WWE Smackdown and ECW House Show Results – 11/6/09
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Dimitri De Laet sent this report in:

Here are the results from the SMACKDOWN/ECW house show in Brussels, Belgium friday 6/11/2009 :

In the opening match, Christian defeated William Regal via Killswitch to retain the ECW title.

Yoshi Tasu beat Zack Ryder.

Mickie James won a Divas Battle Royal over Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendez, Natalia, Layla and Katie Lea Burchill to earn the right to face Michelle McCool for the title later in the evening. Awkward moment when Layla seemed to get injured when she was thrown out of the ring, she stayed down for a little while and looked pretty shaken up when helped to to back… WWE should really let Natalia WRESTLE more, she would be a great opponent for the Glamazon !

Cryme Tyme defeated the Hart Dynasty. Tyson Kidd can REALLY wrestle… it shows where he got his education…

John Morrison beat Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy and Dolph Ziggler in a Fatal Four Way to retain the IC Championship; easily best match of the evening, these 4 guys really put on a great performance ! Lots of “Mr Ziggles” chants…

Drew McIntyre cheated his way to a win over Finlay when he used the ropes for leverage in the winning pin.

Ezekiel Jackson beat Goldust. Nice to see “the Golden One” in Belgium, and Zeke, well, he’s a monster !

Michelle McCool retained her title against Mickie James.

The Undertaker beat CM Punk in a Casket Match. Punk is a great heel; started by ripping up a “Welcome in Belgium”-sign, stole a Belgian flag to whipe his nose and then proclaimed himself the “new muscles from Brussels” instead of JC Van Damme, that was a nice touch ! As usual, the whole place just erupted when Taker made his entrance… He is the most over Superstar on the roster, and got an incredible ovation after his win. I sure hope this wasn’t a “farewell Tour” for him because he still “has it” big time !

Over all, a great show, the place was sold out and everyone enjoyed themselves !

Biggest pops :

1) UNDERTAKER , by far…
2) Mysterio, the kids-favourite
3) Morrison/Hardy

Most heat :

1) CM Punk although he got a really big pop BEFORE his heel-promo
2) William Regal, fantastic interaction with the crowd, he knows how to p*** off the fans
3) Drew McIntyre after proclaiming himself the future of WWE

That’s it guys !

bart nachtergaele also sent this report in:

Here are the results of the event in Brussels on the 6th of November:

Christian defeated Regal to retain

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Zach Ryder

Mickie James won a women’s battle royal (Layla took a nasty fall and had to be helped out by a ref)

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Goldust

Cryme Tyme defeated Hart Dynasty

Drew McIntyre defeated Finlay

John Morrison defeated Mysterio, Matt Hardy and Dolph Ziggler to retain

Michelle McCool defeated Mickie James to retain

Undertaker defeated CM Punk in a casket match to retain

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