From the Desk of Mr. V #147 (Special Feature)
July 19, 2012
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo of

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”
– Harry S. Truman

Yes, I know folks I thought I was going to leave for a bit. I said my goodbyes and thanked all who kindly will miss my column. As we know, no one ever retires in professional wrestling whether it is wrestlers, commentators, or even the lowly columnist. There was a story that I just had to share and write my two cents. I may be completely off on my comments regarding this video and what I got from it, but there is just an outrage in this, dare I type, Internet Wrestling Community (aka the I.W.C) that sparked controversy.

Here is the video that I wanted to share. It is from WWE’s Web-show “Are You Serious”? The show is hosted by Josh Mathews and Road Dogg and they poke fun at videos from previous years. Well, for some members in this “IWC” accused the WWE once again of “bullying” their fan base with the latest installment of #WCWRuinsEverything. Just watch the video for yourself.

When the video reaches the 3:20 mark, we are introduced by a new puppet character named “Mark” who is “really smart”. “Mark” said if WCW never existed we would never have cruiserweights, Monday Night Wars, Ralphus, etc. I read some of the comments regarding this video and I can’t believe how harsh people are in this “review”. I saw on YouTube a 16-minute rant over a one-minute part of the video that I could not get through because of the ineptness of that individual.

Now let me present some YouTube comments bashing the video. I will not release their YouTube handles.

“The WWE trashing their own fanbase like this constantly is part of the reason their popularity has sunk so low”

“WCW Continues to ruin everything? It’s one thingto be biased towards WCW without giving them credit, but to make and poke fun of Internet wrestling fans that’re probably your best fans? That’s downright pathetic, which means I’m done watching this redundant, pathetic display of a show who’s hosts is one who never made it to become a wrestler in tough enough, and another who was overrated on the mic. Clearly done.”

“Wow talk about hypocrisy. Bastion Booger, Isaac Yankem, Mantaur. turning Hector Guerrero into a turkey, Terry Taylor into a chicken (rooster), Chavo into Kerwin White, The One Mag Gang into Akeem, Wild Bill Irwin into The Goon. WWE has a history of burying good wrestlers with awful gimmicks as well. All organizations did this, but to keep picking on WCW just because you won is just poor class. Just lost a fan guys, oh ya WCW never had a Legendary Wrestler give birth to a Hand.”

Mr. V’s Take

Fellow wrestling fans, please? Why can’t we all have a sense of humor?

What the WWE did was give the fans what they want, right? More fuel to the fire for those that just can’t take a joke. There are people on the Internet that complain, complain, complain (I know I typed that three times, enough with the green swiggly line, Microsoft Word). They can explain their reasoning, but only want the people and other Internet Wrestling Community members that agree with them. Those fans don’t want to think outside the box. Those are the fans that will write nasty things on forum boards, yet when “Mark” comes out they are offended? I am sorry, students. That is laughable.

Leave it to those people to post their displeasures in front of a mere hundred or the occasional thousand visits on their YouTube page. And when one disagrees, the flaming ensues.

My problem is this: “If you get offended too easy, don’t bother working your profession”.

I am a teacher. I am not perfect (and let’s face it, no one is perfect). If I get criticized for a particular lesson, I calm down and relax. Keep your emotions in check. If I had anyone get under my skin too easily I would not survive in my profession, be on medication to lower my blood pressure, and never enjoy every scenario that goes on to my head.

In earlier columns, I was subborn. Then I stopped at my tracks, listened (or read), and digested. One should not immediately yell and scream at something that appalls them, especially on the Internet. Remember, the Internet lasts forever.

If one can’t let that stew in their brains, I feel sorry for them.

I will close this with a comment from that Are You Serious video that could easily sum up my statement.

“Lol if the IWC can make fun of WWE, why can’t they return the favor? You guys can dish it out but sure can’t take a joke lol” – YouTube user dflowers30

If you make the comments on video or text, don’t cry “foul” if you get an insult thrown your way…formal or informal.

I apologize that I wasted the reader’s time. It just needed typed.

To the WWE, thank you for “Mark”. Whoever created that idea was “really smart”.

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Thanks for reading. I hope to do more of these in the future.

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