WWE Superstars
March 11th, 2010
Seattle, WA/Portland, OR
Report by: Jeff Springer of WrestleView.com

Before I start my first recap, I would like to first thank former Superstars recapper Mike Tedesco and Wrestleview for giving me this amazing opportunity to join this awesome website.

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

The pyro goes off as Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the 48th episode of the show. Perfection is playing throughout the arena which means that Dolph Ziggler is on their way down to the ring for the opening contest for the evening from the Smackdown brand.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Shelton Benjamin

The bell rings and Ziggler sets up the test of strength, Benjamin excepts but before they could lock both hands Ziggler lands multiple kicks in the gut on Benjamin. Ziggler follows up with big strikes to the face and clubbing blows to the back. Ziggler lands another kick to the guy in the corner before attempting to send him into the opposite turnbuckle which is reversed by Benjamin. Benjamin grabs Ziggler out of the corner and picks him up into a slam position but, Ziggler wiggles out and is able to hook him in a sleeper hold.

Shelton is able to break the sleeper and flip Ziggler over onto the mat, He goes for the follow up but is hit with a dropkick in the knee. Ziggler comes out of the corner and hits a big jumping legdrop but is only able to pick up a two count. Ziggler continues his assault with big kicks to Shelton followed up by a big elbow drop for another unsuccessful two count. Ziggler hooks on another sleeper but, Shelton elbows his way out and hits some big combinations before landing a huge clothesline. Shelton hits another big clothesline followed by an attempt at the spinning heel kick which is missed. Ziggler attempts to capitalize on the miss but, Benjamin is able to hit a Samoan drop for a two count.

Shelton picks Ziggler up and takes him to the corner, Benjamin lands some strikes and goes for a big maneuver of the top but, Ziggler is able to have Benjamin hit his throat against the top rope. Ziggler uses his advantage to go for a Zig Zag for the win but shockingly Shelton kicks out at two. A frustrated Ziggler goes for a third sleeper hold that knocks out Shelton causing the ref to ring the bell.

Winner Via Referee Stoppage due to the Sleeper: Dolph Ziggler

Todd Grisham announces this weeks main event, A huge tag match featuring Carlito and Chavo Guerrero going against Christian and MVP!


Matt Striker hypes the defining divas on WWE.com.

A bell rings and Mike Knox is in the ring for are next match, Shattered Dreams comes across the HDtron and Tony Chimel announces his opponent for the night …. Goldust!

Mike Knox Vs. Goldust

The official bell rings and the two lock up, Knox attempts to back Goldust into the corner but, Goldust is able to reverse him into the corner before the ref breaks them up. Mike Knox capitalizes on the breakup and lands on strike on Goldust, He follows up with a kick into the gut which backs Goldust into the corner. Knox lands a fury of punches and kicks in the corner before the referee backs him off. Knox goes to go back on the attack but is surprised with a furry by Goldust, Goldust hit the ropes but is caught by a dropkick by Knox for a two count. Knox goes back on the attack landing a kick before snapmaring Goldust and putting him in a sleeper.

Goldust wills himself back to his feet and breaks the hold, Knox knees him in gut and sends him into the rope. Goldust stops when Knox drops his head and drops to one knee and hits a big uppercut, He continues his attack on Knox and hits an atomic drop into a bulldog for a two count. Knox ends up in the corner and Goldust goes for the big 10 punches but Knox throws him off and runs at Goldust but is hit with a snap slam for another two count. Goldust goes for a suplex but Knox counters and sends him into the ropes. Knox misses a bicycle kick attempt but is able to connect on the opposite side with a crossbody for a two count. Knox goes right for another cover but again Goldust kicks out at two, Knox goes for a big slam but Goldust counters into the final cut and scores the pinfall for the win.

Winner Via Final Cut: Goldust

NXT Highlights.


Wrestlemania Recall: WM XX Goldberg Vs Lesnar.

Santino Marella Vs. Zack Ryder W/Rosa Mendes

The bell rings and after unsuccessful attempts they lock up and Santino gets Ryder in a headlock and hiptosses him down to the ground with the lock still connected. Ryder lands and elbow to the gut and sets Santino up in the same manuever he was just in, Santino send him into the ropes and gets taken down. Zack hits the ropes and is leapfrogged by Santino into a deep arm drag, He follows up with a slam and goes for a monkey flip but is blocked by Ryder. Ryder hits a clothesline and follows up with a swinging neck breaker for a two count.

Ryder puts Santino in a headlock as the fans cheer Santino on to break the hold, The crowd response gets Santino up to his feat where he flips Ryder onto the mat. He attempts to follow up but is taken down by Ryder, Ryder sends Santino into two different corners but on the 3rd corner it id unsuccessful and Santino begins to power up. He starts to land multiple strikes on Ryder, Ryder misses a clothesline and is hit with a hip toss by Santino. Santino begins to motion for the cobra which knocks Ryder out of the ring. Rosa distracts the ref and Ryder uses the advantage to pull Santino’s head onto the top rope followed by a flying legdrop and a Zack Attack for the win.

