The 2012 Golden Yardstick/Rotten Apple Award Nominees
December 27, 2012
Written by: Mr. V of

Well, it is that time of the year where I gather yardsticks and spray paint them gold and go to an old refrigerator and grab some apples that I left there for the past five months. The 2012 Golden Yardsticks and Rotten Apples are upon us!

This year I did something different. In 2012, we have eight Wrestleview staff members collaborating to determine the best of worst of professional wrestling. After much deliberation, we finally have our three (sometimes four or five) nominees for each category.

The Wrestleview Staff Selection Committee:
Anthony Valvo (The Teacher’s Lounge)
Jason Namako (The Independent Roundtable and ROH Recapper)
Clinton Bowman (Producer and WWE Main Event Recapper)
Matt O’Brien (Wrestleview Poll Moderator)
Josh Boutwell (Viva la Raza Columnist and Impact Wrestling Recapper)
Evan O’Brien (International Desk)
Darragh O’Connor (International Desk)
Dave Stephens (The Teacher’s Lounge and Monday Night Raw Recapper)

During the course of the next few days, I will type up the winners (and losers) of 2012. Yes, the very best and worst of 2012.The ceremony won’t be as long as the ones from years past because we do value everyone’s time. But until the next column enjoy who we provided as the nominees for each category.

(Note: The Order is in alphabetical order and NOT the order from first to third (or beyond)


Best Gimmick

CM Punk as “The Best in the World” (WWE)
Damien Sandow as “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” (WWE)
Team Hell No as “The Odd Couple/Anger Managing Tag Team” (WWE)

Best Finisher

Brouge Kick (Sheamus – WWE)
Go To Sleep (CM Punk – WWE)
Lo-Mein Pain (AR Fox – CZW)

Best Weekly Television Show

Ring of Honor on Sinclair (ROH)
WWE Main Event (WWE)
WWE Monday Night Raw (WWE)
WWE Saturday Morning Slam (WWE)

Best Television Commentator

Jim Ross (WWE)
Kevin Kelly (ROH)
Michael Cole (WWE)

Most Hated Character

John Laurinaitis (WWE)
Paul Heyman (WWE)
Vickie Guerrero (WWE)

Most Popular Character

Daniel Bryan (WWE)
John Cena (WWE)
Ryback (WWE)

Most Underrated

Drew McIntyre (WWE)
Magnus (TNA)
Michael Elgin (ROH)

Best High Flyer

El Generico (Indies)
Kofi Kingston (WWE)
PAC (Indies/NXT)
Sin Cara (WWE)

Best Brawler

Big Show (WWE)
John Cena (WWE)
Sheamus (WWE)

Best Technical Wrestler

Antonio Cesaro (WWE)
Bobby Roode (TNA)
Daniel Bryan (WWE)

Most Charismatic

CM Punk (WWE)
John Cena (WWE)
Team Hell No (WWE)

Best on the Microphone

CM Punk (WWE)
Daniel Bryan (WWE)
Paul Heyman (WWE)

Most Improved

Heath Slater (WWE)
Magnus (TNA)
Sin Cara (WWE)

Comeback of the Year

Jeff Hardy (TNA)
Paul Heyman (WWE)
Wade Barrett (WWE)

Feud of the Year

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm (TNA)
CM Punk vs. John Cena (WWE)
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE)
Mr. Touchdown vs. Archibald Peck (Chikara)

Non-Wrestler of the Year

AJ Lee (WWE)
Paul Heyman (WWE)
Vickie Guerrero (WWE)

Women’s Wrestler of the Year

Eve Torres (WWE)
Sara Del Rey (SHIMMER/Chikara)
Saraya Knight (SHIMMER)

Tag Team of the Year

Rhodes Scholars (WWE)
The Briscoes (ROH)
Team Hell No (WWE)

Most Outstanding Wrestler (Goes to the best wrestler to NOT win a World Title in 2012)

AJ Styles (TNA)
Dolph Ziggler (WWE)
James Storm (TNA)
John Cena (WWE)

The 2012 Wrestler of the Year (Goes to the best wrestler to WIN or RETAIN a World Title in 2012)

CM Punk (WWE)
Daniel Bryan (WWE)
Sheamus (WWE)



Worst Gimmick

Garret Bischoff as the rebellious son of Eric (TNA)
Jinder Mahal as the Punjabi Millionaire (WWE)
Tensai as a Japanese Warrior (WWE)

Worst Feud of 2012

Aces and Eights vs. TNA (TNA)
Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus (WWE)
Matt Morgan vs. Crimson (TNA)

Most Appalling Storyline or Moment of 2012

Claire Lynch Storyline (TNA)
Sidewalk Slam Blog (ROH)
TNA Gut Check (TNA)

Worst TV Commentator

Booker T (WWE)
Mike Tenay (TNA)
Taz (TNA)

Worst Women’s Wrestler

Aksana (WWE)
Alicia Fox (WWE)
Beth Phoenix (WWE)

Worst Match of 2012

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, WWE WrestleMania XXVIII (WWE)
John Cena vs. Kane, WWE Elimination Chamber (WWE)
The WWE Championship Match, WWE Elimination Chamber (WWE)

Most Disappointing

Aces and Eights (TNA)
Ring of Honor (ROH)
Tensai (WWE)

The Worst Wrestler of 2012

Garret Bischoff (TNA)
Jinder Mahal (WWE)
Kyle O’Reilly (ROH)

Stay tuned later this week as we release the first edition of the Golden Yardsticks. Until next time you are….Dismissed!