“262 Vicodin prescription pills, 180 Soma prescription pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a residual amount of powder cocaine and items of drug paraphernalia…”

“…felony trafficking in opium, two counts of felony possession with intent to sell or deliver a Schedule III controlled substance, felony maintaining a dwelling to keep controlled substance, felony possession of cocaine and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia…”

These are direct quotes from the article on thepilot.com. The first quote is what was found in Jeff Hardy’s home. The second quote is what Jeff Hardy is being charged with.

I sat here weeks ago, and ripped Kurt Angle a new one for the idiocy he committed during his episodes involving Rhaka Khan, HGH, a suspended driver’s license, and stalking. If you don’t think I’m going to rip Jeff Hardy a new one for this, you’re crazy.

Don’t sit here and tell me this is a mistake. Don’t sit here and tell me that there are two sides to every story. Because frankly, that’s absolute and total bullcrap. If you tell me the amounts of the drugs were MINIMAL and potentially could fit a doctor’s prescription for a prescribed time course of medication, then maybe.

And what I mean by that is this. I recently got over an infection in my leg. I was prescribed 1 gram of Duricef, an antibiotic, twice a day for 10 days. I had twenty pills. I know that Duricef and the other crap thats listed abnove are apples and oranges, but there’s a comparison here I am trying to make.

If you tell me that Hardy is able to produce a perscription for drug A for X amount of times per day for Y amount of days, then MAYBE, maybe, I’ll turn around and say to you that something may be amiss here.

But, when you talk about 262 vicodin pills. 262. In my life, I’ve taken maybe 1 perscribed vicodin pill, and it nearly destroyed my stomach. No, I am by no where near in the physical condition of any of these talents, but the potency of these drugs is intense, to say the least. 262 of these pills would turn your stomach, never mind your body, into cottage cheese, figuartively speaking.

180 soma pills. I don’t know squat about soma, but I do know about the amount of men and women who have been busted with this drug since the Benoit murders, and again, if you’re going to tell me that some doctor perscribed that many of those pills to a man with as checkered a past as Jeff Hardy’s, I’m going to question the validity of that doctor’s license, and I am going to demand that doctor get a check up from the neck up, because that, is a crime waiting to happen.

555 milliliters of anabolic steroids. Christ, with that amount, why not just chug it like a freakin’ cocktail? With all the negative publicity that has run rampant about steroids in baseball, in all sports, and especially in wrestling, to even DREAM of being caught with one ml of this stuff is stupid, but over 500ml? You can’t be that ignorant, and have a reason that’s valid, I’m sorry, it’s just not possible.

Residual amounts of cocaine. Do we even have to validate this? I don’t think so.

I really am beginning to wonder if most of the talents in professional wrestling need psychological check ups now. Because there have been some really stupid things being done by people in this business. From Angle’s transgressions, to Daniels being busted for DUI, and practically describing it on twitter in real time, to this, it’s a miracle nobody else has turned up dead yet. And that’s a statement I don’t intend on retracting, because it’s as legit as the expression on my face.

I’m a disgusted wrestling fan right now. Disgusted at the stupidity of these men and women who are walking time bombs and don’t seem to know or care about it.

Now, we have Jeff saying through twitterhe’s pissed at the media, and don’t believe everything you read, and what I have to say to Jeff Hardy right now is very simple and straight forward.

Shut the f*** up.

Nobody’s going to listen to you, believe you, or sympathize with you. Nobody with half a brain that is. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to figure out a way out of this mess, and get on with your life, if you have one left after all of this disastrous events die down, but right now, to turn around and attempt to deflect blame on the series of events that has occurred on to another source just shows one thing, and one thing only.

That you’re guilty as hell.

You lost your home to a fire. You nearly lost your job on multiple occasions. You had a company offering you millions of dollars to stay and work for them for practically a quarter of the schedule of all the rest of the talent that is employed by this company. This same company that has given you chance after chance after chance after all the f*** ups you’ve done in the past. The company that has given you the reigns as its champion on not one, but three different occasions, and you’re going to blame the media for the situation you’re in now.

Forgive me, Nostradamus, but I don’t think so.


That is what Jeff Hardy has become. An extreme engimatic hypocrite. He has let down all the fans of his work inside a wrestling ring, and he has let down the members of his family and friends closest to him. If they’re smart, they’re in his face screaming at him to get his head on straight before he ends up on a tray next to Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

I’m not going to provide you with one ounce of sympathy toward Jeff Hardy, or for that matter, any member of any company of professional wrestlers right now. Why? Simple. They have a job, that while dangerous to the ultimate degree, is a job that people like me would kill for. Kill. People like me would love to have the opportunity to live in the spotlight for one day in their life, and feel like their life has meaning.

These men and women in professional wrestling, and hell, even sports in general, make differences in the lives of millions of people every single day they are seen on television or heard on radio. And the way they repay themselves for their work, and the way they repay their fans for their loyalty is they put foreign substances in to their bodies in such quantities that they end up causing massive damage to themselves and others, and risk their own lives on a day in day out basis.

The only clean word I can think of to respond to that above statement is hypocrite.

Out of all of this. Out of all of this rhetoric, ridiculousness, and shameful activity, one fact has come to me in crystal clear fashion.

I thought following pro wrestling would be a way to eliminate the sleaze and filth that has pentrated the professional sports arena.

I was obviously mistaken.

One last statement directed to Jeffrey Nero Hardy. If you’re given another chance to perform, whether it be for MTV Networks in some ridiculous reality show, or back in the spectrum of WWE, you had damn well better be prepared to pay the piper. Because anyone and everyone with any sense whatsoever, should stand up, and boo you out of the building for the hypocritical stance and actions you have done to let down the people who admire you the most.

Get your life straight, Mr. Hardy. Get your lives straight, all of you professional wrestlers. We as fans are sick and tired of finding out that you’re abusing your bodies to “make us love you more.” We love what you do, and we accept what you do. We don’t expect you to take it to the extreme day in day out, and put your lives at risk. Any one who says different is lying.

If you’re so gung ho to make an impact in this industry that you’re going to cheat, you’re going to take the short cut, you’re going to put the chemicals in to your bodies, then there’s only one thing that can be said. You deserve the punishment that you receive. Whether it be immediate or long term, you deserve the punishment you receive.

If I am WWE, I close the door on Jeff Hardy, forever. If Matt gets pissed, release him too. Enough already. It’s gotten so old, it makes me sick, and I guarantee you, I am not the only one.

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