The Shoot #33
September 29, 2009
By: Joshua Piedra of

-The First Shot-

Welcome to the 33rd edition of The Shoot. This week, as promised, I take over the armchair booking scenario and re-book my own King of the Ring Tournament, giving thoughts on what happens throughout the tournament and what is in store for the winner. Later, I will do the results of the Semi-Finals, announce the finals, and put up thoughts and whatnot in the One Extra Round segment. Next week will be the big conclusion for the entire thing, so don?t miss it!

No Quick Shots this week.. just going to jump right into the fantasy booking.

-The Big Shot: Armchair Booker: King of the Ring 2009 Part IV-

Ok.. in order to start fantasy booking, we need our participants. Back on Shoot #30 I announced the participants and broke them into brackets. The following are the original brackets with my picks, thoughts, and whatnot for each one of the matches:

Bracket A
R-Truth vs Kofi Kingston

Ok, truth be told (no pun intended), R-Truth’s spot was originally MVP’s, but this tournament is all about making new stars and I felt that R-Truth would have a lot more to gain, popularity-wise, than MVP. While it was a difficult decision, I decided to give an underdog a fighting chance. This match, of course, would be a WWE-style X-Division match. It would be fast-paced and highly athletic, but it wouldn?t be long. I?d give the match about five minutes of television time. Kofi would end it with a Trouble In Paradise after dodging the Axe Kick by R-Truth.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston

Bracket B
Mark Henry vs William Regal

I placed William Regal in here because I wanted a past King of the Ring winner in the tournament to represent the experience edge. In this match, Regal tells Ezekiel Jackson and Vladamir Kozlov to stay backstage. Much like his ECW Championship match with Christian, Regal goes at it alone. Mark Henry will begin dominating Regal with sheer size and power, but Regal had a backup plan. The knucks come out with one power of the punch behind the referee’s back, Regal steals a victory and shocks many.

WINNER: William Regal

Bracket C
Kane vs Jack Swagger

Only having held the WWE Championship for under 24 hours, it was about time that Kane had a chance to get some of the recognition back. Swagger is still young and although he tries his best against the big red machine, Kane’s experience overcomes Swagger’s inexperience and after a thunderous chokeslam, Kane picks up the win and advances to the quarter finals.


Bracket D
Ted Dibiase Jr. vs Cody Rhodes

Hailed as the most interesting match on the card, Dibiase and Rhodes end up main eventing Monday Night Raw and put on a twenty minute classic between the two. During the match, they put their friendship aside and get aggressive as tempers flare and the battle between tag team partners really heats up. In the end, Ted nails not one, but two Dream Streets to put Cody Rhodes away. After the match, Rhodes and Dibiase embrace to a standing ovation. Randy Orton comes down the ramp applauding their efforts, gets in the ring and RKO’s Ted Dibiase Jr. Orton looks at Randy in confusion while Orton just smiles.

WINNER: Ted Dibiase Jr.

Bracket E
Christian vs John Morrison

The ECW Champion vs The Intercontinental Champion? another great match according to my readers and I couldn?t agree more. Since the show needs a great match like this, this would be the main event of ECW. Morrison puts up a tremendous fight and it’s a can-you-top-this style match. Morrison goes for a Starship Pain, but Christian will move out of the way and counter with a Killswitch and get the pin.

WINNER: Christian

Bracket F
Evan Bourne vs Matt Hardy

Another great match that would be a nice ten minute, semi-ROH style match. Matt Hardy would use a lot of technical skills to try and ground TAFKA Matt Sydal, but Bourne will make a resilient comeback until Matt Hardy locks in his ROG finisher, the hanging butterfly choke, otherwise known as The Scar. Bourne will just charge into a corner to break the hold and in its WWE debut, Bourne puts Matt on the top and hits the Cyclorama (belly to belly moonsault) for the win.

WINNER: Evan Bourne

Bracket G
Santino Marella vs Zack Ryder

Santino was placed into this tournament for comic relief, but Santino wouldn?t make an appearance here?. Rather, Santina will make her return saying that she got reinstated and her brother allowed her to take his place to become the first ever Queen of the Ring. However, Ryder isn?t amused and makes short work of Santina.

