Alex Robinson sent this report in:

3/13 WWE SmackDown House Show Results from Stockton, CA

The show was completely packed, as even after the show started at 7:30 there was still a mile long line outside.

R-Truth & John Morrison vs. The Hart Dynasty
I missed this match, as I my friends and I were still trying to get into the arena. Got word that R-Truth and John Morrison won the match in a fun opener.

Tiffany came out to get a special guest bell ringer. She asked a little kid in the front row where WrestleMania would be held this year, which she got it right (Phoenix).

Goldust vs. Dolph Ziggler
Good match, where Goldust pinned Ziggler clean. After the match Big Zeke ran to the ring and attacked Goldust, until Matt Hardy came in for the save, eventually leading to….

Ezekial Jackson vs. Matt Hardy
Zeke (who is just absolutely huge) won clean with his Rock Bottom like maneuver.

Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Tyler Reks
Fun match where Yang won clean with his moonsault.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Kane
Before the match McIntyre got on the mic and ran down the city of Stockton to a huge chorus of boos. McIntyre was really hated throughout the match as the fans were solidly behind Kane. Match resulted in a double count out as both men fought on the outside. To send the fans happy before intermission, Kane chokeslammed McIntyre to a big pop.


Shad Gaspard w/JTG vs. Mike Knox
Funny story, as my friends and I were sitting next to Mike Knox’s real life girlfriend and damn she’s hot. Match didn’t really have that much heat, but the fans did like Cryme Tyme. Shad won clean with a big boot.

Tiffany came out to throw some t-shirts, until Michelle McCool came out and pushed her. Beth Phoenix came out to save Tiffany from a beatdown, which lead to…

Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool
McCool won the match clean, after a kick to the face from the ring apron. Fans really liked Beth.

CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio, Edge, & The Undertaker
Interesting to note that Lars Frederikson from the punk band Rancid was at the front row, as it’s said that he’s very good friends with CM Punk. Punk, along with Gallows and Serena did some mic work before the match, which garnered a ton of heat from the fans. Jericho came out to some cheers, but mostly boos. Rey Mysterio got an insanely large pop, as did Edge. The Undertaker though came out to probably the biggest pop of the night. Match went about less than ten minutes, as the Undertaker got the win for his team after hitting a Chokeslam on CM Punk for the win and to send the fans home happy.

Biggest Pops
1. The Undertaker
2. Rey Mysterio
3. Edge and Kane

Biggest Heat
1. CM Punk
2. Chris Jericho
3. Drew McIntyre

Overall, a really fun show