From the Desk of Mr. V #42
November 19, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Greetings once again loyal students! It is Mr. V once again and welcome into the WrestleView classroom once again! I am very excited to see all of you and I must say I have a full slate on the week prior to Thanksgiving. So no long introductions from me today, sit back and relax. Enjoy the many topics I have in my little brain and let us begin.

Quote of the Week

This week, I have no need to do a quote. Actually thanks to David Stephens I got a great quote coming next week and it has to do with CM Punk. For now, find motivation elsewhere.

Classroom Rules

Thanks to a WrestleView ‘student?, I do have a rule that must be addressed right now. As for the student (John McNeil) that sent me a link to read Bruno Sammartino’s article on Newsday, I will think up of one this week. So this week, one rule. Next week, who knows?

101) If you are WWE and know that you have a weak announcer in Michael Cole, do not bring out one of your best in Matt Striker and make him look even worse than he normally does (By: Dennis Walton)

Walton’s Take: I watched Raw last night and once Striker took Lawler’s’ place it almost seemed like he was trying not to make Cole look worse but of course it happened anyway. Just thought I would present this one to you.

Mr. V’s Take: I have to agree with Mr. Walton on this one. I think the students and staff around me know how much I dislike Cole at this role as commentator for RAW. This guy is not that great. I mean I am honestly giving him a shot, but Cole has ZERO chemistry with his counterparts this year. Lawler and Striker are trying to do their best, and now it seems like Lawler does not care anymore (mainly because of the PG rating). Striker fit that color commentary role on RAW well. It was not Striker’s best performance, but it far exceeded Cole’s work (Vintage! Classic! Viper!!!!!). So, if you lack chemistry with fellow commentators perhaps one should either ask for an office job or just find something else. Michael Cole is so bad he would be forbidden to call Pittsburgh Pirates games (Yes, I went there). So Mr. Walton, I totally agree with your rule. It is spot on! Look for a Gold Star later in the column.

**It’s the Christmas (don?t say Holiday to ME) Season!!! Mr. V is in that giving mood and if you have rules to place on this portion, send them away to**.


Ok, I did a new format until I may possibly see this out the window in 2010. I got four headlines that I picked out of random and these were the first four to come out of the fedora.

Headline #1: Turning Point PPV

My Take: We experienced another TNA Pay Per View this past week and I will do a brief opinion on each of them. This may be my longest headline yet?

Red defeated Homicide – From what I saw, very entertaining. I am glad that Red came out the winner in this because I thought Red will be the leader of the X Division for a long time.

ODB/Sarita/Wilde defeated The Beautiful People – Very happy with the result. No way should the Beautiful People win titles right now.

Brits Retained their Tag Gold – I ended up going with The Guns, but I was wrong. I think in order to keep this World Elite Faction strong, you have to give them a couple of titles. The British Invasion still has potential to be a solid team and I am glad they ended up with the titles.

Steiner upset Lashley – This one surprised me. To answer Professor Piedra’s question, none of the professors of WrestleView guess this one right. I think Lashley is looking like a goofball right now. He is undefeated in MMA and TNA should build on that. Instead, he loses to a man who is near the end of his career. I am sorry, this was one of a few wrong spots on this show.

Tara beat Kong – Loved this match! These two worked very well and I am happy to see Tara defeat Kong in the Steel Structure. Kong still looked very good in defeat and this helps Tara climb up the Knockout’s ladder in her quest to win that Knockout’s Title.

Angle defeated Wolfe – The best match on the evening. I am one that enjoys a good book or novel. The build-up with these guys was great. The story was fantastic. Then we get a wrestling match fit for the ages. Everything went right and Wolfe (still Nigel in my heart) made a great first impression in front of a TNA PPV audience. This was one of the few times I would ever bet against Angle, and I paid for it. Angle is getting better and looks to be in great shape for the first time in a while. That makes this teacher very happy.

Team 3D and Rhino beat ?The Dream Team? – My good friend thought Hernandez, Morgan, and Dinero would be a dream team and I agreed with it. I was not too happy with the end result of this contest. I was hoping that the ref would screw with the ECW originals. I would have booked this a little differently.

AJ STILL you TNA World Champ – Was there any doubt? Though I enjoyed this match, it would have been a bit disappointing if Joe or Daniels came out on top. However, one of these days I would like to see Daniels with that World Title. Doubtful, but I can dream can I?

Overall, this was a great show. I will admit that before this pay-per-view started, I was puzzled with some of the contests. In the end, it is something that I would not mind picking up on DVD when it goes on sale. It was a memorable show, and a bit better than last month’s Bound for Glory.

