Full Sail University
June 28, 2012
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“Welcome Home”

Seth Rollins vs. Jiro

JR says Bryon Saxton has replaced William Regal on commentary. Jiro is in the ring already as Rollins comes out. He moves like CM Punk, but more awkwardly. Rollins would dominate most of the match. Jiro would get a few pieces of offense which are turned around by Rollins. Rollins hits his Blackout finisher for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the Match, Rollins is given a post-match interview. After the promo, Jinder Mahal enters. Mahal and Rollins have dirty looks at each other.

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Jinder Mahal vs. Jason Jordan

When we return, Jinder Mahal is talking in his native tongue. He switches over to English to say he will remake NXT in his image with a reign of dominance. Jason Jordan is out next. He gets cheers from the crowd. Mahal goes on offense from the get go. Byron talks about Mahal having goals. JR and Bryon then talk about Jordan’s amateur background. After Mahal misses a knee drop, Jordan gets an offensive move in. Mahal turns things around quickly to apply the camel clutch for the submission win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Mahal gets a post-match promo. He starts in his native tongue, but then switches over to English. He repeats most of his pre-match promo.

We get a package for Leo Kruger. He’s from Southern Africa. He calls himself the Alpha Male Lion and will prove that he is an icon. Leo’s debut is next.


Raw 1000
Dolph Ziggler talks about the first Monday Night Raw.

Leo Kruger vs. Aiden English

English is already in the ring as Leo enters the arena. Leo looks like Al snow with a lion skin over his shoulder. Leo dominates this extended squash match. Leo applies body scissors for the submission win.

Winner: Leo Kruger

We get a package for Richie Steamboat.

The Usos vs. The Ascension

Regal And Chris has join JR on Commentary. The Usos are out first and do their war dance for the crowd. The Ascension is out next. The Usos get their chant going right away. The action begins. Kenneth gets first blood, but the Usos get the first run on offense. Kenneth gets an opening and Ascension goes on the attack as they tag in and out. It stops with the two men down. It sets up a double tag. The Usos get the hot tag. Connor breaks up the pin attempt. After flushing one of the Uso brothers over the ropes, Connor makes a hidden tag. The other Uso brother hits a move on Kenneth, only for Connor to take over and hit his finisher, Downfall, for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Ascension

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Richie Steamboat vs. Rick Victor

Steamboat enters the arena as Victor is already in the ring. Steamboat goes on the offensive first. His hall of fame father is shown in the crowd. Richie would control this match from beginning to end. Victor would put up a small fight, but would bump well to make Richie look good. Richie would hit his Sling-blade finisher to set up the pin.

Winner: Richie Steamboat

After the match, JR puts over the Bateman\Curtis main event. Cesaro’s promo from last week plays.

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Raw Rebound
Y-U-Light-Brite vs. Green Man. Giant Man beats up Green Man.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Dante Dash

Cesaro has Aksana when he enters the arena. Dante is already in the ring. Cesaro goes on the offensive right away. It’s a show of strength and brutality from Cesaro on Dante. Cesaro uses his neutralizer finisher for the pin fall.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Bray Wyatt has real love for you
Again, recapping this will not do it justice. You have to see. And believe in Wyatt’s power.

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Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis

Curtis is out first. He’s smarmy as he heads to the ring. Bateman is out next. He shakes a little girl’s hand before entering the ring. Curtis gets a slap and runs. Bateman follows. Curtis gets in the ring, but misses a knee on Bateman when he tries to enter. Bateman gets in the ring and goes on offense. He finally gets his own slap on Curtis. JR is putting over that the time is now and eyes are watching them. Bateman tweaks his leg and Curtis begins to work on it. Curtis gets a leg lock to work the leg. After being held in it, Bateman breaks the lock after striking Curtis. Curtis then goes for another hold, but Bateman kicks him off. Bateman goes on offense, but hits a move that tweaks his leg. Bateman is getting a chant as he hits his DBE, a modified DDT finisher. It’s the 1-2-3 for Bateman.

Winner: Derrick Bateman

Grash Says…

Okay, we got six matches in this episode. We got the debuts of Seth Rollins, Leo Kruger, and Richie Steamboat. Each of these matches were extended squashes which gave us a taste of what these men can do. Mahal had a squash. With all of these squashes taking place, it’s doesn’t do much to separate these guys apart other than it builds the haves and have-nots on NXT. Of these four, Steamboat got the most time and build. After that, Mahal had the next most built with a pre- and post-match promo.

Jinder’s run on SmackDown has been regarded as lackluster at best. What Mahal is doing here is to refocus and repackage himself so that he can return to the main roster. This is the path which Tyson Kidd paved for him. We’re just seeing the first steps on this journey for Mahal.

Given that it’s Curtis and Bateman going at it in the main event, NXT regulars would feel short changed by the contest. This is an unfortunate side effect of having six matches on the show this week. When viewed through the lenses of that this match was a way to introduce Curtis and Bateman, the match is fine. The feeling I’m left with is akin to getting the 9oz steak and wishing you got the 12oz or 16oz instead.