From the Desk of Mr. V #34
September 24, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Hello once again class. I sure hope that you enjoy this week. As all of you know, I am WrestleView’s resident teacher Mr. Anthony J. Valvo. And once again, I would like your undivided attention as I will mention the good and bad in this week’s wrestling programming. I will also provide you with other topics as well (even a rule or two). So sit back and relax, students of professional wrestling. Take your mind off of your homework and studies in school or at home. Make sure you sit properly at your computer room. School is in session once again from the desk of Mr. V.


Ok, so a ‘student? (or dare I say idiot) e-mails me about telling me that meat is murder and I should start thinking about being a vegetarian. I was very upset to get this e-mail (it was from no one in this classroom). They sent me links on why ?meat is murder?. I for one am getting really upset with random people telling me how to eat and what I should. I posted the quote on FaceBook?

?For every animal you don?t eat, I will eat three?

I got a couple messages about this, and Greg McNeish (Original student of Mr. V) comes out with this doozy of a quote. Enjoy it students.

?My friends like to call any meat that involves three different animals a ?vegetarian meal?. That’s what makes us good people.?

– Greg McNeish, Noble Student of Mr. V

Well said Mr. McNeish. See, this is why I love Canada.

Oh yeah, and my wonderful hometown of Pittsburgh, PA is hosting some G20 Summit. Though it great for our moderately sized city, I ask all of you (if you believe in God, Karma, etc) to keep the police officers in your thoughts. My bro is going to be patrolling these protesting morons and at times I am sure he will put them in their place. Also, I am pretty upset about how Pittsburgh welcomes the world for a couple days. Mr. V has welcomed the world of professional wrestling in his column since February (and I did not need a media blitz). Ok, back to the column, class.

Classroom Rules

89) Do not; seriously DO NOT give a wrestler a middle finger when seated next to a young child

Mr. V’s Take: Look, I understand that you pay good money for ringside seats so you can show off your ?I?m with stupid? or ?Your name here 3:16? signs. But there is a time when one must look at their surroundings when one considers becoming a moron in the crowd. Take the 9/14 episode of ROH on HDNet. On a few occasions a heel (bad guy) wrestler comes out and walks to the ring. You have these ?dunce cap wearing fools? with their droopy faces figuratively telling their most hated wrestlers who are number 1 in their book. Look, if you are watching it on TV with your college buddies it is ok to flick off the wrestlers because your friends are the only ones that can make fun of you. Heck, I would not really get on their cases if they were near fans their own age. But when a 30-something year old mark uses the bird and are seated next to a child?.that is where I have a problem.

I know, I know ?Mr. V it is one’s right to do what they want in a wrestling show?. I respect that. However, I think that pro wrestling fans who watch a live event should consider those near them and should show class. Some fans sadly never learned ?public etiquette? in grade school. This is just another example of why I can?t stand people who show no respect to the pro wrestlers who give up their bodies week after week for our entertainment. Perhaps Nigel McGuinness was right about some of those fans in the stands. I hope Nigel uses that gimmick in the WWE.

90) It’s ok to ?copy? another wrestler’s finisher or signature move

Mr. V’s Take: I credit AJ Styles for not making a big deal on how John Morrison and Michelle McCool are using his moves in the WWE. He was very professional, saying it is an honor that wrestlers would do that.

What upsets me about the whole deal is that other websites (not WrestleView, we are more professional like that) cry foul when someone does that. So what? Wrestlers copy other moves? Do you think Lou Thesz is going to roll in his grave because Mickie James does the Thesz Press? Do you think Ric Flair will sue half the ROH roster for doing chops? Do you think Taz will sue anyone for doing a Fisherman Buster Suplex? Shawn Michaels copies the Sharpshooter and the Figure Four, anyone want to cry foul? No! So to those particular fans, deal with it. Just go back to your cave and go on YouTube saying ?who has the better Irish Whip?. I will be the first to make fun of you for that.


I thought that wrestling was a little light this week. The headlines of the week were tough to pick out, but some were worth noting.

AJ Styles, your NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Mr. V’s Take: If you read The 2009 Faculty Mid-Year Awards, you would see that my bold prediction for TNA was that Kurt Angle would be the World Champ for TNA throughout 2009. Well, I have one thing to say after AJ Styles pinned ?Our Olympic Hero? to prove Mr. V wrong yet again?.