WINNER: Zack Ryder

Bracket H
Carlito vs Dolph Ziggler

Being the 4th person to use the perfection gimmick (Curt Hennig, Shawn Stasiak, Chris Masters preceeded him.. I might have forgotten one.. if so my apologies), his star has started to shine. Carlito seems lost so I figured I?d place him in the tournament to give him some direction, but that direction stops here as Mr. Ziggles puts him away and advances

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

With the above results, this shapes up our Quarter Final Brackets, which weren?t really that much different than what my readers have selected. My quarter final brackets have become:

Bracket A vs Bracket B
Kofi Kingston vs William Regal

I still like having some experience edge remain in the tournament. Regal will once again use the knucks and the power of the punch to put away the WWE United States Champion. This would be the ongoing story with Regal as the announcers put over that Regal is just trying to steal his way to victory because the thought of repeating as King of the Ring has made him obsessed with winning.

WINNER: William Regal

Bracket C vs Bracket D
Kane vs Ted Dibiase Jr.

Here, Kane’s power and experience seem to be too much for Ted Dibiase Jr, Kane has been extra brutal and seems to just be squashing Ted with him getting little to no offense in, but as the match is about to conclude, Randy Orton comes out and hands Kane a fistful of cash, explaining Kane’s over-aggressive behavior. Kane leaves the ring and Randy measures a fallen Dibiase up and punts him in the side of the head. Randy smiles once again and just leaves the ring leaving many wondering what he’s thinking.


Bracket E vs Bracket F
Christian vs Evan Bourne

The ECW Champion will have his hands full with the high-flying Evan Bourne. While many are cheering on Evan Bourne, almost the same finish happens as Christian’s last match. Bourne goes up top for the Shooting Sydal Press and misses. Christian hits the Killswitch and gets the pinfall and the advance.

WINNER: Christian

Bracket G vs Bracket H
Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler

While Zack Ryder’s popularity is getting better and bigger, Ziggler’s star is shining brighter at the moment. These two will have a great match? perhaps even a breakout match for the two of them, but in the end, Dolph Ziggler will end up getting the pinfall and advancing.


This brings me to my Semi-Finals brackets and one of my brackets ended up just like the readers and one ended up completely different. Here are mine:
Semi-Final Bracket A
William Regal vs Ted Dibiase Jr.

In this match, Randy Orton is on commentary, but he refuses to answer any questions on why he attacked and kicked Ted Dibiase out of Legacy. In the match, it’s pretty even-paced. Regal is about to lose when Randy Orton gets up from the announce position and distracts the referee. While the referee is distracted, Orton, in the ref’s blind spot, passes brass knucks to Regal, but Dibiase sees them first and quickly grabs them. Ted nails Regal with the knucks and makes the cover. Randy is too busy arguing with the ref to see what took place until he hears the thud on the mat. He lets the referee go count the pin only to see the reverse happen in the ring! Randy is shocked as Ted picks up the pinfall.

WINNER: Ted Dibiase Jr.

After the match, Kozlov and Jackson come down and Randy smiles. Both men enter the ring, but Cody Rhodes comes out with a steel chair and starts taking out Jackson, Kozlov, and Regal. Randy is beside himself with anger as Rhodes helps Dibiase to his feet? then Rhodes turns and cracks Dibiase over the head with the chair and Orton is laughing at ringside. The answer as to what side Rhodes lies on is given. Orton and Rhodes leave together as Dibiase is left laying in the ring.

Semi-Final Bracket B
Christian vs Dolph Ziggler

In this fight, Ziggler ends up giving it his all and has another breakout style match that has him on the verge of winning, but Christian pulls out a Killswitch from out of nowhere and picks up the victory.

