WWE Superstars
March 18, 2010
Los Angeles, CA/San Diego, CA
Report by: Jeff Springer of WrestleView.com

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

A different but familiar pyro goes off, Kane makes his way down to the ring as Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the 49th episode of the show. “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me” plays throughout the arena which means that Shelton Benjamin will face Kane in the opening contest from the Smackdown brand.

Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin

The bell rings and Kane goes for the lockup but is side stepped by Benjamin. Benjamin puts Kane in a headlock but is thrown into the rope and hit with a shoulder tackle. Shelton goes under the rope for a breather. He gets up and Kane gets Shelton in a go behind, Shelton counters and gains control with the front chancery. Kane backs Shelton up into the corner and lands a big punch, Shelton stumbles out of the corner and is hit with a big elbow. Kane snapmares Shelton and hits the rope and lands a big front dropkick for a 2 count.

Kane picks up Shelton and throws him front first into the corner, He follows that up with an arm bar and a kick to the face. Shelton tries to fight up but is backed into the corner again, Kane sends him to the other corner and goes for a big move but Shelton is able to move. Shelton capitalizes on this and hits a big splash in the corner before hitting the rope and hitting a big crossbody for a two count. Shelton goes for a headlock but is hit with a big back body drop for a 1 1/2 count.

Kane puts a chinlock on Shelton, Shelton begins to return to his feet while Kane transitions into an armbar. Shelton begins to punch his way out of the armbar and continues to lay shots on Kane as he backs him into the corner. Shelton attempts to send Kane into the other corner but is reversed but is able to jump onto the top rope, He lands right into a chokeslam attempt that he blocks but is hit with a big uppercut by Kane. Kane goes to the top rope but is caught with a running kick by Shelton, Shelton than uses the advantage to hit a big split legged moonsault to the outside.


We return from commercial and Shelton has Kane in a sleeper hold, Kane is able to get to his feet and begins to elbow his way out. Shelton ducks a clothesline attempt and starts to land multiple punches to the face on Kane. He sends Kane into the rope but Kane reverses and hits a big boot for another 2 count. Kane picks Shelton up for a tombstone attempt but Shelton is able to punch his way off of Kane over the top rope. He grabs Kane’s head and rams it into the turnbuckle, He heads to the top rope and hits a bulldog, he stumbles over to Kane and goes for the cover but only scores a 2. Shelton goes to send Kane into the rope but Kane counters and hits the sidewalk slam for another two.

Kane goes to the top rope and hits a huge clothesline, He motions for a choke slam but Shelton hooks the top rope to break the hold. Kane sends Shelton into the rope but Shelton is able to use his momentum to hit a ddt for a 2 and a 1/2 . Shelton goes for Pay Dirt but is blocked, Kane goes for the chokeslam but he breaks free and hits a spinning heel kick but on his back to his attack he runs into a big uppercut of Kane’s. Kane goes for his third chokeslam attempt and is successful for the win.

Winner Via Chokeslam: Kane

Todd Grisham announces the big main event from the Raw brand Christian, Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu taking on William Regal, Zack Ryder and Jack Swagger.


Wrestlemania Recall: Pete Rose tombstoned by Kane at Wrestlemania 14.

Raw Preview: Pete Rose guest hosts Raw this Monday!

Michael Cole welcomes us to the Raw portion of the show as Jillian Hall and Katie Lea make their way down to the ring for the next matchup.

Pre Match: Katie Lea tells the crowd that she and Jillian will defeat the Bella’s, Jillian starts to sing to a chorus of boos before being interrupted by the Bella’s music.

Jillian Hall & Katie Lea Vs. The Bella Twins

The bell rings and it is Katie Lea and one of the Bella’s start it off, Katie gets her in a headlock. The lock is countered into a wrist lock but Katie pulls her hair and drops her to the mat for a cover and a 1 count. Katie hits a a slam but goes for an elbow drop but misses, The Bella twin returns to the wrist and runs the rope into a twisting arm drag. She regains control of the arm and makes the tag to her sister, The one twin sends Katie into the rope and hits her with a punch before the other goes over the top for a cover and a 1 1/2.

Katie throws a hip into the gut of the Bella twin and rams her head into the corner. Katie goes for the attack in the corner but the Bella moves before doing a jumping side snapmare for a 1 count. Katie Lea backs the Bella into her corner and makes the tag to Jillian who lands a kick in the corner. She send the Bella into the rope but ducks her head and gets hit with a kick. The Bella lands shots on Jillian before sending her into the corner and landing a monkey flip after making the tag to her sister. The Bella’s hit a double team clothesline for a cover and a 2 count. Jillian gains control with shots to the face, She sends the Bella into the corner but the Bella is able to get an elbow up. The Bella goes for a top rope maneuver that backfires, Jillian capitalizing hitting a big slam for a 2 count.

Jillian picks the Bella up by her hair and hits a spinning face slam before taking her over to her corner for a tag. Katie Lea takes over and lands a kick and a back break for a two count. Katie Lea continues her control with a ground abdominal stretch, The Bella is able to use the crowd response to will herself up but is slammed back to the ground. Katie Lea makes a tag back to Jillian who continues the attack on the Bella. Jillian goes for a leg drop that is missed and gives the Bella to make a tag to her sister. The other Bella comes in like a house of fire and hits two big dropkicks, a clothesline and a snapmare. Her sister comes in and they do a double team bulldog for a cover but Katie Lea breaks it up. Katie Lea knocks the one Bella out before being dropkicked out herself. Jillian uses the advantage to go for a move but is blocked and the Bella does a unique rollup for the win.

