WWE Raw House Show Results – 9/19/09
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia (8:00 p.m. show)

Rod Carew sent this report in:

Match 1
Evan Bourne def Chavo with help from Hornswoggle.

Bourne was super over in Halifax tonight, and may have had the biggest pop next to Cena.

Match 2
Primo def Alex Riley

Match 3
Chris Masters defeats Santino Marella.

This was my favourite match of the night, from Santino asking the audience for a quick poll ?Who here in the haudience want to see this guy face punched?? to which the crowd responded in the affirmative to Santino warning Masters that ?Face prepared to be punched.? Santino then sold like a madman and even ?hulked? up at the end of the match before putting Masters in a master lock (which he quickly powered out of). When Masters finally hooked Santino up in the Master lock he even teased powering out himself before he passed out giving Masters the Win.

Match 4 US Title Bout
Kofi Kingston def Jack Swagger and the Miz to retain the US title.

This was a three way dance for the US Title between Kofi, Swagger, and The Miz.

Kofi ended up pinning Swagger after taking him out with Trouble in Paradise as the Miz ran off with the belt. Speaking of the Miz his pre match promo got him a ton of heat and made him the most over heel thus far in the evening. Who ever put his mouth in the middle of a ‘stolen belt? angle is a smart man.

Match 5
Alicia Fox defeats some lady whose name I didn?t catch. Either way the whole arena was at intermission when this thing got going so most of us only saw the finish. Looked like a squash for Fox to me.

Match 6
Legacy defeats MVP and Henry.

Of course MVP and Henry were running away with this before Legacy pulled some shenanigans for the win.

Match 7 WWE Championship Match
John Cena def Randy Orton (I know surprise, surprise the title doesn?t change at a house show!) To be honest the end of this match had me going, marking out like a ten year old that Orton might have pulled a win out in Halifax. Call me a sucker it you like but they pulled off a pretty good bit with Cena locking in the STFU or whatever we call it now right after the referee takes a bump missing Orton tapping out. Then as Cena is trying to revive the referee Orton hits a huge RKO. I know I should have known better but Cena’s subsequent kick out (after a very long two count) and standard finishing sequence came off huge with the Orton near fall almost making me a believer for a second.

After the Main event

Legacy rushed the ring and attempted to beat down Cena only to be chased off by MVP and Henry. Cena then grabs the mike and thanks Halifax for the show and then invites a Member of the Canadian Navy (Halifax is home to our east coast naval base) into the ring so he can purpose to his girlfriend. First time I?ve seen something like that at a house show, and a pretty good finish the show in Halifax.

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