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November 28, 2012
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

Note: NXT as aired is not in sync with the rest of the WWE universe. The show lags several weeks from when it is taped to when it aired. For example, this week you can see the pink Brest Cancer Awareness rope on the NXT Ring.

Daniel starts the show talking about what he’s done since his time on NXT. He makes demands regarding the crowd and then turns to Kane and tells him to say out his way. Kane tells Daniel to stay outta his way and he’s the Tag Team Champions. They get into a YES\NO fight. Daniel loses his voice, and Kane wins. Daniel walks off.

“Epic Rock Music”

Jim Ross and Tom Phillips are on commentary this week.

Trent Baretta enters the arena with bandages around his mid-section. Video from last week showed Trent getting attacked and Leo Kruger is in the hall way smiling. JR and Tom put over Leo as crazy and dangerous as he enters the ring.

Trent Baretta vs. Leo Kruger

Trent gets some early offense, but Leo takes advantage and works Trent’s injured mid-section. After several minutes, Trent gets a reversal and back on the offensive. Trent’s body can’t hold up and Leo hits his finisher and one more “Trophy” to his collection.

Winner: Leo Kruger


Xavier Woods makes his entrance with house dance music and moves to match. Memo does not get an entrance. Commentary is putting over Woods as much as possible.

Xavier Woods vs. Memo Montenegro

They lock up and struggle for control. Memo gets the first advantage, but Woods would then lock up and apply another hold to Memo. Woods would eventually break free and go on a no-frills offensive for the win and another dance opportunity.

Winner: Xavier Woods

After the match, Xavier would do the worm in the middle of the ring.


Audrey would get her introduction. The seculars on her wrestling top are amazing and worth a second look. This is Emma’s debut and she gets no introduction.

Audrey Marie vs. Emma

Audrey would take control of the match from the start. Emma is described as green on commentary. Emma breaks out of a pin count and gets some momentum with a crowd chant. It’s for naught as Audrey puts the match away for the win.

Winner: Audrey Marie

We move to Tony Dawson backstage. He’s supposed to interview Roman Reigns, but instead Tony reads a statement from Roman.

Michael Cole moderates Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins

Byron Saxton introduces Michael Cole, Kerwin White music and all, to NXT. Cole puts over NXT as the future of the WWE. He then informs the crowd that he is moderating between Jinder and Rollins. He introduces Jinder Mahal first and then Seth Rollins. Cole asks Rollins about the attack. Jinder pulls the mic and says it was a message. Rollins tells him to his face it was an attack and he can’t beat me. Jinder says Seth being champ is a fluke and he is a born loser. Jinder says some jibber jabber and some English words and then goes jibber jabber again. Seth says he’s like the crowd, and is proud of it. It gets a Seth chant in the crowd. Seth caps it off saying he’s better than Jinder. Thy go nose to nose in the ring and then Cole separates them. The crowd chants “Let them Fight”. Jinder calls American Media bias. He goes for Cole, but Seth stops him. Jinder then turns to Seth and gets a camel clutch on him. Several refs have to get in the ring to separate them. Jinder picks up the NXT belt and looks at it, only to toss it on top Seth with disrespect.


Bryon Saxton is in the ring once more to announce the main event. Michael McGillicutty is out first to his music. Curtis is out next and is dancing out to the ring like a Chippendale’s Model. JR informs us that Curtis’ NXT Season 4 Win that would have resulted in a Championship Shot with R-Truth is getting cashed in tonight. Kane is out next. Finally, Daniel Bryan comes out and the crowd is chanting “Yes!” to him. After he is announced, the crowd is still going crazy with the “Yes!” chant. Kane and Bryan then fight saying “I’m the Tag Team Champions”. Several of the crowd gets into it as well. We have to go to commercial before the match starts.


Main Event for the WWE Tag Team Titles: Team Hell No © vs. Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis

Curtis and Daniel start the match. Daniel takes control and the crowd chants “Yes!” Daniel fakes a tag, only for Kane to make it a few moments later. Curtis finally tags out to Mike. Mike gets some offensive, but gets burnt on a high risk move and Kane tosses him out of the ring. Curtis goes for Kane but is stuffed. Daniel takes out Mike and then yells he’s the tag team champion. Mike gets rolled into the ring and Bryan tags himself. Mike is able to tag Curtis and they use the moment of confusion to go on the offensive on Daniel. The heels start tagging in and out on Daniel. Mike gets a hold on Daniel before they fight to their feet. Mike is able to tag in and continue the offensive on Daniel. Heels are still tagging in and out at will to maintain control of the match. It ends when Bryan and Curtis end up in a mid-air collision. It sets up a double tag. Kane comes in hot and goes on the offensive. Kane is able to take out Curtis and then does a flying lariat to the chest of Mike. Bryan tags himself into the match. Mike also gets a pinfall. Kane goes for a double chokeslam with Bryan and Mike. Curtis makes the save, and all chaos erupts. Hell No comes up with the advantage. While Kane gets pulled of Curtis, Bryan applies the No lock on Mike and Mike taps.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No

After the match, The crowd manages to get Kane and Bryan to hug it out. They then get into the “I am the tag team champions” chant with the crowd as the show ends.

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