WINNER: Christian

King of the Ring 2009 Finals
Ted Dibiase Jr. vs Christian

In this match, Rhodes and Orton stay away, but the damage had been done. In week one it was the RKO, in week two it was the punt to the head, in week three it was a vicious chairshot to the skull? and sadly, here in week four, it was two Killswitches to finally do enough damage to cause Dibiase to fall.


With the King of the Ring results, we come to three scenarios:

Scenario 1: Christian vacates the ECW Championship and moves to Monday Night Raw. A tournament is held to crown a new ECW Champion and it is taken by William Regal. That is a whole side-booking thing, but it’s just a quick mention because now comes the actual fantasy booking based on the following:

Scenario 2: Christian arrives on Raw with a crown and states that as your 2009 King of the Ring he challenges Randy Orton for his WWE Championship. (NOTE: When I started this tournament, Randy Orton was the WWE Champion and had not lost the title yet to John Cena. The booking scenario in my head was based upon that and that alone so that is what I am going with)

Scenario 3: Ted Dibiase Jr is taken to the hospital on the night he lost and comes back two weeks later and says he wants Randy Orton. Conflict begins.

The tournament ends two weeks into December so with that in mind:

So week 1 (December Week 3) after the tournament, Christian appears on Raw and announces he wants Randy Orton. Whichever guest host happens to be there makes the match official for WWE Armageddon. Christian vs Orton for the WWE Championship will happen, but Randy Orton is not in the building that night. Instead, he appears via satellite from his home saying that he’s not hiding from Ted Dibiase because he is in a hospital bed. He said he will be there next week to explain his actions and as for Christian.. he will wish he stayed on ECW. Typical heel Orton promo.

Week 4: Randy Orton kicks off the show and announces that the match between Rhodes and Dibiase was strictly for show. Orton says that he is the leader of Legacy and that he needs to remain the WWE Champion. He told Rhodes and Dibiase that whoever won the match could do whatever they wanted in the rest of the tournament, but should they win, they would lie down for him to protect everything he had worked for in Legacy. Rhodes agreed to sacrifice his chance at greatness for the good of the team, while Dibiase said he would go on to win and create his own path. Orton says he cannot forgive defiance and when he saw Dibiase win, he wanted to make sure that he understood just where his place was in this business. Orton compares Dibiase to a dog. You take a dog in, you feed, give it shelter, watch it grow and then the dog turns on its master. When the dog does that, it’s only natural that you have to put him down.

Dibiase’s music strikes up and he comes out and says what Orton is saying is right. He wanted to be something more than a lackey. He wanted to create his own path and he did bite the hand that fed him. He said in order to get ahead in this world, it has to be dog eat dog and that is exactly what he was doing. Dibiase said that this loss changes nothing and still wants Randy Orton and a shot at his WWE Championship. Flavor of the Week GM comes out and announces that since Dibiase didn?t win the tournament, Christian has the right to face Orton at Armageddon this upcoming Sunday, but if you wanted a match with Randy Orton, you would have to earn it. The FOTW GM says he knows that he also has a distaste for Cody Rhodes so at Armageddon it will be Rhodes vs Dibiase and should Dibiase win, then the WWE Championship match later that night will become a three way dance.

WWE Armageddon: Dibiase and Rhodes wrestle once again. Rhodes has the upper hand and out comes Bret Dibiase from the back. Bret slides into the ring and tells Cody to back off of his brother. Bret then turns and dismantles Ted causing a Disqualification victory. It appears that Randy Orton took Ted’s brother Bret into Legacy in his place. Bret and Cody have reformed a new Priceless as well. A now beaten and battered Dibiase will be injected into the WWE Championship match in the main event.

