The Shoot #31
September 15, 2009
By: Joshua Piedra of

-The First Shot-

Welcome back to your 31st edition of The Shoot! This promises to be a MONSTER of a column due to the overwhelming response I received from the King of the Ring 2009 Voting. Both readers and WrestleView staff members shared their thoughts and even came up with their own unique booking scenarios.

First off, I wish to thank each and every one of you who voted in the King of the Ring 2009 Tournament. Without you guys, this wouldn?t have been the success that is has and it hasn?t even concluded yet!

With that being said, I kind of put my foot in my mouth last week when I said that I would make Round 2 part of the One Extra Round segment. Coupled with the fact that I had completely forgotten about WWE Breaking Point due to not being used to having a WWE PPV late in the month and the fact that the response for the tournament turned out much better than expected, I decided to continue Round 2 as the main focal point of this column.

In this column, you will see the voting results, thoughts from the readers and the WrestleView staff, and I will even dedicate an Extras Section for those who submitted their own versions of my tournament. This proves to be a fantasy booking extravaganza! I would normally do my Quick Shots segment, but nothing in the news interested me this week and I am sure that there are 5 billion columns on the internet already covering the who Jeff Hardy fiasco? so screw it.. I?m skipping the Quick Shots and getting to the good stuff!

Good Stuff AHOY!

-The Big Shot: Armchair Booker: King of the Ring 2009 Part II-

King of the Ring 2009
Round 1 Voting Results


Readers: Luke Bartlett, Richard Misfeldt, Kyle Patin, Carlos Pinera, John Elich, Rocky Jr., Joshua C. Perkins, Sean Weber, Drew Miles, Brandon

Wrestleview Staff: Phil Chroniger, Josh Boutwell, Mike Scicliano, David Stephens, Anthony Valvo

For those who offered thoughts or comments on their picks, I have included them below for each bracket.

Bracket A
(11)Kofi Kingston

Carlos Pinera Writes: Tough match because their styles are similar. I will go with Kingston because of his status. But I would like to see R-Truth get the win. :Kingston

Rocky Jr Writes:I let Truth go to round 2 ’cause Kofi is hop enough and had/has already 2 titles, so he need the win less than R-Truth.

Mike Siciliano Writes: Kingston gets the win here, because Truth seems to be torn between two characters and a bunch of idiot suits.

David Stephens Writes: R-TRUTH – The Veteran gets the win by capitalizing on Kingston’s mistakes in timing and spots

Anthony Valvo Writes: This would be very fun to watch here. The fans are the winners in this because you have a season veteran in R-Truth and someone really coming into their own in Kofi Kingston. Well, based on this combat I may be a minority and pick R-TRUTH because 1) he would need the push to stay above the “future endeavor” list and 2) Kofi still needs to improve a bit on mat skills.
Brandon Writes: Kofi wins by DQ due to interference from the guy that’s always attacking R-Truth. (I can’t remember his name right now)

Bracket B
(09)Mark Henry
(06)William Regal

Carlos Pinera Writes: Henry would normally kill him, but Regal has his goon squad and I think he has the edge on that part. :Regal

Rocky Jr Writes: Henry deserves it in the moment and Regal will elevate it, like for all.

Mike Siciliano Writes: One on one, Henry would kill Regal. We all know that’s not the case. Regal wins.

David Stephens Writes: MARK HENRY – Size will be the determinant here. Not even the additions of Jackson & Kozlov will help Regal overcome the World’s Strongest Man

Anthony Valvo Writes: If it is not DQ, I would have Koz and Zeke destroy Henry. Since this is a one on one battle, advantage MARK HENRY because he just has charisma up the butt right now.

Brandon Writes: Mark Henry via World’s Strongest Slam (Potential stare down with Regal’s Crew). -I’d love to see him go at it with Ezekial

Bracket C
(11)Jack Swagger

Carlos Pinera Writes: Swagger is a beast and this is where he shines. Sorry Kane maybe another time. :Swagger

Rocky Jr. Writes: Kane will do the job too to elevate Jack, who barely needs it since cominf to Raw.

Mike Siciliano Writes: I am such a Swagger hater, but Kane seems to have little to no direction, and I suspect he’d fall here. Swagger wins.