?..I am glad I was wrong.

I am glad because finally a ?TNA Original? (yes, I know he was in WWE developmental for a while) get his dues and is rewarded as the World Champion. I am glad because this guy would get pushed hard, the buried hard. It goes to show that hard work in the wrestling business can pay off for a guy of AJ’s size and heart. I hope his title run is moderately long (3-5 months). Anything less would be unsatisfactory.

Colt Cabana gets a tryout match for TNA

Mr. V’s Take: If Colt leaves ROH again, it can be a blow to the promotion. In TNA’s eyes, they could very well capitalize on Cabana’s character (something that the WWE I think dropped the ball on). Colt has that natural charisma about him, and his in-ring work is pretty good. Where will it go from there, we won?t know.

What would Colt’s ceiling be in TNA? I do not see him, if signed by TNA, to be a World Champion. However, his in-ring ability and his mic work can lead him to an X Division push or maybe he can team with someone to be a Tag Team Champion. I will admit, Colt Cabana is very entertaining. I thought his online show on WWE was great. If TNA uses him right, then he will be fine (but it is if they sign him).

Lilian Garcia resigns as WWE announcer

Mr. V’s Take: In case you did not watch RAW, you know that it was Lilian’s last day for the WWE. I am happy to see that she got a nice sendoff during the show and after the show. For once, true emotion stood out. Lilian was in my ?detention? list because of some lines that she would occasionally botch. But she did have the charm when she worked for the WWE, especially when she sings The Star Spangled Banner (no one does it better).

I know that Lilian Garcia never reads this column, but I would like to say ?Thank You?. You were a real class act and the WWE will definitely miss you. It will be awkward to hear someone else do the things that you do. I wish you the very best with your upcoming marriage.

Trish Stratus? Stratusphere Yoga is in the developmental stage for the Nintendo Wii

Mr. V’s Take: My father, Mr. V Sr., actually is a proud owner of a Nintendo Wii. I know what he is getting for Christmas (or after Christmas) this year.

TNA signs Lacey Von Erich

Mr. V’s Take: Out of all the independent wrestlers that could, based on looks, replace Angelina Love, Lacey Von Erich is perfect. Von Erich can be the real deal, but the question is ?Can she wrestle well?? I know to some it does not matter, but to Mr. V you have to be more than just eye candy to get over in professional wrestling. All in all, TNA made a great signing by bringing in Lacey.


Detentions this week go to…

Kevin Nash – for still keeping the Legend’s Championship hostage. Of course Abyss would not be a good champion either, which reminds me?.

Abyss – Not Mr. Parks, but the gimmick. Let’s see the real monster come out (hopefully at Bound for Glory).

Hornswoggle – Why do you have to prank Chavo all the time?

Hulk Hogan – Look, I listen to other radio shows online and one in particular mentions the prices for tickets to see his match vs. Ric Flair (495 dollars for ringside) compared to a WWE live event (close to 300 for ringside). Most of my students would probably take the WWE deal. Thanks to Anthony DeBlasi for that announcement.

Jim Breuer – Seriously what have you done since being ?Goat Boy? for Saturday Night Live? I can?t believe Pizza Hut made him relevant again.

Wrestlers that retire from a company and then sign somewhere else – Still bush league in my opinion.

Chicago Cubs – Heck, at least you suspended Milton Bradley the rest of the season. Too bad you owe him $20 million dollars over two years to be a cancer on that team. Maybe you could use that money to sign a competent manager.

WWE’s treatment to Katie Lea Birchill – I think she has the look and the ability to be a superstar. But who do they push?..The Bellas? Ugh?..


Cody Deaner – At least he did not win the Knockout’s Title.

Rob Terry – Still looking dumb in person and in the ring.

ETS and the Praxis Series – I feel so bad for those people who take those tests still.

Kanye West – On this list forever.

Hulu – Still boggles my mind that they will censor a whip to the ring steps. They also edited out Kane destroying Khali’s leg.

Jenna Morasca – Your interview two weeks ago makes you a contradiction. You are caught in lies all the time. Honestly, if not for Survivor she would never be heard of.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Closing in on 100 losses for the 2nd time this decade.

Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Line – You guys are terrible?.just terrible. Good thing Ben Roethlisberger is the QB for this team. An average QB can?t win five games with this line.

**So class, if you want to nominate anyone for detention please let me know. E-mail me at and I will post them next week. Thanks to the ones as always who did this a couple weeks ago. **

And now?for my second favorite part of the column?.


No matches got my coveted ?A? grade this past week, but many received a ?B?. Here are the top three matches for this past week and I encourage you all to watch them at least once.

Distinguished Honor Roll – The Briscoes vs. El Generico and Kevin Steen, ROH on HDNet, September 14.

This ROH main event was very good from start to finish. This was one of the best ?brawling? tag team matches I have seen this year, and the back and forth movement was in sync. All wrestlers in this match accomplished so much and at times were real stiff in the ring. This contest would have been an ?A? if we had a winner, but the ROH Tag Champs The American Wolves interfered to make this a no contest.

Finish: No Contest; American Wolves Interfered.

Move of the Match: Tough call, but I will go with the part were Mark Briscoe and El Generico stopped fighting and dove on their opponents from the top rope (Mark on Steen and Gernerico on Jay).

High Honors – ECW 10-man Battle Royal on ECW, September 15.

Among all these TV Battle Royals (not including the Royal Rumble), this was the best one I have seen all year. My reason is the fact that anyone (and I mean anyone) had the potential to win this match. It was unpredictable and the in-ring work was crisp, which was great given the fact that the wrestlers did not have much room to work.

Finish: Zack Ryder dumps Tommy Dreamer over the ropes to be the #1 Contender for the ECW Championship. (Woo Woo Woo)

Move of the Match: This was easy. It was Shelton Benjamin’s Exploder Suplex on Paul Birchill in which Paul was eliminated.

Honors – Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay, WWE Superstars, September 17.

This was probably one of the most technical matches this past week in pro wrestling. These two worked well together, as we saw crisp transitions and both were aware of their surroundings. The booking for this was excellent, as I believed the right man won. This boosts Dolph up a bit for his PPV match with John Morrison in a couple weeks.

Finish: Ziggler hits the ?ZigZag? on Finlay and gets the cover.

Move of the Match: The finish had to be the move. Everything else was for the most part basic, and that made was enjoyable for me to watch.

Honorable Mention goes to the following: The Young Bucks vs. Dark City Fight Club on 9/14; Colt Cabana vs. Joey Ryan on 9/14; Shawn Michaels vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. on 9/14; Trish Stratus/MVP/Mark Henry vs. Beth Phoenix/JeriShow on 9/14; Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zack Ryder on 9/15; Christian vs. Paul Birchill on 9/17; Scott Steiner/Brutus Magnus vs. Brother Ray/Robert Roode on 9/17; Sarita/Taylor Wilde vs. Raisha Saeed/Awesome Kong on 9/17; Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe on 9/17; John Morrison vs. Mike Knox on 9/18; and Batista vs. Chris Jericho on 9/18

Worst Match of the Week – Kane vs. The Great Khali, Friday Night Smackdown, September 18.

Well, let’s hope for a new beginning with these two. Kane destroys Khali once and for all here. As for Khali, I don?t know what the future will be for him. He may come back next week to do the same or he might be released in a few weeks. Who knows?

Dishonorable Mention goes to the following: Bison Smith vs. Sal Rinauro on 9/14; Hornswoggle/Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero/Carlito on 9/14; Trish Stratus/MVP vs. Beth Phoenix/Chris Jericho on 9/14; Hernandez vs. Bashir/Kiyoshi on 9/17; Alissa Flash vs. Cody Deaner on 9/17; and Kevin Nash vs. Mick Foley on 9/17.


This is the portion where I will tell you the two (or three if a tie) best things that happened on each program. After the brief overview, I will give you my top two shows and the student’s choice. This portion is interactive and if you want to provide me with your pick for a favorite show, e-mail me at

ROH on HDNet (September 14)

Best Segment: Nigel McGuinness calling out the fans while sitting at ringside. This might be the best promo of the year for ROH.

Best Match: The Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico

Monday Night RAW (September 14)

Best Segment: Batista’s big announcement. And here many of us thought that he would retire. Orton’s interaction was great as well during this segment.

