A few things need to be discussed this week, as I offer up picks for Survivor Series, discuss the potential of a program involving the Undertaker & John Cena for Wrestlemania 26, and more. Let’s get down to business.

First and foremost, I went against the boycott I have had against TNA Wrestling and attempted to watch some portion of thursday night’s broadcast. Yes, I am a man who contradicted his word, but allow me the opportunity to explain why. I was home from work that night as my wife was in her highlight of the year seeing the new Twilight movie, (actually a Twilight double feature, run for your life), so I had the chance to actually see Impact when it was being aired. I didn’t see it from the beginning because I didn’t think I wanted to, but I did relent and try and catch it toward the midway point.

I saw the entrances of Daniels, Desmond Wolfe, Kurt Angle,. and AJ Styles. And then, as God as my witness, I don’t remember a thing about the match. I didn’t move, I didn’t change the channnel. I either fell asleep, or I just absolutely didn’t give one damn about what I was seeing, and I just tuned out the whole thing. I kid you not, ladies and gentlemen, I couldn’t tell you move one of what transpired during that match.

I also attempted to try out last week’s episode of Impact on Spike.com. When I was hearing more Hogan references during the broadcast than discussions of the matches, and when I saw Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart absolutely waddle to the ring with knees that looked worse than kindling that had been burned to ash, I figured it was time to figure out something else to do with my time.

Ok, enough TNA bashing. Let’s move on to something else.

I am very interested to see how things transpire with Jesse “The Body” as host of Raw this week. I think that is going to be some absolutely classic television. I am sad to no end that I missed the Rowdy One last week. The vids I saw on WWE.com were classic, to say the least. It was fun to watch from beginning to end.

I have a little bit of a question on WWE’s part if they intend on eventually going with the Undertaker vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 26. I understand the logic of the two top men in the company, or two of the top five men in the company going at it on the grand stage, but the elements surrounding the match are difficult to sort through. Is it possible for John Cena to turn heel for this match? I don’t know. WIll this match be for a championship? From what I have read, there is a distinct possibility that the chances are there that it will not be, as it is rumoured that Batista is in line to take the title from the Dead Man in the not too distant future.

I question the validity of the report of Batista taking the title from ‘Taker, as Bats just began a program with Rey Mysterio, but the cloudiness of the situation involving Taker’s health, the World title, the inter promotional situation involving Cena & Taker, and whether or not WWE can fully turn Cena heel makes this scenario difficult to seemingly pull off. I am interested to no end what will transpire in the coming weeks and months leading up to the Royal Rumble as to what happens with this potential program.

I didn’t catch Smackdown this week, as committments that will be explained in future episodes of the Palace have made it difficult to watch Smackdown fully. I did read a report as how CM Punk has seemingly been demoted to mid card feuds, as he is involved with R-Truth, but the viewpoint I’d like to take on this is such: Punk is a 3 time world champion. Truth has not been given a chance to fully show his abilities since returning to WWE. If Truth is going to be given the chance to elevate to main event status, he has to have the opportunity to do so against someone who is on that level. Punk is there. He is a main eventer. Whether or not he’s doing mid card feuds, whatever, Punk is a main eventer, and if Truth has to have Punk as a stepping stone to elevate him to championship calibre, then, what can I say, except, c’est la vie, and let the chips fall where they may.

I have begun to become a huge fan of ECW. I know, I’ve sat here for months on end and killed ECW every which way but sunday for the lack of talent, and the lack of programming creativity on the show. But, the opportunities presented to me to watch ECW through Hulu.com have shown me that my viewpoints on ECW have been drastically misled.

I’ll talk more about ECW as I get the chance to watch more of the programming. I’m going to use some of my homework to go to hulu and check out some older ECW to further embellish my feelings on the new superstar initiative, and the eventual direction that the program is headed.

It’s really difficult for me to comment on anything with Raw since I don’t get the chance to watch it due to my schedule, so I’ll keep that off topic for the time being. It’s also difficult for me to truly go in to much of anything right now, because there is some business coming down through the site that is going to change the focus of this column tremendously from this chapter onward.

So, since I’m running out of options to talk about, let’s get to Survivor Series.

Team Mickie James over Team Michelle McCool.

