Full Sail University
November 1, 2012
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“Epic Rock ‘n Roll”

The Uso Brothers vs. Mike McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis

The Usos start the show with the family’s war dance. They prime the crowd for their “UE”-“SO” chant. Mike and Curtis are out next. Curtis is waving his ass and pretending he’s Magic Mike as he walks to the ring. Mike is “WTF” at this behavior. Mike and Curtis are arguing with each other before the match starts. Match starts with Curtis and Jay. It’s back and forth to start before Curtis starts posing like a porn star. The Usos take control till Curtis tags out and Mike goes on an offensive full of rage. It ends when Mike misses a move to the ring post and the Usos go on the offensive. Jey goes on a fast offensive. He washes out Curtis and does a sloppy drop on Mike. Jey tags in Jimmy who gets a splash on Mike for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Uso Brothers

After the match the Ascension make their appearance. They make their appearance, from an overlook.


Xavier Woods vs. Leo Kruger

As Xavier makes his entrance, Regal talks about being a partaker of “the Funk” as well. Leo has a huge smile on face as he slowly walks to the ring. He plays with the ropes before getting in the ring. Leo sits on the ring as the bell rings. Xavier goes for him and gets an early hold on him. They fight to their feet and Leo reverses the hold and slams Woods to the mat. Leo punches himself before going back to doing damage to Woods. Leo gets a hold. They fight to their feet, but before Xavier can reverse it, Leo slams him instead. They fight to their feet again, and Xavier with strikes, breaks the hold. Xavier goes on the offensive. He screams out and does a roll and hits a big move. Xavier then goes to the ropes but misses Leo. Leo takes the opportunity given to him to win the match… with glee!

Winner: Leo Kruger

We then have a video package for Big E Langston showing him squashing people. We then cut to Bryon Saxton with Big E for an interview on stage in the arena. Byron asks about the five count. Big E says he loves the number 5. It’s beautiful and glorious. He’s got five fingers on each hand. He points out toes. The Hi-5, the Low-5. He’s finally stopped by Vicky. She says she’s here to recruit for her stable. She says Big E and her could make each other happy. It is an awkward sexual tension before Big E throws chalk dust in her face by slapping them together. Vicky is pissed and screams as she leaves.


Jinder Mahal enters the arena to the boos of the crowd. He is dressed in his Indian outfit (not his rocker outfit). Jinder mixes a foreign language and English. The crowd is going “what” to him. Both cause they don’t know what he’s saying and to be annoying. He demands a rematch for the NXT Championship. He calls out Dusty Rhodes for his rematch. Justin Gabriel’s music hits and the high flyer comes out. He mocks him and tells him to get to the back of the line. Gabriel goes to the crowd for their response. The crowd boos to Jinder except for tie-dye guy. They cheer for Gabriel. Drew McIntyre enters the arena. He says he deserves a shot because he’s got a win over Rollins. Bo Dallas then comes out. He says that it’s his turn and RESPECTS Rollins. Finally, Dusty enters the arena. He says NXT don’t give you nothing. He has an idea. It’s a fatal four way between the four guys next week. Dusty calls for his music and dances his way off the stage.


Roman Reigns debuts vs. CJ Parker

CJ is out first and acts like a goof. Roman is out next. Commentary says Roman has the “IT factor” as he enters the ring to generic epic music. Roman brings a power game to CJ. Roman works the arm, and CJ sells it well. CJ gets a moment of hope, but it’s not executed well. Roman goes back to damage on CJ. Commentary is doing their best to put over Roman. Parker uses his feet to get some offensive in. Roman uses the same back on CJ to bring the end of the match for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Commentary tells us how Roman is going to be a big star as the match ends and we see the replay of the last power move from Roman. CJ Parker is not moving in the ring as Roman leaves.


Main Event for the United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro © vs. Tyson Kidd

JR has joined commentary with Regal for this match. Tyson is out first, and Antonio is out next. Tyson is quite oiled up tonight and is shiny as he gets the early advantage in the mat wrestling between the two. Cesaro holds Kidd’s hands to the mat as he goes for pin attempts. It finally turns into a leg lock for Tyson. Cesaro has to crawl to the ropes to break it. After breaking, Tyson gets the advantage on Antonio. The two have a succession of pins and counters. After a drop kick, Tyson gets Antonio in a lock as we go to commercial.


Back to the action, Antonio is in control of the lock. They fight to their feet and Tyson uses strikes to break free. It leads up to a drop kick. Antonio counters. It leads to strikes. Antonio tries to throw Kidd out, but he uses the ropes to set up a pin attempt. He would use the ropes multiple times as the pace of the match is a very fast work rate. Antonio is eventually thrown of the ring. Kidd gets a kick on him and rolls him in the ring for spring board elbow with a pin attempt. Kidd looks frustrated and a bit gassed. He goes for a sharpshooter, but Antonio kicks him off. It sets up the elevated uppercut and the finisher.

Winner and STILL united States Champion: Antonio Cesaro

The replay after the match shows a slow motion elevated uppercut that brought the end of the match as Antonio celebrates in the ring, JR puts over the fatal four way match to determine the next NXT #1 Contender.

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