Dave’s Column #2
Reported by: David Stephens of WrestleView.com

It’s all about the game, and how you play it
All about control, and if you can take it
All about your debt, and if you can pay it
It’s all about pain, and who’s gonna make it…

Wrestling is a queer art form. It is. You can pretend it’s not, but it is. I mean, what’s the purpose, ultimately? I’d imagine to entertain, but, it’s also a business. Sometimes the difficulty in creating great storylines is balancing those two ends. On one hand the audience needs to be captivated. After all, if the audience doesn’t care then it is highly unlikely that they will buy merchandise. On the other hand it’s not every day that it rains in the Sahara. The balance that the company must find comes to culmination when Superstars scratch their way free of their buried alive graves.

Leaves don’t always fall straight from the tree, directly to the ground. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort. There may be wind blowing. A leaf blower may have snuck up at that exact time.
(Which, by the way, would be the first time in the history of ever that a leaf blower snuck up on somebody) It wouldn’t exactly make the best horror villain. Oh no a monster is coming. Who? Leafblower Girl, she’s coming to blow us! See, it just wouldn’t work. Or, if it does, it’s on an entirely different level.

Maybe it’s the moves in wrestling that create success. Not the chains or the technicality, but certain moves themselves. The Attitude Adjustment may be a crappy fireman’s carry, but it works because the audience can connect to it. That’s what makes it so entertaining. No matter how cool a spinning arm drag hurricarana knucklebuster sundae may appear, there is something primal about a Thesz Press. There is something inside of each audience member that says, “I wish I could do that to somebody right now”.

Does this make it more difficult for a younger superstar? Possibly, but it is all part of the growing up process. This is why certain guys can seem really impressive, but if their ability cannot underscore the bottom line of the company, it’s pretty much irrelevant.

People often throw out the tired comment that you can’t compare apples and oranges. Well, yes I suppose that is true at face value. But, can’t you? After all they are both fruits. So maybe it’s not easy to compare a guy like Justin Gabriel to a John Cena, but in terms of measured success there is a certain quantifiable quality.

I’ve long been a proponent of the fact that there is nothing wrong with a talent not being in the main event. For a company to thrive a good midcard is a necessity. The Colt Cabana’s of the world make the world go round. A card can be sold on main event alone, and often it historically has been, but the middle of the card must provide substance in order to create a well-rounded show.

RAW has been a three hour behemoth going on four months now. During that time certain wrestlers have seen resurgence in screen time thanks to the extra 60 minutes of run time. Or if you want to be super specific, 44 extra minutes as the rest is commercial. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel are on the tip of my tongue, but Heat Slater and his 3MB are also benefitting from the expanded time slot.

All of these young stars are at a make-it-break-it point in their careers. They are faced with the challenge of being entertaining, benefiting the company, and staying fresh all whilst trying to find the “it” factor that will cement their legacy. It’s a fascinating process to watch, and many will ultimately fail as has happened repeatedly during the many years of my WWE watching experience. Sure, very few people are buying a ticket to see Heath Slater, but if he can master his pitch he’ll strike ’em all out. Ohhh random baseball analogy.

Romeo & Juliet may be the main characters and selling points, but without a few Capulets the story doesn’t make sense.

And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

RAW Hot 20

1. Ryback – (Last Week – #2) ↑
It’s time for the dawning of the Ryback character as a main eventer. Does the beast overtake Punk? Only time will tell.

2. CM Punk (Last Week – #1) ↓
The Champion was a bit whiny this week and played a role meant to elevate his Hell in a Cell opponent.

3. Daniel Bryan & Kane (Last Week – #4) ↑
A support for each other was demonstrated this week as Kane came to the aid of his tag team partner to help thwart the advances of the Big Show.

4. John Cena (Last Week – #3) ↓
Once again Cena was essentially a non-factor in the grand scheme of RAW. His elbow has clearly not healed to the point of enabling in-ring competition.

5. Mr. McMahon (Last Week – #5) —
It’s always a treat to see the Chairman appear on RAW. His role was not as grand as last week, but he still provided guidance and a chuckle or two.

6. Sheamus (Last Week – #8) ↑
Big Show is continuing to make life difficult for the World Heavyweight Champion. Dolph Ziggler may find an opportunity to cash in the case if the attacks continue.

7. Alberto Del Rio (Last Week – #7) —
It was a quick victory over Brodus Clay this week for the Mexican star.

8. The Miz (Last Week – #9) ↑
Suffered a loss at the hands of Kofi Kingston to set up an IC Title defense on this week’s Main Event.

9. Dolph Ziggler (Last Week – #11) ↑
He can certainly smell the blood in the water in regards to Sheamus’ Title. Ziggler certainly gained some ground on the path towards cowardice with his abandonment of the Ryback match.

10. Kofi Kingston (Last Week – N/A) ↑
Shoots up the list after he picked up a win over The Miz. Kofi has a shot to win IC Title on Main Event.

11. The Big Show (Last Week – #12) ↑
Show continues to harass Sheamus with each passing show. Ziggler may benefit from Show’s actions sooner rather than later.

12. AJ Lee (Last Week – #6) ↓
It’s tough to take a prancing chick seriously, especially when she is supposed to be the GM of the biggest wrestling show in the world. It’s time to ask whether or not Matt Striker has a point.

13. Antonio Cesaro (Last Week – #15) ↑
The US Champion defeated Justin Gabriel by means of a brutal European Uppercut. Cesaro is propositioning himself as the real deal.

14. Wade Barrett (Last Week – #13) ↓
Barrett lost in in his match up against Sheamus as a direct result of the Big Show’s interference.

15. Eve Torres (Last Week – #16) ↑
Put on one of the best Divas match on RAW so far this year against Layla.

16. Heath Slater & Company (Last Week – #14) ↓
Another week, another attack. This time around we were treated to the name of the group – 3MB.

17. R-Truth (Last Week – #10) ↓
Aside from Little Jimmy comedy, Truth contributed little to this week’s program.

18. Zack Ryder (Last Week – #19) ↑
Gains a few points for having Santino wear a Woo headband, but also loses a few for, well, losing a match. (Plus it doesn’t help that he was beaten up by the 3MB for his troubles).

19. Brodus Clay (Last Week – #17) ↓
Suffered a loss at the hands of Alberto Del Rio

20. Justin Gabriel (Last Week – N/A) ↑
Swapping roles with Tyson Kidd for the week, Gabriel put on a decent showing despite his losing effort to Cesaro. Gabriel may be one of those guys that never really haves a great singles run, but there is no denying that he is a flashy work horse for the Fed.

What If…

Ryback really does end up facing Goldberg?

Would Goldberg be forced to job as an exchange for having beaten Lesnar in his final match?

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