Winner Via Zack Attack: Zack Ryder

The Raw announcers hype the main event from the Raw brand Carlito and Chavo Vs Christian and MVP!


Batista Video.

Raw Rebound: Batista costs Cena his match with Mr. McMahon.

Wrestlemania Matches: Batista Vs Cena, Edge Vs Jericho, HBK Vs Taker and Bret Vs Vince.

The Ticking of the clock plays over the PA system, MVP is out first followed by Christian for tonight’s main event courtesy of Raw!


Wrestlemania: 17 Days Away!

MVP and Christian W/Heath Slater Vs. Chavo Guerrero and Carlito W/Michael Tarver

The bell rings and Carlito and MVP start things off, They lock up and Chavo gains the advantage with the go behind. MVP reverses Chavo and puts him in a headlock, Chavo sends MVP into the ropes but is leapfrogged by MVP and hit with a flying punch for a count of one.MVP drags Chavo to his corner and is able to make the tag to his partner Christian, Chavo breaks free and runs and tags in his partner. Carlito and Christian circle each other to start and Carlito lands a kick in the gut on Christian. Carlito follows up with a headlock, Christian sends Carlito into the ropes and is able to hit him with a dropkick for a two count. Christian hits Carlito in face before sending him into the ropes, Carlito ducks all of his attempts and hits him with a running knee to the gut. Christian ends up on the apron and is knocked onto the floor by Carlito.


We return from commercial and Christian is being willed by the fans to break the stretch being put on him by Carlito, Christian breaks the move and sends Carlito into the rope before being hit by the flying elbow from the second rope for a two count. Christian reaches for his partner but is picked up and slammed by Carlito, Carlito goes to the top rope and is hit by a boot by Christian. Christian makes it over to MVP for the important tag, MVP comes in like a house of fire landing a combination of moves on Carlito before knocking Chavo off the rope. MVP hypes the crowd and lands Ballin, MVP goes for the follow up but before he can do anything Chavo pulls Carlito to the outside.

MVP jumps through the ropes and lands kicks on both Chavo and Carlito on the outside, He throws the legal Carlito back into the ring. MVP shoulder tackles Carlito gut from the outside but is pulled off by Chavo hitting his face on the apron. Carlito goes to the outside and runs MVP’s back into the guard rail before sending him back in the ring. Carlito tags in Chavo and he hits the classic over the rope senton onto MVP, Chavo goes on the attack and lands an uppercut but is only able to get a two. A loud “Chavo Sucks” chant is heard while MVP tries to regain momentum but is stopped by a drop toehold by Chavo. Chavo takes MVP to his corner and gets some help from Carlito.

Carlito is tagged in and continues the attack on MVP, The ref pulls Carlito away before going back on the attack. MVP starts to make a comeback but Carlito hits him with an elbow, Chavo hits the rope but is picked up and slammed to the mat by MVP. Both superstars make the tag and Christian gets the advantage, Christian sends Chavo into the rope and hits a punch off his feet. He sends Chavo into the corner but Chavo is able to use the rope to get behind Christian, Christian lands an elbow than goes for a sunset flip from the rope for a two. Christian goes up to the rope and lands the flying elbow, He sets up for his finisher but goes for Carlito instead.

Christian goes for a second sunset flip from the rope but Chavo counters and hooks the legs for a 2 count. Chavo than goes for the three amigos but is blocked at two and hit with an impaler. Christian goes for the cover but it is broken up by Carlito, MVP comes in and clotheslines Carlito over the top rope. Christian goes for his finisher for a second time but is countered into a gory bomb by Chavo. Chavo heads to the top rope and plans for a frog splash, Christian begins to move so Chavo decides to role out of the move and is hit by the Killswitch on the 3rd attempt for the win!

Winners Via The Killswitch: Christian and MVP

Post match: Christian and MVP look at the Wrestlemania sign as they tell each other who is going to win Money in the Bank before getting into a posing match to end the show.

Jeff’s Thoughts

This was an interesting first episode of Superstars for me to recap in my debut…

Dolph Ziggler versus Shelton Benjamin was a great opener and a fun way to start of the show. A rematch from Smackdown, Ziggler came into this match determined to pull out the victory. Shelton taking everything he had made Ziggler come off as an awesome frustrated heel and made the match very enjoyable to watch.

For the second straight week Goldust has proven that this veteran still has a lot of good things left in him. He had a short but physical match with Mike Knox that didn’t bring my good mood down from the opener.

A fun little Santino comedy match with Ryder. It wasn’t much to talk about but Santino and “The Cobra ” made for a good laugh. Also any chance I get to hear Radio is always a good thing.

The main event was an awesome tag match between 4 great performers who pulled out all the stops. Carlito and Christian played up their feud on NXT during the match and event had their rookies on hand to future it. Chavo and MVP also gave solid performances to keep the match very exciting bell to bell. I liked the post match jawing between the the winning team with Wrestlemania quickly approaching and a shot a world title looming over both their heads.

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See you next Thursday!