Notes from the Nosebleeds #32
September 19, 2009
By: Matt O’Brien of

I kept these crumpled of pieces of bloody paper in my pockets all week. In the end, they made for this week’s Notes from the Nosebleeds. Hope you enjoy.

John Cena’s title win last Sunday at WWE Breaking Point was a mixed bag. On one hand it felt underwhelming to see yet another major title change hands, on the other, Cena’s title win is refreshing. Hard to believe that a John Cena title win is refreshing, but it is nevertheless. Cena is the biggest star in the business and having the gold on him just feels right. Hopefully,this will not be another short reign, but a long lasting one. I still am banking on a Cena-Miz match at Wrestlemania. In the meantime, he can go up against older rivals like Orton, HHH, KBK. Maybe some new rivals will come into view such as Swagger, MVP, and Chris Masters.

Speaking of Randy Orton, rumors continue to float that he was responsible for Ken Anderson’s release from the company. I was thrilled when Anderson made his comeback over the summer and hinted at a future match with Orton. Then later that same night he injured himself yet again, but Orton is being blamed because Anderson dropped him on his bad shoulder? Let’s say that Orton did indeed play a role in Anderson’s release. If so, it is shameful that backstage politics played a role in all of this. If it is not true, then it is shameful that such a rumor is going around. Maybe it was just that Anderson’s most recent injury was just eight too many for the company to keep him on the roster. Heck, maybe it was a combination of that and backstage politics. Regardless, Anderson, for now, becomes another name on the list of the greatest things that never happened.

When I heard Batista was making a career altering announcement, I quickly speculated that he would announce his retirement, only to be teased and mocked by Orton, thus enraging Batista to make his return. So it was a relief when it turned out to be Batista making a brand move. While the brand moves don’t always feel as big as they could, WWE still played this one well. I for one am interested to see where he will go from here. A future fight with CM Punk is imminent, and maybe we will see him revive his classic fued with the Undertaker.

Undertaker’s kidnapping of Teddy Log brought back memories of 1999 when Taker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon. Oh those were the days.

I’m interested to know what you thought of the Breaking Point screwjob. It was a way to prolong yet intensify the Taker-Punk feud, a finger to the fans, a jab at Bret Hart, and an ode to a groundbreaking moment in wrestling history. While I personally don’t care for WWE to keep doing these types of finishes, I guess they at least did it to intensify a rivalry that people actually want to see. The Taker-Punk feud is the most fresh in a long time.

With everything that is going on with Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy, I think back to the days when I would watch them steal the show from the main eventers and long for the day that they would wear the big strap. Now here we are with some serious allegations against both of them. I hate to go there, because I try not to drag out my Jump to Conclusions mat, but I always think of Eddy and the guy whose name we do not speak when something like this happens. I’m not saying that Mysterio and Hardy are going to die, I am just saying that I worry about them and hope that things work out for the best. Regardless of what they do outside the ring, always remember what they have done inside of it for us, for that is the only way we truly know them.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

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