WWE NXT on WWE.com
June 13, 2012
Commentators: Josh Mathews & William Regal
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks vs. Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson

As the show opens, there’s a yellow NXT sign at the top of the screen. It is the most awesome sign in the world and who made it is a genius. Regal points out that Curt and Reks have changed from Bret Hart Pink to Dude Green. The Dudes being Big Johnny’s old tag team. The ones with the long blond hair and skateboards. Regal and Josh are putting over all of the talent as the match goes on. The match is a back and forth till Derrick is put into the face in peril. Percy gets the hot tag and tosses both of the heels out. It sets up a dive over the ropes by Bateman.

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Back to the action, Percy is in charge of the match. The Heels take control of the action quickly. Regal gives praises for Curt and Reks as a tag team. Percy becomes the face in peril as commentary also discusses that there will be an “all-new” NXT starting next week. A hot tag is made to Bateman, but he can’t get the pinfall. With some distraction from Hawkins, Reks manages to get the pin for the win.

Winners: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

We have an ad promoting the New NXT that is being filmed at Full Sail. Several FCW talent are shown.


Kaitlyn vs. Natalya

The two lock up and Natalya starts mocking Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn goes for a quick pin as the two trade bridges. The match continues in a power vs. power struggle. Natalya continues to mock Kaitlyn after getting big moves on her. Natalya moves to control the match and goes on a run of near falls including a cute “I’ll sit on you” spot. Natalya is legitimately getting cheered by the crowd when she does “Yay” mocks to Kaitlyn. Natalya gets frustrated as she is unable to put Kaityln away. This becomes her downfall as Kaitlyn gets a flash pinfall for the win. Natalya has a meltdown after the bell and has to be held back from attacking Kaitlyn.

Winner: Kaitlyn

Before going to ads, we get a package promoting the new NXT show with Bo Dallas (Bo Rotunda, Son of IRS and brother to Husky Harris\Bray Wyatt).

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Raw Rebound
Big Show Smash Vince!

The Usos vs. Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty

The Usos make their entrance do their war dance, but the crowd has no clue what to make of it. They do respond to the pyro. The show cuts to ads before the heels enter.

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Before returning we get a second package promoting the new NXT show with Richie Steamboat talking about his father’s legacy and how he’s trying to be himself. We get the heels come out to Curtis theme. Fitting as there’s an orange “Weird” sign in the crowd. The match is a back and forth before the Usos get their UE-SO chant going. Regal digs into Josh about calling Curtis weird. It leads into Jay (he’s the one with the tattoo on his chest) being the face in peril as the heels go to work on him. He gets pulled out of the ring as we go to ads.


Before returning to action, we get a repeat of the package for the all-new NXT. When we get to action, Jay is already back in the ring and is continuing taking a beating from the heels. Regal explains that the only option for Jay now is to tag his brother in. Regal again remarks at how well Curtis and McGillicutty are teaming with each other. Curtis would prevent Jay from tagging out several times. Jay manages to separate himself and get the hot tag on Jimmy. Jimmy goes on a tear but cannot get the pinfall. The Usos set up for a Superfly splash, but Jay’s leg isn’t there. Curtis manages to break things up. Curtis is washed out of the ring. Mike misses his move and takes a neck breaker. It sets up a Superfly splash for the win. Regal calls it a tremendous match and makes a plea to the powers that be in the WWE for more of tag team action like this.

Winners: The Usos

Grash Says…

The story again this week is the preparation for the current NXT talent to move on into roles on Raw, SmackDown or Superstars after this week. So nothing else needs to be said in this area. As for matches, we did get three very good matches. Watching them again for the second time, Regal does a masterful job of filling in information which was not evident from my seats in the arena.

When you listen to the crowd reactions to this week’s NXT, they are all legitimate crowd noise. The crowd was in to each match and having fun the whole way through. The three packages that were mentioned in my recap for the new NXT were not shown in arena. This is perfectly fine as the audience for these packages is not the arena crowd but to us the NXT faithful.

In retrospect, season five started on March 8th, 2011. I know this because when the current episode of NXT ends, YouTube moves to that episode. 66 Episodes later, the season of “Redemption” is finally coming to a close. I am fortunate to say here that I was glad to see this last venue taping in person.