Headline #2: Brock Lesnar’s Health

My Take: There were talks that he had some serious illnesses, and sadly they were correct. It turns out that Brock Lesnar is suffering from Diverticulitis (which is a digestive disease found in the large intestine). He was recently released from the hospital after surgery was done. This illness is so bad that UFC President Dana White think this could be the end of Brock Lesnar’s fighting career.

Whether the UFC fans like it or not, Lesnar is money. He is a draw. He is someone that makes average UFC fans spend the $55 and then some. If he is down for a long time, who knows what could happen. So, here is hoping that Lesnar recovers soon. He is sorely missed now and will be if he does have to retire.

Headline #3: WWE say ?NO MORE (twitter) AFTER MIDNIGHT!

My Take: Recently the WWE told their talents that they can no longer post ?tweets? about their after parties and what they do for the most part outside the ring. However they are allowed to use it to promote the WWE product. My take you ask?

I am alright with it. I think it is great because the WWE Superstars are idolized by kids from about the world. Let’s say a 12-year-old goes on Twitter (illegally I may add) and see The Hurricane’s latest drinking binge with Daniels or whomever. That could be bad publicity. And we know that the media outlets are on a witch hunt. Look at Vince’s ?That looks gay? comment in Vegas months back. Look at Jericho’s TMZ clip. The organizations are everywhere and want to bring a big company down. The WWE is a big company. So this move by Vince and his other executives I think is a good move. The only think that I don?t like here is the lack of freedoms. However, if one wants to make the money of a WWE superstar one must sacrifice some freedoms in order to do that. I would consider this a sacrifice.

Headline #4: Matt Striker rumored to be ?high? on Vince’s List

My Take: I could see this from a long way. I am sure someone in the WWE has read WrestleView’s columns once in a while. They must be looking at my commentator report card and saw how high I am with Striker’s work. I also hate Cole’s work the past year so far. So I read reports that the WWE is praising Striker and hating Cole. I have to say this to the WWE.


I will wait for my thank you card from Connecticut. And if my readers think I am full of myself, lighten up! I am just joking around on this one (except for the reports, those are true).


This Week, I am presenting a detention to the following:

Men that sit in the front row and talk on their cell phones – Yes, we get it. Now go back and watch the match, you rich good-for-nothing.

The Snuggie – I just think these things are foolish. And have you seen the commercials for this???

Bill Belichick – I don?t care if I spell that cheater’s name wrong! Too bad they are now 6-3 after an error on his part.

Jeremy Borash – Because you are so terrible that Super Dave Osbourne almost punched you out. Super Dave would have received a gold star if he did.

Hornswoggle – Hopefully DX taught you a lesson.

TNA fans who chanted ?you still got it? to Jim Neidhart – maybe if he was in a pie eating contest with Samoa Joe, but not in a wrestling match. Shame on you.

Eternal Detentions

ETS and The Praxis Series – Your subjective testing methods are ruining the dreams soon-to-be teachers. I know. I was one of them.

Michael Cole – Because you are so bad right now that it is documented that your boss is questioning the commentary. I am loving this because I kind of reported his bad commentary all year!

Hulk Hogan – How are those book sales?

That ECW Announcer – Wow, I am not muting my TV set every time ring intros are announced. More than a month and she still sucks? Are the WWE higher-ups even trying to get a good announcer anymore?

Detention Suggestions? E-mail them to me. The list is getting fewer and we can not let that happen, right?

Mister V’s Honor Roll for the week of November 9 – November 13, 2009

**I will not be doing any reasoning for my good grades for this portion and the Weekly TV Wars due to the numerous information that I will continue to write this week. Sorry if I frustrate you loyal students. **

I have to say that this week it was pretty difficult, but here is my top three for the week of wrestling. Enjoy!

Distinguished Honors – Christian vs. William Regal, ECW, November 10.

High Honors – The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho, Friday Night Smackdown, November 13.

Honors – Davey Richards/Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong/Bryan Danielson, ROH on HDNet, November 9.

Honorable Mention: SteenErico vs. Super Smash Bros. on 11/9; Bourne vs. Swagger on 11/9; Orton vs. Henry on 11/9; HHH/Michaels vs. Jeri-Show on 11-9; Goldust vs. Birchill on 11/10; M. Hardy vs. Smith on 11/12; Benjamin vs. Ryder on 11/12; MVP vs. DiBiase on 11/12; Shelly/Sabin/Red vs. Bashir/Kyoshi/Homicide on 11/12; Beer Money vs. British Invasion on 11/12; CM Punk vs. R-Truth on 11/13; and Morrison vs. Ziggler on 11/13.

