Notes from the Nosebleeds #57
March 13, 2010
By: Matt O’Brien of

Last week on Raw the former WWE champions Sheamus took out Triple H after his tag team match in the main event. Sheamus did so as revenge for pinning him at Elimination Chamber, effectively ending Sheamus? title reign. During the Chamber show Sheamus suffered a concussion which denied him getting a rematch the following night on Raw. This past week Sheamus dared Triple H to face him. All of this has now led to a showdown between Sheamus and Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVI.

During Monday’s confrontation HHH turned the tables on Sheamus and instead asked Sheamus if he was ready to face an establishment such as the Game at a stage like Mania. Elaborating, HHH said that two things happen when people at Mania face him. One, it makes them bigger stars than ever. He mentioned Batista and John Cena as an example (which is very fitting considering these two are headlining the show against each other). Two, they fade into obscurity. That claim by Triple H is obviously not true for the rest of his WM opponents, but it is for one in particular, Booker T. In 2003 Booker T’s career had been rejuvenated and he was quickly moving back up the card as a top baby face on Raw. After having his history as a world champion crushed in a HHH promo, Booker went on to lose to the Game at Wrestlemania. Booker recovered from the loss, but it would be three long years before Booker entered the title scene again and finally captured gold. It is this sort of scenario that could damage Sheamus should he suffer the same fate at Wrestlemania by losing to Hunter.

In a strange way, Sheamus not getting his rematch actually makes him look stronger. This way, not only did the man who won the chamber not beat him, but he was never given his proper rematch to show his loss was legit. Sheamus is now an uncrowned champion. That combined with his reckless power makes him look unbeatable heading into Wrestlemania. A couple of months back, this showdown was rumored to be for the WWE title. Looking at this picture now, this match now garners more interest than any title match they could have had between these two. Sheamus may just be the most interesting opponent Triple H has had at Wrestlemania. He’s gone up against the big strong guys like Batista, the established stars like Undertaker, and the guys trying to prove themselves against him like John Cena. But the Sheamus character doesn?t look at the big picture. He cares about the here and now. He wants to demolish and defeat his opponents. Forget about a championship belt. Triple H has made Sheamus angry. Take a man who already punishes his opponents the way Sheamus does and light a fire under him, you have a very interesting match on your hands when putting him in the ring with the Cerebral Assassin.

When he gets in a Wrestlemania ring with Triple H, it will be unlike any match he has had before. He will be focusing on retaliation, but underneath that is what a win over Triple H will do for him. That’s something that Sheamus will not even realize until it is done. Meanwhile, the veteran Triple H will be using his brain, his skill, and his perfection of his craft to teach the younger star a lesson, only to realize that no matter how much he has learned over the years, nothing can stop straight power and rage. There was a change in the rules when Batista was more than a big dumb muscle head, but a student of the Game when he took on Hunter at Wrestlemania 21, but Sheamus just breaks those rules.

WWE has created a brilliant story for this match. The issue becomes deciding on a winner. Triple H is at a point in his career where he doesn?t need to win to be over. Right now Sheamus needs a big win to keep up his momentum to avoid becoming a Great Khali. The question for many now becomes whether or not Triple H would lose to Sheamus. Fans will find out that night in Phoenix, but right now hopefully the answer is yes.

Nosebleed Trivia

Starting this week is Nosebleed Trivia. A few questions will be asked as well as a puzzle for readers to figure out. Answers will be posted in next week’s column. Enjoy!

Below is a set of blanks for you to fill in. Use the clues to fill in those blanks so that the second word matches the first on the line below it. See example below.

Bret / ______ CLUE: Hitman
_____/ Dynasty CLUE: Current WWE faction

Bret / Hart
Hart / Dynasty

Hart is the second word in the first line and the first in the line below it. If this puzzle continued, Dynasty would be the first word in the next line. Make sense? Read the clues below to fill in the blanks.

Cactus / ______ CLUE: Maxx Payne’s old partner
_____ / ______ CLUE: ECW pal of Steve Corino
_____ /_______ CLUE: Event were Kevin Nash won his second Legends title
_____ (to) _____ CLUE: We?re on it now?
_____ / _______ CLUE: where Macho won the gold tourney
_____ / Horsemen CLUE: Flair’s posse

Mr. Rogers

There have been a few men named Rogers in the world of wrestling. Use the clues to figure out the first names of the Rogers below

_____ ______ Rogers CLUE: Jim Cornette’s body guard

______ Rogers CLUE: Part of the second installment of Hollywood Blondes

______ Rogers CLUE: of Fantastics fame

Answers will be posted next week. Thanks for reading.

Matt O?Brien