December 27, 2012
Full Sail University
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“Epic Rock Music”

Tony Dawson welcomes us to WWE Studios in Stamford for a year end celebration of everything NXT.

Seth Rollins

The first video is from August 29. It is the Finals of the Gold Rush Tournament. Seth Rollins would defeat Jinder Mahal to be to crowned the first ever NXT Champion. The video starts in the last third of the match. After the match, we have a review of Jinder’s re-match and Seth Rollins joining The Shield.


Bray Wyatt

Our next video package features Richie Steamboat, Audrey Marie, CJ Parker, Bo Dallas & Big E Langston. It then fades into a video package of Bray Wyatt in the woods talking about real love. He says he’s strong and not afraid anymore. Bray tells people all they can do is run. Back to the studio, Tony calls Bray weird and sets up the video of Bray’s debut on NXT’s July 11th episode. After the match, we get a promo from Bray. He talks about a new year and new chances. He starts about improving your life, but ends with “for another chance for love ones to betray you”. Bray smiles and wishes us a happy new year.


Kassius Ohno

The next video package is for Ohno. It’s a dark black and white sequence of his glorious beard. We then move on to Ohno taking about beating Trent Baretta. The next video sequence is his match with Tyson Kidd. We then see Ohno and Leo Kruger beating on Tyson Kidd. It prompts William Regal to save Kidd. Ohno looks back at Regal with disgust. When the package ends, we have Ohno backstage. He says he’s not superstitious about 13, but his opponents will have a bad year. He goes through a list of injuries he’s looking to give in 2013. He says perhaps an NXT Championship. He ends with 2013 will be OK for K.O. and a happy new year.

CM Punk with a message to everyone

CM Punk has a video package where he talks about his last appearance at NXT. He told Seth Rollins to get respect and to beat it out of people. He admires him for taking it to heart and forming The Shield. Punk puts over NXT as the future, as long as they look up to superstars like him and realize it’s all about the WWE title. Punk then tells us his new year’s resolution is to beat the Rock at the Royal Rumble, hold it past WrestleMania and prove to everyone that he’s the best ever. He closes the promo out by wishing a happy new year to himself and kissing the spinner belt.


Big E Langston

Tony sets up the video package for Big E Langston. Big E is not normal and thus he needs a five count. We go through a set of five count victims before cutting to a match between Camacho and Big E from the November 21th NXT Episode. Camacho was the first wrestler not to be intimidated by Big E. Camacho was also gunning for the bounty on Big E promised by Vickie Guerrero. Big E would win and Camacho would get a five count defeat. After the match, we would cut to the Raw after TLC. AJ Lee would bring Big E to Raw. He would save Dolph Ziggler from John Cena’s STF. We then get an interview with Big E about his assault on John Cena. Big E says he’s just helping AJ Lee. He goes on to predict that he would become the new NXT Champion.

We then get a video package that features Leo Kruger, Ohno, Conor O’Brian, Paige, and Corey Graves. We then get a review of the conflict between Graves and Rollins. They will face each other next week for the NXT Title. We return to the studio with Tony and he sets up a match between Kane and Cody Rhodes from July that has never been aired before.

Kane vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody starts the match by ditching the ring and heading into the crowd. Cody comes back after jaw jacking with the crowd. The crowd taunts him once he gets back in the ring. Before Kane and Cody can lock up, Cody ditches the ring again. He gets back in the ring and out maneuvers Kane, but Kane out powers him. Kane goes on an offensive. Cody grabs the ropes and ditches the ring. Cody starts to leave the ring area, but Kane goes after him and knocks him down on the stage. He throws him into the ring, but the ref gets in the way. Cody tries an offensive, but Kane drops him. Kane goes to the top rope, but cannot connect. Cody tries to mount an offensive, but Kane goes for a chokeslam. However, Cody dodges it and sets up Kane to hit the ring post. It allows for Cody to finally go on an offensive with Kane on the ground. Cody works the leg before he gawks on the outside of the ring. Cody gets back in the ring and goes for a pin attempt.


When we come back we see John Cena cracking bad pickle jokes. He thanks us for turning in to this week’s show. He puts over NXT as the foundation of the future the WWE. We get back to the match as Cody is still in control and working Kane’s knee. Kane soon gets a sidewalk slam. Kane goes to the top rope again and this time gets Cody with a flying lariat. It sets up a chokeslam, but Cody goes to the ropes. The ref tries to break, but is chased off by Kane. It sets up a Disaster Kick from Cody and a pin attempt, but Kane kicks out. Cody doesn’t believe it and this delay sets up Kane for a reversal. Kane hits the Chokeslam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kane


The Shield

Seth Rollins talks about being the NXT Champion, but it getting him nowhere. And for that he started to correct that. Dean Ambrose talks about the WWE being poisoned by lies and corruption. Dean says its too proud to change and it no longer knows right from wrong. Things aren’t supposed to be this way and Dean says they’re going to change. Rollins then addresses Graves. Dean says they’re the foundation of NXT because they are the best. Roman says NXT is The Shield’s home. Rollins says they’re going to start cleaning house next week. Dean ends the promo with a happy new year. We cut back to Tony who says that will be awesome and wishes everyone a happy new year.

Grash Says

For all of you who read my recaps, I wish you a happy and safe new year.

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