In the triple threat match, Dibiase starts off by immediately going to Orton and pummeling him. Christian just stands back for a bit then decides to join Dibiase in punishing Orton. Dibiase and Christian hit a few double team moves as the match progresses, but Orton eventually escapes to the outside leaving Christian and Dibiase in the ring together. The two shakes hands out of mutual respect and begin to wrestle each other. Orton is taking his time getting back into the ring. When he sees Christian getting the upper hand, Orton slides back in and attempts to take out Christian, but Christian was ready for it and starts bringing it to Orton. Dibiase gets up, but Christian is reversed on an irish whip and collides with Dibiase. Christian turns around and gets set up for an RKO, but Christian taps Orton forward off of him, hooks both arms and nails the Killswitch! The crowd can taste a new WWE Champion, but Dibiase breaks it up at the count of 2 ?! Christian and Dibiase begin to get into a heated argument. Orton shoved Christian into Dibiase and they knock skulls. Christian staggers and falls out of the ring onto the ring apron. Orton RKO’s Dibiase and then kicks Christian to the floor. As Dibiase staggers to his feet, he punts him in the side of the head and gets the three.


Week 1 January: Christian comes out and says he had the match won and he would be the new WWE Champion right now if it weren?t for Dibiase being added to the match. Christian also demands a rematch against Randy Orton in a one on one environment to prove that he can become champion. FOTW GM comes out and announces that while he cannot do that? only champions can exercise a rematch clause? however, the Royal Rumble is later this month and the winner goes onto Wrestlemania for their shot at whatever championship they choose. He said tonight, Christian will face Dibiase one on one for the #30th spot in the Royal Rumble.

Later that night, Christian and Dibiase both battle it out when Orton, Bret, and Cody come out and just clean house causing a No Contest finish. Obviously the crowd is pissed, but Orton gets on the mic saying that neither of them will now be in the Royal Rumble and neither of them will ever get a shot at his championship ever again. FOTW GM said while they cannot get the #30 spot because of them, he is giving the two of them a chance to draw random numbers to enter the Royal Rumble as a consolation. Orton is livid.

Week 2 January: The Royal Rumble Lottery Part I happens. Christian draws a number and isn?t happy.

Week 3 January: Ted Dibiase draws his number and looks kind of surprised.

WWE Royal Rumble: The reason why Christian was so unhappy is that he drew #1. Although he comes out first, Christian lasts all the way to the end. The announcers are building him up that he would pull a Ric Flair and go the distance and win the Royal Rumble match. Christian was happy until #30 hit and it ended up being Ted Dibiase Jr. Ted comes in and helps clean house. It’s down to Dibiase, Cody Rhodes and Christian once again. Dibiase and Christian double team Rhodes and eliminate him and immediately Dibiase grabs Chrsitian and eliminates him to win the Royal Rumble. Christian is shocked that Dibiase would do something like that to him, thinking he would have given him a fair contest. Dibiase grabs the mic and reminds Christian that it’s a dog eat dog world? and he’s not waiting until Raw to announce his choice? he proclaims that at Wrestlemania, he will face Orton for the WWE Championship.

Week 1 February: Christian comes out and says that he thought Dibiase was a better man than that. He thought that it would have been a fair contest to see who could eliminate each other, but Christian said he is done underestimating people. He issues a challenge to Dibiase for No Way Out for his #1 Contendership. Dibiase says that when he becomes WWE Champion at Wrestlemania, he will be a fighting champion that shows he has heart? but he knows that he must show that heart and the will to be champion before he can claim the title? therefore he accepts Christian’s offer for a match at No Way Out.

Week 2 February: Despite being against each other, Christian and Dibiase are teamed up to face the new Priceless of Bret and Rhodes. Priceless wins after a miscommunication between Christian and Ted causes them to get into an argument.

Week 3 February: It’s Ted Dibiase vs Priceless in a 2 on 1 handicap match in an effort to soften up Ted as much as possible for Christian at No Way Out. Ted shows tremendous spirit and ends up pinning his brother with a roll up. Afterwards Priceless beat down Ted.. .Christian comes to make the save and then joins in the beat down. Christian gets on the mic and says ?you said it yourself.. it’s a dog eat dog world?

No Way Out: Christian and Dibiase change their match to something Christian is familiar with? Extreme Rules. Here, Dibiase and Christian let out a ton of their anger and frustration, but in the end, Dibiase ends up getting the pinfall to retain his number one contendership. Dibiase will still face Orton at Wrestlemania.

