Full Sail University
December 6, 2012
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

Note: The NXT show lags several weeks from when it is taped to when it aired. You will not find any information about the Shield in this recap.

“Epic Rock Music”

Tony Dawson and William Regal are on commentary.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Michael McGillicutty

Mike is out first to cheers. Antonio gets some cheers as he enters the ring. Antonio takes his time to get ready before the bell rings and the two lock up. Antonio gets the first break and the offensive goes back and forth. Antonio remains in control after it. Mike gets a quick move and a quick cover. Antonio gets his own and Mike takes over. It ends with Antonio throwing Mike on the turnbuckle. It leads to a quick pin. “Lets go Michael, Chop Chop Chop” chant is going in the crowd. Regal is now pointing out that Antonio has worked the mid-section and taking the air out of Mike. They fight to their feet and Mike gets a quick cover, then Antonio gets his own. Antonio pulls a gut-wrench powerbomb that Mike was not ready for. The awkwardness makes it look better. It leads to a new lock on Mike. They fight to their feet and have a strike battle, Mike takes over on the offensive. Mike tries to whip Antonio, but he uses the ropes. It’s the advantage to get the uppercut and a Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

After the match, we get replays of the last two moves in the match. They look impressive in slow motion.


Bo Dallas vs. Axl Keegan

Axl is already in the ring for his debut. Bo Dallas gets his introduction. They lock up and Bo is pushed into the corner. He fights back and gets the early offensive. It ends when Axl throws Bo into the turnbuckle. Bo takes some slams and other high power moves and holds. Tony corrects that Axl is from Farmingham, as he was announced as from “Birmingham, MA”. There is no such town. Bo Dallas turns the match in his favor. It leads up to a spear for the pinfall.

Winner: Bo Dallas

After the match, Bo gets on the mic. He says he fights because he loves to fight. He then offers an open challenge to anyone in WWE. Not for a match, but for a fight. Regal is stunned by it and calls him a marked man.

Raw Rebound: Miz TV lie detection test on CM Punk.


Graves vs. Yoshi Tatsu

We return to Graves already in the ring. When Yoshi comes out, Graves starts the attack immediately on Yoshi. Graves rolls Yoshi in, and the ref stops them to check Yoshi. Yoshi says he’s okay and the bell rings. Graves is on him right away. Graves is working Yoshi’s leg. Yoshi is selling the damage well. Graves locks on a submission and it’s all over. Yoshi taps.

Winner: Graves

Graves holds the submission after the bell and then leaves through the crowd.


Roman Reigns vs. Gavin Reid

Gavin is already in the ring. It’s his debut. Roman is out next. This is Roman before the Shield. Roman goes on the offensive from the start. Gavin gets squashed.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Roman tosses Gavin out of the ring before he gets Byron Saxton in the ring. He announces the winner, and takes the mic from him. Roman asks what Byron’s problem is. Roman points to jealousy on Bryon’s part and tells him to scram.

Tyson Kidd is interviewed back stage and asked about Leo Kruger’s match with Trent Baretta. Kassius Ohno yells at him from off camera and cuts a promo on Tyson. Tyson returns with a quote of his own. We then get the Smackdown voice over guy putting over Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins for the NXT Championship next week.


Main Event: Tyson Kidd vs. Leo Kruger

JR has joined commentary for this match. Leo is out first and it’s mentioned that Leo may have a connection to Ohno. Tyson is out first and Regal gushes about him. Leo is sitting in his corner after the bell rings. He smiles to Tyson as he pats his hair. Leo rushes Tyson, but Tyson pushes Leo into the ropes. They break. Each gets a move and Tyson gets a cheer from the crowd. They lock up again, Tyson gets in a hold and we head into commercial.


When we come back from ads, Leo is in control of the hold, but Kidd gets free. He jumps to Leo, but crashes into the ropes and tumbles out of the ring. Leo goes out of the ring as we get a replay of the crash with the ropes. Leo starts dishing out damage to Tyson before rolling him in to the ring. He continues to do damage on him. Leo gets a baseball slide on Tyson to knock him out of the ring. The ref starts to the count. As Tyson climbs in, Leo pulls him in and continues the offensive. They lock up and fight to their feet. Tyson uses stomps to break free and separate the two. Tyson uses kicks to his advantage to take control of the match. Tyson goes for a springboard, but is blocked by Leo’s knees. Leo laughs like a hyena in the corner before hitting a clothesline on Tyson. Leo mounts Tyson and punches him in the skull. Leo the goes to the top rope. Tyson gets up and brings Leo crashing down. Leo rolls out of the ring and Kidd uses the ringside to get a big kick on Leo. Tyson goes for a springboard, but grabs Leo’s leg instead. It turns into a hold and the tap for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

As soon as the bell rings, Kassius Ohno comes out and starts attacking Tyson. Leo joins in on the beating. Ohno gets a KO elbow on Tyson. WilliamRegal leaves commentary to pull Tyson from the ring. Ohno looks down at Regal as the show ends.

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