November 8, 2012
Full Sail University
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

We get a video package to start the show. The first video in it is Jinder Mahal talking over video of Seth Rollins beating him. It transitions showing the moment last week when Dusty Rhodes made this week’s fatal four way to crown the #1 contender to the NXT Championship.

Epic Rock Music

This week on commentary is Tony Luftman, Bryon Saxton, William Regal.

Kassius Ohno vs. Trent Baretta

Kassius Ohno is out first. We get a replay from two weeks ago when Trent won after Richie Steamboat interfered with a towel. 1-2-3-4, and here’s Trent. Ohno looks over to Trent showing a fist for him. Trent gets the first offense in the match. It ends when Trent tries to use the apron, but instead gets a stomp from Ohno. Ohno jaw jacks the crowd for little effect before rolling Trent into the ring and going on the offensive. Ohno gets a dragon sleeper that leads into a reversal clothesline for Trent. Trent goes on the offensive but cannot get a pin fall several times. Ohno gets a big knee to Trent, but Trent reverses into a pin fall. Ohno gets Trent with a boot to the face, but can’t get the pin fall now. Trent gets put on the top rope, but Ohno falls. Trent gets a missile drop kick to Ohno, but takes too much time and Ohno rolls out of the ring. Trent goes after him, but Ohno rolls in. When Trent enters the ring, he’s hit with a KO elbow.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

After the match, Ohno goes for more damage. Trent gets out of it and kicks Ohno through the ropes. As Ohno walks to the back, Trent eggs him on.


We get a package for Graves. His tattoos are highlighted as he talks.

Big E. Langston vs. Memo Montenegro

Memo, the real life brother of Alberto Del Rio, is in the ring as Big E enters the ring. Commentary does not know who he is. Big E gets a five chant going before he squashes Memo

Winner: Big E. Langston

Big E looks to the ref for a five count. The crowd chants, “One More Time” and Big E does it. The Crowd goes “One More Time” again. Vickie gets on the arena tron. She’s angry at him from throwing chalk at her and is offering 5 thousand dollars for anyone to put him on the shelf. Big E goes for Memo, but Chad Baxter comes out to claim the 5k. Big E squashes him with a five count as well.


Bray Wyatt comes out and says he’s awake and got his wings back. He yells “Wake up” to the crowd. He starts preaching to the crowd. He asks if he’s ready to change the world. Jason Jordan gets the mic and tells him he’s not here to talk, but to fight. Wyatt tells him he has no idea what he’s dealing with. He informs him that he’s a monster and that he’s never alone. Luke Harper enters the arena and the ring.

Luke Harper (Brodie Lee) vs. Jason Jordan

Luke mauls Jason and Wyatt paces on the stage looking on. After a few minutes, Jason finally is able to move to the side and get some offense in. It’s all for naught as Jason gets caught and slammed for the win.

Winner: Luke Harper

Wyatt introduces the first son of the Wyatt Family, Luke Harper.

We cut to a package of last week’s Roman Reigns debut in the ring. Bryon Saxton is on the stage to interview him. Roman comes out to his music, and then dismisses Bryon from the stage. He cuts a program that “He is the man” and everyone wants to be him. And that’s the promo.

JR comes out to do commentary for the main event.

Main Event in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match where the winner becomes #1 Contender to The NXT Championship: Jinder Mahal vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Bo Dallas

JR puts over Bo based on his family history. The match gets off hot and several of the wrestlers get thrown out of the ring to setup a Gabriel dive over the top rope.


When we come back, Jinder and Drew are working together to beat on Bo Dallas. Jinder turns on Drew, but Drew is able to turn the tables on him. Gabriel returns to the ring and takes on Drew and then Bo. He turns his focus back to Drew and then to Jinder. Gabriel hits his 450 splash, but his hurt. Bo Dallas enters in and spears Gabriel and gets the pinfall.

Justin Gabriel has been eliminated

He then turns and spears Drew and pins him.

Drew McIntyre has been eliminated

Jinder is on the outside of the ring as the NXT Champion Seth Rollins takes a seat on the stage.


When we get back, Jinder slams Dallas into the steel steps with a lot of noise. Jinder rolls him in to the ring and uses the ropes to continue the damage. Jinder goes for a few pin attempts as he gets more frustrated. Each near fall gets Jinder more desperate and more irate. Dallas uses strikes to separate himself and then moves out of the way. Dallas gets a running forearm and a power slam as he sets for a spear, but Jinder dodges. Dallas gets caught in the ropes and it sets up a camel clutch for Jinder and Bo Dallas taps.

Winner & #1 Contender to The NXT Championship: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Mahal reapplies the camel clutch, Rollins goes in to make the save, but Jinder hits him. Jinder picks up the NXT belt like its his precious item. Rollins knocks it away from him and Jinder runs.

Jinder and Rollins stare each other down as we end the show.

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