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May 30, 2012
Commentators: Josh Mathews & William Regal
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks vs. The Usos

Hawkins and Reks are out first. They are wearing People Power Shirts and Pink and black trunks. The Usos are out next and do their War dance. They say UE! The crowd goes SO! Regal is outraged at the black and purple tights. He says the boys have to step up to match the legendary Bret Hart. The Match is slow to get going. Reks get early offense before the Usos take control of the match. Regal puts over the Uso’s background. He then puts over Reks and Hawkins’ experience as a heel tag team. Jay gets a super kick and then goes to the top ropes. Reks pulls Hawkins out for Jay to do a dive over the top ropes. Jimmy gets to the top rope and dives on to Curt. We cut to ads.

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Back to the action, the Uso are still in control. Hawkins ditches the ring and runs around it. After diving in, he tags Reks. Hawkins takes a punch to setup Reks’ offense control. The two tag in and out before Hawkins goes on a control segment. The crowd starts building for the Usos. After a few minutes, the Usos take control of the match, but cannot get the pinfall. Reks gets a pin attempt, but is broken up by the other Usos. Reks ties up the legal Uso. When he runs the ropes, the other Uso frees him and takes the hit. The legal Uso does a Samoan drop, but the pin is broken by Hawkins. Reks and Hawkins get a double team to steal a win from the Usos.

Winner: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

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Kaitlyn vs. Tamina

Maxine joins commentary for the match. Kaityln is out first. Tamina is second. Maxine goes Tamina as the better of the two. They lock up and the action is back and forth between the two. Both are vicious to each other. Maxine is making fun of Kaityln cause of her two-color hair. And she defends it since everyone has judgments about her. The match is slow, and the crowd is quiet. Kaityln finishes the match with a submission on Tamina. Maxine says the match was decent and she says she’s done better.

Winner: Kaitlyn

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Josh and Regal put over Big Show’s heel turn. It sets up the Raw Rebound. Big Show will face Cena in a Steel Cage at Now Way out. Gabriel and Percy come out to the arena for the Six Man Tag Match.

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Six Max Tag Match
Justin Gabriel, Percy Watson and Derrick Bateman vs.
Johnny Curtis, Michael McGillicutty and JTG

Gabriel returns to night after being on hurt. JTG and Percy start the match. Percy gets the first offensive. Justin gets the tag. He gets a double team from Percy to continue the offense. Curtis gets the tag and takes control. Gabriel turns the table, and gets an early pin attempt. Bateman gets a tag. He gets offense. Mike gets the tag and he goes on offense. Shortly all six get in the ring. The faces toss the heels out the ring as we go to ads.

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Bateman and Mike are in the ring when we return. Mike is in control of the match. He gets a control segment and then tags in Curtis. Curtis remains in control of the match. Josh mentions the #letsgetweird on his trunks. Bateman is able to tag Percy. Percy goes on the offensive till the heels occupy the ref and toss Percy out of the ring. Curtis makes sure that the ref sees his tag to JTG. JTG goes out does damage to Percy before throwing him in the ring. JTG does some more damage before starting tag in and out with Curtis and Mike. JTG goes on a control segment till Justin gets the hot tag. Justin goes for a pin, and it leads to a smozz. Justin and JTG are left alone and it leads to Gabriel to get the pin on JTG for the win.

Winners: Justin Gabriel, Percy Watson and Derrick Bateman

After the match, Regal praises everyone involved with the match. Regal likes the heel’s strategy and co-ordination. The Face’s resolve to tough it out for a win.

Grash Says…

As storylines go, they have all come to a big halt.

Our Matches this week were good, but not spectacular or MOTY worthy. Reks and Hawkins solidified their support to the GM with their people power shirts as well as getting matching tights. The two wrestled a formula heel grab a victory match with the Usos. The girls brought the fight, but couldn’t get the crowd interested in it. Maxine did okay on commentary making good points for her character. Finally, we had a paint by numbers six man tag that featured the return Justin Gabriel.

One deep criticism of NXT right now is in Regal. Where a few weeks ago when we had storylines Regal would dig into characters. With this gone, Regal is seemingly putting everyone over as the future or doing well to improve. This list includes Derrick Bateman whom he had trashed only weeks before. Heels loose a match, but are put over as what they did as a good thing. Simply, when everyone is put over, no one stands out. And that’s a problem. If one stands out, how can you make them into the next star. The crux of this problem lies directly in the fact that NXT is now in Limbo where no one really knows what is going on with it. So for this reason, Regal HAS to make everyone look good as they could all be called up to the main roster, or be filler for the new 3 hour Raw.

Before I cut out, I give a big thanks for Jason for handling NXT last week.