Best Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Ted DiBiase, Jr.

ECW (September 15)

Best Segment: William Regal confronting Tiffany during the opening stages of ECW.

Best Match: 10-Man Battle Royal

WWE Superstars (September 17)

Best Segment: Orton’s Backstage Promo stating that he quit ?in order to save his body and it was a business decision?.

Best Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay

TNA Impact (September 17)

Best Segment: Though Rhino did take a lot of time, I am going to go with what ?Mr. Perfect? Josh Boutwell had. That D?Angelo DiNero backstage promo was great.

Best Match: Sarita/Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong/Raisha Saeed

Friday Night Smackdown (September 18)

Best Segment: Anything involving Teddy Long and The Undertaker. ?Buckle Up, Teddy?.

Best Match: Batista vs. Chris Jericho

Student’s Choice for this week: TNA Impact (1 Point)
Mr. V’s #2 Show – ECW (1 Point)

ECW was a solid show from start to finish this past week. New rivalries were formed (aka Sheamus/Shelton). We also had a couple suprises with Zack Ryder winning an opportuinity to become ECW Champion (which sadly he failed) and William Regal not allowed to get his re-match against Christian (which will probably happen soon). Overall, the segments were entertaining and all the matches were rock-solid. Add the perfect commentary team this week and it made this a good show.

Mr. V’s #1 Show – ROH on HDNet (2 Points)

Ring of Honor this week came back in a big way. They provided two very impressive tag team matches (Young Bucks have been a hidden gem). We got the debut of Bison Smith, who looks like a beast in the ring. We even had a good technical match with Cabana and Joey Ryan. Throw in Nigel’s well-executed promo and Kevin Steen’s announcement for Ladder War 2 and this show was excellent this week. I can?t wait to see what is on tap next week.

Cliff Notes (for those who want to skip ahead and not read the entire column)

Best Show of the Week: ROH on HDNet (2 points)
Runner-Up: ECW (1 Point)
Students? Choice: TNA Impact (1 Point)

Current TV Wars Standings

1) Friday Night Smackdown (52 Points)
2) Monday Night Raw (35 Points)
3) TNA Impact (34 Points)
4) ECW (19 Points)
5) ROH on HDNet (9 Points)
6) WWE Superstars (1 Point)

**On a side note, I offer my apologies to Mike Tedesco. I know that Superstars was a solid show last week and it was a toss-up between that and ECW.**

Commentator Report Card (Presented By: JR’s Family Bar-B-Q. Students, he is offering more FREE SHIPPING on his products, including his JERKY-MANIA package. For $19.88 (free shipping in the U.S. AND a $49 value) you get not only six packs of JR’s quality beef jerky, but you will also get a FREE AUTOGRAPHED, PERSONALIZED PHOTO OF JR!!! Guess what I am telling the wife to get me for my birthday now? Hurry up and take advantage of this offer, or I am going to have about eighteen packs of jerky. Go to for details.

Michael Cole: D (2009 Grade: D) **Current Leader of The Dunce Cap**
Jerry Lawler: C (2009 Grade: C)

Josh Mathews: A+ (2009 Grade: B+) **Dean’s List**
Matt Striker: A+ (2009 Grade: A) **Dean’s List**

Todd Grisham: B (2009 Grade: B) **Dean’s List**
Jim Ross: B (2009 Grade: A-) **Dean’s List**

Mike Tenay: B (2009 Grade: C+)
Taz: B- (2009 Grade: B-)

Mike Hogewood: C- (2009 Grade: C-)
Dave Prazak: B- (2009 Grade: B-)

Current Standings For Predictions From The Faculty (as of No Surrender)

A lot has changed in this game. Josh Boutwell and Mike Siciliano nailed all the matches and joins Joe Baiamonte as the only faculty members to go undefeated on one pay per view. Who will be next? We may know in a couple weeks. Here are the current standings, class.

Gold Stars will be awarded to all students this week!! They posted an average record of 7-1! Four students scored perfect records as well!

