October 24, 2012
Full Sail University
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“Earlier Today”

Heath Slater approaches Dusty and wants Slater vs. Rollins in a title match. Vicky comes up and puts over Slater. Dusty, for Vicky, makes a match between the two. Slater beats Rollins, he gets a shot at the NXT title.

“Welcome Home”

Tony Luftman is on commentary this week with Regal.

Brodus Clay vs. Camacho

We start with a disco ball. It’s Funky Dance Time with Brodus Clay. Camacho is out alone. He says that Hunico is in “trouble” as the reason he is not here. Tony and Regal put over the weight difference right away. Brodus shows it as he puts Camacho on his back and then slams him around the ring. Brodus goes to the ropes, but Camacho wiggles under the bigger man and throws him to the mat. He goes on the offense with a ground and pound style as Tony calls it. The crowd is clearly behind Brodus. Camacho gets a Samoan Drop before he gets tossed from the ring after a pin attempt. He gets distracted and then has to sprint away. Brodus gets in the ring. Camacho gets on the ropes. Camacho flies and gets a head butt.

Brodus plays with this prey before pinning him with a body splash.

Winner: Brodus Clay


Trent Baretta vs. Kassius Ohno

The crowd is clearly behind Trent. Ohno doesn’t care about him and shows it as he looks over to him as he enters the ring. They get on the mat right away and Trent gets the control. Ohno breaks free, but Trent is still in control. It leads into a lock on the mat. Ohno turns it around and gets some offense in until Trent takes control again. He knocks Ohno out of the ring and then does a dive over the top rope onto him. The crowd is going crazy after that. Ohno pushes Trent into the apron and rolls him into the ring.

He goes for a pin attempt and then continues with his offense. They eventually fight to their feet and Trent breaks free. He uses the ropes to throw Ohno off balance, but not enough to make him fall. Ohno takes control again and puts Trent into a lock. They fight to their feet once more and Trent breaks free and gets offense in on him.

He can’t get the pinfall and they break. Trent goes for a big elbow, but eats one himself from Ohno. Ohno beats on Trent, but cannot get him pinned. Richie Steamboat comes out with a towel. He tosses it right in to Ohno’s face. No call for the DQ even when the ref sees it.

Trent uses the distraction to pin Ohno.

Winner: Trent Baretta


Layla & Alicia Fox vs. Paige & Audrey Marie

The two WWE divas are out first. Paige and Audrey Marie are out second to Paige’s music. Commentary puts over the match as a means for the NXT divas to prove they belong in the WWE. The crowd is clearly chanting for Paige at the start of the match as she starts with Fox. After a minute or so of Paige dominating, Fox turns the tables, gets some moves in and sets up for a double tag to Layla and Audrey. Layla gets a chant from the crowd that she plays to. Audrey goes for Layla’s feet at first. Layla finally turns it around with several rolls. She gets a superkick on Audrey, but Audrey kicks out.

She continues to beat on Audrey. Fox gets tagged in and continues the offensive. Audrey gets a quick counter and a pin attempt. This sets up a double pin. Layla and Paige, both Brits, are now in the ring. Layla is getting a chant as she gets the early offensive. Paige gets a chant as she dodges at the ring post. Layla kicks Fox off the apron, and Paige goes on the offensive.

Paige pulls Layla to the other side of the ring. Audrey tags herself in to Paige’s dismay and goes for a pin attempt.

Layla instead turns it around and gets the pin for the win.

Winners: Layla & Alicia Fox

After the match, Paige accuses Audrey of costing them the match.

Zack Ryder, Nattie, and Sheamus talk about being in Egypt.


Bronson vs. Lincoln Broderick

Lincoln is already in the ring as Bronson comes out. They are both big guys. Bronson goes on the brawl right away. Regal and Tony put over that Bronson is dangerous and scary. Its a minute till Bronson gets a hold and a tap out for the win.

Winner: Bronson

After the match, Bronson yells out “One by one, I can’t be beaten.” “One by one you all fall.” After the recap, he talks to the camera and asks “See what I’ve done!”

We cut to backstage. Ohno is livid mad and rippin’ s**t up. He shoos off someone before throwing a towel into the camera.

Antonio Cesaro comes out to the ring in a suit. He tells them that he brings the US Championship to a new level that no American can. He tells them “Don’t ask what your US Champion can do for you, ask what you can do for your US Champion.” He asks for everyone to stand up for the National Anthem. He gets heat just standing there pleading for the crowd for some respect. He then announces that it’s the SWISS Anthem that will be played. Antonio puts his hand over his heart expecting the anthem to be played, but then Tyson Kidd’s music plays. First thing Kidd rips on Cesaro about is the man purse. The crowd is clearly chanting for Kidd. Kidd says he wants a shot the US title right here. Cesaro talks in a foreign language. Kidd slaps Antonio and tosses him out of the ring. The crowd chants USA and Kidd goads Antonio to get back in. Antonio doesn’t take the bait and walks to the back. Regal loves the matchup.


JR has joined commentary for the main event.

Main Event: NXT Champion Seth Rollins vs. Heath Slater (If Slater wins, he gets a shot at the NXT Title)

Vicky introduces Heath Slater to the ring. Rollins is out next, as commentary talks the importance of the NXT Title. Slater gets the first move and does a “silly ginger git”. The match moves back and forth between the two. Vicky is barking orders from ringside. Slater starts taking a beating and then is thrown out of the ring. Seth sets up for a dive, but stops himself when he sees Slater move out of the way. Vicky is yelling at everyone, including Slater. This distracts Slater just enough for Seth to get a blind baseball slide through the ropes onto Slater. Vicky is more livid as before as we go to commercial.


Slater is back in the ring when we come back. There’s a mid-air collision and they’re both knocked down. The ref starts a count. Vicky is screaming at Heath before the two in the ring get into a strike challenge. It goes back and forth before Seth dodges and bounces back with a kick.

The crowd is now anticipating Seth’s moves. Seth finally throws Slater over the top rope and he falls to the outside. It sets up the suicide dive. He rolls Slater into the ring and dropkicks him off the top rope. Slater kicks out. Vicky is yelling at Rollins “Don’t you do it!”. He jumps over Slater and Slater kicks him for a pin attempt. Slater is arguing with the ref.

Its enough time for Rollins to recover, get a reversal, a kick to the head, and finally the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Vicky is pissed at Slater while Rollins celebrates his win as we go to credits.

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