David Stephens from Wrestleview.com’s column “That’s A Wrap” has got my dander up a bit, and I’d like to provide some retorts to the column he’s recently written.

When your forum, and that’s what this is, a forum, is left to words and the hope that people on the other side of the internet taking time out of their lives to read those words, you sometimes have to embellish upon your opinions in order to get someone’s dander up to the point that they want to read what you have to say, whether or not to agree, disagree, write back, or basically just mutter some insult under their breath, and move on.

Negativity in these columns is necessary. Yes, there is a glutton of negativity out there within the ranks of the internet wrestling community, and I could be one of the men at the top of that list. I’m not going to sit here and deny the fact that I have ripped the product a new one from time to time, and I intend on continuing to do so, when I feel the situation warrants.

However, I think that each member of the internet wrestling community has their own philosophies in how they write their own product. Yes, there are a plethora of individuals that tend to copy the ideas of people who would possess the aptitude and writing ability to express their opinions with clarity and grace. Fortunately, none of those people reside at this website that Mr. Stephens and I work for.

Before I continue, I would like to state that I am not “angry” with David’s opinions in his most recent chapter of his column. I am, however, feeling that I need to personally place my viewpoint on this topic because fortunately or not, it tends to cross my path just about as much as it does his, and I thought his column was a perfect launching point to place my views on the table for future debate.

Now, with regard to my own philosophies on my columns, this is the bottom line. I never have once, nor will I ever say that I am an expert in professional wrestling. I don’t know the ins and outs of ring psychology, how to bump, how to promo, or anything such as that. I don’t know how to book, I don’t know how to present a show that would be considered entertaining to anyone out there who would desire to watch a professional wrestling event.

Sounds like I don’t have a clue what I am talking about. Well, at times, I don’t. I admit that. But what I am going to say is simple. I am a wrestling fan. Fans cheer what they like, and they boo what they don’t like. The word “fan” is short for “fanatic” so sometimes, the views can be slightly skewered, and at times, even a little radical. Perfect example of that would be the public lynching I took on Wrestling News Live when I called Hulk Hogan the anti – christ of professional wrestling.

A fan is passionate, and wants what they consider to be perfection at all times, and will not settle for anything further than that. Hence, the consistent criticism of the product is always there for any fan who discusses pro wrestling.

Hence, a lot of my columns are laden with rips and rants and raves on the product that I watch, when I am able to get the chance to do so.

However, the staunch philosophy I have lived by since day one that I began following pro wrestling, and even more so when I began writing here at Wrestleview is this. I respect and admire each and every talent that has the intestinal fortitude to step through the ropes and execute in the ring, putting themselves at risk day in day out, and performing at a level that I could only dream of.

While I may personally rip a storyline or an angle of some sort, or some ridiculous promo from Santino Marella, for example, I have to give the man credit. He has the ability, both on the mike, and in the ring, to be the cowardly heel that is beyond funny in his performance.

In a way, the talents inside the squared circle are athletes and performers, which is something that the athletes in the four major sports could not even dream of attaining a talent such as that.

I know the term “sports entertainment” is often scoffed upon, but it is the primary reason that I watch pro wrestling, and absolutely the reason why I have been writing the Palace for the past five years.

David’s concern for the columnists who are consistently negative in their viewpoints on the web is warranted. However, my feeling on this is simple. It’s something that I will begin to do immediately following this column, and something I believe David should strive to attain.

Instead of worrying about what person A and person B are writing about, and whether or not they agree or disagree with your own opinions, focus on the love you have of pro wrestling, and the enjoyment you feel when you discuss it, whether it be verbally or in the written form.

I can tell you this, as you’ll find out in the coming days, the fire has been re-kindled to a blaze inside my gut from an opportunity that has been given to me. I myself am ready with a refreshed vim and vigor to come to this website with venom, insanity, thoughts, and points to talk about and hopefully receive feedback on.

Because without the feedback of the fans of pro wrestling that visit Wrestleview.com, we, well, I can’t speak for David, but I, personally, would be out of a job. And that, from my own personal point of view, is completely unacceptable.

In order not to bore anyone to tears, I’m going to talk some wrestling before closing out this chapter. First, let me copy from Wrestleview, the results from the other night’s opening salvo from the Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin Australia tour.

– Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore & The Pimp Father (aka The Godfather) def. Rock of Love.

