December 20, 2012
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tony Dawson & William Regal
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

The show starts with a package hyping Big Show answering Bo Dallas’s open challenge to any WWE star. He intends for him not go any further in the WWE.

“Epic Rock Music”

Primo and Epico w/Rosa vs. The Usos

The crowd is clearly hyped as they chant NXT. Rosa comes out with her two boys. She dances around the ring before the Usos come out. They do their war dance before getting a UE-SO chant primed for the crowd. Rosa is so cute as she yells at the local crowd. The Usos get the early offensive. Tony and Regal talk about everything going on in NXT but the match. Rosa is seen on screen as she corners her boys and shakes it for the crowd. Commentary finally notices that Rosa gives a kiss before talking about the team’s family. Usos are double teaming now before they lose control of the match. Rosa is yelling something in Spanish. The Usos take control and double team the heels. Rosa is screaming now. The crowd gets some UE-SO Chants before Jimmy Uso flies over the top.


When we return from commercial, the heels are in control. They get several suplexes and tags in and out to control the match. Rosa is yelling at the wrestlers and to the crowd to rile them up. Finally, chaos happens and the ref doesn’t see the Usos tag. It allows Primo and Epico to hold Jey in the corner. He then turns things around and dives for the wrong corner. So he dives again. Jimmy comes in hot and gets a samoan drop for a pinfall attempt. Everyone gets in the ring and when it’s done the Usos come out on top for the win.
Winners: The Uso Brothers

After the match, We get the blinking lights of the Ascension. The Ascendion says they will exterminate everyone and rise.

Given that one of them just got cut, it’s not likely anymore in this configuration.


Camacho & Aiden English vs. Big E. Langston

Aiden is Camacho’s partner against Big E as made last week by Dusty Rhodes. They come out to Camacho’s music. Big E is out next and slaps chalk dust in his hands before he gets the crowd putting up the 5. Big E pulls Aiden into the center of the ring as he and Camacho talk about who’s going first after the bell rings. Aiden is hurt right away and Camacho holds out for a tag. Big E pulls Aiden over in order for a tag. Camacho pushes at Big E and jumps back from the apron before E can react. Big E then in return slams Aiden. Camacho walks off as Aiden is pinned.

Winner: Big E Langston

Regal is quick to defend Camacho and said he would do the same. The crowd wants more, and E drops Aiden again for a five count. Camacho nods his head unimpressed. Camacho leaves. E gets a “one more time” chant and he gets them to do a “5” chant. Then, Aiden takes another slam and another 5 count on the mat. As he leaves, Big E is goading the crowd on for another five count.


Percy Watson vs. Kassius Ohno

Byron Saxton is in the ring for announcing. Percy is out first and Ohno is second. Regal plays the role of the reformed super-villain once more regarding Ohno. Percy gets the early offense and a quick pin attempt. Ohno gets a hit in and gets a lock on Percy. Percy instead turns it around for a slam and another quick pin attempt. The crowd is chanting for Ohno. Ohno goes vertical, but turns it around on Percy. This starts Ohno’s strong offensive. Percy breaks out using his leaping ability and goes on the offensive. Ohno uses the ropes for a break and then lures Percy for a perfectly placed KO elbow. Percy is out cold as he’s pinned.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

After the match, Ohno stares directly at Regal. Ashe heads to the stage, he keeps his eyes on Regal. Ohno says then something to Regal. He then turns to the crowd and tells them that “He’s not who you think he is.”


Interview with NXT Champion Seth Rollins

JR is in the ring as he introduces Seth and he enters the arena in an all-black outfit. JR congratulates him for beating Mahal. JR then asks if he likes being the hunted. Seth says his view hasn’t changed since he won the title. He’s a fighting champion and is waiting for the next challenger. Graves then enters from out of nowhere and attacks Rollins. Seth has to call for help as Graves applies a lock on him. After he’s released, Graves pulls the mic in JR’s hand. He tells JR he’s going to get an interview. Graves cuts a promo on Seth and says he feeds on the Anarchy. His path to the NXT Championship leads right through hell.


John Cena wants us to be like a fat man

John Cena talks about what Santa does after Christmas. Apparently it’s to look at who is the up and coming stars for Raw and Smackdown. And we can be like the jolly old fat man. It’s okay if we don’t know names or anything about them. The next NXT show will feature all of the information.

JR joins Regal on commentary for the main event.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show vs. Bo Dallas

Bo is out first to the ring. He’s hyped up as he enters the ring. Then, The Big Show comes out grumpy. Bo Dallas looks like a dwarf next to the Big Show. Big Show is complete control of the early part of the match, but Bo won’t give up. JR and Regal say that Bo loves fighting even if he’s losing. Bo finally gets a quick move on Big Show and applies a lock around his neck. It’s locked in for a good minute or so as the crowd goes in Bo’s favor. Big Show breaks the lock by slamming him. Bo shows that he still has fight left in him. He gets caught by a hold, but is able to jump out of it. He is then caught by Big Show going for another lock. It sets up the KO punch and the pinfall.

Winner: The Big Show

After the match, JR and Regal put over Bo’s performance in the ring. They say that this will make him stronger going forward as we get a shot of him knocked out in the middle of the ring to close the show.

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