Week 1: March: Dibiase comes out and proclaims that he overcame the obstacles that he needed to in order to make it to Wrestlemania. He said that Orton no longer has anywhere to run or hide. It’s just me and him now. Priceless come out. Bret talks about his Ted used a cheap move to beat him in their handicap match. He said that the obstacles are not over and tonight he demands a one on one match with his brother. Ted accepts.

Bret Dibiase vs Ted Dibiase: The match goes back and forth and Cody Rhodes even tries to interfere, but in the end, Ted scores the pinfall after a Dream Street. After the match, Orton comes down and the three of them give Dibiase a beat down. Christian comes out and makes the save. Fearful that he would turn on Ted, Ted kind of shows caution, but Christian doesn?t do anything to him.

Week 2: March: Christian comes out and says that tempers got heated, but Ted proved that he was the better man and that he can accept that. He said there will be a rematch between Priceless and himself and Ted tonight and this time, they will be on the same page.

The match takes place and Christian and Ted dominate Priceless. Ted has Cody set up for Dream Street when Christian nails him with the Killswitch. Christian turns heel officially and announces that he was hired by Randy Orton to take out out. He said that if he did so that Orton would grant him a WWE Championship match. He said the offer was too good to be true.

Week 3: March: Christian vs Randy Orton takes place, but Orton calls out Priceless and beats down Christian. Christian wins via DQ, but Orton said that he only used Christian to soften up Ted Dibiase Jr. in preparation for his match at Wrestlemania. Christian was nothing to him and was completely gullible for trusting him. At this point, Ted Dibiase runs out and makes the save, clearing house with a steel chair. Christian apologizes to Dibiase and say that next week they will find themselves a partner and it will be a 6 man tag since they now share the same goal? the destruction of Randy Orton.

Week 4: March: Legacy vs Christian/Rhodes and a mystery partner. They said they went out and grabbed someone who hates Randy Orton just as much as they do. ?It’s Time to Play the Game? hits and Triple H comes out as their mystery partner. The three pretty much dominate Priceless, but Orton sees the chaos and tries to escape. Shawn Michaels comes out and chases Orton back into the ring? there Orton is nailed with a high knee by Triple H setting up Ted to nail Dream Street for the pin. Dibiase holds the WWE Title in the air and points to the Wrestlemania logo.

Wrestlemania: The match has finally come? Dibiase and Orton for the WWE Championship. Dibiase’s journey is long, but after a fantastic back and forth match that spans about 30 minutes, Dibiase outlasts Orton and pins him to become the NEW WWE Champion closing the chapter on this long story.

And that’s how I would have booked my tournament and it’s winner, but you guys are still doing some booking of your own? let’s head off to the One Extra Round section and see how you guys did in your semi-finals brackets.

-One Extra Round: King of the Ring 2009-

King of the Ring 2009
Round 3 Voting Results


Readers: Luke Bartlett, Rocky Jr, Richard Misfeldt, Kyle Patin, Brandon

For those who offered thoughts or comments on their picks, I have included them below for each bracket.

Semi-Final Bracket A
(03)Mark Henry
(02)Jack Swagger

WINNER: Mark Henry
Kyle Patin writes: Henry has waited years for a main event push, this could be where it starts. He
definitely is over right now and the WWE could use more stars in the main event. I’m getting sick of Cena vs Orton, I have had enough of that shoved down my throat for at least the next decade.

Brandon writes: While I generally like Henry here especially since his immediate rise when he stomped out Orton with the World Strongest Slam on his debut, the Ratings received an instant increase. I would like him to pull it out. Although, we haven’t seen Orton really do anything about that decimation. Here is where he gets his payback via interference. His distraction via appearance. With Henry taking a swing at him, & Orton hanging him up to dry on the top rope allows for the kick to the gut & impressive Gut Wrench Powerbomb. A la the first time we saw Brock Lesnar give Henry the F5. (That was sick! It looked like he jumped with Henry on his shoulders too) -Flashback moment, but You Tube it.
WINNER = Swagger

Rocky Jr writes: I put on lenghty explanations last week, so I’ll make them short here, like all my picks were the winning one and I already planned the rest of the tournament. For me, SWAGGER wins here because I see him as the best “I need it” – “It fits me gimmick-wise” to win the whole thing.