Worst Match of the Week – Alicia Fox vs. Kelly Kelly, Monday Night Raw, November 9.

Dishonorable Mention – Hero vs. Dempsey on 11/9; Brown vs. Rinauro on 11/9; Sheamus vs. Deville on 11/9; Hatton vs. Guerrero on 11/9; Archer vs. Blackwell on 11/10; Stevie vs. Abyss on 11/12; Flash vs. Brooks on 11/12; Niedhart vs. Lethal on 11/12; Rayne/Sky/Von Erich/Kong vs. ODB/Sarita/Wilde/Tara on 11/12; and Phoenix vs. Taylor on 11/13

Weekly TV Wars

ROH on HDNet (November 9)

Best Segment: Anything with Austin Aries. He was great on the mic this past week. Very nice to see the fireball at the end, great touch.

Best Match: American Wolves vs. Bryan Danielson (Grade: B)

Monday Night Raw (November 9)

Best Segment: MVP’s VIP Lounge. Kofi was the guest and Legacy broke up a champagne toast calling Team Kofi a bunch of thugs. This is going to be great leading up to Survivor Series.

Best Match: Degeneration X vs. JeriShow ? by Prof. Piedra (Grade: B-)

ECW (November 10)

Best Segment: Abraham Washington Show with guest Yoshi Tatsu. This was a great way to bring up Yoshi. Also, loved the tenstion between Abe and Tony Atlas.

Best Match: Christian vs. William Regal (Grade: A-)

WWE Superstars (November 12)

Best Segment: Legacy Interview. It was either this or Ask the Divas?

Best Match: Matt Hardy vs. DH Smith (Grade: B-)

TNA Impact! (November 12)

Best Segment: Kurt Angle’s in-ring segment. He started it off well, sold the neck injury. Wolfe’s attacks really clinched it for me as one of the better feuds TNA offered in some time.

Best Match: Beer Money, Inc. vs. The British Invasion (Grade: B-)

Friday Night Smackdown (November 13)

Best Segment: The Contract Signing. What a great job by Batista and Rey Mysterio! They are really making this scripted story seem so real.

Best Match: The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho (Grade B+)

Cliff Notes (since I want to save space for other things)

Mr. V’s Pick of the Week: Friday Night Smackdown (2 Points)
Mr. V’s Runner-Up: ECW (1 Point)
Students? Choice: Friday Night Smackdown (1 Point) Vote was 4-1 in favor of SD!

Current Standings

1) Friday Night Smackdown (60 Points)
2) Monday Night Raw (40 Points)
3) TNA Impact (40 Points)
4) ECW (29 Points)
5) ROH on HDNet (12 Points)
6) WWE Superstars (1 Point)

Well, I think with six weeks left until the war is over I think the maximum points one show can earn will be 18 points. So, with that in mind I think we can declare an official winner. FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN?YOU ARE THE BEST TV SHOW OF 2009.

Students, don?t give up now! I need your help to break the tie for the runner-up. Please send me your pick by e-mailing it to me at Thank you in advance.

Commentary Report Card for this past week (Nov. 9 – Nov. 13, 2009)

**I have renamed The Dunce Cap. It will be christened as ?The Awful Waffle?.**

Michael Cole: D (2009 Grade: D) **Current Leader of The Awful Waffle**
Jerry Lawler: C (2009 Grade: C-)

Josh Mathews: C+ (2009 Grade: B-)
Byron Saxton: B (2009 Grade: B) **Dean’s List**

Todd Grisham: A- (2009 Grade: B+) **Dean’s List**
Matt Striker: B (2009 Grade: A-) **Dean’s List**
Jim Ross: N/A (2009 Grade: A-) **Dean’s List** (Illness)

Mike Tenay: B- (2009 Grade: B-)
Taz: C (2009 Grade: B-)
Don West: N/A (2009 Grade: C-) (Now Amazing Red’s Manager)

Mike Hogewood: B- (2009 Grade: C)
Dave Prazak: B+ (2009 Grade: B-)

Mister V’s Long Gold Star Segment! (By: JR’s Family Bar-B-Q. Mrs. V told me two things I will be getting. Some Good Ol? JR’s Bar-B-Q for those Steelers games and one share of World Wrestling Entertainment! Oh Joy! I will be more excited than a five year old getting his bicycle! Anyways, buy some of JR’s products today!!)

Gold stars are going fast this week, so let’s pick out the worthy ones.

Ricky Langston – He gets the first gold star for working on the tournament bracket for the 32-Man Dream Tournament that a few columnists and I set up. More on that very soon.