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)?????????……..81-50 (5-3)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)…???79-52 (8-0)
3) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)?????????..??76-55 (7-1)
4) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)???????.76-55 (7-1)
5) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW Recapper)??74-57 (6-2)
6) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)???????????????????69-42 (7-1)
7) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V)?????????68-63 (6-2)
8) Mike Siciliano (Pro’s From the Palace)???????……..65-40 (8-0)
9) Matt O?Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)???????.62-46 (0-0)
10) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought..)??????????..54-50 (0-0)
11) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)???????????.51-45 (5-3)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)??????????????.48-36 (3-5)
13) Chris Kelly (King of All Wrestling Media)?????????..49-32 (6-2)
14) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and Superstars Recapper)?.24-14 (0-0)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)?????????????..14-12 (0-0)
16) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)?????????????????????.4-4 (0-0)


TJ Patton, Rocky Jr., Robert Downing, and Czygan – These guys posted a perfect record for the No Surrender PPV. Well done, gentleman!

Josh Boutwell and Mike Siciliano – Congrats on your perfect scores as well.

Joe Baiamonte – Though Profs. Boutwell and Siciliano both moved up in the rankings, you are STILL Dean of WrestleView. However, the heat is on. Are you ready to go?

Dallas Cowboys – For setting a new indoor attendance record with over 105,000 people attending the game! It might be disputed though due the ‘standing-room only? tickets meant the fans were outside in front of a jumbotron. From a Steeler fan, I only added this because a student (Mr. Fox) suggested it.

AJ Styles – For becoming the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion! May your reign be long, Phenomenal One!

ODB – Thank you for not making the Knockout’s Title a Joke! Thanks for defeating the Deaner.

Sarita and Taylor Wilde – Congrats and being the first ever TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Champions!

Josh Matthews and Matt Striker – Thank You for your brilliant commentary work this past week.

The Young Bucks – Ending the Dark City Fight Club’s undefeated streak.

TNA – for doing some things right by signing new road agents and talents.

Zack Ryder – for becoming the #1 Contender (and sadly loser) in recent weeks.

Trish Stratus – Still looking great after retiring from the WWE. I hope the Yoga game takes off.

The WWE crowds in Ontario – They were loud and proud all week! The people in Toronto and Hamilton really were into the shows.

Lilian Garcia – Thank you for all that you done in the WWE. Many blessings to you as you will soon be married.

Trey Dawg – For defeating ?The Real Honor Roll? in Fantasy Football last Monday. Why do I feel that I will be doing this to every opponent. At least I am 2-0 in Mr. Van Stone’s Fantasy League.

Edinboro Fighting Scots – they defeated rival Slippery Rock and are now 3-1 this year.

Santo Loco – For winning the Efed Championship! Applause to you, my friend.

JJ Sexay – For getting this all done and working. It was great to watch all the matches.


(From last week, due next week if I get 15 responses. Currently I have 8.)

Well, I finally have a few questions that I came up with. You can answer one of them or answer all of them. It is up to you class. (Due October 1st)

First Question: We all know that Trish Stratus was the guest host for Monday Night Raw last Monday. However, she came out with a new hair color (brunette). Most of the wrestling student body remembers her talented in-ring work as a blonde. So class, here is the first question?..

Does Trish Stratus look better as a blonde or brunette?

Second Question: Some wrestlers have some great theme music. From ?Oh Radio? to ?The Final Countdown? I am asking you to do the following students?.

Pick your top five wrestling theme songs of all time.

This one is important. I must have at least fifteen students to come up with their answers. The more the merrier. You can give me an explanation, but you don?t have to. The higher the ranking the more points it will get.

#1 song – 5 points
#2 song – 4 points
#3 song – 3 points
#4 song – 2 points
#5 song – 1 point

They can be from any genre (Classic WWF, WCW, TNA, WWE, ROH, whatever), as long as it has been played for a wrestler. I will compose the overall list in a small special edition (with youtube clips of course).

Well, that sums up another edition From the Desk of Mr. V. As always, if you want to chat wrestling you can always go on FaceBook and ask me your questions (I am on there at least once a day). You can also e-mail your comments to my address at

It is the end, and you know what that means. Time to push in your chairs, walk in a straight line, and exit your classroom door (more than likely your computer room or dormitory room). Until Mr. V’s 2009 Ultimate Rankings (part 2), I bid you good tidings and cheer! Thanks for reading and you are all officially?????DISMISSED!!

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And as always, if not for the students there would be no Mr. V. Thanks again for reading this lengthy column.

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