– Matt Cross def. Shannon Moore.

– The Nasty Boys def. Vampire Warrior & Black Pearl in a Street Fight.

– Lacey Von Erich won a Bikini Contest.

– Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy) def. Sean Morley (Val Venis).

– Too Cool (Rikishi & Brian Christopher) def. Orlando Jordan & Eddie “Umaga” Fatu.

– Hulk Hogan def. Ric Flair when Hogan used brass knucks along with interference from Lacey Von Erich.

Ok. Question. I am not going to sit here and rip Hogan and Flair a new one, by any stretch, but is this the best that they could do with the talents they had on the tour, this type of a card? Where was Paul London? Where was Heidenreich? Is the best they could do with the three women on the tour a bikini contest? (Granted, Lacey in a bikini is worthwhile by any stretch, but let’s try and think like a wrestling purist, with the amount of pub and hype this card got). I know London and Heidenreich aren’t household names, but I would’ve thought with the hype that was supposedly coming with this tour, they’d be able to come up with a card that was a little more ‘unique’ than this.

Also, is Hogan doing nWo here or is he the red and yellow? Because I would never have remembered a day in the red and yellow where Hogan would get not only interference from a woman, but use brass knuckles to win a match.

It’s kind of a little telling as to how mediocre this card looks on paper, as how it was probably presented in the arena down under. Not sure, obviously, but it’s just one man’s opinion.

I am very happy, very happy to hear Bryan Danielson signed his contract with WWE. I hope that the American Dragon is quickly brought to the main roster, but who knows for sure what will happen there. But Dragon in WWE is good for business, in my opinion, and it will make me work harder to get to watch the matches. I know this is an absolute pipe dream, but it would be this ROH fan’s dream to see Danielson debut alongside FCW’s Kaval, known mostly to the remainder of the wrestling world as Low Ki.

Speaking of Ring of Honor, I have to be very honest with you, I am disappointed at the choice of who will receive the world title shot at Final Battle. I have been in consistent debate as to whether or not to go to the show. I’ll admit, after this week, that debate will change dramatically, but not because of the news I am talking about here. I am kind of disappointed that Tyler Black is getting yet another shot at the ROH World Title. Tyler Black received a shot when Austin Aries won the belt at Manhattan Mayhem III. Wouldn’t it be a little bit better suited to have someone ELSE challenge for the belt in the same location where Black lost? Now, let’s say this, if Colt Cabana is able to capture the ROH title in his shot that is forthcoming, in Cabana’s hometown of Chicago, then this statement becomes moot, because Cabana vs. Black is a very interesting and intriguing match when you put the ROH World Championship in to the mix, stir it up in the cauldron, and see what comes out.

I also am reading that the Briscoes have a shot at the World tag titles against the Wolves at Final Battle. Question. Is this ROH’s lame attempt at keeping the Briscoes happy, since Jay and Mark have been receiving invites for tryout matches with WWE? It seems a little convenient that after ROH invites Jay and Mark to compete in tryout matches for WWE, that they place them as contenders for the Wolves at the grand stage of Manhattan for Final Battle. It seems a little bit of an ulterior agenda is in place, here. Something that is debatable, is it not?

One last little note from Japan. I have a request of ROH. I need to see the current GHC Tag Team Champions come to the US. Kensuke Sasaki and Takeshi Morishima, two of possibly the toughest men on the planet, are the current GHC Tag champions, and it just has me very very excited to see the prospectus of what could happen from a destruction point of view with these two behemoths tagging up as the current champions in Pro Wrestling NOAH. WIth the injuries that have plagued NOAH, and the loss of Misawa, this team, along with the returning Marufuji, leads me to believe that perhaps the down turn NOAH had been feeling since Misawa’s untimely death is beginning to change. My own personal concern, however, is this.

The next challengers for the Japanese version of Team Destruction is Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama. That worries me. Kobashi has been involved with the Global HARDCORE title, of all things, and now he’s involved in a tag match with two men that can be lethal to a talent’s career, especially one’s who has had such health concerns as Kobashi’s. While I wish Kobashi all the success in the world in his career, I fear for the man’s safety, because the calibre of talent he has begun to face inside the green cavnassed ring of NOAH has become very dangerous, very dangerous, indeed.

Ok, thanks for reading. It’s links time.


Next week is going to be exciting! Mark my words!

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