Dave’s Column #1
Written by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

It was time for a change. Perusing Wrestleview over the past couple of months I have noticed that the number of columns is dwindling. Most columnists have come and gone, with a few stalwarts hanging on. Rather than shake my head in dismay knowing readers are hungry for more columns, I’ve decided to throw my hat back into the mix.

The institution of Dave’s Column brings about the death of That’s a Wrap. I logged over 50 of those columns, but they are mostly memories of years past. It was time for a rebirth, if you will. As the Raw recapper here on Wrestleview, you can expect that the column will be Raw centric – but not exclusive. I also host the Teacher’s Lounge on the Wrestleview Radio Network along with Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V) and host the TNA PPV Post Shows with Mike Tedesco (Smackdown Recapper).

Boring introductions aside, let’s jump into the column with what will be a recurring feature each week henceforth.

Hot 20

As the Raw recapper I have long wanted to get back to a power style ranking, a la my old ECW recaps. Raw is far too massive of a show to keep my sanity whilst factoring in win loss records, so instead I’m going to go in a different direction. The Hot 20 is based upon the impact that a Superstar or Diva makes on Raw. This is not a WWE wide ranking, but instead focuses solely on those performers who appear on Raw. Smackdown talents are eligible, but their efforts on Smackdown are not taken into consideration.

1. CM Punk
The WWE Champion opens up the first ever Hot 20 on the heels of his fan punching crusade. Punk may get sued, but for the week he has burned his way to the top of the list.

2. Ryback
He may not be a goat, but the next object of Ryback’s feast obsession is the WWE Championship. It may not go down easy (and it will hurt more coming back out), but Ryback has his sights, and utensils, set upon CM Punk.

3. John Cena
The perennial list topper barely appeared on Raw this week due to his recent elbow surgery. His presence as a dominating persona has kept him in the Hot 3 despite a lack of in-ring action.

4. Daniel Bryan & Kane
Easily the most entertaining duo in the WWE, Bryan and Kane continue to thrill the WWE Universe. Their tandem may have an expiration date, but until then they will keep winning by hugging it out.

5. Mr. McMahon
A rare emergence on the list, McMahon is a predominately behind the scenes figure in the PG era of wrestling. His impact, even if only a ratings ploy, was felt and placed him in the Hot 5.

6. AJ Lee
She’s a crazy chick who continues to run Raw as the GM. She opted not to help Punk out of his match against McMahon, which in turn helped audiences watch the WWE Champion run away from a senior citizen.

7. Alberto Del Rio
After losing to Sheamus for the 7,538th time, Del Rio had a break to team up with Dolph this past week on Raw. Rio was unsuccessful in his bid but a non-Title match up against the Tag Team Champions has kept him Hot in viewers’ minds.

8. Sheamus
Sheamus met a beat down at the hands of Tensai and The Big Show this week, but earns points for his resiliency and determination by getting back to his feet and standing in the ring after the attack.

9. The Miz
Larry King.

10. R-Truth
As his Tag Team with Kingston dissipates Truth finds himself looking for a new home. Truth and Little Jimmy may have been arguing this week, but a team with Brodus Clay could be in both of their futures.

11. Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler’s showing off did not pay dividends this week as he lost in his tag team effort against the Champions in a non-Title matchup.

12. The Big Show
Trying to make his way up the list, Show is being careful in his return. His sights appear set on the World Heavyweight Championship.

13. Wade Barrett
The Souvenir is a lame name, but his finisher is devastating nonetheless. Plus, his scruffy beard accentuates his character.

14. Heath Slater & Company
Their attacks are designed to try and make an impact. However, to be taken seriously the band may need less air band-ing before they find their careers up in the air.

15. Antonio Cesaro
Regardless of how many languages he speaks, Cesaro still has room to grow in terms of audience penetration.

16. Eve Torres
Quickly defeated Kaitlyn this week and continues her reign as the Divas Champion.

17. Brodus Clay
If not for Little Jimmy, Clay may not have squeaked onto this list at all. He has been cooling down over the past couple of weeks and the rumors are that a gimmick change is in the works.

18. Tensai
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. With the WWE website even labeling him a disappointment this past week, Tensai’s initial push is evaporating. Success in Japan does not always correlate to success in the States so Tensai’s future could very well be in doubt.

19. Zack Ryder
Sure, the Rhodes Scholars were victorious and moved on in the Tag Tournament at the expense of Ryder & Santino, but the Long Island Iced Z still barely manages to make the Hot List thanks to his place in viewers’ hearts. Woo Woo Woo You Know It.

20. Tyson Kidd
A recurrent jobber, Tyson Kidd has managed to find his role on RAW. It may not be the most glamorous or profitable, yet he is having an impact. All it takes is one lucky moment, one lucky victory, and Kidd could well be on his way to a singles Championship.

It feels good to flex my digits once again. This column will be fleshed out more over the next couple of weeks, so treat issue #1 like the start of a slow burn storyline.

David Stephens
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