Semi-Final Bracket B
(01)Dolph Ziggler

WINNER: Christian

Kyle Patin writes: He is more than ready for main event status either on Raw or Smackdown.
Needs to be in the mix to shake up a very stale main event scene, that is more so on Raw. (CM Punk vs Taker is a breath of fresh air, although the Montreal screw job part III is stupid)

Brandon Writes: I’ve seen Ziggler’s finisher & I was thinking that Christina has a nice move in his repertoire to counter it. It’s his Falling Reverse DDT. Ziggler’s had some great matches with one of the greatest in Mysterio. However, you can’t teach size. When manned against someone his same stature & maybe a little taller than him + Christians’ experience. It all seems too much for him to step over Christian. WINNER = Christian via Kill Switch Ooo.. Just a thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if he joined the Hart Dynasty here!? Now as a writer/booker that would be something to play with. The Hart Dynasty is intriguing, but there’s yet to have been established a leader there. Dolph could be that leader, & the leader needs gold or a title & he’s the closest one to getting it. The timing to do it here would be perfect, but I don’t see it with going after Morrison. Nor do I see Morrison as someone who would try to mow down a stable. Great thought though. I’m about to go check out the 1997 King of the Ring. I loved your description of how you would’ve wrote the final. All I remember from that Tournament was HHH beating Mankind with the crown, & the Pedigree on the old school wooden announce table. Back when it looked like what we sat at & at one back in Elementary school. Haha!

Rocky Jr Writes: CHRISTIAN, the better and more experianced man, goes to the finals for me. Firstly because heel vs. face is better. Secondly, because Swagger needs a man to put on a great long and though match and to also put him over. And this man can’t be Ziggler right now, Ziggler had a good journey too btw.

King of the Ring 2009 Finals
Mark Henry vs Christian

Let the voting begin!

King of the Ring 2009 Fantasy Booking

Suzanne Abshire is back with her version of King of the Ring

RAW Bracket
Kofi Kingston vs MVP vs The Miz

Thoughts: Kofi is the only person in my tournament who is currently a Champion in WWE so I believe that should mean something so I will reward that by giving him what I believe most people would thing is the upset victory in this match.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston

ECW Bracket
Yoshi Tatsu vs Shelton Benjamin vs Sheamus

Thoughts: So for ECW I wanted the strongest person possible to give ECW meaning going into the finals because I want each Brand going into this match with a chance of winning.

WINNER: Shelton Benjamin

SmackDown! Bracket
Mike Knox vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre

Thoughts: This is the match that is going to be the hardest for people to get into I think because all 3 men are heels but I am hoping the athletic ability of Dolph and Drew will keep people interested until the brute force of Mike Knox takes over

WINNER: Mike Knox

Richard Misfeldt also sent in his choices? his winners are in [brackets].

RAW Bracket A
Kofi Kingston vs [Chris Masters] vs Carlito

RAW Bracket B
Evan Bourne vs Jamie Noble vs [MVP]

RAW Bracket C
Primo vs Santino Marella vs [The Miz]

ECW Bracket A
Goldust vs [Paul Burchill] vs Sheamus

ECW Bracket B
[Shelton Benjamin] vs The Hurricane vs Tyler Reks

ECW Bracket C
[William Regal] vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder

SmackDown! Bracket A
[Charlie Haas] vs Curt Hawkins vs Drew McIntyre

SmackDown! Bracket B
[Dolph Ziggler] vs Finlay vs Jesse

SmackDown! Bracket C
Jimmy Wang Yang vs Kung Fu Naki vs [Mike Knox]

-The Final Shot-

This will do it for me this week? good luck in the finals of the tournament! As always, you can submit your votes by using any of the following.. you?ll have until Saturday at 11pm EST!


Until next week?

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