David Stephens Writes: KANE – Another factor of size. Kane is a true veteran that has grappled, and beaten, the best the world has to offer

Anthony Valvo Writes: I always thought the KOTR is built to make a mid-card guy into a main eventer. It worked for HHH, Austin, Owen Hart, and Viscera (haha). I believed they were all heels at the time of winning that tournament. So with that I think that JACK SWAGGER will win this and is my favorite to win the tournament right now.

Brandon Writes: Kane wins: though if I were booking, this would be a great upset match to have Swagger pull it out. I’d be impressed if he could get Kane up in his Gutwrench Powerbomb. My heart’s with Kane though, & I agree that he’s done way to much not to have another title run in his career.

Bracket D
(10)Ted Dibiase Jr.
(04)Cody Rhodes

Carlos Pinera Writes: This match can be the best of the tourney. I will give it to Dibiase because I feel he is better but a win would do Rhodes more good I believe. : Dibiase

Rocky Jr Writes: Ted is just better than Cody so… But Cody will give him a run for his money.

Mike Siciliano Writes: This has to be a double DQ, with Orton involved. I don’t see either one of these guys going over the other… at least, not yet.

David Stephens Writes: TED DIBIASE JR. – Very close contest that could go either way

Anthony Valvo Writes: TED DIBIASE JR., because I think Ted has a way better ceiling than Cody right now. I know Cody has improved in the ring this past year, but Ted is still the total package that can really start a feud with Orton and be a “threat” to his title in a few months

Brandon Writes: Cody wins via interference from Orton. This would set up Ted as a babyface, but also show Cody to be a man of his word as of RAW. When he gave the promo about being a man willing to do anything to further his career. This would also be showing his continued loyalty to Orton. Despite watching his dad take an RKO. In this case, a beat down would ensue not ending in a punt from Orton but Crossroads on a chair!

Bracket E
(07)John Morrison

Carlos Pinera Writes: WOW match of the year candidate. Both men can go and as much as I love JOMO Christian takes it Barely : Christian

Rocky Jr Writes: Morrison is hot and I would have liked to make him advance BUT Christian will find a way to outsmart John and making him look still strong and hot.

Mike Siciliano Writes: Morrison as IC Champ vs. the ECW Champ. Good match. Christian wins due to experience.

David Stephens Writes: JOHN MORRISON – Christian heads to the top rope one too many times which allows Morrison to throw him off and nail Starship Pain

Anthony Valvo Writes: The match of the tournament right here. This match would be epic, even if it was one of those gimmicky “Hornswoggle/Chavo” matches! I would say since Christian really made himself a big-time star in the business, I would have to say that if it was me booking this…JOHN MORRISON wins and continues his successful climb atop of the World Championship Ladder. A Morrison/Swagger final would be simply marvelous (and I am not talking about Marc Mero).

Brandon Writes: Christian wins, his ring experience will allow him to catch Morrison in the Kill Switch after countering Morrisons Moonlight Drive

Bracket F
(11)Evan Bourne
(04)Matt Hardy

Carlos Pinera Writes: This is a pick um match. Either can win but a win for Hardy will mean more. :Hardy

Rocky Jr Writes: Another tough one. Matt will be the dominant one here but Bourne will upset him. I prefer to see Bourne win here ’cause Matt can go high on the card from SD easier than Bourne on Raw.

Mike Siciliano Writes: Off their match at an old Cyber Sunday, I would think this match would still rock. I love Bourne, and I’ll give him the win, just by my own biased opinion.

David Stephens Writes: EVAN BOURNE – Hardy’s nagging injuries will prove his downfall as he simply won’t be able to keep up with the blazing fast high flyer

Anthony Valvo Writes: Matt proved to me last week that even though he is quickly appearing like WWE’s answer to Samoa Joe in weight, I still think that he will just barely escape the young up-and-comer like Evan Bourne. I would give MATT HARDY the slight edge on this one. However, if Evan would win that would set up a re-match of that brilliant Morrison/Bourne contest that day after the 2009 WWE Draft.

