. Maxine has Kaitlyn in a hold. It gets broken after a minute to lead into multiple pins attempts on Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is able to use the ring post to her advantage to get back on offense. They begin to trade pin attempts before Maxine goes for submission attempts. Kaitlyn finally counters and gets her into a submission. Maxine has to tap out.

Winner: Kaitlyn

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Josh talks about Sheamus vs. Orton on SmackDown. Josh then introduces the Raw Rebound where Big Show gets fired. Cena vs. Johnny Ace is put over at Extreme Rules.

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Tyson Kid vs. Derrick Bateman vs. and Michael McGillicutty

McGillicutty is put over by Regal by his family and his skill. Regal trashes Bateman next. Regal says Tyson Kidd is the stand-out star in the ring as the match starts. Mike ditches the ring and gets out of the way of Bateman and Kidd. Regal asks if a count should be started. Josh is agast at Regal. Two in the ring do a few moves and then they go out of the ring after McGillicutty. Kidd and Bateman start working on McGillicutty. He rolls out of the ring again. Bateman goes for a quick pin before Tyson takes control of the match. Bateman rolls out and Mike pulls Tyson’s leg to take control of the match. Bateman lurks for while on the outside of the ring. Tyson turns the tables and tosses McGillicutty out. Bateman gets Tyson, but does a dive out of the ring on to McGillicutty making a cushion for Tyson to do a dive from the top rope to the floor.

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McGillicutty pushes Tyson into Bateman who was trying to reenter the ring. Mike continues his assault on Kidd. Regal puts over Mike’s and Kidd’s Family background in the industry. Mike gets Bateman out of the way on the ring post and goes back to work on Kidd. Bateman finally returns to the ring, but is pushed off Mike. Regal like how he sees Bateman keep coming back after taking a beating. Tyson collides with Mike and it sets up Bateman to go to work on Mike. Bateman goes to the ropes, but Mike throws him off. Kidd takes over on offense for a pin attempt. Bateman goes to work on Kidd, but Mike breaks the pin attempt up. Mike goes to work on Bateman with a pin attempt. Mike loses Bateman and then gets kicked by Tyson. Bateman slams Mike. The pin attempt is disrupted by a flying Elbow from Tyson. Kidd tries to pin Bateman, then Mike. Tyson is gassed. Kidd goes to Bateman. He goes for a pin, but Mike pulls him off and goes for this own pin attempt. Bateman breaks it up. Regal is honestly impressed by Bateman tonight. Bateman focuses on Mike. Derrick sets up Mike on the ropes. Derrick gets tosses off the ropes. Kidd gets tosses up to take out Mike. Tyson then slaps on the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring and then a dungeon lock. Bateman Taps. Regal loved the match tonight.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Grash Says…

Change can be hard on people. Right now I’m stuck in hard place. Last Friday, Full Sail posted in a Facebook Event called “Superstar Showdown” that NXT would be moving to their Arena. Everyone copied that text, called it a press release, and didn’t bother to link back to it. Also some idiots out there said that NXT would be renamed “Superstar Showdown”. It took till Monday for the WWE to put out an official press release, but by that time the damage had been done and the so-called Wrestling media, including WrestleView, had some sort weird spin on the story.

With this Meta-story going on, nothing was mentioned on the show this week. No Back Stage segment. Nothing. Percy had a match and nothing weird happened with it, besides Curtis being weird. Reks and Hawkins are wrestling. No mention of them being security. No Attack which has Percy’s name all over it. No Weirdness with Bateman and Kaitlyn.
The Khali\Zek match follows the tag simple formula. Faces start on offense. Heels get a big middle. Khali Smash! Very enjoyable. We got a Maxine who way over tanned in a match with Kaitlyn was okay. It was a bit long and felt slow for most of the match. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was it anything Special? not really. We had a triple threat main match that was entertaining and executed well.

So NXT was dancing in the robes and boas of Superstars this week. Just matches. No Storylines. Regal said this. Regal Said that. Regal said stuff that Josh couldn’t believe. Regal said things that make Josh speechless. Like when he saw The Fabulous Ones: Getting Swole with Road Dawg and Puppet HHH.

(Yes, I just referred to the Muppet from “Are you Serious”).