September 26, 2012
Full Sail University
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

We start with a package about Kassius Ohno talking about being dangerous. Richie Steamboat, he says, found out the hard way. The package shows Ohno beating on Richie leading to the sparring match from last week.

“Welcome Home”

Michael McGillicutty vs. Bo Dallas

The show starts with a loud NXT chant from the crowd. Mike is out first and we are reminded that he’s got the first shot at the NXT champion. Regal sees superstar written all over Mike. Bo Dallas is out. He gets less of a response from the crowd as Mike does. Commentary muses on the grandfathers of the two as Bo takes early control of the match. He goes on a long control segment. Mike ends on the outside of the ring and Bo continues the offensive outside the ring. He rolls Mike in, only for him to roll out again. Bo is continuing the fight. The ref gets to seven before Bo rolls Mike back in again. He goes for a quick pin attempt, and then continues the offensive. Regal says the match could change with a simple opening. It comes as Mike uses the ref in the way to take control of the match. The crowd is chanting for Bo as we head to commercial.


Mike is still in control as we head back from ads. We get replay showing that Bo’s arm has been hurt. Mike gets a hammerlock on Bo. They fight to their feet, but Mike keeps control and continues to work the arm. Mike starts striking Bo. The crowd once again is behind Bo before he strikes back and flips over him. Mike moves and sends Bo into the ringpost before continuing the offense. Bo tries to fight back. He needs two chances before he gets a clothesline to retake control of the offensive. Mike gets planted face first and Bo motions for his finisher. He takes too long and Mike gets away into the ropes. Mike holds the top rope and then turns around to punch Bo. He hit his finisher and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty

We have a package for Paige. She has the same mouth and spunk as her mom does. I don’t need to know more about her. She’s cuter than her mom.


Raw Rebound

Punk, Foley, Cena. Hell in a Cell. A Pipe bomb. The Ryback.

Jake Carter vs. Leo Kruger

Jake is out first. He looks like Miz dressed up in Country Redneck Denim. Leo Kruger is out next. And he’s happy. Leo goes into the corner and sits. A few seconds pass before Leo jumps up and goes on the offensive on Jake. Jake eventually gets rolled out of the ring as Leo stalks him. Jake is rolled back in to the ring as Leo goes to work on him again. Leo is smiling to the crowd as he continues his offensive. He pulls the ear, pulls the hair, does a crossface. Commentary is talking about Leo in insane and crude ways. Leo gets a flying tackle, but doesn’t want to make the pinfall. Jake then gets an opening . He loses control on the turnbuckle. Leo pounds his head. It’s like a headbanger, but it’s both hands at the same time. He then hits his finisher for the win.

Winner: Leo Kruger


Ryback is out next to the NXT arena to a great pop and chant of “Feed Me More”.

Ryback vs. Aiden English & Francis Remi Dorian

Regal mentions their names, and they get an early hit on Ryback. But that’s it. Ryback goes NOM NOM NOM NOM. The Ryback goes on a march and he finishes them.

Winner: Ryback “Feed Me More”


Kassius Ohno is out first, but his music still sucks. We get a review from last week of the end of the sparring match leading to this contest. Richie Steamboat is out next, and his music sucks less. JR joins commentary for the match.

Richie Steamboat vs. Kassius Ohno

Richie goes on the offensive first, but they are separated. They run the map and Richie gets a crossbody to take the offensive. Ohno uses the ropes and the two are separated. Again, Richie is on the offensive. This time Ohno begs off. Richie locks up and continues the offensive. Commentary talks about the big shadow that Richie has to be under cause his father is the Dragon. Ohno still hasn’t gotten any offense in the match. Ohno manages to knock Richie down and he falls out of the ring as we go to commercial.


When we come back, Ohno is using the ropes to damage Richie. He’s breaking just at 4 to not get DQ’ed. This continues the offensive from Ohno. The two stand and strike each other till Ohno gets a large strike. Ohno pumps up, but in that time, Steamboat recovers and goes on the offensive. Richie jumps and rolls Ohno, but Ohno rolls it further. They fight again and Richie goes for a missile dropkick from the top rope. He hits it but Ohno kicks out. Richie continues the offensive, but gets a kick to the face from Ohno. Ohno can’t get the pinfall though. The crowd is chanting for Steamboat. Ohno goes to work on Richie, but is pulled off by the ref. This gives the setup for a superkick from Richie on Ohno. Ohno kicks out. Richie goes to the top rope, but misses. Ohno goes for a pin, but he can’t get the pinfall either. The crowd is going crazy for the match. Ohno goes and grabs Richie. Richie counters and gets an inside cradle for the win.

Winner: Richie Steamboat

After the match, Ohno gets a KO on Richie and puts him into his cravate hold. Several refs have to enter the ring to separate the two. Regal points out the bigger picture here is that Steamboat is lying on the mat helpless.

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