Brandon Writes: I like to go back to their match at last year’s Cyber Sunday which was an incredible match between the two. Hardy came out victorious in that stellar match. Even though I feel like Bourne isn’t quite @ Hardy’s status, I believe that Jeff Hardy’s arrest will change the direction they go with Matt. I see him losing his cool, allowing for just that small window for Bourne to snatch a quick Hurricanrana pin. With Hardy leaving frustrated, pulling at his hair as he exits up the ramp quickly.

Bracket G
(02)Santino Marella
(13)Zack Ryder

Carlos Pinera Writes: Ryder is coming into his own and Santino would be happy just to get the invite. :Ryder

Rocky Jr Writes: OH RADIO !Tell me everything you know ! Mark time ! Santino will make us laugh but Zack Attack will prevail, easily.

Mike Siciliano Writes: Why the hell would these guys get in to a tournament like this?? Sheesh. Ryder wins because he has more of a push on ECW than Santino has ever gotten.

David Stephens Writes: ZACK RYDER – Ryder has no time for Santino’s antics and destroys the Italian star, Woo Woo Woo, you know it!

Anthony Valvo Writes: The match has to be quick, because if not for their gimmicks and ring intro music they would be fired (haha). I would give it to the guy who has a better in-ring presence than…..oh F**K it, I will pick SANTINO MARELLA because Shelton will interfere.

Brandon Writes: Zach wins via Woo Woo! I do agree with you as well about Marella being in. I was thinking a la Honky Tonk Man.

Bracket H
(12)Dolph Ziggler

Carlos Pinera Writes: Ziggler is comming into his own right now, but I think Carlito has a few tricks up his sleeve. :Carlito

Rocky Jr Writes: Ziggler is shot, Carlito… hum… who cares ? lol. So Ziggler.

Mike Siciliano Writes: Obviously, Dolph has the doll, and the mo, so Dolph wins.

David Stephens Writes: DOLPH ZIGGLER – Carlito is a bit too carefree which will reveal his weaknesses to the determined bleached white haired star.

Anthony Valvo Writes: Carlito’s stock still continues to plummet to a point where I would actually prefer Primo in this tournament than Carlito. Dolph is another one of those up-and-coming wrestlers that Vince needs to produce. I am going to give the not to DOLPH ZIGGLER.

Brandon Writes: Carlito wins via roll up. I see this being a great match with Carlito grabbing an apple and walking up the ramp victorious with a smirk on his face.

King of the Ring 2009
Round 2 Brackets (Quarter Finals)

Bracket A vs Bracket B
Kofi Kingston vs Mark Henry

Bracket C vs Bracket D
Jack Swagger vs Ted Dibiase Jr.

Bracket E vs Bracket F
Christian vs Evan Bourne

Bracket G vs Bracket H
Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler

Those are the matches determined by you, the readers and staff. Feel free to offer your votes and thoughts for the next round.

Now we had some people offer some predictions of Round 2 all the way through to the Finals. Perhaps they will pan out as they see fit. Time will tell, though!

KOTR 2009 Predictions

Luke Bartlett’s Predictions

Kofi vs Regal (gruelling 15mins for Kofi)
Jack Swagger vs Cody Rhodes (swagger again steps a side after being guaranteed a place in Legacy)
Morrison vs Bourne (Ziggler costs Morrison the match)
Ryder vs Ziggler (Morrison costs Ziggler the match)

Kofi vs Cody Rhodes (An exhausted Kofi wins against a fresh Cody Rhodes who hasnt been touched throughout the tournament in another 15 minute match)
Bourne vs Ryder

Kofi vs Ryder (all odds seem against Kofi but he somehow pulls it out in the process giving Ryder a push)

Winner Kofi Kingston (The crowd go wild *insert crowd noise*)

Carlos Pinera’s Predictions

2nd Round
Kingston vs Regal : Kingston with help from Henry and MVP get past Regal and advance. :Kingston

Swagger vs. Dibiase : Damn this is like the beginning of Rock vs. Austin here now so much with personalitys but with the presence they can bing. I go with Swagger after Cody tries to interfere and messes up. :Swagger

Christian vs. Hardy :Classic match up. This will be the most inticipitated match of the night. Christian takes it though :Christian

Ryder vs. Carlito : Ryder in i guess you can call an upset. :Ryder

Semifinals ECW alumni rule baby!
Kingston vs. Swagger This is a good back and forth match but to much power from Swagger makes him the vistor

Christian vs. Ryder
This is going to be a good match like their first encounter with Christian taking it. Ryder looks strong from this fight though.


