One of the things that I have always tried to do from day one is put all my effort, all my passion, all my emotion in to my work. Sometimes, hell, all of the time, it makes me a little bit, even a lot bit larger than life. I’ve been hanging out in the chat room here on the site lately, and shall we say, letting my hair down a little, and now I think it’s coming back to bite me in the ass. Well, so be it. Until someone tells me differently, I’m going to keep spewing my guts.

I have to talk about this guest host bull that’s set for next week right now. I am not a politician by any sense, and I hate following politics. I have seen this man that is going to host Raw next week be in situations that would make a normal man cringe. I would tend to think that this man is planning on using the platform of the WWE just to try and push his agenda and his message across. I am especially outraged by this man because frankly, I don’t believe that kids, THE MAJORITY OF THE DEMOGRAPHIC THAT WATCHES WRESTLING, should be subjected to this man’s rhetoric.

I’m talking about Al Sharpton. I wanted to talk about it on Wrestling News Live, but I guess my chat room character has begun to turn me in to a “heel” of sorts, and I wasn’t able to get on the air. So be it.

Al Sharpton is not a celebrity. Al Sharpton is not someone who brings good publicity to a company. It’s like TNA signing Jonny Fairplay or Jenna Morasca, only ten times worse. Putting this guy in front of a live microphone with millions of people viewing the show, MOST OF THEM CHILDREN, is absolutely a recipe for something bad to happen.

I have been a staunch supporter of this guest host thing since its inception, but this is the first one that I have seen that I cannot, and will not be silent for. This man has absolutely no business being involved with this show. I don’t care if I am not going to watch it because of my schedule, nobody should be forced to endure any of this man’s rhetorical mumbo jumbo because it’s just politically motivated jargon meant only to promote his movement, and his beliefs.

Last I thought, this is a wrestling show, not a preacher’s house.

Al Sharpton is a huge gamble for the WWE. A gamble I think that is going to backfire, and backfire huge. I hope that Vince McMahon can handle the backlash that this man is going to unleash on his company. I’ll tell you this much, I’ve been thinking of ways to show my protest of this guy being given the chance to host this show. I know I won’t watch it, and I won’t check out the highlights on .com either, but I still believe that the WWE administration is making a huge mistake. I only hope that the ratings show that my predictions are correct. And I also hope that this does not become a newsworthy event. Because it has the definite possibility of being just that.

Ok, I’ll step down off my soapbox for now, but believe me, next week, I will be busy spewing my guts in ripping this guy a new one. Moving on.

Saturday night I will be in New York City at the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center for ROH’s Glory By Honor 8, The Final Countdown. The final appearance in ROH and indy wrestling for ROH legends American Dragon Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness. I never thought that this show would turn in to one of the most important shows in the company’s history, but that has been the case. I’ve seen bids for tickets to this show going as high as $200 a pop. You’ve got Bryan vs. Nigel one last time, you’ve got Aries defending the belt, probably against Petey Williams, if I had to guess what the lottery is going to do, you’ve got Ladder War II, which is going to be beyond insane, and you’ve got Bret Hart, which is not something that I myself give a damn about, but I am sure that most do.

As much as I would LOVE to do audio commentary from the show, I don’t think I’m going to be able to because the security there were pains in my ass about it when I tried to do that very thing at Manhattan Mayhem III in Hammerstein. I will try, but it’ll also be tough to talk about the show to a microphone when I have two teenagers sitting with me. Nevertheless, I will have a major release soon after that show, or early the next morning to talk about the atmosphere and the direction that I think ROH will be headed once two of their biggest stars ever depart the company for greener pastures in Stamford, Connecticut.

Look at the undercard here. Briscoes vs. the Bucks, the rematch. Claudio vs. Omega. Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero. Three pretty damn good matches. I have yet to see Kingston live, and that I think will be an experience in itself, the other matches need no description in my belief. Colt’s on the show, and that’s always a good thing. Strong, Dutt, Delirious, the DCFC, and of course, Val Venis, Jr., Rhett Titus. A pretty stacked roster for a historic night.

I have been very fortunate to see some amazing moments in ROH rings. From Danielson winning the belt, to Homicide winning the belt, to Aries winning the belt for the 2nd time, to Misawa competing for the only time in the US, it’s been an experience to see this company evolve. I believe this show could top all four of those moments combined in its intensity and drama. Something just tells me in my bones that I am in for one hell of a night saturday night on the 7th floor of the Manhattan Center. (Actually, the eighth floor, I’m sitting in the balcony.) 🙂

Anyways, moving on.

Some TNA Notes to end this rant, since I didn’t get the chance to do it elsewhere. Yeah, I know I’m going to get busted for being nasty, but that’s the price you pay when you wear your emotions on your sleeve like I do.

I am SO thrilled that AJ Styles finally is the TNA World Champion. I read the spoilers from monday night. I’m not going to reveal them, but I will say that I hope it’s written correctly, at least, in my eyes. I’ll play it out, and see where it goes, but I really hope that there isn’t a “transitional champion” tag attached to this reign for the Phenomenal One.

The Knockout tag title belts are GOREGOUS. Jesus, they are beauitful. I wish the booking for the division was as goregous as the belts are, but hey, you can’t ask for too much, now, can you?

With Lashley’s next MMA fight apparently in limbo, what does that mean for his tenure in TNA? Is he going to focus his energies in building a feud here, or is it going to be some spot matches from here and there for this investment that really has zero direction right now.

Lacey Von Erich in the Beautiful People is as close to a perfect fit to replace Angelina Love as you can get. I think it will work out well. Oh, and yeah, SO HOT.

I’m reading Colt Cabana is at the tapings tonight (tuesday), and is set to do a dark match against Puma. I really kind of hope that Cabana doesn’t take the TNA money, but if he does, I can’t dispute it. Cabana is an infectious personality who would work tremendously well if given the opportunity. With fellow ROH alums like Joe, Homicide, AJ, Daniels, and others running rampant in TNA, Cabana would find his niche pretty damn quickly.

When is TNA going to stop the contradiction? They punish Jeff Jarrett because Kurt Angle’s ex-wife moves in with him, but Kurt gets charged with a truckload of offenses, and Daniels gets charged with a DUI that’s basically broadcast on twitter, and nothing’s done to them? Give me a break. Last I checked, Jarrett never committed a crime, and regardless to me if Angle’s charges were dropped or not, Angle’s actions were deplorable, so was Daniels’. Neither of them got a slap on the wrist, but Jarrett’s lost all his power and clout in the company he founded. Someone want to explain to me where that is fair? Because frankly, I don’t see it.

I’m done. I’m pissed. But, that seems to be the norm. So be it.

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