Winners Via Rollup: The Bella Twins

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler hype the main event from Raw, Christian, Henry and Tatsu Vs. Regal, Swagger and Ryder.


Chris Jericho Hype Video

Raw Rebound: Bret Vs. Vince is officially signed as a no holds barred match and Bret reveals his injury as a fake and gets some revenge on Vince pre-Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania Buildup: Bret Vs. Vince, MITB, Taker Vs. HBK, HHH Vs. Sheamus,Jericho Vs. Edge and Batista Vs. Cena.

Jack Swagger’s music hits and “The All American American” does his dance and his push ups as he makes his way to the ring for the Main Event!


Wrestlemania 26: 10 Days Away!

Jack Swagger, William Regal & Zack Ryder W/Rosa Mendes vs. Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu & Christian

The bell rings and Yoshi Tatsu and Zack Ryder start it off, Zack hits a shot to the gut and cranks on a headlock. Tatsu sends Ryder into the rope but is shoulder tackled, Ryder hits the ropes and Tatsu ducks under and leap frogs him before going for a hip toss that is blocked. Ryder continues to block the hip toss and Tatsu is able to land a shot in the gut of his own and flips himself over before land multiple kicks and a spinning kick to the gut to take Ryder down. Tatsu takes control of the arm and makes the tag to Christian who comes down on the arm from the top rope before continuing control of the arm. Ryder gets a break and backs up fast into the corner to make the tag to Swagger.

Swagger gets into the ring and Christian decides to tag in Mark Henry, Henry goes for the lock up but Swagger side steps before landing a forearm to the back and getting control with a headlock. Henry sends Swagger into the rope and hits him with a shoulder tackle before backing him up into the corner and landing a headbutt. Henry backs up and brings Ryder into the ring which brings on the double team by Swagger and Ryder. They go for a double suplex but the powerful Henry is able to land the suplex on them. Tatsu and Christian come in and send Swagger over the top rope while Henry grabs hold of Ryder and press slams him onto his partners.


We return from break and William Regal and Christian are in the ring, Regal gets a go behind before gaining control of the arm. They both go into the rope and have a stalemate where Christian takes over and lands a snapmare.Christian hits the rope and lands a short clothesline from the ground for a two count. Christian picks Regal up and he lands a shot to the gut, He hits an uppercut and a kick to the face to give him a chance to tag to his partner Swagger. Swagger hits a semi belly to belly for a two count, He continues his attack with a forearm to the back. He sends Christian into rope but he is able to duck make a tag and slide through his legs before hitting an uppercut that sets up a top rope spinning heel kick by Tatsu for a two count.

Tatsu lands forearm shots to the face before being tripped into the middle rope. Swagger lands clubs to back of Tatsu, He creates a distraction so that Regal can land a knee to the face of Tatsu. Swagger brings Tatsu to his corner where he tags in Ryder who snapmares Tatsu and hits a dropkick to the back of the head for a kickout at 2. Ryder slaps on a headlock but Tatsu starts to comeback but is able to stop his momentum with a slam to the mat. He drags Tatsu to his corner and tags in Regal, Regal continues the attack on Tatsu landing knees and strikes before land an elbow of a shot into the ropes. He picks Tatsu up and hits him with the double underhook slam for a 1 1/2. Regal tags in Swagger who continues the attack on Tatsu with shots in his corner, He takes Tatsu to another corner and lands should shots before sending him into the opposite corner.

Swagger goes for the running vader bomb but it is blocked by the knees of Tatsu. Tatsu crawls to try to get to his corner and is able to make the hot tag to Christian. Ryder is also tagged in, Christian lands multiple shots on Ryder who lands a knee to the gut but walks right into a flap jack. Ryder lands on the middle rope for a break but Christian chokes him but standing on his back before jumping to the outside of the ring and hitting an uppercut. Christian returns to the ring and sets up the impaler but Swagger gets involved and has to be taken to the outside, Christian takes out Regal for good measure before heading to the top rope. Ryder meets him on the top rope but is knocked off, Christian goes for a crossbody but misses and Ryder capitalizes using a neckbreaker for a two count.

Ryder measures Christian for a maneuver but it is countered into a powerbomb that is broken up by Regal. All the men in the match enter the ring for a big brawl, Henry and Tatsu eliminate Swagger and Regal from the ring while Ryder attempts an attack on Christian that is missed. Christian goes to the top rope and hits the flying elbow before measuring him for the Killswitch and the win!

Winners Via Killswitch: Christian, Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry

Post Match: Christian jumps into Mark Henry’s arms and celebrates with his team as the show comes to an end.

Jeff’s Thoughts

Tonight was a very weak night for WWE Superstars on WGN.

Kane vs. Benjamin was the highlight of tonight’s show, Benjamin is uber-talented and he continues to put on a great performance. With these two in Money in the Bank in 10 days it was another good mini buildup for Wrestlemania.

The divas match was an absolute snore fest that didn’t keep my attention in the least. I am a fan of women’s wrestling, but I like it when it has a purpose which this match did not.

The main event from Raw was alright, I am not a big fan of six man tags and this was no exception. The one thing that was extremely evident when it was over was that Christian looks like the odds on favorite for Money in the Bank.

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