Swagger vs. Christian : You cant lose either way you go but for just character development and that I need it more factor; Swagger is your new KOTR 2009.

I could have changed a few matches because I love JOMO and R-Truth but this is the best possible outcome IMO

Mike Siciliano’s Predictions

Regal over Kingston for the same reasons, 3 on 1.
Swagger advances to the next round by the Double DQ.
Christian beats Bourne… unfortunately.
Dolph over Ryder.

Semi Finals….

Regal over Swagger.. I don’t like Swagger… even one on one, Regal wins.
Christian over Dolph… I don’t see a tournament like this ending as heel vs. heel.


Christian over Regal.. If anyone has the experience to outwit Jackson and Kozlov, its Christian.

Anthony Valvo’s Predictions


Truth vs. Mark Henry…Winner: Henry

Swagger vs. DiBiase…Winner: Swagger

Morrison vs. M. Hardy…Winner: Morrison

Marella vs. Ziggler…Winner: Ziggler

Semi Finals

Henry vs. Swagger…Winner: Swagger

Morrison vs. Ziggler…Winner: Morrison


Swagger vs. Morrison…Winner: MISTER V because I would pay Wrestlemania money to see this one live. Seriously, Swagger because that would really beef up his gimmick and being a Two Time All-American American King

King of the Ring 2009 Fantasy Booking

As I mentioned before, a couple of people have taken it upon themselves to fantasy book their own King of the Ring 2009 Tournament. Whether it is reinventing the tournament all together or booking it in detail, their bookings were fascinated nevertheless.

First up is long time reader Suzanne Abshire where she offers a unique twist on the tournament overall.

Suzanne Abshire’s Fantasy Booking

I like your King of the Ring Fantasy Booking. It inspired me to do the same. Except I treated all 3 Brands as equal. I only included solo SuperStars that have never been a World Champion before. Since WWE has 3 Brands and I wanted to give each brand the same amount of people my brackets have 9 SuperStars per Brand with each match being a 3-Way Dance Elimination match.

RAW Bracket A
Kofi Kingston vs Chris Masters vs Carlito

RAW Bracket B
Evan Bourne vs Jamie Noble vs MVP

RAW Bracket C
Primo vs Santino Marella vs The Miz

ECW Bracket A
Goldust vs Paul Burchill vs Sheamus

ECW Bracket B
Shelton Benjamin vs The Hurricane vs Tyler Reks

ECW Bracket C
William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder

SmackDown! Bracket A
Charlie Haas vs Curt Hawkins vs Drew McIntyre

SmackDown! Bracket B
Dolph Ziggler vs Finlay vs Jesse

SmackDown! Bracket C
Jimmy Wang Yang vs Kung Fu Naki vs Mike Knox

This was a pretty interesting concept by having each match a triple threat match. There could be so many possibilities here as well as tweaking the matches. Some could even go the route of elimination rules? some could even have a gimmick so it wouldn?t just be all standard triple threats. I?m just letting my imagination run wild at this point? but very well done.

The next fantasy booker took my tournament and added his own twist and flavor to it. This comes from a guy named Sean Weber from Stuart, Florida. Poor Sean has read my columns since week one and I haven?t given him a shout out yet? but Sean will get the ultimate shout out for finding some free time away from hating on my New England Patriots with his New York Jets and taking some time to book his own version of my tournament!

