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November 22, 2012
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

Before we start this week’s NXT recap, I would like to address a few things:

  • If you are looking for information regarding Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, & Roman Reigns, this recap will not provide this information.
  • An episode of NXT can lag a month or more from when it is taped to when it is aired. This lag does not put NXT in sync with the rest of the WWE product. An example of this is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month where the Pink Ropes are present in this week’s episode.
  • NXT exists in its own little bubble that is not always connected to the rest of the WWE Universe. So no matter what has been done here in NXT, all new talent when arriving on the main roster must go through an introduction period. Thus changes to the character can be expected when handled by a different booking and writing team.

    Now, on to the show!

    The show starts with an interview with KO about his match with Trent. KO says he’s going to give him the old Steamboat treatment and end his career. KO gets an idea that he’ll make him feel more pain than he ever has in life.

    “Welcome Home”

    Tony Dawson and JR are on commentary tonight.

    Paige vs. Alicia Fox

    Paige would get the early offense in the match. Alicia would turn it around and go on an extended offensive putting Paige in peril and mocking her at points. This included a slap on Paige’s behind and some hair pulling on Alicia’s part. Paige would eventually retake control of the match. She would hit her finisher, the “Paige Turner”, for the win.

    Winner: Paige

    Tony puts over the next match as Camacho trying to claim Vicky’s bounty on Big E. We then get a package for Alicia Fox.


    When we return from commercial, we get Camacho’s entrance, interlaced with video from last week of him getting a cheap shot on Big E. Big E’s entrance is next and JR talks him up. JR follows it up saying Camacho will not be intimidated by Big E.

    Big E. Langston vs. Camacho

    The match starts and it’s a Super-Heavy weight fight. It’s a consistent work pace going back and forth at first. Ultimately, Big E takes over and gets the win.

    Winner: Big E. Langston

    Big E gives the ref gruff about not doing a five count. The crowd goes “One More Time” and Big E slams him again as Big E slaps 5 on the mat. He walks to the ropes, but the crowd wants him back into the ring and he adheres, slamming Camacho for a third time for another five count.

    Backstage, we find Trent, who has been attacked. Leo Kruger is just down the hallway with a huge happy grin on his face.


    When we come back, we’re told that Trent might be out for the main event.

    Bronson vs. Nick Rogers

    Nick Rogers does not get an introduction, and Bronson goes to work on Nick. JR puts over Nick’s athletic background as he’s beaten up. Bronson sets up a figure four and Nick taps out.

    Winner: Bronson

    Bronson does not release the hold after the bell and hurts Nick’s knee and ankle.


    Bray Wyatt is severing everyone’s fear. And then sits down in a rocking chair. Luke then comes out and gets in the ring. Mike Dalton does not get an introduction.

    Luke Harper w/Bray Wyatt vs. Mike Dalton

    We get a “Let’s go Zigger”\”Let’s go Harper” chant in the crowd as Luke goes on the offensive. A minute later, Luke gets up from mauling Dalton to get eye contact with Bray. After the break in eye contact, Luke hits a sidewalk slam for the win.

    Winner: Luke Harper

    After the match, Harper walks up the ramp and kneels at the top of it. Bray gets up and preaches. When he decides to start hurting people, nobody will be left.

    We cut to an interview with NXT Champ, Seth Rollins. He’s attacked right away by Jinder Mahal. The two brawl as we cut to the Raw Rebound of Punk’s One Year Celebration where Ryback is jumped by Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose and put through the announcer’s table for the second night in a row. We then go to the main event.

    KO is out first and takes the mic. He mocks the crowd with “Where’s Trent” and tells the ref to ring the bell and raise his hand. Dusty Rhodes comes out before that can begin. Dusty is now the NXT Commissioner. Dusty points the finger at KO saying he set up Trent’s attack. He gives him Richie Steamboat to fight tonight. Steamboat is clean shaven.

    Kassius Ohno vs. Richie Steamboat

    Richie goes right for KO at the bell and takes the early offense. We get dueling chants for the two in the ring. Richie has to take two shots to get KO out of the ring. After the second attempt, he goes to the top rope and drops down onto KO. The crowd loves it and starts an NXT chant as Richie takes it in. We cut to commercials.


    When we return, Richie has KO in a hold in the middle of the ring. KO manages to move to the ropes for a break. KO takes over after Richie hits the ringpost and goes on a slow deliberate offensive. It’s a long segment till Steamboat gets a sunset flip. The match goes back and forth with pin attempts til they break. When KO rushes Steamboat, he gets caught and Richie takes control of the offensive. KO breaks it up with a headbutt to Steamboat. We get a replay of it. This adds a bit of drama giving KO some momentum. The momentum runs out quickly as Richie hits the Sling Blade for the win.

    Winner: Richie Steamboat

    JR announces Team Hell No will be on NXT next week as we go to credits.

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