Both teams are not exactly skilled technicians. Eve, Kelly, Divas Champion Melina, Gail Kim & Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool, Jillian, Beth Phoenix, Layla, and Alicia Fox. When you try and divide the teams up, it’s a difficult way to properly determine who is the more talented bunch. Bottom line here, Mickie and Michelle are seemingly in the main divas feud on Smackdown for the women’s championship, and the potential of this eventually leading to a Mickie vs. Michelle title match is pretty iminent. Question is, does Michelle & Layla’s living hell idea continue, or does Mickie fire back? I think with the help, Mickie gets the dupe.

Team Orton over Team Kofi

Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston just doesn’t seem right to me. I know it’s the necessity because of the stips from last month’s pay per view, and it has to happen that Orton fights with someone else, but Kofi Kingston is the last person on the roster I would’ve expected Randy to have been put in to a feud with. Now, while I don’t suspect that Kofi’s troop is going to be able to wirthstand the combined efforts of Legacy, I do think Kofi will make a breakout showing here, and continue his rise toward main event status. He’s had runs with mid card singles titles and tag championships. Success in this run with Randy will propel him to world title contention, and I suspect that is the eventual result in this contest.

Couple of things to note that kind of bother me though, in this match. One, while I understand the pairings involving the teams, Orton, Rhodes, DiBiase, Punk & Regal vs. Kofi, MVP, Henry, Truth & Christian, I have a couple of problems here. One, I want Regal and Christian in an ECW title match. Yes, it’s been done, repeatedly, on free television, but it’s been entertaining, and damnit, the ECW title needs to be given a little more respectability and prestige by being defended on a pay peer view. Secondly, I would’ve preferred to see Legacy and MVP & Henry collide in some form of a match to determine who would be next to challenge for the unified tag straps. However, when the teams are analyzed, the feuds are there, and I think this will be a very good match to watch. Not the best of the three elimination matches by far, but very enjoyable, none the less.

This next match, the final traditional Survivor Series match, is by far, the most intriguing match on the entire card. Even with the main events for the titles, I like this match more.

Captain John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Finlay, Evan Bourne & Shelton Benjamin vs. Captain The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Andy Knowles’s most hated wrestler, Sheamus, Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler.

Obviously, the pairings are there. Finlay has problems with McIntyre in a big way. Morrison and Ziggler have been tearing it up. Swagger and Hardy? Don’t know for certain. Sheamus and Shelton have a beef, and Bourne could have a beef with Swagger, or anyone else on the team, or is just filler for team Morrison, whatever the case may be. Then there’s the primary problems between the former tag team partners turned singles champions.

The athletic ability in this match is unparalleled. The possibilities of the spots that could be executed in this match is almost infinite. I cannot wait to see how this match pans out. I am going to take Team Morrison over Team Miz because I believe the Miz’s ego is going to piss off the wrong person on his team, whether it be Sheamus or McIntyre, and then the subsequsent battles between teammates will cost the match.

Batista over Rey Mysterio. I think Batista will be next in line for the World Heavyweight Championship, and this feud should and probably will end sunday night. It’s not a feud I think the WWE Universe, (oh, I said that, yuck, let me wash my mouth out with soap), wants to see. I know I don’t want to see it.

WWE Champion John Cena retains the title over Triple H & Shawn Michaels. I think DX will implode here, and return to singles competitors. I think Cena will defy the odds one more time, and figure out a way to get the job done. I don’t see H or HBK winning the belt without DX imploding, and if Cena wins, DX is doomed. This is the way to write DX off television, for the time being. It’s reincarnation for the umpteenth time has done what is has needed to do.

World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker over the Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho & the Big Show.I see Jericho and Show also beginning to disintergrate here. I could see Jericho continuing to chase Undertaker until Batista is in position to challenge for the strap, but the unified tag belts are going off of Jerishow pretty quickly after this match. It just seems too obvious. How much fun would it be if the Brothers of Destruction managed to get the unified tag straps?

Ok. I gotta go. My energy level is nil. I have a big announcement coming up this week. Check out the Pro Wrestling Rewind this weekend, as I join Andy Knowles one more time for another 2 hours of hijinks, controversies, and conspiracies. Check out the rewind by going to Wrestleview’s section for the show, at wrestleview.com/rewind. If you miss the rewind, I will make the announcement on my next column.

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