Sean Weber’s Fantasy Booking
Matchup A:
R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston
Pretty straight forward match, with a predictable ending
Winner ? Kofi Kingston

Matchup B:
Mark Henry vs. William Regal
With Ezeikiel Jackson and Vlad Kozlov at ringside, the Power of the Punch prevails
Winner ? William Regal

Matchup C:
Kane vs, Jack Swagger
An enraged big red machine decimates swagger 10 seconds into the match, with a vicious choke slam
Winner ? Kane

Matchup D:
Ted Dibiase Jr. vs. Cody Rhodes
Match of the tournament thus far. The two legacy members put on a hell of a show, as Randy Orton watches from ringside. Dibiase goes for the Million Dollar Dream? as Cody tries to counter, Ted turns the hold into a modified belly to back suplex, with a bridge for the win. Orton nods in approval, as the legacy members eventually shake hands
Winner ? Ted Dibiase Jr.

Matchup E:
Christian vs. John Morrison
The Matches keep getting better and better. Christian goes for the Killswitch off the middle rope, but Morrison counters, and hits Starship Pain.
Winner ? John Morrison

Matchup F:
Evan Bourne vs. Matt Hardy
Amazing spot fest, as the crowd is really into the match. Matt hardy goes for the twist of fate, but gets countered, and Bourne hits a standing moonsault! As he goes for the shooting star press, Hardy recovers, and connects with a dropkick in mid air! Bourne is out cold, as Hardy gets the win.
Winner ? Matt Hardy

Matchup G:
Santino Marella vs. Zack Ryder
Before the start of the match, we see a shot of an unconscience Santino in the back. Zack Ryder has a sinister grin on his face, standing in the ring. He gets on the mic, and declares himself the winner, by default.
Suddenly, Teddy Long’s music hits. Teddy comes out, and says that there will be a match tonight, playa! Teddy Long announces that tonight, Zack Ryder will face off with Smackdown’s ?newest acquisition??..
The lights go dim, and a familiar song comes on?

The Final Countdown!!!! The crowd of smart marks goes crazy as The American Dragon Bryan Danielson is set for his debut!!

Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Ryder
A stunned Ryder gets hit with a Danielson special, and taps out to the cattle mutilation.
Winner ? Bryan Danielson

Matchup H:
Carlito vs. Dolph Ziggler
Boring matchup?. Eventually Ziggler prevails.
Winner ? Dolph Ziggler


A vs B:
Kofi Kingston vs. William Regal
Again, Kozlov and Jackson are at ringside. As they try to get involved with the match, Mark Henry shows up to even the score. A distracted Regal gets a taste of his own Medicine, as Kingston gets the rollup win.
Winner ? Kofi Kingston

C vs. D
Kane vs. Dibiase
Dibiase, in a move his father made famous, buys some extra protection for the match. The music hits, and the Big Show takes his place in Dibiase’s corner. With Legacy and The Big show on hand, Dibiase dispatches Kane.
Winner ? Ted Dibiase

E vs F
John Morrison vs. Matt Hardy
Another spot fest, with Morrison prevailing via Starship Pain
Winner ? John Morrison

G vs H
Bryan Danielson vs. Dolph Ziggler
Danielson Wins via Crossface Chickenwing
Winner ? Bryan Danielson

Semi Finals

Match #1
Kofi Kingston vs. Ted Dibiase
Before the match, it is announced that this match will be fought inside a steel cage, in order to prevent outside interference.
Kofi Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise off the top of the Cage, then climbs over the top for the win, and a berth in the finals.
Winner ? Kofi Kingston

Match #2
John Morrison vs. Bryan Danielson
Danielson goes for the Cattle Mutilation, but gets countered, and Morrison hits Starship Pain
Winner ? John Morrison

Kofi Kingston vs John Morrison
Before the match starts, Vince McMahon comes out to make an announcement. He congratulates both Kingston and Morrison for making it this far. He announces that the winner will face Randy Orton for the World title at the next Pay Per View. However, that is an announcement, but not ?the? announcement. He says that because even he ?has a price?, that the match will now be a triple threat, and introduces the 3rd participant?. Ted Dibiase Jr.

Kofi Kingston vs. John Morrison vs. Ted Dibiase Jr.

Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise on Dibiase, but misses and connects with Morrison instead. Dibiase slap on the Million Dollar Plex (finisher used against Rhodes) and gets the win.

Winner, and King of the Ring – Ted Dibiase Jr.

Afterwards, a stunned Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes look on from the ramp, as Dibiase celebrates in the ring, points at Ortons belt, and then motions to his waist.

