December 13, 2012
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tom Phillips & William Regal
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

We start the show with a package highlighting Michael Cole’s interview between Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal. It highlights Jinder’s attack weeks ago and the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament. Jinder goes for Cole. Rollins gets in the way and ends up in the Camel Clutch. Tonight is the re-match between these two for the NXT Championship.

“Epic Rock Music”

Paige vs. Sasha Banks

The crowd is chanting NXT before Paige enters the arena. Sasha is out next. Paige takes the early offensive in the match and it leads to a head scissors. Sasha manages to break and take control of the match for a minute. Paige goes into rage mode and throws Sasha around. It leads to some stomps and finally another lock. Sasha breaks free and goes for a series of roll-ups for nearfalls. She throws Paige but can’t follow up on it. Paige takes over and hits the “Paige-Turner” for the win.

Winner: Paige

Backstage we have an interview with Roman Reigns. He makes it a point that it’s his time. His phone rings and he walks off before taking a question.

We get a review of Tyson Kidd beating Leo Kruger, then afterwards Kassius Ohno and Kruger beating up Kidd until William Regal saves Kidd. We then cut to Ohno and Kruger backstage. Ohno goes over his beatings. Kruger says there will be more. Ohno says he’s disappointed in Regal and if he gets involved again he’ll see him in the ICU.


Oliver Grey vs. Rowan

Oliver gets no introduction. Bray Wyatt comes out next. Love makes him immortal and powerful. He introduces “his son”. He comes out with a rocking chair for Bray. The son is a huge massive man with a ginger beard, but a bald skull. He’s wearing a green jump suit like from a prison. He goes to work to destroy Oliver right way. Bray rocks in his chair through the entire match.

Winner: Rowan

Bray introduces him as Rowan, the second son of the Wyatt family.

We get split screen of Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins preparing. Dusty Rhodes then comes out to the arena. He wants to address the state of NXT and puts over the main event. He wants to address Vickie. She’s welcome, but she cannot put a bounty on anyone… unless you run it by him. Camacho comes out and tells Rhodes there’s still a bounty. He tells Rhodes he needs the money, as Hunico is stuck in Mexico. He says if Rhodes doesn’t re-open it, it will come from Rhodes. Big E comes out, and Rhodes sets up a match for next week. Big E vs. Camacho and a partner in a Handicap match.

We cut to the Smackdown backstage area as The Big Show has a message for NXT. He’s coming to take on Bo Dallas’s open challenge. He intends to knock him out and end his career for his own sake. We see Mahal and Rollins once again.


When we come back, we see that it’s official for next week where Bo Dallas will take on the Big Show.

JR joins William Regal on commentary for the main event.

Main Event for the NXT Title: Seth Rollins © vs. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal enters the arena to 3MB music throwing the 3 sign up. Seth Rollins is out next and partakes in a personal mosh pit on the stage. He gets on the ring post and swings the belt over his head. They’re announced and the crowd cheers for Rollins. As the bell rings, Mahal jumps to the outside of the ring. He gets back in and plays with Seth using the ropes to drag things out. After a break, the two go into mat wrestling. They break again and Seth gets Mahal on the turnbuckle. Mahal drops out fof the ring, but is caught by Rollins this time. The ref gets to a six count before they get back in. Rollins continues the offensive. He goes for a high risk move on the ropes, but gets pushed off the ropes to the floor.


When we return Mahal is in control of the match. Mahal gets in damage in and out of the ring. After getting back in the ring, Mahal gets a lock on him. They fight to their feet, but Mahal retains control and gets another pinfall on Rollins. They fight to their feet and this time Rollins gets a few strikes. Mahal whips him and slams him on the mat. Mahal applies another lock as he keeps Rollins grounded. The pair fight to their feet as the crowd moves for it. They break and Rollins gets some offensive in. Mahal stops the hope spot and re-applies a lock.


When we return, they fight to their feet and Rollins gets a roundhouse kick to break them. Mahal is to his feet first, and charges Rollins. Rollins dodges and Mahal hits the ring post. They get into a strike battle. It ends with Mahal getting knocked out of the ring and Rollins getting a dive on him. He follows up with a flying knee to the ear. Regal points this out and asks if Mahal has the ring savvy not to be goofy. Rollins goes to the top rope with Mahal. He performs a rana, but Mahal counters it and gets another near fall. Mahal goes to the ropes and plays air guitar. Mahal lands on Rollins’ knees. The two go to respective corners. Rollins charges Mahal, but eats the turnbuckle. Mahal gets strikes to the temple. It sets up Rollins to pick up Mahal, carry him across the ring, and throw him into the turnbuckle. Rollins, however, can’t follow it up with a kick. Mahal tries for the Camel Clutch, but Rollins gets the ropes. The crowd chants “This is awesome”. Seth hits a superkick , followed up with his Skywalker finisher for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Seth Rollins

After the match, Rollins interacts with Corey Graves in the crowd as the show goes to credits.

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