Mike Siciliano, Jose Marrero, and Sean Hurley – For posting the best PPV record for Turning Point, posting 5-3 records.

Rocky Jr. and Ben Phillips – For posting the best PPV record among the WrestleView students at 5-3.

Jose Marrero – Very weird of me to say this since Baia held this for so long, but STILL you Dean of WrestleView.

Adam Martin – He gets one since he was very professional in letting me know that we could not do the Friday Fishbowl this week due to scheduling conflicts. We will try again next week.

To the columnists that helped me with the nominations of our tourney – I think one goes out to Jose Marrero, Josh Boutwell, David Stephens, Chris Kelly, Matt O?Brien, Josh Piedra, and Mike Siliciliano. Thanks to all of you.

Amazing Red – STILL Your TNA X Division Champion!

AJ Styles – STILL Your TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

The British Invasion – STILL Your TNA World Tag Team Champions!

ODB, Sarita, and Taylor Wilde – STILL TNA Women’s Title Holders.

Tara – She gets one for living to tell the tale of an encounter with Kong.

Hunter Golden – I will give him one for the Parent/Teacher Conference Idea. I don?t know how I will figure this out but I will get it done.

Kofi Kingston – He is quickly making himself the best up-and-coming superstar! That MSG attack on Orton was the highlight of the show.

Bryan Danielson – Thank you for your work in ROH. Onto the WWE?

Dennis Walton – Thanks for the rule.

United Kingdom Fans – Thank you all for being real class acts at the WWE shows (except the ones that threw DX sticks at Jericho, though it was funny).

Todd Grisham – The only commentator to get an A this week.

Sandstorm – Thanks for letting me be on your show last weekend. Really an enjoyable experience.

Chris Kelly – For getting your sign up during ECW. Very cool stuff there.

TNA – For producing a very solid PPV.


I have a few announcements to make in regards to recent homework assignments.

1) I am terribly sorry for the lack of a Worst Wrestling Themes piece. Right now the data was very vague and I could not come up with a decent rundown on the worst. Perhaps we will try it again later.

2) For my ROH on HDNet fans, I will do my best to watch the show tonight and get a recap soon. I will be gone for the weekend.

3) With that said, I may or may not get a predictions piece for this weekend. Columnists (aka Faculty), I will still send the card to you and we may keep this one in house. I will still have all Saturday Night to type it up though. Students, you can always send yours at any time before the PPV.

Now, finally

Homework Assignments

1) It is the end of the 2009 year soon and I already have my New Year’s Resolution. It is to change up my column a little bit. I plan on taking out some things and adding new material. I would like the student’s take on what I can add to the column. Remember, I may only pick out two ideas out of the dozens I plan on receiving. So, don?t be upset if I don?t choose your idea.

2) The 2009 Current Roster 32-man ?Dream Tournament? bracket is up on the Internet! Thanks to Ricky Langston, he created the entire bracket.

The Faculty and I set up the best roster we could out of the following stipulations:

a) Out of the 32; 10 must be WWE, 6 must be TNA, 5 must be from Japanese Promotions, 5 must be from Mexican Promotions, 3 must be from Ring of Honor, and 3 must wrestle in the Independents.

The List of representatives

WWE: Chris Jericho; Christian; Randy Orton; John Cena; CM Punk; Shawn Michaels; HHH; Jack Swagger; Evan Bourne; Undertaker.

TNA: AJ Styles; Kurt Angle; Samoa Joe; Daniels; Hernandez; Homicide.

Japan: Shinsuke Nakamura; KENTA; Jushin Liger; CIMA; Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Mexico/South America: Ultimo Guerrero; Mistico; Dr. Wagner Jr.; Teddy Hard; Juventud Guerrera

ROH: Austin Aries; Colt Cabana; Davey Richards

Indies: Drake Younger; Paul London; PAC.


PLEASE ONLY VOTE FOR THE FIRST ROUND!!! I will NOT accept anything beyond the first round. Voting ends for the first round next week.

To vote, send me an e-mail at

Good Byes

Well, that sums up another edition From the Desk of Mr. V. As always, if you want to chat wrestling you can always go on FaceBook and ask me your questions (I am on there at least once a day). You can also e-mail your comments to my address at I am getting much better in responding to the e-mails, so drop me a line.

It is the end, and you know what that means. Time to push in your chairs, walk in a straight line, and exit your classroom door (more than likely your computer room or dormitory room). Until My Ring of Honor Recap, I bid you farewell! Thanks for reading and you are all officially?????DISMISSED!!

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Later ?From the Desk of Mr. V??.

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