Hope you like? it feels very WWE booking. Only thing missing was Triple H stealing the show somehow.

-(Un)Friendly Fire: Reader E-Mail-

No? do not scratch your eyes in bewilderment? the segment that I said would never return is back? for one week only (I have to use that phrase because it just makes it sound more special? but you know It?ll be back from time to time anyway)! I had to share this because I honestly got a great laugh from this. It appears there are some MVP fans out there? and it is no secret that I left MVP out of the tournament? but? there are just some MVP fans out there that took it to heart. One fan in particular kind of nerd raged on me and I would like to share his ramblings for your entertainment!

Leonardo Kos ( colorfully rambles:
?just 5 cents for your bs column..

you actually put money on guys like Kofi Kingston, William Regal, Matt Hardy
thus your list is without Montel Vontavious Porter?

you’re taking shots, i hope someone shoots you since you dont have a clue about wrestling (i guess that now)?

Since I have 5 extra cents in my pocket? I bet 5 cents he?ll still read this bs column.

-One Extra Round: WWE Breaking Point Prediction Results-

After I threw all of that at you, I still have PPV Predictions to get through. Let’s not beat around the bush? let’s hit ?em up!

Singapore Cane Match
Kane vs The Great Khali
PICK: Kane

Thoughts: A lot of people complained about this match, but I actually had fun watching it because I never expected much out of it. I saw it as two large men with sticks beating each other and I got exactly when I thought I would get.

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
D-Generation X vs Priceless
PICK: Priceless
WINNER: Priceless

Thoughts: This was a tremendous match that was well executed from start to finish. Priceless taking out HHH and then using one of Bret Hart’s moves, the ringpost figure four, along with the million dollar dream was just great. HHH trying to crawl to the ring to help out Michaels was just classic as well. Excellent rub for Rhodes and Dibiase, though. This will really help them grow.

WWE United States Championship
Kofi Kingston [c] vs The Miz
PICK: Kofi Kingston
WINNER: Kofi Kingston

Thoughts: As I said in the predictions column, this was just a throw-away match. Kofi retained and it was just an average match at best.

WWE Unified Tag Team Championship
Jerishow [c] vs MVP/Mark Henry
PICK: Jerishow
WINNER: Jerishow

Thoughts: My feed c ut out for the finish, but I heard Big Show nailed a punch out of nowhere. Henry and Show could have tore the house down in a power game, but we didn?t get all that much. If we got more than what I saw, I apologize because, again, my feed got cut short. What I saw though was nothing really too special. Average match.

ECW Championship
Christian [c] vs William Regal
PICK: William Regal
WINNER: Christian

Thoughts: I knew my pick was screwed when they banned Jackson and Kozlov. Regal took it to Christian though. This was much better than expected, but Christian prevailed and ruined my perfect run.

WWE Championship ? I Quit Match
Randy Orton [c] vs John Cena
PICK: John Cena

Thoughts: Easily match of the night. This match was so well executed it’s not even funny. Randy Orton beat the ever living hell out of John Cena? Cena endured and beat Orton at his own game. Excellent storytelling and just all around phenomenal.

World Heavyweight Championship ? Submission Match
C.M. Punk [c] vs The Undertaker
PICK: The Undertaker

Thoughts: Wow? this is the epitome of rushing a match? I mean? 5 minutes and Taker wins and they go right into a 1997 finish? I do like the fact that it pushed CM Punk from Big Heel to MEGA Heel?. In Canada?. And I actually applaud the finish? but it needed more time. The whole Pat Patterson/Ziggler segment should have never happened and we could have gotten another five minutes to really build up the match. Ending was great, the match was a disaster.

-The Final Shot-

I don?t know about you? but I?m spent? but next week it will be King of the Ring 2009 Part III. The epicness will continue with Round 2 results, Round 3 Brackets, more thoughts, and hopefully some more creativity from the readers.

One last thing.. sorry to Anthony ?Mr. V? Valvo for my acts of gimmick infringement. Apparently, he is the only one allowed to write columns over ten pages in Microsoft Word. I hope I don?t get detention.

At least I don?t steal anyone else’s gimmicks.. oh well..



Until next week?

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